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* [[Apr. 05|BoardOfDirectors/IrcLogs/2023/04-05]]
* [[Apr. 19|BoardOfDirectors/IrcLogs/2023/04-19]]
* [[May. 03|BoardOfDirectors/IrcLogs/2023/05-03]]
+* [[May. 17|BoardOfDirectors/IrcLogs/2023/05-17]]
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+[[!format txt """
+[12:00:36] [connected at Wed May 17 12:00:36 2023]
+[12:00:37] [I have joined #xf-bod]
+[12:01:54] <Lyude> Hey everyone! Time for role call (this is just when I check who is and isn't here to make sure we have quorum), anholt_ sima alyssa cmichael rg3igalia
+[12:01:59] <anholt_> here
+[12:02:03] <cmichael> here
+[12:02:06] * rg3igalia waves
+[12:02:24] <Lyude> oh and ivyl
+[12:02:26] <ivyl> here
+[12:02:55] * sima waves
+[12:03:17] <sima> but need to head out a bit earlier than the full hour
+[12:04:04] <alyssa> hello
+[12:04:34] * alyssa has an impressive ability to forget that there is a meeting within seconds of tabbing away
+[12:07:16] <Lyude> So first off of course: welcome to our new board members, ivyl and cmichael :)
+[12:07:27] <cmichael> Lyude, thank you :)
+[12:07:37] <ivyl> hey hi hello
+[12:07:44] * sima waves some more
+[12:08:08] <Lyude> XDC2022/XDC2023, GSoC/Outreachy/EVoC, SFC, rebranding, matrix, Kevin Brace gitlab issue, board positions
+[12:08:23] <Lyude> oh oops sorry, I forgot to type "The agenda today is:" so pretend I typed that :)
+[12:08:24] <sima> Lyude, did we do the board access changes for new/outgoing directors already?
+[12:08:31] <sima>
+[12:08:46] <sima> need to remove everything for mdnavare and samuelig and add cmichael and ivyl everywhere
+[12:09:00] <sima> otherwise not much of a new board :-)
+[12:09:05] <Lyude> sima: I haven't done anything so unless rg3igalia or mfilion managed to get to it not yet
+[12:09:18] <Lyude> happy to do that though :)
+[12:09:42] <sima> cmichael, ivyl ^^ pls nag Lyude until you have everything
+[12:09:45] <rg3igalia> I think I modified the needed pages, but feel free to ping me if you detect obsolete content that needs changing
+[12:09:51] <Lyude> let me just get them added to gitlab real quick at least so they've got access for the gitlab issue for this meeting
+[12:10:10] <cmichael> sima, will do
+[12:10:13] <ivyl> I use the same nick on gitlab
+[12:10:53] <rg3igalia> ah, I see some references to Samuel in the URL above, will update, thanks!
+[12:11:09] <sima> Lyude, I'm quickly removing the other two from everywhere to help a bit
+[12:11:15] <Lyude> sima: cool, thanks!
+[12:11:41] <sima> lol keithp is still on board@
+[12:11:53] <cmichael> I also use the same nick for gitlab
+[12:11:54] <sima> and hwentland
+[12:11:56] <Lyude> cmichael: I assume you're cpmichael on gitlab/
+[12:12:09] <Lyude> sima: oh oops
+[12:12:37] <cmichael> Lyude, well, I have 2 ...
+[12:12:51] <cmichael> Lyude, but yes, cpmichael would be fine
+[12:13:10] <Lyude> cmichael: alright, I didn't see anything for cmichael but if there's a different account you'd like me to use let me know
+[12:13:31] <cmichael> Lyude, cpmichael would be fine
+[12:13:53] <Lyude> cool. Alright-you guys should be in the appropriate gitlab group now :)
+[12:14:17] <Lyude> rg3igalia: do we have any XDC updates btw?
+[12:14:34] <ivyl> thank you :-)
+[12:14:45] <sima> board@ also added?
+[12:14:57] <rg3igalia> I don't have any right now, but I'll ping Sam this week to talk about it
+[12:15:26] <sima> also I guess most critical board duties handover is new folks for the two roles samuelig had
+[12:15:41] <Lyude> sima: adding board@ now
+[12:15:47] <sima> maybe rg3igalia and/or cmichael since you're heavily involved this year anyway with collabora hosting?
+[12:15:54] <alyssa> *igalia
+[12:15:54] <alyssa> :p
+[12:16:19] <sima> oops
+[12:16:23] * sima not awake at all
+[12:16:24] <alyssa> potato tomato
+[12:16:25] <rg3igalia> yes, that will likely fall on us
+[12:16:50] <sima> rg3igalia, cmichael we've split it into 2 roles (plus me doing sponsor hunting) to make it a bit easier
+[12:17:02] <sima> I think the split is pretty clean so two should actually be better than 1
+[12:17:27] <Lyude> ivyl: what's your email btw? arek ( a t ) hiler dot eu?
+[12:17:36] <ivyl> yes, this one works
+[12:18:16] <rg3igalia> I chaired the paper committee last year, will probably do again this year
+[12:18:41] <cmichael> happy to help whereever I can
+[12:19:03] <sima> should cover most formal things
+[12:19:50] <Lyude> Alright, should be added to board@ as well now
+[12:20:07] <Lyude> tlwoerner: do we have anything for GSoC today btw?
+[12:20:18] <tlwoerner> we requested 8 slots, got 5
+[12:20:34] <tlwoerner> we're in the "community bonding phase" currently
+[12:20:48] <tlwoerner> coding to begin May 29
+[12:21:10] <tlwoerner> some mentors would like the board to consider turning one of the turned-down proposals into an evoc
+[12:22:48] <sima> tlwoerner, I got a bit confused since some mails seem to have gone to evoc@ instead of xorg-mentors@
+[12:22:57] <Lyude> tlwoerner: which proposal is that btw? (I assume there was an email sent?)
+[12:23:12] <sima> do we have a tally without dupes of what mentors think is good so that we can vote on it?
+[12:24:16] <anholt_> I'm going to need to head out in 5 min for my next meeting. I've updated the treasurer tickets, Kevin proposal written on that one.
+[12:25:07] <tlwoerner> an email was sent to board@ subject:EVoC project - Carlos Eduardo date:May 5
+[12:25:24] <Lyude> anholt_: np
+[12:25:32] <cmichael> rg3igalia, wrt xdc, are you aware if sam has already done any of the coordinator tasks for this year ? what may still need to be done ?
+[12:25:38] <sima> Lyude, I guess we could vote on that now that everyone has access?
+[12:25:44] <tlwoerner> i believe there's just one proposal for consideration
+[12:25:46] <sima>
+[12:26:15] <Lyude> sima: yep! sorry, was afk for a sec
+[12:26:23] <rg3igalia> cmichael: not sure at this moment, sorry
+[12:26:41] <alyssa> +1 to whatever anholt says for that ticket
+[12:26:46] <Lyude> cmichael, ivyl btw - you guys should be able to find the email on the board@ archive
+[12:27:03] <sima> +1 on anholt's proposal too
+[12:27:35] <rg3igalia> +1 from me as well
+[12:27:40] <ivyl> +1 for resolving the ticket
+[12:27:55] <Lyude> +1 from me as well, so we can mark that as resolved :)
+[12:28:10] <anholt_> note the discussion question
+[12:28:11] <Lyude> next up is voting for the EVoC project, which is also a +1 from me
+[12:28:19] <anholt_>
+[12:28:30] <anholt_> I'm fine with "we revisit if that happens"
+[12:28:46] <sima> anholt_, you'll close it and send the mail to spi so that part's not lost?
+[12:28:52] <anholt_> Yeah
+[12:29:00] <Lyude> anholt_: yeah, that sounds fine to me as well
+[12:29:07] <Lyude> we can only do so much wrangling
+[12:29:08] <sima> ok I'll leave it then
+[12:29:24] <rg3igalia> who's tbm in that thread, btw? someone from spi?
+[12:29:34] <anholt_> rg3igalia: spi treasurer
+[12:29:41] <rg3igalia> got it, thanks!
+[12:29:57] <sima> +1 on carlos' evoc project
+[12:30:31] <ivyl> I'm trying to log to the archive, give me a sec
+[12:30:37] <Lyude> np
+[12:31:08] <cmichael> +1 on carlos' evoc project
+[12:31:09] <alyssa> Lyude: did we already do SFC?
+[12:31:24] <rg3igalia> +1 from me on carlos' evoc
+[12:31:35] <alyssa> oh we're going out of order because of emma's meeting, nvm
+[12:31:54] <sima> btw need to head out soon too, if there's any more voting to do
+[12:32:08] <Lyude> alyssa: tbh i'm bad at following the order of agenda items haha, I usually just try to save the most important ones for last (unless they need discussion from people who need to leave earlier)
+[12:32:16] <sima> oh for sfc, we need to ask them asap whether they'll accept sponsors for xdc right away or not
+[12:32:24] <alyssa> Lyude: fair
+[12:32:26] <Lyude> sima: I think we should be fine, we can continue voting on board roles over email
+[12:32:49] <sima> Lyude, I'd do that next meeting, so people have some time to ask questions and stuff maybe
+[12:32:58] <Lyude> sima: gotcha, sounds good to me
+[12:33:21] <ivyl> Lyude: can you forward me the email? rquesting the password to the archive doesn't seem to do anything
+[12:33:33] <Lyude> ivyl: weird, yeah I can do that
+[12:33:37] <sima> ivyl, the pw should be in the board archive git repo
+[12:33:44] <sima> iirc
+[12:33:54] <sima> but maybe that needs the gpg keys first
+[12:34:04] <Lyude> yeah you need the key to decrypt the secrets in the repo
+[12:34:11] <Lyude> i can just forward the email
+[12:34:45] <Lyude> ivyl: sent
+[12:35:31] <sima> <- this one btw
+[12:35:52] <ivyl> Lyude: got it, thanks!
+[12:36:15] <ivyl> sima: I'm talking about the personal password that's attached to mail email / list subscription.
+[12:37:52] <ivyl> +1 on the evoc project
+[12:38:06] <Lyude> cool! We can count that as approved then (cc tlwoerner )
+[12:38:39] <Lyude> I noticed as well we also got some other EVoC requests, which kinda brings me to something I'd like us to do for the board this time around - see if anyone on the board is willing to volunteer to help manage GSoC/EVoC stuff
+[12:40:17] <ivyl> what would this entail?
+[12:41:05] <sima> chat with tlwoerner I'd say, he's run the show
+[12:41:46] <sima> uh just noticed that still has the old mail address, that explains a few things
+[12:41:52] <sima> tlwoerner, ok if I fix this ^^
+[12:42:01] <Lyude> (sorry this meeting has been a bit slow, had to get up a few times)
+[12:42:17] <sima> also it's been a while since robclark was evoc coordinator, I guess we should just point at the duties page
+[12:42:26] <Lyude> yeah I think that's a good idea
+[12:42:59] <sima> Lyude, uh can you do or ping me later on because ... gtg now
+[12:42:59] <ivyl> (and now I've got the password reminder email for the board archive, looks like mailman was just slow)
+[12:43:08] <Lyude> sima: fine with me
+[12:43:16] <Lyude> will do it when I get started with work today
+[12:44:08] <Lyude> So on the topic of SFC by the way: I will start looking into the next steps for figuring out what we need to do to transition over (p sure some of the instructions are probably already in my email, but I was out last week so I've gotta double check)
+[12:44:50] <Lyude> Matrix: no real updates there yet, the todo for this is just finding an instance that we could join that has trustworthy moderation
+[12:45:07] <Lyude> (and figuring out IRC bridging, as I assume a lot of people are going to want to be able to stay on IRC)
+[12:46:04] <tlwoerner> sima: sure
+[12:46:18] <Lyude> On terms of rebranding: unfortunately not much here to update on, since apparently we didn't manage to get the change to the by-laws in regards to voting requirements. although I really wonder if there's anything else we might be able to do
+[12:46:41] <Lyude> *on the topic of
+[12:46:45] <alyssa> Lyude: SFC will be sending us (board@) an email to schedule a meeting in the next week or so
+[12:46:52] <Lyude> alyssa: oh awesome
+[12:46:56] <alyssa> (Pono messaged me about this on xmpp)
+[12:47:14] <alyssa> currently pending on them figuring out scheduling on their end
+[12:47:24] <alyssa> guess I will poke if I don't hear by monday
+[12:50:26] <alyssa> Lyude: Re branding.. is there any bylaw reason we couldn't change the fedi to be fd.o-branded with a note somehow "run by the foundation" or whatever?
+[12:50:50] <Lyude> Sounds good to me. And I guess since we're voting on board positions next meeting, we can probably save the rest of the discussion until then (unless new board members have any specific questions?)
+[12:51:09] <Lyude> alyssa: Oh huh. you know that's not a bad idea
+[12:51:38] <ivyl> no questions from me
+[12:52:22] <rg3igalia> +1 on rebranding the fediverse account, for what it's worth
+[12:52:24] <cmichael> none currently from me; just a note that I will reach out to sam and see where he left of with xdc coordination for this year (to see if there is any help I can provide there)
+[12:52:40] <alyssa> rg3igalia: might do that then. Unsure if that warrants a vote. If it does I can wait
+[12:53:39] <Lyude> I think we'd just need someone to check the by-laws, maybe get mfilion's take on it since they were the one who came up with the idea
+[12:54:04] <alyssa> I'm not attached to it. if people want to do the change lmk and I'll do it. not going to argue about it.
+[12:55:14] <Lyude> I think most of us are on the same page about this tbh! I mainly was just curious whether mfilion would have any additional ideas about how we might want to go about doing that. would you be up to looking through the by-laws alyssa btw?
+[12:55:42] <alyssa> I guess I can look
+[12:56:02] <Lyude> alright, it's fine if you don't end up finding anything specific related to this btw - in which case honestly it's probably a pretty safe decision
+[12:56:08] <ivyl> assuming fd.o as the main identity for the public face of sounds great
+[12:56:30] <Lyude> ivyl: mhm. the original plan was to just rename the whole foundation, but I think with the current bylaw issues that might take a while to get through
+[12:56:35] <Lyude> so this does seem like a pretty good compromise
+[12:56:50] <ivyl> yep, and we can try to do a proper rename in the background
+[12:56:59] <Lyude> anyway - that's basically it for the meeting unless anyone has anything I missed :), thanks for coming everyone
+[12:57:04] <ivyl> I think it makes even more sense now with entities like X Corp in the wild
+[12:57:11] <alyssa> lol
+[12:57:33] <Lyude> ivyl, cmichael - I will go through and poke you about various additional permissions and stuff you'll need later today (e.g. gpg keys and that sort of thing)
+[12:57:49] <ivyl> sounds great, thanks
+[12:58:04] <cmichael> Lyude, for me, email would be better as I am about to end my day here so will miss any IRC pokes ;)
+[12:58:21] <Lyude> np
+[12:58:22] <ivyl> I'm currently in the US so I'll be hanging around
+[13:00:47] <rg3igalia> just skimmed through the bylaws and found nothing specific, but I'd vote on that to be safe in the next meeting
+[13:04:17] <rg3igalia> "Be responsible for the enhancement of the public image of X.Org;"
+[13:04:26] <rg3igalia> "Protect the use of the X.Org name and associated logos;"
+[13:05:16] <rg3igalia> 4.14. Voting
+[13:05:46] <rg3igalia> Unless otherwise required by these By-laws, questions arising at any meeting of the Board shall be decided
+[13:05:46] <rg3igalia> by a majority vote of the full Board of Directors. Each Board member is authorized to exercise one vote. At
+[13:05:46] <rg3igalia> all meetings of the Board, a question shall be resolved by poll only if required by the Secretary or requested
+[13:05:46] <rg3igalia> by any Board member.
+[13:06:09] <rg3igalia> so to be extra-safe, I'd vote
+[13:07:05] <rg3igalia> it's the natural choice, after all we decided to have a fedi account in one of the meetings too
+[13:45:49] <mfilion> Sorry I missed today's meeting. Looking forward to reading the notes to catch up.
+[18:30:07] [disconnected at Wed May 17 18:30:07 2023]
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* [[Apr. 05|BoardOfDirectors/MeetingSummaries/2023/04-05]]
* [[Apr. 19|BoardOfDirectors/MeetingSummaries/2023/04-19]]
* [[May. 03|BoardOfDirectors/MeetingSummaries/2023/05-03]]
+* [[May. 17|BoardOfDirectors/MeetingSummaries/2023/05-17]]
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+Summary of the 17 May 2023 meeting of the [[X.Org Foundation|XorgFoundation]] [[Board of Directors|BoardOfDirectors]]
+Full IRC meeting logs are posted at [[BoardOfDirectors/IrcLogs/]]
+## Attendees
+Sima Vetter,
+Lyude Paul,
+Emma Anholt,
+Alyssa Rosenzweig,
+Ricardo Garcia,
+Christopher Michael,
+Arkadiusz Hiler
+Trevor Woerner
+Mark Filion
+## Summary
+Agenda: XDC2022/XDC2023, GSoC/Outreachy/EVoC, SFC, rebranding, matrix
+## Items discussed
+[[!format txt """
+ITEM: XDC2022/XDC2023
+No updates here, Roberto to talk to Samuel sometime soon to take over responsibility
+STATUS: Pending
+ITEM: GSoC/Outreachy/EVoC
+Approved EVoC project for one student, discussion around having a member of the
+board dedicated to handling GSoC/EVoC interactions so that we can make sure
+that we're continuing to be active here.
+STATUS: Pending
+Alyssa mentioned that we should reeive an email sometime next week to schedule
+a meeting with SFC to begin the transition
+STATUS: Pending
+ITEM: Rebranding
+The change to the by-laws failed the vote. It's important to note here that the result wasn't a case of people voting no, but a direct result of the by-law we were trying to change which would have made member votes dependent on the results amongst members who actively voted (right now, members who did not vote yes or no are taken into account). So, we're now looking into some alternative ways in order to accomplish re-branding without changing the name of the foundation itself for the time being
+STATUS: Pending
+ITEM: Matrix
+No updates here yet
+STATUS: Pending Done
+ITEM: New board positions
+ACTIONS: We will be voting on these next week to give new board members time to ask questions. But also, welcome to our new board members!
+STATUS: Pending