AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
6 hoursdrm: remove duplicate function declarationsHEADmasterMichael Olbrich1-10/+0
7 daysbuild: bump to version 9.0.91 for the alpha release8.0.91Simon Ser1-1/+1
7 dayskiosk-shell: Introduce kiosk/fullscreen shell for desktop appsAlexandros Frantzis13-0/+1796
9 daysdrm-backend: remove log that advertises universal planes supportLeandro Ribeiro1-2/+0
2020-07-09libweston: Send wl_keyboard.modifiers after wl_keyboard.enterKirill Chibisov1-29/+5
2020-07-01xwayland/window-manager: add a NULL check to fail when frame_create failsJimmy Ohn1-0/+4
2020-07-01screen-share: don't get weston_config object before zallocJimmy Ohn1-1/+3
2020-06-25gitlab CI: add support for DRM-backend testsLeandro Ribeiro3-5/+84
2020-06-25launcher: do not touch VT/tty while using non-default seatLeandro Ribeiro1-7/+11
2020-06-24shared: fix unused variable warningFrank Binns1-2/+2
2020-06-23desktop-shell: Avoid retrieving output's width/height if none presentMarius Vlad1-2/+4
2020-06-12libweston: don't clean up surface roleJames Hilliard1-2/+0
2020-06-11gl-renderer: fix pbuffer surface creationTomek Bury1-2/+6
2020-06-04drm: Fix leak of damage blob idScott Anderson4-51/+53
2020-06-03meson: enable undefined functions errors for colordGuillaume Champagne1-1/+0
2020-06-03meson: add lcms2 dependency to cms-colordGuillaume Champagne1-1/+1
2020-06-02tests: add drm-backend smoke testLeandro Ribeiro2-0/+73
2020-06-02tests: add support to run drm-backend tests locallyLeandro Ribeiro3-2/+127
2020-06-02drm-backend: add --continue-without-input command line option to DRM-backendLeandro Ribeiro4-1/+10
2020-06-02tests: properly select renderer for DRM-backendLeandro Ribeiro1-2/+8
2020-06-02tests: don't use width and height for drm/fbdev backend testsLeandro Ribeiro1-4/+7
2020-06-01compositor: Quit when failing to open log fileAntonio Caggiano1-4/+10
2020-06-01compositor: Print error opening log fileAntonio Caggiano1-0/+2
2020-05-28timeline: convert vblank timestamp to MONOTONICPekka Paalanen2-3/+39
2020-05-25gl-renderer: query EGL to determine if GL_TEXTURE_EXTERNAL_OES should be usedMichael Olbrich2-5/+108
2020-05-25xdg-shell: Allow fullscreen surfaces to not cover the whole screenAlexandros Frantzis1-2/+20
2020-05-14libweston: replace 0 with the enum value for the xkb init flagsPeter Hutterer2-2/+2
2020-05-12set SURFACE_BITS_COMMAND cmdType explicitlyKen C2-2/+29
2020-05-08gitlab CI: update to recent fdo ci-templatesPeter Hutterer1-9/+15
2020-05-08gitlab ci: switch to freedesktop ci-templatesPeter Hutterer1-1/+1
2020-04-29compositor: fix endless recursion in scene-graph printingMichael Olbrich1-2/+2
2020-04-06man/weston-drm: Use third person singular conjugationPaul Menzel1-1/+1
2020-03-30drm: change timing to set color format for primary plane without universal planeTomohito Esaki1-6/+6
2020-03-20pixman-renderer: Replace output-create flags with structDaniel Stone8-23/+39
2020-03-20gl-renderer: Replace pbuffer-create args with structDaniel Stone3-21/+25
2020-03-20gl-renderer: Replace window-create args with structDaniel Stone5-42/+49
2020-03-20gl-renderer: Replace display-create args with structDaniel Stone6-56/+65
2020-03-20drm: Get renderer buffer size from drm_fbDaniel Stone1-4/+4
2020-03-20drm: Remove unnecessary condition in drm_output_render reuseDaniel Stone1-5/+7
2020-03-20drm: Remove trailing whitespaceDaniel Stone1-1/+1
2020-03-20x11: Remove unnecessary NULL checksDaniel Stone1-10/+0
2020-03-20xdg-shell: More helpful surface-state-mismatch errorDaniel Stone1-1/+5
2020-03-18wayland-backend: Fully damage initial SHM bufferDaniel Stone1-2/+5
2020-03-12tests: add viewport test for repeat modePekka Paalanen3-0/+90
2020-03-11tests: move fill_color into helpersPekka Paalanen3-39/+61
2020-03-11tests: move viewport creation into helpersPekka Paalanen4-62/+87
2020-03-11pixman-renderer: half-fix bilinear sampling on edgesPekka Paalanen1-1/+15
2020-03-11compositor: Fail on invalid transform for headlessDaniel Stone1-1/+1
2020-03-10tests: print image difference statisticsPekka Paalanen1-6/+38
2020-03-06compositor: Use weston_head transform for output defaultDaniel Stone1-2/+7