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+[[!format txt """
+[22:47:32] [connected at Thu May 11 22:47:32 2017]
+[22:47:42] [I have joined #xf-bod]
+[22:55:49] <tlwoerner> casual lurker reporting in :-)
+[22:57:44] <mupuf> hehe
+[23:00:38] <mupuf> hi everyone
+[23:00:51] <danvet> hi all
+[23:01:06] <mupuf> egbert, keithp, agd5f, robclark, bryce_, robclark: ping
+[23:01:12] <robclark> o/
+[23:01:16] <egbert> hi guys!
+[23:01:17] <bryce_> hi
+[23:02:17] <Riastradh> Hi! Will be here after all, but a couple minutes late.
+[23:02:20] <danvet> oh upfront apologies for not yet having done the survey for maybe moving the meeting ...
+[23:02:27] <danvet> Riastradh, we haven't yet started really
+[23:02:43] <danvet> Agenda: dissolution paperwork, gsoc, evoc, khronos, coc, xdc18
+[23:02:55] <danvet> something to add here^^?
+[23:03:11] <robclark> lgtm
+[23:03:27] <mupuf> same here
+[23:05:13] <keithp> hey, he's bod time.
+[23:05:13] <danvet> agd5f, keithp around?
+[23:05:29] <agd5f> hey
+[23:06:21] <danvet> cool, let's get started
+[23:06:26] <danvet> bryce_, paperworks fun update?
+[23:06:57] <bryce_> one day I will be skillful at dissolution paperwork
+[23:07:01] <bryce_> but that day is not today
+[23:07:25] <bryce_> lots of phone calls, refiling of paperwork, general frustration, etc.
+[23:07:49] <bryce_> sadly nothing meaningful to report, still about where we were two weeks ago
+[23:08:53] <danvet> :(
+[23:08:58] <danvet> oh well
+[23:09:18] <danvet> so I guess none of the expense paid yet either?
+[23:09:21] Riastradh is now known as Guest179
+[23:09:21] Riastrad1 is now known as Riastradh
+[23:10:03] <bryce_> I've paid all the expenses for Delaware out of pocket, but haven't requested reimbursement
+[23:10:33] <egbert> bryce_: at one point - after this is all done - you should write your memoirs as a 'org dissolver' to let the world know ;)
+[23:11:03] <egbert> bryce_: please at least request reimbursement
+[23:11:06] <danvet> bryce_, you'll ask for reimbursement later on?
+[23:11:12] <bryce_> I haven't paid NRAI yet (the $189), but when I spoke to them they said they'd help with wrapping things up after dissolution is complete
+[23:11:15] <Riastradh> Acme Org Dissolver^TM, just sprinkle it on!
+[23:11:50] <bryce_> I keep figuring I'm Nearly Done, and will just deal with getting reimbursement next
+[23:12:42] <bryce_> ironically didn't this all get started because they threatened to dissolve Xorg Foundation for not doing some paperwork?
+[23:13:05] <danvet> that was the IRS I thought ...
+[23:13:14] <egbert> yes.
+[23:13:24] * bryce_ handwaves gobernmunt
+[23:13:32] <danvet> :-)
+[23:14:03] <danvet> mupuf, I guess we can move to gsoc?
+[23:14:17] <bryce_> danvet, thanks, nothing else from me except snarky jokes :-/
+[23:14:39] <mupuf> danvet: sure!
+[23:14:54] <mupuf> So, not much to say about it! We got 5 slots from google
+[23:15:05] <danvet> bryce_, thx for handling all the pain for us!
+[23:15:19] <danvet> mupuf, work didn't yet kick off?
+[23:15:21] <mupuf> the bounding period is ongoing. I need to send an email and verify that the student actually are working
+[23:15:28] <mupuf> no, it will on the 30th of May
+[23:15:33] <danvet> ok, nice
+[23:15:57] <mupuf> I got admin rights on the fd.o planet too, so I can add the blogs
+[23:16:14] <danvet> \o/
+[23:16:42] <mupuf> that's it for me!
+[23:16:44] <danvet> thx
+[23:16:48] <danvet> robclark, evoc?
+[23:17:03] <danvet> do we have some proposals to consider already?
+[23:17:13] <robclark> so we have our first evoc proposal.. it was sent to board list
+[23:17:28] <robclark> hopefully someone else besides me read it too?
+[23:17:48] <robclark> it was for the driconf replacement project
+[23:18:07] <danvet> do we have a mentor, and the mentor thinks it's a good project?
+[23:18:09] <robclark> proposal looked reasonable.. nha agrees to mentor the student..
+[23:18:13] <robclark> yeah
+[23:18:42] <danvet> so stuart brough up the gsoc stipends by area topic
+[23:18:50] <robclark> would be nice if some others double checked the proposal, but looks reasonable to me..
+[23:18:52] <robclark> yeah
+[23:19:03] <danvet> do we want to change that already for this time around?
+[23:19:21] <robclark> we possible should do that for EVoC.. although doing it this time around might be a bit late notice..
+[23:19:23] <danvet> tbh I have no idea how good a project it is
+[23:20:09] <tlwoerner> what's the "stipends by area topic"?
+[23:20:12] <bryce_> yeah, agreed
+[23:20:16] <danvet> I can cargo-cult python at best
+[23:20:37] <tlwoerner> pay based on difficulty level?
+[23:20:56] <robclark> no.. pay based on "Purchasing Power Policy"
+[23:20:58] <danvet> pay based on buying power equivalent
+[23:21:02] <danvet> ah right, that's the term
+[23:21:04] <robclark> see
+[23:21:06] <danvet> gsoc switched to that
+[23:21:12] <bryce_> not by "area topic" but by "physical location"
+[23:21:26] <robclark> basically it is adjusted for cost of living in different areas
+[23:21:35] <tlwoerner> thx
+[23:21:38] <bryce_> i.e. flat fees ignore that cost of living varies worldwide
+[23:21:43] <robclark> right
+[23:21:43] <Riastradh> GSoC is experimenting with switching to it this year. It's been a controversial source of discussions for many years, and I expect it will be the subject of many discussions at the mentor summit in the fall.
+[23:21:48] <agd5f> does the student have any patches commit or any experience with mesa?
+[23:21:59] <danvet> google's list is reasonable, Switzerland wins :-)
+[23:22:17] <bryce_> yeah I'd looked at google's list myself a while back, and agree it looks reasonable
+[23:22:19] <robclark> agd5f, not yet, but it is on the schedule the student proposed.. so we can't green-light it *yet*
+[23:22:28] <robclark> also need to confirm enrollment, etc
+[23:22:53] <tlwoerner> danvet: Switzerland same as Canada, Sweden, Denmark...
+[23:23:05] <danvet> so maybe we should wait until gsoc passed and hear what the results are?
+[23:23:30] <robclark> I would propose that if we switch to a PPP type scheme, we should have it take effect for 2018.. possibly waiting to see how it works for GSoC wouldn't be a horrible idea
+[23:23:34] <egbert> Germany and the US are the same ;p
+[23:23:54] <Riastradh> robclark: Watching experience of GSoC sounds like a good idea to me.
+[23:23:57] <egbert> robclark: yes, this sounds reasonable.
+[23:24:02] <agd5f> agreed
+[23:24:09] <robclark> danvet, maybe we put it on the schedule for board mtg after summer, see how it went for GSoC, and then vote on whether we do the same for 2018
+[23:24:23] <danvet> robclark, ok, I'll try not to forget this ...
+[23:24:24] <bryce_> that'd also give ample time for updating the EVoC policy docs and stuff.
+[23:24:28] <Riastradh> Consider putting it on the agenda right after the GSoC mentor summit?
+[23:24:45] <robclark> Riastradh, that works for me (although offhand I don't know when that is)
+[23:24:55] <Riastradh> Some time in October, I expect.
+[23:25:16] <Riastradh> All Google says is `late October':
+[23:25:26] <robclark> ok.. I think that gives more than 2mo until jan 1st..
+[23:25:37] <robclark> so I think that is a reasonable amount of lead time
+[23:25:45] <danvet> yeah, might even be enough for us :-)
+[23:25:54] <danvet> anyone objecting to postponing this until Oct?
+[23:26:23] <robclark> mostly I'd hopefully like to make the switch, if we do, at a point in time when we don't have any EVoC proposals or projects in flight
+[23:26:40] <bryce_> robclark, that seems logical, yes
+[23:26:45] <robclark> (and for it not to be a last-minute switch for students)
+[23:26:56] <robclark> Oct seems reasonable in that regard
+[23:27:13] <Riastradh> Apropos of GSoC and EVoC, has anyone looked into Outreachy?
+[23:27:36] <robclark> we have in the past..
+[23:28:12] <bryce_> do they provide funding?
+[23:28:19] <danvet> Riastradh, tldr: we don't know how to effectively ramp up real newbies, which is what outreachy aims at
+[23:28:22] <Riastradh> bryce_: They provide funding past the first student.
+[23:28:25] <tlwoerner> robclark: oh... the 3rd "P" seems to be Parity, not Policy
+[23:28:31] <robclark> in the past the main issue is we didn't have mentor bandwidth to take on complete newbie (hence the have to submit a patch, etc, requirement for EVoC/GSoC)
+[23:28:35] <danvet> we also didn't manage to get critical mass (more than 1 student), so they were a bit lost
+[23:28:40] <robclark> tlwoerner, ahh, ok
+[23:28:46] <Riastradh> bryce_: Mentoring org pays for one student; SFC fundraises for more students.
+[23:28:58] <danvet> but yeah if someone figures out how to do that better, would be great
+[23:29:14] <Riastradh> OK.
+[23:29:17] <danvet> Riastradh, searching old board mails for outreachy should give you all the stuff we've discussed
+[23:29:22] <Riastradh> danvet: Thanks!
+[23:29:38] <danvet> sarah sharp pinged us iirc 1 year ago, and whot wrote a long reply with it all
+[23:30:01] <agd5f> IIRC, our biggest issue with outreachy was lack of people to help get students up to speed with the project
+[23:30:17] <danvet> robclark, so on the evoc proposals themselves, any ready for consideration?
+[23:31:14] <robclark> well, only the one so far, but there has been a bit of other tire kicking.. Quentin's proposal (IMHO) looked good but he hasn't done the initial-patch step yet..
+[23:31:37] <robclark> so basically "tentative consideration" is on the table
+[23:32:10] <danvet> robclark, table for next mtg so we can make a definitive consideration?
+[23:32:27] <danvet> need schedule fixed, scope fixed, mentor fully on board and all that I guess?
+[23:32:48] <robclark> basically we have those parts..
+[23:33:17] <robclark> I was hoping someone else would have also looked at the proposal, otherwise I could have given my feedback on it without waiting for the board mtg ;-)
+[23:33:36] <danvet> it didn't look quite that clear to me for the driconf project with Rahul Jain ...
+[23:33:52] <danvet> seemed to still be fairly unclear and just ideas on the list
+[23:34:02] <robclark> umm, that is someone else
+[23:34:08] <danvet> oh
+[23:34:11] <danvet> which one is it then?
+[23:34:30] <robclark> look for email from Quentin Lui
+[23:34:36] <robclark> Liu even
+[23:34:40] <agd5f> proposal seems decent, I'm just not sure it's enough for a full summer long project
+[23:34:50] <Riastradh> Qingbo `Quentin' Liu? message-id <720f4470-4597-428c-997a-c06227a962e9@Spark>
+[23:34:57] <danvet> ah yeah
+[23:35:04] <danvet> I didn't get that this was also about driconf
+[23:35:32] <danvet> agd5f, I'd take me longer to cargo-cult some python, but I don't do python :-)
+[23:35:47] <danvet> well, except the horror show for kernel-doc that others had to clean up afterwards ...
+[23:36:00] * robclark didn't notice that driconf came up in Rahul's thread..
+[23:36:25] <robclark> but Quentin's proposal was C++/qt
+[23:36:30] <bryce_> I'm decent with python but am not knowledgeable about dri
+[23:36:50] <agd5f> danvet, yeah, it's probably ok if the student is using it to learn a toolkit.
+[23:37:08] <danvet> ah, didn't realize this was c++ either
+[23:37:13] <Riastradh> I'm competent at Python and C++ but I don't even know what driconf is.
+[23:37:34] <robclark>
+[23:37:54] <robclark> basically a way that you can configure quirks/etc for specific games
+[23:38:14] <danvet> in case of doubt I'm deferring to the mentor and robclark
+[23:38:15] <Riastradh> I see. Is it still relevant today?
+[23:38:19] <danvet> the pdf looks pretty :-)
+[23:38:28] <tlwoerner> the screenshot could use updating :-)
+[23:38:34] <danvet> Riastradh, games suck, only get tested on nvidia and never updated
+[23:38:49] <robclark> yeah, basically..
+[23:38:53] <Riastradh> Heh, OK.
+[23:39:06] <robclark> see /etc/drirc
+[23:39:19] <danvet> every few releases a new kind of hack gets added iirc
+[23:39:41] <tlwoerner> the first task should be to get it off sourceforge and out of subversion?
+[23:39:43] <danvet> with per-app defaults
+[23:39:52] <robclark> yeah, or when new game comes out
+[23:40:15] <robclark> heh, well new thing, probably github for now and eventually push to git.fd.o
+[23:40:34] <robclark> but github doesn't require student to get an fd.o account
+[23:40:38] <tlwoerner> hello, the early 2000's called, they want their subversion and sourceforge back
+[23:40:46] <robclark> :-P
+[23:41:34] <danvet> ok, so should we vote?
+[23:42:09] <Riastradh> Has anyone contacted the mentor to confirm?
+[23:42:14] <robclark> I have
+[23:42:46] <danvet> and it's all good?
+[23:42:58] <robclark> nha is on board.. like I mentioned earlier, student still needs to upstream a patch before we can green-light..
+[23:43:11] <robclark> at this point it is mostly about feedback whether the proposal looks good, I guess
+[23:43:28] <robclark> (and I need to verify enrollment, etc)
+[23:43:31] <Riastradh> Does the mentor have a system for tracking project progress, e.g. an appropriate agreed-upon issue tracker?
+[23:43:58] <agd5f> not sure how much sense a patch makes since his project is not really part of mesa per se. I mean, I think we need some sort of way to verify his ability, but
+[23:43:58] <bryce_> Riastradh, good questions
+[23:44:00] <robclark> we haven't really used anything like that before.. mostly we just want student/mentor to stay in contact on IRC, etc..
+[23:44:54] <robclark> agd5f, good point, but I suppose patch to the mesa side of driconf or something?
+[23:45:00] <bryce_> process doc is at; there's a list of requirements and an interview checklist
+[23:45:08] <tlwoerner> will the evoc student(s) be on the planet blog too?
+[23:45:27] <agd5f> yeah, probably. maybe something to do with per GPU settings
+[23:45:28] <robclark> agd5f, I'll ping nha tomorrow and see what his thoughts about first-patch..
+[23:46:07] <agd5f> sounds good
+[23:46:26] <robclark> we probably should put something on the XorgEVoC wiki page about maintaining a blog..
+[23:46:39] <agd5f> beyond that, the proposal looks good to me
+[23:46:51] <bryce_> robclark, I can add that if you'd like
+[23:46:59] <robclark> bryce_, cool, thx..
+[23:47:11] <Riastradh> Personal experience with GSoC: a public blog may be a barrier, but keeping track of issues and project milestones is important and helpful to avoid getting derailed.
+[23:48:01] <robclark> I think we ask for a blog for GSoC but I assumed that was a goog requirement and not our own?? I could be wrong tho
+[23:48:11] <tlwoerner> (3 more topics, 12 minutes?)
+[23:48:13] <Riastradh> Google does not require it, I think.
+[23:48:23] <robclark> oh, ok
+[23:49:15] <bryce_> we could require it, but consider exceptions on case-by-case basis. Better to be upfront with the requirement, and handle issues before things get too far along
+[23:50:05] <robclark> yeah, that sounds reasonable.. if not blog then status reports to list, perhaps
+[23:50:28] <danvet> robclark, volunteered you in the minutes
+[23:50:40] <danvet> ok, since time is kinda low, I guess we'll table the vote for next time around?
+[23:51:07] <robclark> sounds fine..
+[23:51:30] <robclark> Quentin isn't really far enough along w/ the requirements to vote anyways
+[23:51:38] <danvet> before khronos and coc ... I think it's time to start asking for xdc18 hosting proposals
+[23:51:43] <danvet> or at least people interested
+[23:51:58] <mupuf> yeah, xdc18 could be good
+[23:52:12] <mupuf> I already got proposals, but nothing official
+[23:52:31] <danvet> bunch of ideas from people in France, and they just elected their president, so we can consider them :-)
+[23:52:40] <robclark> heheh
+[23:52:41] <danvet> yeah there's 2-3 iirc already interested
+[23:52:50] <danvet> anyway, sounds like I'll get to type the RFP mail
+[23:53:06] <danvet> <- our notes from last time around, fyi
+[23:53:37] <robclark> +1 for danvet typing :-)
+[23:53:46] * danvet always typing in mtgs
+[23:54:01] <danvet> coc discussion, I think it died out on the m-l
+[23:54:17] <danvet> and I didn't sense much enthusiasm for the board to get involved ...
+[23:54:33] <danvet> should we table that topic, or is someone volunteering as champion and drive this forward?
+[23:55:00] <danvet> (to whatever consensus we'll reach or whatever seems reasonable)
+[23:55:09] <Riastradh> I would like to see it happen, but I'm not in a position in the community to push it -- at most, I can volunteer to be a pretty neutral ear.
+[23:55:31] <danvet> Riastradh, well the coc happened, this is more about whether/how the board should get involved
+[23:55:31] <robclark> I think we should "endorse" or "recommend" perhaps, I'm not really sure we can do more than that
+[23:56:01] <bryce_> robclark, ?
+[23:56:02] <danvet> Riastradh, want to drive this and maybe type up a proposal text along the lines of robclark's suggestion?
+[23:56:11] <Riastradh> `Happened' in what sense?
+[23:56:34] <Riastradh> I thought there was still a question of whether would set one down.
+[23:56:35] <robclark> bryce_, lgtm
+[23:56:35] <danvet> fd.o admins enacted it, it's getting officially enforced for all projects hosted on fd.o
+[23:56:45] <Riastradh> Ah, I see, via fd.o, not
+[23:56:58] <danvet> that includes anything under the umbrella
+[23:57:21] <danvet> yeah, the open question is how/if we should endorse it, and if/how we should serve as maybe appeal instance
+[23:57:31] <robclark> (I'm not entirely sure there is anything that you'd consider as under the umbrella that is not hosted on fd.o)
+[23:57:41] <danvet> I think consensus on the m-l is that we'd do a very bad job if directly invovled in enforcing a coc
+[23:57:45] <danvet> simply due to delays
+[23:58:01] <danvet> robclark, that was my point, kinda
+[23:58:26] <danvet> Riastradh, ok if I volunteer you for this?
+[23:58:27] <robclark> I would go w/ something along the lines of recommend + volunteer to be appeal/intermediary, but up to the individual project
+[23:58:37] <Riastradh> danvet: Volunteer me to do what exactly?
+[23:58:40] <danvet> if nothing comes of this, no harm and we can table the topic next week
+[23:58:52] <danvet> Riastradh, figure out if/what we should do here still
+[23:59:04] <danvet> there was a thread on board@
+[23:59:34] <Riastradh> danvet: OK.
+[23:59:39] <danvet> thx
+[23:59:44] <danvet> mupuf, 1' for khronos, go!
+[23:59:49] <danvet> :-)
+[23:59:53] <mupuf> ah ah
+[00:00:01] <bryce_> Riastradh, I posted a bit of a writeup for my thoughts on what we could do.
+[00:00:02] <danvet> ok, church just rang here :-P
+[00:00:38] <mupuf> so, Khronos has been asking for an email domain to do access control for submission
+[00:00:45] <danvet> mupuf, I'll just note a "martin keeps pushing" for the minutes
+[00:00:48] <Riastradh> bryce_: Link?
+[00:00:55] <mupuf> conformance test submission
+[00:01:02] <danvet> mupuf, ok if we postpone for next week?
+[00:01:09] <danvet> I'll do it earlier, since it'll likely take some time
+[00:01:11] <bryce_> Riastradh, mailing list archives, it should be in the thread danvet mentioned
+[00:01:11] * robclark needs to run pretty soon now.. carpool wants to leave
+[00:01:17] <mupuf> can we agree to give email addresses to people submitting results?
+[00:01:21] <mupuf> that's all I need to ask
+[00:01:35] <Riastradh> bryce_: Oh, OK, then I probably read it.
+[00:01:38] <robclark> mupuf, +1 from my side..
+[00:01:45] <danvet> sounds good +1
+[00:01:51] <danvet> Riastradh, agd5f ?
+[00:02:04] <danvet> one more vote and it carries with the secretary tie breaker :-)
+[00:02:10] <robclark> mupuf, although I guess that is partly an IT question.. but on the policy side of things I'm ok with it
+[00:02:24] <bryce_> +1 from me as long as it isn't opening a hole for spammers ;-)
+[00:02:29] <danvet> yay, and carries
+[00:02:31] <mupuf> daniels agreed with this idea in private emails
+[00:02:35] <danvet> thx everyone for attending
+[00:02:39] <mupuf> ok, good, thanks!
+[00:02:42] * danvet closing the mtg, it's late :-)
+[00:02:44] <mupuf> I will keep on going with this then :)
+[00:02:49] <mupuf> danvet: sleep tight :p
+[00:02:50] <keithp> tnx
+[00:02:51] <danvet> mupuf, thx a lot
+[00:03:02] <robclark> bryce_, I guess everyone who would be submitting results already has an fd.o account and alias
+[00:03:06] <robclark> (jfyi)
+[00:03:17] <Riastradh> abstain khronos, not clear on what this means so can't make informed decision atm, but sounds like that doesn't matter.
+[00:03:21] <robclark> cya
+[00:03:35] <egbert> good night!
+[00:03:41] <danvet> g'nite everyone
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* [[Apr. 13|BoardOfDirectors/MeetingSummaries/2017/04-13]]
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+Summary of the 11th May 2017 meeting of the [[X.Org Foundation|XorgFoundation]] [[Board of Directors|BoardOfDirectors]]
+Full IRC meeting logs are posted at [[BoardOfDirectors/IrcLogs/]]
+## Attendees
+Martin Peres,
+Daniel Vetter,
+Bryce Harrington,
+Egbert Eich,
+Rob Clark,
+Taylor Campbell
+Alex Deucher,
+Keith Packard,
+## Summary
+Agenda: dissolution paperwork, gsoc, evoc, khronos, coc, xdc18
+## Items discussed
+[[!format txt """
+ITEM: dissolution paperwork
+Still a pain, no updates from previous meeting.
+ACTIONS: Bryce keeps on it, per actions from 2017-04-27:
+ACTIONS: Bryce to finalize dissolution with Delaware
+ACTIONS: Bryce to pay NRAI dues
+ACTIONS: Bryce to terminate NRAI account
+STATUS: Pending
+ITEM: gsoc
+Bonding period, work will start 30th May. Martin now also planet.fd.o admin, to
+streamline adding student's blogs.
+ACTIONS: Martin on it.
+STATUS: Pending
+ITEM: evoc
+gsoc experimenting with purchasing power parity payements, should we do the same
+for evoc? gsoc decision controversial, better to wait for outcome and decide
+after that.
+Long discussion about the proposal that went nowhere.
+ACTIONS: Rob to add student blog to our expectations on the wiki.
+STATUS: Pending
+ITEM: xdc18
+ACTIONS: Daniel to start the RFP process for hosting proposals.
+STATUS: Pending
+ITEM: coc discussion
+Some board@ discussion, nothing conclusive.
+ACTIONS: Taylor to drive this a bit.
+STATUS: Pending
+ITEM: khronos
+Slow going. Board approved that we can use mail addresses for this.
+ACTIONS: Martin keeps pushing.
+ACTIONS: Next mtg khronos to be handled earlier, for enough time.
+STATUS: Pending