BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
10.0clients: Fix cursors when compositor gives wl_seat before wl_compositorDerek Foreman3 months
11.0ivi-shell: Move out weston_desktop_shell at the endMarius Vlad2 weeks bump to version 4.0.0 for the official releaseDerek Foreman5 years bump to version 5.0.0 for the official releaseDerek Foreman4 years
6.0build: bump to version 6.0.1 for the point releaseSimon Ser3 years
7.0build: bump to version 7.0.0 for the official releaseSimon Ser3 years
8.0build: bump to version 8.0.0 for the official releaseSimon Ser3 years
9.0build: bump to version 9.0.0 for the official releaseSimon Ser2 years
mainlibweston-desktop: Prevent spurious focus change signalsDerek Foreman4 days
masterNOTE! Default branch is now mainDaniel Stone19 months
11.0.0commit d23a69272f...Simon Ser2 months
10.0.94commit 3dc6a682e4...Simon Ser3 months
10.0.93commit a6b8f0f89c...Simon Ser3 months
10.0.92commit 4990e28ff2...Simon Ser3 months
10.0.91commit aa2b615d30...Simon Ser4 months
10.0.2commit a569bc2a30...Simon Ser4 months
10.0.1commit d141f1aeb7...Simon Ser5 months
10.0.0commit 4a03924604...Simon Ser10 months
9.0.93commit 4ac64883d8...Simon Ser10 months
9.0.91commit 1cca054ddb...Simon Ser12 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
4 dayslibweston-desktop: Prevent spurious focus change signalsHEADmainDerek Foreman1-1/+8
4 dayslibweston-desktop: Set grab client before calling grab functionsDerek Foreman1-4/+4
4 daystests: add output_icc_decorationsPekka Paalanen4-0/+40
4 daystests: add output-decorationsPekka Paalanen5-2/+96
4 daystests: change shot argument type in verify_image()Pekka Paalanen4-10/+10
4 dayscompositor: add output-decorations option for headlessPekka Paalanen2-0/+10
4 daysbackend-headless: add option for output decorationsPekka Paalanen3-8/+162
5 daysdesktop-shell: Fix stuck panelDerek Foreman1-0/+1
6 daysbackend-wayland: do not try to release uninitialized seatPhilipp Zabel1-1/+2
7 dayslibweston: deprecate weston_screenshooter_shoot()Pekka Paalanen1-1/+1