BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
mastertests/amdgpu: refactor the ABM test to use the new sysfs interfaceHamza Mahfooz17 hours
v1.28commit 31ec677ca2...Kamil Konieczny5 months
v1.27.1commit 2b29e8ac07...Kamil Konieczny13 months
v1.27commit 1e6d24e6df...Petri Latvala14 months
igt-gpu-tools-1.26commit 203def046b...Petri Latvala3 years
igt-gpu-tools-1.25commit f49ebeee9f...Arkadiusz Hiler4 years
igt-gpu-tools-1.24commit 22850c1906...Petri Latvala5 years
igt-gpu-tools-1.23commit 4b728a52c7...Arkadiusz Hiler6 years
intel-gpu-tools-1.22commit d20a50e176...Petri Latvala6 years
intel-gpu-tools-1.21commit 7b685d5790...Petri Latvala6 years
intel-gpu-tools-1.20commit 7f93a2632a...Petri Latvala6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
17 hourstests/amdgpu: refactor the ABM test to use the new sysfs interfaceHEADmasterHamza Mahfooz1-33/+29
18 hourstests/xe_spin_batch: Sync after vm_bind_asyncJonathan Cavitt1-0/+3
18 hourstests/xe_spin_batch: Correct xe_vm_bind_async usageJonathan Cavitt1-1/+1
4 daysdrm-uapi/xe: Remove unused flagsFrancois Dugast9-288/+133
4 dayslib/igt_draw: Don't call i915 specific ioctls on xe in draw rectangleZbigniew KempczyƄski1-1/+1
4 daystests/intel/xe_compute_preempt: Extend it for more enginesNirmoy Das3-13/+27
4 daystests/intel/gem_watchdog: Reduced timeouts for worst case scenarioJohn Harrison1-0/+10
5 daystests/amdgpu/amd_multidisplay_modeset: Run mode set and display enable for mu...Hersen Wu2-0/+442
5 daystests/amdgpu/amd_ilr: Fix psr eDP crc read timeoutHersen Wu1-0/+14
5 daystests/amdgpu/amd_bypass: Fix psr edp rx crc read timeoutHersen Wu1-0/+25