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masterXorg BoD minutes 2024-02-21Lyude Paul44 hours
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44 hoursXorg BoD minutes 2024-02-21HEADmasterLyude Paul4-0/+95
8 daysFix email template for Request for nominations to use an actual link for the ...cmichael1-1/+1
8 daysFix the list of board members whose term will end this yearcmichael1-4/+3
11 daysXorgEVoC: Update contact information for EVoC adminLyude Paul1-1/+1
11 daysXorgEVoC: Update contact emailLyude Paul1-1/+1
2024-02-08Add 2024samuelig1-0/+3
2024-02-07Xorg BoD minutes 2024-02-07Lyude Paul4-0/+206
2024-02-02Update EVoC wiki page with SPI contract infoLyude Paul1-0/+2
2024-01-24Add missing link to 2024 meeting summariesLyude Paul1-0/+1
2024-01-24Xorg BoD minutes 2024-01-24Lyude Paul4-0/+81