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2013-09-21final stateHEADmasterAlan Coopersmith1-1/+1
1994-02-20add rcs linerws1-0/+1
1994-02-20add colors used by XPG4rws1-0/+14
1991-05-13change grey from 192 to 190 so less likely to be mapped to gildea1-2/+2
1989-12-07bogus tabjim1-1/+1
1989-12-07more nits from stevenjim1-10/+10
1989-12-06added ghost white back and lavenderjim1-3/+6
1989-12-05flat medium green is really dark sea greenjim1-4/+4
1989-12-05bugs from Steven Gildeajim1-134/+111
1989-12-03new reordered version from pauljim1-258/+365
1989-12-01change eraser to eraser pinkjim1-1/+2
1989-11-30fixed salmon, added eraserjim1-2/+3
1989-11-28misnamed salmon2jim1-1/+1
1989-11-28fixed dark turquoise reported by Stephen Gildeajim1-1/+1
1989-11-22reordered gray so that identical colors are adjacentjim1-100/+100
1989-11-15added beige and fixed light yellow/LightYellow skewjim1-1/+2
1989-11-15put back maroonjim1-1/+1
1989-11-15integrated new colors from pauljim1-275/+278
1989-11-01added slategray and lightslategrayjim1-0/+8
1989-11-01fix tabs and definitions of light and powder bluejim1-11/+10
1989-11-01added spectrum of colors at the bottom so that they are easy to removejim1-0/+248
1989-10-31fixed maroonjim1-1/+1
1989-10-31took out 1-4 to keep size of database downjim1-231/+0
1989-10-31tuned between raveling and thomasjim1-108/+95
1989-10-31fixed salmon3jim1-1/+1
1989-10-31more tuningjim1-16/+16
1989-10-31made lights lighterjim1-25/+25
1989-10-30took out transparentjim1-1/+0
1989-10-30made Keith happyjim1-12/+14
1989-10-26compromise on purple between Keith and Pauljim1-1/+1
1989-10-26testing new tuned version from Paul Ravelingjim1-107/+423
1989-10-09add purplekeith1-0/+1
1988-11-10fix case of sandy brownjim1-2/+2
1988-10-18removed blank line; boy, what a stupid programjim1-1/+0
1988-10-18added grey0-100jim1-0/+102
1988-09-04removed duplicatesjim1-30/+0
1988-09-04added sandy brownjim1-0/+2
1988-09-03gray scale from Mark Moraes at U of Torontojim1-0/+101
1988-05-13make white 255jim1-2/+2
1988-02-23added brown and grayjim1-0/+6
1985-08-19Initial revisionjg1-0/+136