BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
dithergetteximage-formats: Disable dithering during glDrawPixelsChad Versace6 years
glean-masterUpdate glean tests to 19f0f8e67a62d879216e75c756bed905019453c3Eric Anholt13 years
glsl2Merge branch 'master' into glsl2Ian Romanick13 years
mainImplementation of verifying multi-part uploaded filesDavid Heidelberg7 days
masterpiglit: NOTE! Default branch is now mainJordan Justen22 months
ppgttopengl/intel/ppgtt: memory alignment test.Sergii Romantsov4 years
shader_runnerAdd a set of GLSL tests for optimizations I plan to do in glsl2.Eric Anholt13 years
piglit-v1commit 993bee1927...Nicolai Haehnle14 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
7 daysImplementation of verifying multi-part uploaded filesHEADmainDavid Heidelberg1-13/+32
7 daysframework: convert download function to use timer_msDavid Heidelberg1-5/+1
7 daysframework: implement MD5 checking for tracesDavid Heidelberg3-19/+179
8 daysline-smooth-stipple: do not check alpha-valueErik Faye-Lund1-6/+5
8 daysutil: add rgb-variant of piglit_probe_rect_rgba_varyingErik Faye-Lund2-0/+10
8 daysline-smooth-stipple: do not test undefined behaviorErik Faye-Lund1-10/+11
11 daysext_egl_image_storage: fix invalid dmabuf test's extension checkMike Blumenkrantz1-1/+1
12 daysframework/replay: re-try more aggressively, even over the 50x HTTP errorsDavid Heidelberg1-0/+2
2023-01-12glsl-1.10: add two tests with non-unrollable loopsPavel Ondra─Źka2-0/+152
2023-01-06arb_occlusion_query: execute test even if no query bitsErik Faye-Lund1-15/+12