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freedreno: add basic query support
Add for now some simple/basic query support (ie. things not actually requiring the GPU). Might change around a bit when I actually add GPU queries, but for now this enables some useful performance info in the GALLIUM_HUD. For example: GALLIUM_HUD=fps+batches+batches-sysmem+batches-gmem+restores,draw-calls The driver specific specific queries are: + draw-calls + batches - number of batches per second, sum of batches-sysmem plus batches-gmem + batches-gmem - render a set of tiles in GMEM, for each tile (optionally) system mem -> gmem (restore), plus N draws, plus gmem -> system mem (resolve) per second + batches-sysmem - N draws to system memory (GMEM bypass) per second + restores - number of GMEM batches that required restore per second Ideally for GMEM rendering, you want batches-gmem to equal fps. If the app is doing something that triggers multiple passes (ie. requires extra round trip gmem <-> system memory) then the # of batches per second will go up relative to fps. Signed-off-by: Rob Clark <>
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