AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2013-09-21final stateHEADmasterAlan Coopersmith7237-14801/+7585
1995-09-13OSTeenyVersion 2kaleb1-3/+3
1995-09-13xbugs 7518, 7438, 7162. SVR4 (or any system with TIOCSWINSZ) should not setkaleb1-2/+3
1995-09-12*** empty log message ***kaleb1-3/+6
1995-09-12no bug-report. It's Default, not "Defalut", and fix broken logic inkaleb1-26/+44
1995-09-12no bug-report. It's Default, not "Defalut"kaleb1-26/+26
1995-08-24no bug report, make popup menus work even when Num_Lock is on.kaleb1-21/+27
1995-07-10add "distclean" target to create Makefile, since with ClearCasegildea2-2/+8
1995-07-10authorization security fixes. CERT VU#12212.distgildea13-45/+160
1995-07-10Initial revisionray1-0/+95
1995-07-10Changes for 64 bit serversray16-87/+102
1995-07-07fall back to passwd file if shadow file doesn't have entry.gildea1-10/+17
1995-07-07add dbedizzydpw1-2/+2
1995-07-07XC modsdpw1-4/+6
1995-07-07rearrange modifier keys for better toolkit performance, Add CanadaFrkaleb1-152/+658
1995-07-06Add XConsortium linekaleb2-0/+4
1995-07-06XBUG 7492, Unixware 2.0 wants SharedX11Reqs because its libc doesn'tkaleb2-4/+9
1995-07-01no bug report. Fix typokaleb1-1/+1
1995-06-30XBUG 7491kaleb2-4/+5
1995-06-30XBUG 7490kaleb1-1/+4
1995-06-30XBUG 7489kaleb1-1/+9
1995-06-30XBUG 7489, generalize SVR4 threads from Sun (Solaris) specific.kaleb1-2/+3
1995-06-29XBUG 7488kaleb1-2/+2
1995-06-29XtUnmanageChildren issues an error message if the parent is not aconverse1-3/+6
1995-06-29XBUG 7485kaleb1-4/+2
1995-06-28XtMenuPopup action is ignored if the event passed to the action isconverse1-2/+3
1995-06-26XBUG 7482, bad index on charsets in a codesetkaleb2-9/+8
1995-06-26XBUG 7478, do exception events in poll supportkaleb1-14/+28
1995-06-26XBUG 7483kaleb1-4/+4
1995-06-26XBUG 7024kaleb1-1/+3
1995-06-26add DBEdpw1-2/+12
1995-06-23Reimplement XtGetSelectionParameters. Find the appropriate propertyconverse1-45/+58
1995-06-22Change how the ApplicationShell treats argv. It is copied, and itsconverse1-10/+46
1995-06-22no bug-report, for R7. JapanTaiUKUS4Modmap was the same as the Generic5Modmapkaleb1-22/+5
1995-06-22XBUG 7479. Eliminate warning for bad castkaleb1-2/+2
1995-06-22XBUG 7302 supplement. Even with the prior change, the chances of thekaleb1-20/+20
1995-06-22XBUG 7302. The loop in _XtMatchUsingDontCareMods was a lazy way tokaleb1-17/+62
1995-06-19del dup XConsortium linekaleb2-4/+2
1995-06-19add XConsortium linekaleb1-0/+1
1995-06-19add XConsortium linekaleb2-0/+2
1995-06-19add XConsortium linekaleb2-0/+2
1995-06-19Add XConsortium linekaleb1-0/+1
1995-06-19Add XConsortium linekaleb1-0/+1
1995-06-19eliminate dup XConsortium linekaleb1-2/+1
1995-06-19delete extraneous XConsortium linekaleb4-8/+4
1995-06-19define HasLdRunPath. Close XBUG #7475.gildea1-1/+4
1995-06-16no bug-report, Solaris 2.4 on Intelkaleb1-3/+3
1995-06-16no bug-report, misc improvements for SGI, e.g. SVR4-style shared libskaleb2-4/+6
1995-06-16add information about make variables that can be set in an Imakefilegildea1-1/+227