path: root/src/gallium/drivers/r300
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2023-03-03radeonsi: remove Smart Access Memory because CPU access has large overheadMarek Olšák1-1/+1
2023-02-24r300: simplify KILL transformationPavel Ondračka3-63/+8
2023-02-06r300: set register file to none if swizzles are constant onlyPavel Ondračka1-0/+2
2023-01-18r300: remove backend negative addressing emulationPavel Ondračka1-72/+0
2023-01-18r300: set ubo_vec4_max ntt option properlyPavel Ondračka2-0/+4
2023-01-16r300: remove backend input range transformation for sin and cosPavel Ondračka3-44/+0
2023-01-16r300: skip sin/cos input range transformation for nine and nttPavel Ondračka1-2/+11
2023-01-16r300: update rv515 ci failures listPavel Ondračka1-2/+0
2023-01-16ac/info: move pci bus info in a structPierre-Eric Pelloux-Prayer1-4/+4
2023-01-12r300: Enable generation of fcsel_gt and fcsel_ge opcodesIan Romanick1-0/+2
2023-01-12r300: don't cache abs in fragment shaderFilip Gawin1-3/+3
2023-01-11r300: allow more copy propagation with relative addressingPavel Ondračka1-8/+1
2023-01-10Return 'Mesa' for GL_VENDOR for community driversDaniel Stone1-1/+1
2023-01-05r300: lower fsign in nirPavel Ondračka1-0/+1
2023-01-05r300: move some ftrunc lowering to nirPavel Ondračka1-0/+1
2023-01-05r300: use nir lowering for ffloorPavel Ondračka1-0/+1
2023-01-03r300: don't convert to constant swizzles when translating from TGSIPavel Ondračka5-60/+5
2023-01-03r300: allow copy propagate of RC_FILE_NONE reads to TEX instructionsPavel Ondračka1-0/+1
2023-01-03r300: don't copy propagate constant swizzles to KIL on R300Pavel Ondračka1-0/+14
2022-12-04r300: improve conversion to native swizzlesPavel Ondračka1-8/+151
2022-12-04r300: doublecheck for free alpha source when coventing to alphaPavel Ondračka1-0/+10
2022-12-02r300: Use get_first_non_void_channel more oftenKonstantin Seurer2-26/+7
2022-11-24r300: fix r300_max_vertex_countFilip Gawin3-12/+0
2022-11-22gallium: Replace the usage of __FUNCTION__ with __func__ in all gallium codeYonggang Luo10-22/+22
2022-11-22r300: don't reuse destination registers when loweringPavel Ondračka1-44/+19
2022-11-22r300: simplify rc_find_free_temporaryPavel Ondračka4-93/+18
2022-11-21r300: more informative too many ALU instructions errorPavel Ondračka1-1/+5
2022-11-21r300: delete backend branch emulationPavel Ondračka5-378/+0
2022-11-21r300: abort shader compilation early on loops and branchesPavel Ondračka2-4/+13
2022-11-19util: Move src/gallium/include/pipe/p_format.h to src/util/format/u_formats.hYonggang Luo3-3/+3
2022-11-17r300: don't use abs twice in transform_TRUNC on older hardwareFilip Gawin1-2/+20
2022-11-16r300: respect extra presubtract swizzle limitations during regallocPavel Ondračka1-1/+13
2022-11-16r300: handle presubtract when rewriting non-native swizzlesPavel Ondračka2-5/+6
2022-11-16r300: don't allow constant swizzles from presubtract sourcesPavel Ondračka1-0/+10
2022-11-16r300: be more careful with presubtract and non-native swizzlesPavel Ondračka7-10/+28
2022-11-15r300: tweak nir loop unrolling hint for r500 vertex shadersPavel Ondračka1-1/+1
2022-11-15util: Rename src/gallium/include/pipe/p_config.h to src/util/detect_arch.hYonggang Luo1-1/+1
2022-11-14r300: enable channel merging on r300/r400 VSFilip Gawin1-1/+1
2022-11-14r300: better register allocator for vertex shadersPavel Ondračka4-64/+51
2022-11-14r300: another fix for reader detection in the presence of loopsPavel Ondračka1-1/+25
2022-11-14r300: properly account for per-channel negates when reswizzlingPavel Ondračka1-0/+14
2022-11-14r300: don't skip source rewrite if RC_FILE_NONE in rc_for_all_reads_srcPavel Ondračka1-3/+0
2022-11-14r300: generalize rc_init_regalloc_statePavel Ondračka4-20/+31
2022-11-14r300: add array with conflict values for the vp register classesPavel Ondračka1-0/+7
2022-11-14r300: add new register class list for vertex shadersPavel Ondračka2-0/+39
2022-11-14r300: add FP suffix to the current class listPavel Ondračka2-58/+58
2022-11-14r300: increase maximum number of writemask combinationsPavel Ondračka2-31/+88
2022-11-14r300: move building of the interference graph to a separate functionPavel Ondračka3-22/+37
2022-11-14r300: generalize rc_find_classPavel Ondračka1-1/+1
2022-11-14r300: move some functions out of radeon_pair_regallocPavel Ondračka4-358/+401