AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
4 hoursi915/gem_exec_balancer: Randomise bonded submissionHEADmasterChris Wilson1-0/+273
22 hourskms_busy: Measure the warmup and use that as our timeoutChris Wilson1-4/+8
34 hoursi915/gem_exec_fence: Reduce non-preemptible workloadDominik Grzegorzek1-3/+9
34 hoursi915/gem_ctx_engines: Take GPU relocations into account for batch busynessChris Wilson1-3/+27
45 hourskms_busy: Fix unpluging and remember to unplug!Chris Wilson1-2/+5
3 dayslib/i915: Restore hangcheck modparams between testsChris Wilson1-0/+8
3 daysi915/gem_exec_schedule: Fix measurement of ring size to use right engineChris Wilson6-7/+123
3 daysi915/gem_exec_schedule: Reduce relocation risk for store-dwordChris Wilson2-8/+16
3 dayslib: Randomise spinner location to reduce relocation riskChris Wilson1-8/+33
3 daysi915/gem_busy: Mask out the effect of GPU relocationsChris Wilson1-1/+14
3 daysi915/perf_pmu: Update inter-engine semaphore detectionChris Wilson1-0/+1
3 dayslib/media_fill: Migrate gen11 media pipeline creation to intel_bbZbigniew Kempczyński4-104/+66
3 dayslib/gpu_cmds: Change gpu commands to use intel_bbZbigniew Kempczyński2-57/+76
4 daysi915/gem_exec_reloc: Exercise concurrent relocationsChris Wilson1-0/+209
4 daystests/kms_flip: Don't use igt_fixture in an exit handlerPetri Latvala1-4/+2
7 daysi915/sysfs_heartbeat_interval: Watch out for CPU scheduler delaysChris Wilson1-1/+6
7 daysi915: Add gem_exec_endlessChris Wilson4-0/+392
7 daysi915/gem_exec_balancer: Enforce the hang timeoutChris Wilson1-1/+1
7 daystests/kms_flip: Keep signal helpers enabled after a failed interruptible subtestImre Deak1-1/+6
8 daysdumb_buffer: Fixup row size to be in MiB while probingChris Wilson1-1/+1
8 daystests/fbcon: Don't close drm fdJosé Roberto de Souza1-58/+38
8 daysi915/gem_ctx_ringsize: Allow a little safety factor for expected runtimeChris Wilson1-1/+1
8 daysi915/gem_media_fill: Remove libdrm dependencyZbigniew Kempczyński1-28/+99
8 dayslib/intel_batchbuffer: Add new media fillfunc v2Zbigniew Kempczyński2-0/+27
8 dayslib/media_fill: libdrm-free media pipeline creationZbigniew Kempczyński2-0/+196
8 dayslib/gpu_cmds: Add media pipeline functions based on intel_bbZbigniew Kempczyński2-0/+54
8 daysi915/gem_exec_nop: Specify timeout in millisecondsChris Wilson1-12/+17
8 daysi915/gem_exec_balancer: Exercise stalls of bonded pairsChris Wilson1-4/+104
8 daystests/i915_pm_rpm: Fix plane_subtest assertionAnshuman Gupta1-2/+1
8 daysi915/gem_exec_schedule: Read carefully after a missing write-hazardChris Wilson1-4/+1
9 daysi915/gem_gpgpu_fill: Remove libdrm dependencyZbigniew Kempczyński1-27/+99
9 dayslib/intel_batchbuffer: Introduce temporary igt_fillfunc_v2_tZbigniew Kempczyński2-0/+35
9 dayslib/gpgpu_fill: libdrm-free gpgpu pipeline creationZbigniew Kempczyński2-0/+221
9 dayslib/gpu_cmds: Add gpgpu pipeline functions based on intel_bbZbigniew Kempczyński2-0/+617
9 dayslib/intel_batchbuffer: Introduce intel_bbZbigniew Kempczyński2-0/+578
9 dayslib/rendercopy_bufmgr: Pass alignment during buffer initializationZbigniew Kempczyński1-2/+2
9 dayslib/intel_bufops: Add bufops reference and adapt stride requirementZbigniew Kempczyński2-12/+50
9 daysi915/gem_exec_schedule: Verify timeslicing between submit-fenceChris Wilson1-5/+116
9 daysi915/i915_pm_rc6_residency: Check we conserve power while waitingChris Wilson1-0/+83
9 dayslib: Cleanup __igt_params_open()Chris Wilson1-136/+29
9 daysAlways pass device to igt_params_setChris Wilson12-58/+60
9 daysi915/gem_ctx_persistence: Use "%u" for -1u conversionChris Wilson1-1/+1
9 dayslib/i915: Assume unknown hardware just worksChris Wilson1-1/+4
10 daysi915/i915_pciid: Check for info->gen == 0Chris Wilson1-1/+6
10 daysi915/gem_busy: Remove unnecessary non-preemptible workloadDominik Grzegorzek1-2/+2
10 dayslib: Remove early has_known_intel_chipset() checkChris Wilson1-19/+1
10 daysi915: Add test to assert that the PCI-ID is knownChris Wilson3-0/+66
10 daysi915/gem_exec_balancer: Exercise timeslicing around a hogChris Wilson1-0/+73
10 daysi915/gem_exec_balancer: Force timeslicing of the virtual requestChris Wilson1-0/+83
10 dayslib/i915: Reset all engine properties to defaults prior to the start of a testChris Wilson4-5/+85