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6 hourszink: conditionally enable PIPE_CAP_NULL_TEXTURESHEADmainMike Blumenkrantz1-0/+2
6 hoursradeonsi: set PIPE_CAP_NULL_TEXTURESMike Blumenkrantz1-0/+1
6 hoursgallium: add PIPE_CAP_NULL_TEXTURESMike Blumenkrantz7-11/+24
7 hoursradv: Scalarize global IO with LLVM enabledKonstantin Seurer1-0/+3
7 hoursac/llvm: Fix validation error with global ioKonstantin Seurer1-1/+1
7 hoursradv/llvm: Use the shader names as module nameKonstantin Seurer1-0/+24
8 hoursradv/rq: Use 16 stack entries if there is only one ray queryKonstantin Seurer1-4/+7
11 hoursagx: Don't scalarize preambles in NIRAlyssa Rosenzweig2-64/+21
11 hoursagx: Lower uniform sources with a dedicated passAlyssa Rosenzweig5-18/+67
11 hoursagx: Run DCE twiceAlyssa Rosenzweig1-0/+4
11 hoursagx: Allow uniform sources on phisAlyssa Rosenzweig3-5/+4
21 hoursxlib: fix glXDestroyContext in Gallium frontendsLuc Ma1-2/+8
26 hourszink: fix cap check for arb sparse texture2SoroushIMG1-1/+3
26 hoursnir/print: Pretty-print color0/1_interpAlyssa Rosenzweig1-2/+8
26 hoursnir/print: Pretty-print I/O semantic locationsAlyssa Rosenzweig1-1/+27
26 hoursnir/print: Extract get_location_strAlyssa Rosenzweig1-44/+46
27 hoursagx: Implement barriersAlyssa Rosenzweig2-0/+16
27 hoursagx: Implement compute ID intrinsicsAlyssa Rosenzweig1-0/+29
27 hoursasahi: Identify more compute-related XMLAlyssa Rosenzweig2-4/+14
27 hoursasahi: Implement load_ssbo_address/get_ssbo_sizeAlyssa Rosenzweig3-0/+30
27 hoursasahi: Add compute batchesAlyssa Rosenzweig2-1/+20
27 hoursasahi: Bump PIPE_CAP_MAX_TEXTURE_ARRAY_LAYERSAlyssa Rosenzweig1-1/+1
27 hoursasahi: Stub out MSAA for dEQPAlyssa Rosenzweig1-1/+3
27 hoursasahi: Advertise seamless cube mapsAlyssa Rosenzweig1-2/+2
27 hoursasahi: Fake more caps for dEQP-GLES31Alyssa Rosenzweig1-1/+16
27 hoursasahi: Add hooks for SSBO and imagesAlyssa Rosenzweig3-1/+81
27 hoursasahi: Don't leak shader NIRAlyssa Rosenzweig1-3/+10
27 hoursasahi: Add compute kernel scaffoldingAlyssa Rosenzweig3-15/+126
27 hoursasahi: Fix delete_vs_state implementationAlyssa Rosenzweig1-1/+1
27 hoursagx: Optimize lower_resinfo for cube mapsHampus Linander1-0/+6
27 hoursagx: Use AGX extr for tex loweringHampus Linander1-2/+2
27 hoursagx: Add extr instruction to AGX backendHampus Linander2-0/+7
27 hoursnir: Add extr_agx opcodeHampus Linander1-0/+20
28 hoursasahi: Implement custom border coloursAlyssa Rosenzweig6-11/+269
28 hoursagx/decode: Handle extended samplersAlyssa Rosenzweig1-3/+24
28 hoursagx/decode: Add a data parameter to statefulAlyssa Rosenzweig1-17/+21
28 hoursasahi: Add XML for custom border coloursAlyssa Rosenzweig3-5/+62
33 hoursac/nir/ngg: Include culled primitives in query.Timur Kristóf1-19/+28
35 hoursagx: Handle constant-offset in address matchingAlyssa Rosenzweig1-0/+11
35 hoursagx: Fix storing to varying arraysAlyssa Rosenzweig1-2/+1
35 hoursasahi: Don't use 16-bit inputs to 32-bit st_tileAlyssa Rosenzweig1-0/+10
35 hoursagx: Keep varyings forwarded to texture as fp32Alyssa Rosenzweig1-4/+47
36 hoursasahi: Merge fragment control XMLAlyssa Rosenzweig4-15/+9
36 hoursasahi: Remove redundant tri merge disable bitAlyssa Rosenzweig1-2/+0
36 hoursasahi: DRY dirty tracking conditionsAlyssa Rosenzweig1-46/+46
36 hoursasahi: Implement nontrivial rasterizer discardAlyssa Rosenzweig1-3/+7
36 hoursasahi: Prefer blit-based texture transferAlyssa Rosenzweig1-1/+1
36 hoursasahi: Make STAGING resources linearAlyssa Rosenzweig1-0/+6
36 hoursasahi: Use writeback when it looks beneficialAlyssa Rosenzweig1-1/+13
36 hoursasahi: Refuse to transfer out-of-bounds mip levelsAsahi Lina1-0/+4