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@@ -174,6 +174,16 @@
<value name="int" value="3" min_ver="42"/> <!-- clamp to integer RT's range -->
+ <enum name="L2T Flush Mode" prefix="L2T_FLUSH_MODE">
+ <!-- invalidates all cache lines -->
+ <value name="flush" value="0"/>
+ <!-- Invalidates dirty cachelines without writeback -->
+ <value name="clear" value="1"/>
+ <!-- Writes back dirty cachelines and marks them clean, without
+ invalidating -->
+ <value name="clean" value="2"/>
+ </enum>
<enum name="Output Image Format" prefix="V3D_OUTPUT_IMAGE_FORMAT">
Formats appear with their channels named from the low bits to
@@ -595,6 +605,19 @@
<packet code="75" name="Flush Transform Feedback Data"/>
+ <packet code="76" name="L1 Cache Flush Control">
+ <field name="TMU Config Cache Clear" size="4" start="12" type="uint"/>
+ <field name="TMU Data Cache Clear" size="4" start="8" type="uint"/>
+ <field name="Uniforms Cache Clear" size="4" start="4" type="uint"/>
+ <field name="Instruction Cache Clear" size="4" start="0" type="uint"/>
+ </packet>
+ <packet code="77" name="L2T Cache Flush Control">
+ <field name="L2T Flush Mode" size="4" start="64" type="L2T Flush Mode"/>
+ <field name="L2T Flush End" size="32" start="32" type="address"/>
+ <field name="L2T Flush Start" size="32" start="0" type="address"/>
+ </packet>
<struct name="Transform Feedback Output Data Spec" max_ver="33">
<field name="First Shaded Vertex Value to output" size="8" start="0" type="uint"/>
<field name="Number of consecutive Vertex Values to output as 32-bit values" size="4" start="8" type="uint" minus_one="true"/>