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2003-05-02Use correct condition for subsettingembedded-1-20030502Keith Whitwell1-1/+1
2003-05-02mprotect sarea when focus lostKeith Whitwell1-2/+4
2003-05-02mprotect sarea until focus gainedKeith Whitwell1-2/+7
2003-05-01Move the Doxygen configuration files into the usual places and integrate with...Jose Fonseca3-2116/+17
2003-05-01Final fixes to the AGPGART and RADEONFB modules' documentation.Jose Fonseca6-55/+59
2003-05-01Use mprotect() to protect the sarea when not in focus.Keith Whitwell7-33/+63
2003-05-01Final documentation to the AGPGART module.Jose Fonseca8-180/+771
2003-04-30Final documentation for the radeon fb module.Jose Fonseca2-45/+302
2003-04-30Remove debug printfs, Use XCheckMaskEventKeith Whitwell1-2/+1
2003-04-30Remove debug printfsKeith Whitwell3-12/+0
2003-04-29More documentation.Jose Fonseca10-206/+2404
2003-04-29New filesKeith Whitwell2-0/+497
2003-04-29Remove bogus assertKeith Whitwell1-2/+1
2003-04-29Shortcircuit ioctl if no focusKeith Whitwell1-0/+3
2003-04-29Protect some swrast-specific code in MakeCurrentKeith Whitwell1-1/+3
2003-04-28Partial documentation of this file.Keith Whitwell1-33/+129
2003-04-28Don't map agp tex mem, shortcircuit some more ops when not in focusKeith Whitwell4-5/+13
2003-04-28Downgrade assert in __miniglx_Select()Keith Whitwell1-12/+23
2003-04-28Remove some more unused codeKeith Whitwell1-49/+0
2003-04-28Slim down radeonfb.cKeith Whitwell1-852/+8
2003-04-27Don't try to lock hardware or issue ioctls if not the 'focus' app.Keith Whitwell2-0/+13
2003-04-27- Set O_NONBLOCK on socket fdsKeith Whitwell1-7/+26
2003-04-27prevent spurious texture uploadsKeith Whitwell2-12/+3
2003-04-27Force multiple applications to play nicer with each other.Keith Whitwell1-5/+12
2003-04-27Don't register a focus notify callbackKeith Whitwell1-1/+2
2003-04-27Only register radeonVtxfmtNotifyFocus for the subsetted driverKeith Whitwell1-0/+4
2003-04-27Fix vertex copying calcs for tris, quadsKeith Whitwell1-6/+10
2003-04-27For subsetted driver, when client is unmapped, unmap our dma buffers.Keith Whitwell7-151/+158
2003-04-27Remove XFree86 tags.Keith Whitwell8-28/+16
2003-04-27Fix problems not reloading textures after regaining lockKeith Whitwell1-0/+2
2003-04-27Correct rm for cleanKeith Whitwell1-2/+1
2003-04-26dri_driver_context.diff patch from Denis Oliver KroppKeith Whitwell10-565/+582
2003-04-26Big chunk of the AGP module documentation.Jose Fonseca2-73/+345
2003-04-25Call handle_fd_events in map/unmap window to flush write queue (should probablyKeith Whitwell1-8/+8
2003-04-25Restore more registers after regaining vt.Keith Whitwell1-0/+5
2003-04-25Get vt switching working properly.Keith Whitwell2-45/+63
2003-04-25get client & server processes working properlyKeith Whitwell8-338/+436
2003-04-24mga driver ported over by Denis Oliver KroppKeith Whitwell35-0/+12259
2003-04-22Fix errors with queuing & dequing events. Add lots of debug too.Keith Whitwell1-9/+22
2003-04-17Add support for root-permission 'server' process and non-root clientsKeith Whitwell7-628/+686
2003-04-17add definition for FB_ACCEL_ATI_RADEONembedded-1-20030417Alan Hourihane1-0/+3
2003-04-17fix some warningsAlan Hourihane1-7/+11
2003-04-17radeonfb updates from PPC folksAlan Hourihane4-746/+3215
2003-04-16Fix some warningsKeith Whitwell1-2/+3
2003-04-15a 768x1024 modeAlan Hourihane1-1/+15
2003-04-15first version of event communications codeKeith Whitwell1-0/+493
2003-04-15Update r200 MakefileKeith Whitwell1-36/+20
2003-04-07More 2.5.x files for documentation purposes onlyKeith Whitwell2-0/+3169
2003-04-07Import of some 2.5.x agpgart files - will be documented but not built as a pa...Keith Whitwell6-0/+4479
2003-03-25Fix vertex copying bug (Andreas S.)Keith Whitwell1-6/+6