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docs: Update egl.html.
Mention that EGL_DRIVERS_PATH should be specified for uninstalled build. Update TODOs.
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@@ -139,6 +139,10 @@ binaries.</p>
specified EGL driver to be loaded. It comes in handy when one wants to test a
specific driver. This variable is ignored for setuid/setgid binaries.</p>
+<p><code>egl_gallium</code> dynamically loads hardware drivers and client API
+modules found in <code>EGL_DRIVERS_PATH</code>. Thus, specifying this variable
+alone is not sufficient for <code>egl_gallium</code> for uninstalled build.</p>
@@ -291,8 +295,12 @@ should as well lock the display before using it.
<li>Pass the conformance tests</li>
-<li>Better automatic driver selection: <code>EGL_PLATFORM</code> loads all
-drivers and might eat too much memory.</li>
+<li>Reference counting in main library?</li>
+<li>Mixed use of OpenGL, OpenGL ES 1.1, and OpenGL ES 2.0 is supported. But
+which one of <code></code>, <code></code>, and
+<code></code> should an application link to? Bad things may happen
+when, say, an application is linked to <code></code> and
+<code>libcairo</code>, which is linked to <code></code> instead.</li>