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2013-09-21final stateHEADmasterAlan Coopersmith2027-6643/+2020
1995-09-13xbugs 7518, 7438, 7162. SVR4 (or any system with TIOCSWINSZ) should not setkaleb1-2/+3
1995-08-24no bug report, make popup menus work even when Num_Lock is on.kaleb1-21/+27
1995-07-10authorization security fixes. CERT VU#12212.distgildea9-38/+145
1995-07-10Initial revisionray1-0/+95
1995-07-10Changes for 64 bit serversray16-87/+102
1995-07-07fall back to passwd file if shadow file doesn't have entry.gildea1-10/+17
1995-07-07rearrange modifier keys for better toolkit performance, Add CanadaFrkaleb1-152/+658
1995-06-29XBUG 7488kaleb1-2/+2
1995-06-22no bug-report, for R7. JapanTaiUKUS4Modmap was the same as the Generic5Modmapkaleb1-22/+5
1995-06-19del dup XConsortium linekaleb2-4/+2
1995-06-19add XConsortium linekaleb1-0/+1
1995-06-19add XConsortium linekaleb2-0/+2
1995-06-19add XConsortium linekaleb2-0/+2
1995-06-19Add XConsortium linekaleb1-0/+1
1995-06-19Add XConsortium linekaleb1-0/+1
1995-06-19eliminate dup XConsortium linekaleb1-2/+1
1995-06-19delete extraneous XConsortium linekaleb4-8/+4
1995-06-15fix XBUG 7468: missing parens in macro definitionsdpw1-3/+3
1995-06-15fix XBUG 7007: lines sometimes drawn as trianglesdpw1-2/+2
1995-06-15close XBUG 5782: miPolyArc can be *very* inefficient at drawing small section...dpw1-29/+45
1995-06-15add DBEdpw1-3/+7
1995-06-15fix XBUG 6940: missing .EXIT before .PROCENDdpw1-1/+2
1995-06-14XBUG 7467, do the right thing for functions that need an ANSI-stylekaleb1-1/+5
1995-06-14XBUG 7467, do the right thing for functions that need an ANSI-style declarationkaleb5-5/+25
1995-06-10add DBEdpw1-1/+7
1995-06-09change #if __STDC__ to #ifdef __STDC__gildea2-4/+4
1995-06-09change #if __STDC__ to #ifdef __STDC__gildea7-26/+10
1995-06-08change #if __STDC__ to #ifdef __STDC__gildea14-36/+41
1995-06-08Do tty setting correctly on SVR4-like machines. XBUGs #7051, #7085.gildea1-76/+216
1995-06-08add DBE smartsdpw1-127/+164
1995-06-07new code from HPdpw5-241/+611
1995-05-31Initial revisiondpw1-0/+15
1995-05-30BUG #7357: should use mfuncs, not bfuncsmor1-4/+4
1995-05-25Initial revisiondpw5-0/+3370
1995-05-24Renamed timeout() to resize_timeout() because Irix 6 betagildea1-5/+5
1995-05-24Solaris 2.3 sets errno to EINVAL on /dev/tty open. Close XBUG #6876.gildea1-3/+3
1995-05-19oops, Ray's tentative fix creeped into last revision; remove it.dpw1-3/+4
1995-05-19XBUG 6913: freed memory access when doing ListFontsdpw1-2/+13
1995-05-19XBUG 6913: freed memory access when doing ListFontsdpw1-22/+7
1995-05-19 XBUG 6913: freed memory access when doing ListFontsdpw1-2/+11
1995-05-19XBUG 6913: freed memory access when doing ListFontsdpw1-20/+11
1995-05-18XBUG 6724: Imakefile has trailing tabs that confuse imake/nmakedpw1-5/+5
1995-05-18remove nested comment; some compilers complaindpw2-6/+12
1995-05-18change occurences of */* in function protos to * /* for NT.dpw1-18/+18
1995-05-18fix XBUG 7170: allow overriding of vendor string and vendor releaseedpw1-1/+14
1995-05-18fix XBUG 6328: memory leak with XListFontsWithInfodpw2-4/+4
1995-05-12BUG #7415: Improper use of errnomor1-2/+2
1995-05-12extra rcs header linemor1-3/+1
1995-05-12BUG #7401: xset: returns success status even when it failsmor1-3/+8