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+9 AUGUST 2012: The [[XorgFoundation|X.Org Foundation]] has joined the [[|Open Invention Network (OIN)]] patent
+non-aggression community in order to better protect the future of the X
+Window System. OIN has granted the Foundation a license to use all of the
+patents they control or which are covered by agreements with other [[|OIN community members and licensees]], in exchange for a pledge from the Foundation
+to license back any patents which the Foundation may come into possession of.
+(Currently the Foundation owns no patents, but if we ever do, they will be
+covered by this agreement.)
+This will help protect the Foundation's resources and donations made to it
+against patent claims, allowing the Foundation to devote those resources and
+donations to the improvement of the window system itself. The OIN definition
+of the "Linux System" for which patent claims are covered by the agreement
+has long included X Window System software packages, and thus the X.Org
+Foundation receives coverage for many of 1the software packages we release.
+Due to the reciprocal nature of the OIN agreement, the Foundation can only
+enter to this agreement on behalf of the Foundation, as we cannot pledge
+anyone else's patents to the OIN community. Any vendors, distributors, or
+contributing organizations which wish to obtain similar protection should
+contact OIN directly about joining the OIN non-aggression community on their
+own, as described on [[]].
+In order to more broadly protect the open source desktop software systems,
+the X.Org Foundation is also asking our members and contributors to
+participate in the defensive patent programs sponsored by OIN, the Software
+Freedom Law Center, and the Linux Foundation, under the Linux Defenders
+umbrella, including Defensive Publication to establish prior art citations
+for new techniques, and helping the X.Org Foundation locate and publish
+prior art references from our archives of computer graphics and window system
+research and development stretching back over 25 years, through the original
+X Consortium back to the project's founding at MIT. Those who wish to help
+can learn about Defensive Publications at
+and can contact the X.Org Foundation Board at to be
+included in discussions about how to best utilize the X development archives.
+The X.Org Foundation is a non-profit public charity dedicated to supporting
+and defending the ongoing development of open source graphics and window
+system software, centered around the X Window System, one of the oldest and
+most successful open source software projects in existence. The X Window
+System software has become the standard graphical interface across Linux &
+Unix workstations and servers, and has been included in a growing number of
+mobile phones and tablets in recent years. More information about the X.Org
+Foundation and X Window System may be found at [[]].
+Open Invention Network® is an intellectual property company that was formed
+to promote Linux by using patents to create a collaborative environment. It
+promotes a positive, fertile ecosystem for Linux, which in turns drives
+innovation and choice in the global marketplace. This helps ensure the
+continuation of innovation that has benefited software vendors, customers,
+emerging markets and investors. More information about OIN is available at
+Conceptualized by Open Invention Network and co-sponsored with the Software
+Freedom Law Center and The Linux Foundation, Linux Defenders is a first-of-
+its-kind program which combines free online intellectual property (IP)
+publication with defensive patent tools to provide the Linux and open source
+community an effective vehicle to reduce future patent concerns. Linux
+Defenders serves as a portal for the Linux and broader open source community
+and seamlessly links to the Peer to Patent and Post-Issue Peer to Patent
+platforms that New York Law School manages. The Linux Defenders web site
+is located at [[]].