AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
113 min.util: Add a few basic tests for linear_allocHEADmainCaio Oliveira2-0/+56
113 min.util: Remove per-buffer header in linear alloc for release modeCaio Oliveira1-54/+79
113 min.util: Remove size information from child allocationsCaio Oliveira1-29/+6
113 min.util: Remove linear_realloc()Caio Oliveira2-27/+0
113 min.util: Remove usages of linear_realloc()Caio Oliveira1-2/+5
113 min.util: Use an opaque type for linear contextCaio Oliveira17-207/+214
113 min.util: Make DECLARE_LINEAR_ALLOC_* macros assume no destructorsCaio Oliveira1-5/+16
113 min.util: Remove size from linear_parent creationCaio Oliveira10-44/+18
113 min.util: Use linear parent to (r)allocated extra nodesCaio Oliveira1-25/+10
113 min.util: Remove ralloc_parent from linear_headerCaio Oliveira1-5/+3
3 hoursradv/ci: skip dEQP-VK.robustness.* on Vangogh due to weird GPU hangsSamuel Pitoiset1-0/+4
3 hoursci: update to vulkan-cts- Pitoiset27-91/+632
4 hoursfreedreno: Include speedbin fallback in 730 chipid to fix probingKonrad Dybcio1-1/+2
5 hoursaco: reset prefetch in the correct block after removing the exitRhys Perry1-2/+6
6 hoursintel/ds: avoid dropping traces when running out of shared memoryLionel Landwerlin1-0/+4
6 hoursanv/utrace: trace CPU on timestamp buffer readinessLionel Landwerlin1-0/+2
6 hoursintel/ds: track number of tracepoint timestamp copiesLionel Landwerlin5-11/+34
6 hoursutil/u_trace: count number of tracepointsLionel Landwerlin2-0/+7
6 hoursintel/ds: lock submissions to u_trace_contextLionel Landwerlin8-17/+51
6 hoursintel: don't assume Linux minor dev nodeLionel Landwerlin4-7/+3
6 hoursanv: enable utrace timestamp buffer copies on compute engineLionel Landwerlin4-22/+110
6 hoursanv: move utrace flush out of backendsLionel Landwerlin7-29/+38
6 hoursanv: move simple shaders code to its own objectLionel Landwerlin6-12/+34
6 hoursanv: add simple shader support without a command bufferLionel Landwerlin4-35/+63
6 hoursanv: add a memcpy compute internal kernelLionel Landwerlin5-1/+111
6 hoursanv: fix utrace timestamp buffer copiesLionel Landwerlin1-2/+2
7 hoursfrontends/va: Set default rate control values once when creating encoderDavid Rosca2-14/+13
7 hoursfrontends/va: Process VAEncSequenceParameterBufferType first in vaRenderPictureDavid Rosca1-4/+9
8 hoursdocs: add calendar for 23.3Eric Engestrom1-0/+4
8 hoursradv/ci: add more tests to the navi21 vkcts flake listMartin Roukala (né Peres)1-1/+10
8 hoursradv/ci: increase the parallelism of the vkcts-navi21 jobMartin Roukala (né Peres)1-1/+1
9 hoursv3d/shim: include new ioctl parametersJuan A. Suarez Romero1-0/+9
12 hoursradv: enable cache counters for RGP on GFX11Samuel Pitoiset1-3/+1
12 hoursradv: add SPM support for GFX11Samuel Pitoiset4-20/+57
12 hoursac/spm: add support for GFX11Samuel Pitoiset2-37/+143
13 hoursac/spm: add new segment types for GFX11Samuel Pitoiset2-1/+3
13 hoursac/gpu_info: define AMD_MAX_WGPSamuel Pitoiset1-0/+1
16 hoursllvmpipe/linear: move to nir inputsDave Airlie1-22/+28
16 hoursllvmpipe/linear: convert to using nir for output.Dave Airlie1-49/+52
16 hoursllvmpipe/fs: start converting dervied state to nir based.Dave Airlie1-43/+54
16 hoursllvmpipe/fs: start converting interp/input paths to nir.Dave Airlie2-39/+53
17 hoursllvmpipe/nir: call gather info to update inputs read properlyDave Airlie1-0/+1
17 hoursgallivm: drop tgsi aos paths.Dave Airlie3-1064/+0
17 hoursllvmpipe/linear: drop tgsi path.Dave Airlie1-18/+6
23 hoursci/freedreno: disable broke cheza (Adreno 630) runnersDavid Heidelberg1-14/+14
25 hoursr600/sfn: Fix use of scheduled_shader vs shaderGert Wollny1-2/+2
25 hoursr600/sfn: sort the uniforms of the right shaderGert Wollny1-2/+1
26 hoursr600: Use nir_builder helpers for load/store_shared_r600Faith Ekstrand1-38/+14
26 hoursr600: Use more auto-generated nir_builder helpersFaith Ekstrand1-62/+24
29 hourspvr: Fix dynamic desc offset storageKarmjit Mahil1-5/+5