BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
23.3docs: add sha256sum for 23.3.6Eric Engestrom2 months
24.0docs: add sha256sum for 24.0.5Eric Engestrom13 days
a7xx-gmemtu: Add blit cache flushing for input attachmentsMark Collins2 months
amberglsl: allow image*Shadow keywords on ES and GLSL >= 420Tapani Pälli5 weeks
explicit-syncwsi: Implement linux-drm-syncobj-v1Joshua Ashton4 weeks
mainnouveau: Fixes error: unused import: `crate::nvh_classes_cl906f::*`Yonggang Luo42 min.
review/fragment_shader_barycentricanv: enable VK_KHR_fragment_shader_barycentricRohan Garg2 months
staging/23.3docs: add sha256sum for 23.3.6Eric Engestrom2 months
staging/24.0radv: Fix differing aspect masks for multiplane image copies.Bas Nieuwenhuizen15 hours
uav-counter-metaUpdate file dxil_module.cJesse Natalie2 months
mesa-24.0.5commit 7737614720...Eric Engestrom13 days
mesa-24.0.4commit bb6a55b75b...Eric Engestrom4 weeks
mesa-24.0.3commit c4d371fa7e...Eric Engestrom6 weeks
mesa-24.0.2commit a3df5eab6c...Eric Engestrom8 weeks
mesa-23.3.6commit 863338275d...Eric Engestrom2 months
mesa-24.0.1commit 3e361635b8...Eric Engestrom2 months
mesa-23.3.5commit ace31d82e0...Eric Engestrom3 months
mesa-24.0.0commit 03ecd8b0a5...Eric Engestrom3 months
mesa-24.0.0-rc3commit 808f056688...Eric Engestrom3 months
mesa-23.3.4commit 27405fd573...Eric Engestrom3 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
42 min.nouveau: Fixes error: unused import: `crate::nvh_classes_cl906f::*`HEADmainYonggang Luo1-0/+2
5 hoursvenus: fix VkDeviceGroupSubmitInfo::deviceMask for feedback cmdsYiwei Zhang3-2/+11
8 hoursintel/compiler: Disassemble mlen/rlen/ex_mlen in units of registersSagar Ghuge1-9/+14
8 hoursintel/brw: Lower VGRFs to FIXED_GRFs earlierCaio Oliveira4-88/+109
8 hoursintel/brw: Support FIXED_GRF when generating code for CLUSTER_BROADCASTCaio Oliveira1-2/+8
9 hoursradv: don't use python 3.9 feature in radv_annotate_layer_gen.pyPierre-Eric Pelloux-Prayer1-1/+13
9 hoursaco: don't use python 3.7+ feature in aco_opcodes.pyPierre-Eric Pelloux-Prayer1-2/+4
9 hoursisl: Update shader channel select for missing componentsSagar Ghuge1-10/+71
9 hoursisl: Update isl_swizzle_supports_rendering commentSagar Ghuge1-0/+7
10 hourszink: disable command reordering for compute-only contextsMike Blumenkrantz1-1/+1