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<h2>Bug fixes</h2>
+<li><a href="">Bug 32211</a> - [GLSL] lower_jumps with continue-statements in for-loops prevents loop unrolling</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 102349</a> - nv4x crashing with plasmashell - gdb log included</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 102597</a> - [Regression] mpv, high rendering times (two to three times higher)</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 104297</a> - [i965] Downward causes GPU hangs and misrendering on Haswell</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 104602</a> - [apitrace] Graphical artifacts in Civilization VI on RX Vega</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 105301</a> - The big SKQP bug</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 106577</a> - broken rendering with nine and nouveau (GM107)</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 106595</a> - [RADV] Rendering distortions only when MSAA is enabled</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 107052</a> - [Regression][bisected]. Crookz - The Big Heist Demo can't be launched despite the &quot;true&quot; flag in &quot;drirc&quot;</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 107510</a> - [GEN8+] up to 10% perf drop on several 3D benchmarks</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 107626</a> - [SNB] The graphical corruption and GPU hang occur sometimes on the piglit test &quot;arb_texture_multisample-large-float-texture&quot; with parameter --fp16</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 107728</a> - Wrong background in Sascha Willem's Multisampling Demo</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 107842</a> - &quot;invariant&quot; qualifier on outputs of GLSL ES fragment shader causes compilation error.</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 107856</a> - i965 incorrectly calculates the number of layers for texture views (assert)</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 108114</a> - [vulkancts] new VK_KHR_16bit_storage tests fail.</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 108116</a> - [vulkancts] stencil partial clear tests fail.</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 108245</a> - RADV/Vega: Low mip levels of large BCn textures get corrupted by vkCmdCopyBufferToImage</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 108311</a> - Query buffer object support is broken on r600.</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 108457</a> - [OpenGL CTS] KHR-GL46.tessellation_shader.single.xfb_captures_data_from_correct_stage fails</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 108560</a> - Mesa 32 is built without sse</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 108624</a> - [regression][bisected] &quot;nir: Copy propagation between blocks&quot; regression</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 108630</a> - [G965] piglit.spec.!opengl 1_2.tex3d-maxsize spins forever</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 108635</a> - Mesa master commit 68dc591af16ebb36814e4c187e4998948103c99c causes XWayland to segfault</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 108636</a> - test_optpass has use after free bug, failing with memory testing tools like address sanitizer</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 108713</a> - Gallium: use after free with transform feedback</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 108734</a> - Regression: [bisected] dEQP-GLES31.functional.tessellation.invariance.* start failing on r600</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 108805</a> - i965 regressions from EXT_texture_sRGB_R8</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 108829</a> - [meson] libglapi exports internal API</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 108868</a> - [BYT IVB] Tesselation test regressions</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 108877</a> - OpenGL CTS gl43 test cases were interrupted due to segment fault</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 108894</a> - [anv] vkCmdCopyBuffer() and vkCmdCopyQueryPoolResults() write-after-write hazard</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 108909</a> - Vkd3d test failure test_resolve_non_issued_query_data()</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 108910</a> - Vkd3d test failure test_multisample_array_texture()</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 108911</a> - Vkd3d test failure test_clear_render_target_view()</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 108914</a> - blocky shadow artifacts in The Forest with DXVK, RADV_DEBUG=nohiz fixes this</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 108925</a> - vkCmdCopyQueryPoolResults(VK_QUERY_RESULT_WAIT_BIT) for timestamps with large query count hangs</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 108936</a> - [ILK,G45,G965] Regressions from texture-format enums rework</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 108943</a> - Build fails on ppc64le with meson</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 108961</a> - make check test_replace_src_bitsize failure</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 108974</a> - make check DispatchSanity_test regression</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 108999</a> - Calculating the scissors fields when the y is flipped (0 on top) can generate negative numbers that will cause assertion failure later on.</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 109023</a> - error: inlining failed in call to always_inline ‘__m512 _mm512_and_ps(__m512, __m512)’: target specific option mismatch</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 109072</a> - GPU hang in blender 2.80</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 109075</a> - radv: New D3D boolean optimizations cause GPU hang in Witcher 3</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 109081</a> - [bisected] [HSW] Regression in clipping.user_defined.clip_* vulkancts tests</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 109086</a> - Crash software mesa with gl_select render mode</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 109107</a> - gallium/st/va: change va max_profiles when using Radeon VCN Hardware</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 109129</a> - format_types.h:1220: undefined reference to `_mm256_cvtps_ph'</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 109151</a> - [KBL-G][vulkan] dEQP-VK.texture.explicit_lod.2d.sizes.31x55_nearest_linear_mipmap_nearest_repeat failed verification.</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 109190</a> - virgl: buffer flushing error with some dEQP tests [bisected]</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 109202</a> - nv50_ir.cpp:749:19: error: cannot use typeid with -fno-rtti</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 109204</a> - [regression, bisected] retroarch's crt-royale shader crash radv</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 109229</a> - glLinkProgram locks up for ~30 seconds</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 109231</a> - [nir] src/compiler/nir/nir_loop_analyze.c uninitialized variable</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 109242</a> - [RADV] The Witcher 3 system freeze</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 109304</a> - GfxBench AztecRuins Vulkan version Segfault</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 109325</a> - mesa: Need ability to retrieve command line of Meson configuration</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 109328</a> - [BSW BXT GLK] dEQP-VK.subgroups.arithmetic.subgroup regressions</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 109353</a> - [regression][bisected] &quot;nir: Switch to using 1-bit Booleans for almost everything&quot; regression with shared bools</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 109401</a> - [DXVK] Project Cars rendering problems</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 109404</a> - [ANV] The Witcher 3 shadows flickering</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 109442</a> - &quot;make check&quot; test anv_block_pool_no_free fails intermittently</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 109443</a> - Build failure with MSVC when using Scons &gt;= 3.0.2</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 109449</a> - [snb] quakespasm triggers a segmentation fault.</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 109451</a> - [IVB,SNB] LINE_STRIPs following a TRIANGLE_FAN fail to use primitive restart</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 109543</a> - After upgrade mesa to 19.0.0~rc1 all vulkan based application stop working [&quot;vulkan-cube&quot; received SIGSEGV in radv_pipeline_init_blend_state at ../src/amd/vulkan/radv_pipeline.c:699]</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 109561</a> - [regression, bisected] code re-factor causing games to stutter or lock-up system</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 109573</a> -</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 109575</a> - Mesa-19.0.0-rc1 : Computer Crashes trying to run anything Vulkan</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 109581</a> - [BISECTED] Nothing is Rendered on Sascha Willem's &quot;subpasses&quot; demo</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 109594</a> - totem assert failure: totem: src/intel/genxml/gen9_pack.h:72: __gen_uint: La declaración `v &lt;= max' no se cumple.</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 109597</a> - wreckfest issues with transparent objects &amp; skybox</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 109601</a> - [Regression] RuneLite GPU rendering broken on 18.3.x</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 109603</a> - nir_instr_as_deref: Assertion `parent &amp;&amp; parent-&gt;type == nir_instr_type_deref' failed.</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 109698</a> - dri.pc contents invalid when built with meson</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 109717</a> - [regression] Cull distance tests asserting</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 109735</a> - [Regression] broken font with mesa_vulkan_overlay</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 109759</a> - [BISECTED][REGRESSION][IVB, HSW] Font rendering problem in OpenGL</li>
+<p>Adam Jackson (4):</p>
+ <li>glx: Demand success from CreateContext requests (v2)</li>
+ <li>specs: Remove GLES profile interaction text from GLX_MESA_query_renderer</li>
+ <li>specs: Remove GLX_RENDERER_ID_MESA from GLX_MESA_query_renderer</li>
+ <li>specs: Bump GLX_MESA_query_renderer to version 9</li>
+<p>Aditya Swarup (1):</p>
+ <li>i965: Lift restriction in external textures for EGLImage support</li>
+<p>Alejandro Piñeiro (3):</p>
+ <li>nir: remove unused variable</li>
+ <li>nir/xfb: don't assert when xfb_buffer/stride is present but not xfb_offset</li>
+ <li>nir/xfb: distinguish array of structs vs array of blocks</li>
+<p>Alex Deucher (3):</p>
+ <li>pci_ids: add new vega10 pci ids</li>
+ <li>pci_ids: add new vega20 pci id</li>
+ <li>pci_ids: add new VegaM pci id</li>
+<p>Alex Smith (1):</p>
+ <li>radv: Flush before vkCmdWriteTimestamp() if needed</li>
+<p>Alexander von Gluck IV (1):</p>
+ <li>egl/haiku: Fix reference to disp vs dpy</li>
+<p>Alok Hota (8):</p>
+ <li>swr/rast: Use gfxptr_t value in JitGatherVertices</li>
+ <li>swr/rast: Add annotator to interleave isa text</li>
+ <li>swr/rast: partial support for Tiled Resources</li>
+ <li>swr/rast: Unaligned and translations in gathers</li>
+ <li>swr/rast: Scope MEM_CLIENT enum for mem usages</li>
+ <li>swr/rast: New execution engine per JIT</li>
+ <li>swr/rast: Store cached files in multiple subdirs</li>
+ <li>swr/rast: bypass size limit for non-sampled textures</li>
+<p>Alyssa Rosenzweig (1):</p>
+ <li>util: Fix warning in u_cpu_detect on non-x86</li>
+<p>Andre Heider (4):</p>
+ <li>st/nine: fix stack corruption due to ABI mismatch</li>
+ <li>st/nine: plug thread related leaks</li>
+ <li>st/nine: clean up thead shutdown sequence a bit</li>
+ <li>d3dadapter9: use snprintf(..., "%s", ...) instead of strncpy</li>
+<p>Andres Gomez (8):</p>
+ <li>glsl/linker: complete documentation for assign_attribute_or_color_locations</li>
+ <li>docs: update 18.3 and add 19.x cycles for the release calendar</li>
+ <li>glsl: correct typo in GLSL compilation error message</li>
+ <li>editorconfig: Add max_line_length property</li>
+ <li>glsl/linker: specify proper direction in location aliasing error</li>
+ <li>docs: complete the calendar and release schedule documentation</li>
+ <li>bin/ fix the oneline printing</li>
+ <li>bin/ fix redirection in sh</li>
+<p>Andrii Simiklit (9):</p>
+ <li>intel/tools: avoid 'unused variable' warnings</li>
+ <li>compiler: avoid 'unused variable' warnings</li>
+ <li>i965: avoid 'unused variable' warnings</li>
+ <li>i965/batch: avoid reverting batch buffer if saved state is an empty</li>
+ <li>intel/tools: make sure the binary file is properly read</li>
+ <li>anv/pipeline: remove unnecessary null-pointer check</li>
+ <li>intel/batch-decoder: fix vertex buffer size calculation for gen&lt;8</li>
+ <li>intel/batch-decoder: fix a vb end address calculation</li>
+ <li>i965: re-emit index buffer state on a reset option change.</li>
+<p>Anuj Phogat (7):</p>
+ <li>i965/icl: Set Error Detection Behavior Control Bit in L3CNTLREG</li>
+ <li>anv/icl: Set Error Detection Behavior Control Bit in L3CNTLREG</li>
+ <li>anv/icl: Disable prefetching of sampler state entries</li>
+ <li>i965/icl: Fix L3 configurations</li>
+ <li>i965/icl: Set use full ways in L3CNTLREG</li>
+ <li>intel/icl: Set way_size_per_bank to 4</li>
+ <li>anv/icl: Set use full ways in L3CNTLREG</li>
+<p>Axel Davy (12):</p>
+ <li>st/nine: Allow 'triple buffering' with thread_submit</li>
+ <li>st/nine: Remove thread_submit warning</li>
+ <li>st/nine: Use helper to release swapchain buffers later</li>
+ <li>st/nine: Switch to presentation buffer if resize is detected</li>
+ <li>st/nine: Fix volumetexture dtor on ctor failure</li>
+ <li>st/nine: Bind src not dst in nine_context_box_upload</li>
+ <li>st/nine: Add src reference to nine_context_range_upload</li>
+ <li>st/nine: Increase the limit of cached ff shaders</li>
+ <li>st/nine: Immediately upload user provided textures</li>
+ <li>st/nine: Enable debug info if NDEBUG is not set</li>
+ <li>st/nine: Ignore window size if error</li>
+ <li>st/nine: Ignore multisample quality level if no ms</li>
+<p>Bart Oldeman (1):</p>
+ <li>gallium-xlib: query MIT-SHM before using it.</li>
+<p>Bas Nieuwenhuizen (41):</p>
+ <li>radv: Use structured intrinsics instead of indexing workaround for GFX9.</li>
+ <li>vulkan: Allow storage images in the WSI.</li>
+ <li>radv: Fix opaque metadata descriptor last layer.</li>
+ <li>radv: Clamp gfx9 image view extents to the allocated image extents.</li>
+ <li>radv: Align large buffers to the fragment size.</li>
+ <li>radv/android: Mark android WSI image as shareable.</li>
+ <li>radv/android: Use buffer metadata to determine scanout compat.</li>
+ <li>radv: Check for shareable images in central place.</li>
+ <li>radv: Remove redundant format check.</li>
+ <li>radv: Fix multiview depth clears</li>
+ <li>radv: Work around non-renderable 128bpp compressed 3d textures on GFX9.</li>
+ <li>radv: Fix wrongly positioned paren.</li>
+ <li>radv: Do a cache flush if needed before reading predicates.</li>
+ <li>radv: Implement buffer stores with less than 4 components.</li>
+ <li>anv/android: Do not reject storage images.</li>
+ <li>radv: Remove device path.</li>
+ <li>radv: Remove unused variable.</li>
+ <li>amd/common: Add some parentheses to silence warning.</li>
+ <li>radv: Fix rasterization precision bits.</li>
+ <li>spirv: Fix matrix parameters in function calls.</li>
+ <li>freedreno: Move register constant files to src/freedreno.</li>
+ <li>radv: Only use 32 KiB per threadgroup on Stoney.</li>
+ <li>radv: Set partial_vs_wave for pipelines with just GS, not tess.</li>
+ <li>nir: Account for atomics in copy propagation.</li>
+ <li>radv: Remove unused variable.</li>
+ <li>radv/winsys: Set winsys bo priority on creation.</li>
+ <li>radv/winsys: Add priority handling during submit.</li>
+ <li>radv: Enable VK_EXT_memory_priority.</li>
+ <li>radv: Fix the shader info pass for not having the variable.</li>
+ <li>amd/common: Fix stores to derefs with unknown variable.</li>
+ <li>amd/common: Add gep helper for pointer increment.</li>
+ <li>amd/common: Handle nir_deref_type_ptr_as_array for shared memory.</li>
+ <li>amd/common: handle nir_deref_cast for shared memory from integers.</li>
+ <li>radv: Only look at pImmutableSamples if the descriptor has a sampler.</li>
+ <li>amd/common: Use correct writemask for shared memory stores.</li>
+ <li>radv: Sync ETC2 whitelisted devices.</li>
+ <li>radv: Fix float16 interpolation set up.</li>
+ <li>radv: Allow interpolation on non-float types.</li>
+ <li>radv: Handle clip+cull distances more generally as compact arrays.</li>
+ <li>radv: Fix rebase issue in 19.0 for float16 fix.</li>
+ <li>radv: Interpolate less aggressively.</li>
+<p>Boyan Ding (3):</p>
+ <li>gk110/ir: Add rcp f64 implementation</li>
+ <li>gk110/ir: Add rsq f64 implementation</li>
+ <li>gk110/ir: Use the new rcp/rsq in library</li>
+<p>Brian Paul (3):</p>
+ <li>svga: add new gallium formats to the format conversion table</li>
+ <li>mesa: fix display list corner case assertion</li>
+ <li>svga: remove SVGA_RELOC_READ flag in SVGA3D_BindGBSurface()</li>
+<p>Bruce Cherniak (1):</p>
+ <li>gallium/swr: Fix multi-context sync fence deadlock.</li>
+<p>Caio Marcelo de Oliveira Filho (10):</p>
+ <li>nir: properly clear the entry sources in copy_prop_vars</li>
+ <li>nir: properly find the entry to keep in copy_prop_vars</li>
+ <li>nir: add a way to print the deref chain</li>
+ <li>nir: remove dead code from copy_prop_vars</li>
+ <li>nir: fix warning in nir_lower_io.c</li>
+ <li>util: Helper to create sets and hashes with pointer keys</li>
+ <li>src/compiler: use new hash table and set creation helpers</li>
+ <li>src/intel: use new hash table and set creation helpers</li>
+ <li>nir: check NIR_SKIP to skip passes by name</li>
+<p>Carlos Garnacho (1):</p>
+ <li>wayland/egl: Ensure EGL surface is resized on DRI update_buffers()</li>
+<p>Carsten Haitzler (Rasterman) (2):</p>
+ <li>vc4: Use named parameters for the NEON inline asm.</li>
+ <li>vc4: Declare the cpu pointers as being modified in NEON asm.</li>
+<p>Chad Versace (1):</p>
+ <li>i965: Fix -Wswitch on INTEL_COPY_STREAMING_LOAD</li>
+<p>Chia-I Wu (2):</p>
+ <li>meson: fix EGL/X11 build without GLX</li>
+ <li>freedreno/drm: sync uapi again</li>
+<p>Christian Gmeiner (6):</p>
+ <li>nir: add lowering for ffloor</li>
+ <li>etnaviv: drop redundant ctx function parameter</li>
+ <li>meson: add etnaviv to the tools option</li>
+ <li>etnaviv: extend etna_resource with an addressing mode</li>
+ <li>etnaviv: update headers from rnndb</li>
+ <li>etnaviv: add linear sampling support</li>
+<p>Connor Abbott (4):</p>
+ <li>Revert "radv: disable VK_SUBGROUP_FEATURE_VOTE_BIT"</li>
+ <li>nir/algebraic: Rewrite bit-size inference</li>
+ <li>nir/algebraic: Add unit tests for bitsize validation</li>
+ <li>nir: Fixup algebraic test for variable-sized conversions</li>
+<p>Daniel Stone (1):</p>
+ <li>gbm: Clarify acceptable formats for gbm_bo</li>
+<p>Danylo Piliaiev (9):</p>
+ <li>i965: Fix calculation of layers array length for isl_view</li>
+ <li>nir: add if opt opt_if_loop_last_continue()</li>
+ <li>glsl/linker: Fix unmatched TCS outputs being reduced to local variable</li>
+ <li>glsl: Make invariant outputs in ES fragment shader not to cause error</li>
+ <li>glsl: Fix copying function's out to temp if dereferenced by array</li>
+ <li>anv: Implement VK_KHR_draw_indirect_count for gen 7+</li>
+ <li>anv: Implement VK_EXT_conditional_rendering for gen 7.5+</li>
+ <li>anv: Fix VK_EXT_transform_feedback working with varyings packed in PSIZ</li>
+ <li>anv: Fix destroying descriptor sets when pool gets reset</li>
+<p>Dave Airlie (19):</p>
+ <li>radv: apply xfb buffer offset at buffer binding time not later. (v2)</li>
+ <li>radv: fix begin/end transform feedback with 0 counter buffers.</li>
+ <li>virgl: fix vtest regression since fencing changes.</li>
+ <li>spirv/vtn: handle variable pointers without offset lowering</li>
+ <li>nir: move getting deref from var after we check deref type.</li>
+ <li>nir: handle shared pointers in lowering indirect derefs.</li>
+ <li>ac: avoid casting pointers on bcsel and stores</li>
+ <li>radv: handle loading from shared pointers</li>
+ <li>ac: handle cast derefs</li>
+ <li>r600: make suballocator 256-bytes align</li>
+ <li>virgl: fix undefined shift to use unsigned.</li>
+ <li>virgl: fix const warning on debug flags.</li>
+ <li>radv: use 3d shader for gfx9 copies if dst is 3d</li>
+ <li>radv/xfb: fix counter buffer bounds checks.</li>
+ <li>virgl/vtest: fix front buffer flush with protocol version 0.</li>
+ <li>virgl: use primconvert provoking vertex properly</li>
+ <li>dri_interface: add put shm image2 (v2)</li>
+ <li>glx: add support for putimageshm2 path (v2)</li>
+ <li>gallium: use put image shm2 path (v2)</li>
+<p>David Shao (1):</p>
+ <li>meson: ensure that xmlpool_options.h is generated for gallium targets that need it</li>
+<p>Dieter Nützel (1):</p>
+ <li>docs/features: Delete double nv50 entry and wrong enumeration</li>
+<p>Dylan Baker (48):</p>
+ <li>meson: link gallium nine with pthreads</li>
+ <li>meson: Don't set -Wall</li>
+ <li>meson: fix libatomic tests</li>
+ <li>meson: Add tests to suites</li>
+ <li>util: promote u_memory to src/util</li>
+ <li>meson: Add nir_algebraic_parser_test to suites</li>
+ <li>meson: Fix ppc64 little endian detection</li>
+ <li>meson: remove duplicate definition</li>
+ <li>meson: Add support for gnu hurd</li>
+ <li>meson: Add toggle for glx-direct</li>
+ <li>docs/meson: Recommend not using CFLAGS and friends</li>
+ <li>travis: meson: use native files to override llvm-config</li>
+ <li>travis: Don't try to read libdrm out of</li>
+ <li>travis: meson: enable unit tests</li>
+ <li>docs: add note about using backticks for rbs in gitlab</li>
+ <li>docs/install: Add meson to the main install page</li>
+ <li>docs/meson: Update LLVM section with information about native files</li>
+ <li>docs/install: Update python dependency section</li>
+ <li>docs/autoconf: Mark autoconf as being replaced</li>
+ <li>meson: Override C++ standard to gnu++11 when building with altivec on ppc64</li>
+ <li>meson: Error out if building nouveau and using LLVM without rtti</li>
+ <li>autotools: Remove tegra vdpau driver</li>
+ <li>meson: Add a script to extract the cmd line used for meson</li>
+ <li>meson: allow building dri driver without window system if osmesa is classic</li>
+ <li>bin/meson-cmd-extract: Also handle cross and native files</li>
+ <li>meson: fix swr KNL build</li>
+ <li>meson: Fix compiler checks for SWR with ICC</li>
+ <li>meson: Add warnings and errors when using ICC</li>
+ <li>automake: Fix path to generated source</li>
+ <li>automake: Add float64.glsl to dist tarball</li>
+ <li>automake: Add include dir for nir src directory</li>
+ <li>configure: Bump SWR LLVM requirement to 7</li>
+ <li>automake: Add --enable-autotools to distcheck flags</li>
+ <li>android,autotools,i965: Fix location of float64_glsl.h</li>
+ <li>VERSION: bump to 19.0.0-rc1</li>
+ <li>Version: Bump for rc2</li>
+ <li>cherry-ignore: Add some patches</li>
+ <li>Revert "intel/compiler: More peephole_select for pre-Gen6"</li>
+ <li>Revert "nir/opt_peephole_select: Don't peephole_select expensive math instructions"</li>
+ <li>Revert "intel/compiler: More peephole select"</li>
+ <li>Bump version for 19.0-rc3</li>
+ <li>version: bump for 19.0-rc4</li>
+ <li>get-pick-list: Add --pretty=medium to the arguments for Cc patches</li>
+ <li>meson: Add dependency on genxml to anvil</li>
+ <li>Version: update to 19.0-rc5</li>
+ <li>Bump version for rc6</li>
+ <li>VERSION: bump version for rc7</li>
+ <li>cherry-ignore: Update the cherry-ignore file</li>
+<p>Eduardo Lima Mitev (2):</p>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: Make imageStore use num components from image format</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: Handle GL_NONE in get_num_components_for_glformat()</li>
+<p>Eleni Maria Stea (1):</p>
+ <li>i965: fixed clamping in set_scissor_bits when the y is flipped</li>
+<p>Elie Tournier (17):</p>
+ <li>glsl: Add "built-in" function to do abs(fp64)</li>
+ <li>glsl: Add "built-in" functions to do neg(fp64)</li>
+ <li>glsl: Add "built-in" function to do sign(fp64)</li>
+ <li>glsl: Add "built-in" functions to do eq/ne(fp64, fp64)</li>
+ <li>glsl: Add utility function to extract 64-bit sign</li>
+ <li>glsl: Add "built-in" functions to do lt(fp64, fp64)</li>
+ <li>glsl: Add "built-in" functions to do add(fp64, fp64)</li>
+ <li>glsl: Add "built-in" functions to do mul(fp64, fp64)</li>
+ <li>glsl: Add "built-in" functions to do fp64_to_uint(fp64)</li>
+ <li>glsl: Add "built-in" functions to do uint_to_fp64(uint)</li>
+ <li>glsl: Add "built-in" functions to do fp64_to_int(fp64)</li>
+ <li>glsl: Add "built-in" functions to do int_to_fp64(int)</li>
+ <li>glsl: Add "built-in" functions to do fp64_to_fp32(fp64)</li>
+ <li>glsl: Add "built-in" functions to do fp32_to_fp64(fp32)</li>
+ <li>glsl: Add "built-in" functions to do sqrt(fp64)</li>
+ <li>glsl: Add "built-in" functions to do trunc(fp64)</li>
+ <li>glsl: Add "built-in" functions to do round(fp64)</li>
+<p>Emil Velikov (81):</p>
+ <li>mesa: bump version to 19.1.0-devel</li>
+ <li>docs: add 19.0.0-devel release notes template</li>
+ <li>docs: mention EXT_shader_implicit_conversions</li>
+ <li>egl: add EGL_EXT_device_base entrypoints</li>
+ <li>egl/glvnd: correctly report errors when vendor cannot be found</li>
+ <li>docs/releasing.html: polish cherry-picking/testing text</li>
+ <li>docs/submittingpatches.html: correctly handle the &lt;p&gt; tag</li>
+ <li>docs: document the staging branch and add reference to it</li>
+ <li>bin/ simplify git oneline printing</li>
+ <li>bin/ prefix output with "[stable] "</li>
+ <li>bin/ handle "typod" usecase.</li>
+ <li>bin/ handle the fixes tag</li>
+ <li>bin/ tweak the commit sha matching pattern</li>
+ <li>bin/ flesh out is_sha_nomination</li>
+ <li>bin/ handle fixes tag with missing colon</li>
+ <li>bin/ handle unofficial "broken by" tag</li>
+ <li>bin/ use test instead of [ ]</li>
+ <li>bin/ handle reverts prior to the branchpoint</li>
+ <li>travis: drop unneeded x11proto-xf86vidmode-dev</li>
+ <li>glx: make xf86vidmode mandatory for direct rendering</li>
+ <li>travis: adding missing x11-xcb for meson+vulkan</li>
+ <li>egl/wayland: bail out when drmGetMagic fails</li>
+ <li>egl/wayland: plug memory leak in drm_handle_device()</li>
+ <li>docs: update 18.3.0 release notes</li>
+ <li>docs: add sha256 checksums for 18.3.0</li>
+ <li>docs: update calendar, add news item and link release notes for 18.3.0</li>
+ <li>freedreno: drop duplicate MKDIR_GEN declaration</li>
+ <li>freedreno: add the missing _la in libfreedreno_ir3_la</li>
+ <li>amd/addrlib: drop si_ci_vi_merged_enum.h from the list</li>
+ <li>docs: add release notes for 18.3.1</li>
+ <li>docs: add sha256 checksums for 18.3.1</li>
+ <li>docs: update calendar, add news item and link release notes for 18.3.1</li>
+ <li>glx: mandate xf86vidmode only for "drm" dri platforms</li>
+ <li>bin/ rework handing of sha nominations</li>
+ <li>bin/ warn when commit lists invalid sha</li>
+ <li>meson: don't require glx/egl/gbm with gallium drivers</li>
+ <li>pipe-loader: meson: reference correct library</li>
+ <li>TODO: glx: meson: build dri based glx tests, only with -Dglx=dri</li>
+ <li>glx: meson: drop includes from a link-only library</li>
+ <li>glx: meson: wire up the dispatch-index-check test</li>
+ <li>glx/test: meson: assorted include fixes</li>
+ <li>configure: add CXX11_CXXFLAGS to LLVM_CXXFLAGS</li>
+ <li>travis: flip to distro xenial, drop sudo false</li>
+ <li>travis: meson: print the configured state</li>
+ <li>travis: printout llvm-config --version</li>
+ <li>travis: meson: use FOO_DRIVERS directly</li>
+ <li>travis: meson: add unwind handling</li>
+ <li>travis: meson: explicitly control the DRI loaders</li>
+ <li>travis: meson: add explicit handling to gallium ST</li>
+ <li>travis: meson: port gallium build combinations over</li>
+ <li>docs: add release notes for 18.3.2</li>
+ <li>docs: add sha256 checksums for 18.3.2</li>
+ <li>docs: update calendar, add news item and link release notes for 18.3.2</li>
+ <li>freedreno: automake: ship in the tarball</li>
+ <li>mesa: correctly use os.path.join in our python scripts</li>
+ <li>Revert "mesa/main: remove ARB suffix from glGetnTexImage"</li>
+ <li>mapi: sort static entrypoints numerically</li>
+ <li>mapi: add all _glapi_table entrypoints to</li>
+ <li> Fix typo in _LIBRARY_FEATURE_NAMES.</li>
+ <li>mapi: move to src/mapi/new</li>
+ <li>mapi/new: import mapi scripts from glvnd</li>
+ <li>mapi/new: sort by slot number</li>
+ <li>mapi/new: use the static_data offsets in the new generator</li>
+ <li>mapi/new: reinstate _NO_HIDDEN suffixes in the new generator</li>
+ <li>mapi/new: split out public_entries handling</li>
+ <li>mapi/new: don't print info we don't need for ES1/ES2</li>
+ <li>mapi/new: fixup the GLDEBUGPROCKHR typedef to the non KHR one</li>
+ <li>mapi/new: remove duplicate GLvoid/void substitution</li>
+ <li>autotools: wire the new generator for es1 and es2</li>
+ <li>meson: wire the new generator for es1 and es2</li>
+ <li>scons: wire the new generator for es1 and es2</li>
+ <li>Revert "mapi/new: sort by slot number"</li>
+ <li>mapi/es*api: remove GL_OES_EGL_image entrypoints</li>
+ <li>mapi/es*api: remove GL_EXT_multi_draw_arrays entrypoints</li>
+ <li>mapi/es2api: remove no longer present entrypoints</li>
+ <li>mapi: remove old, unused ES* generator code</li>
+ <li>mapi: remove machinery handling CSV files</li>
+ <li>mapi: print function declarations for shared glapi</li>
+ <li>vc4: Declare the last cpu pointer as being modified in NEON asm.</li>
+ <li>anv: wire up the state_pool_padding test</li>
+ <li>meson: egl: correctly manage loader/xmlconfig</li>
+<p>Eric Anholt (171):</p>
+ <li>v3d: Fix a copy-and-paste comment in the simulator code.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Fix a typo in a comment in job handling.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Drop #if 0-ed out v3d_dump_to_file().</li>
+ <li>v3d: Respect user-passed strides for BO imports.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Take advantage of _mesa_hash_table_remove_key() in the simulator.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Use the TLB R/B swapping instead of recompiles when available.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Update the TLB config for depth writes on V3D 4.2.</li>
+ <li>vc4: Drop the winsys_stride relayout in the simluator</li>
+ <li>v3d: Maintain a mapping of the GEM buffer in the simulator.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Remove the special path for simulaton of the submit ioctl.</li>
+ <li>vc4: Take advantage of _mesa_hash_table_remove_key() in the simulator.</li>
+ <li>vc4: Maintain a separate GEM mapping of BOs in the simulator.</li>
+ <li>vc4: Use the normal simulator ioctl path for CL submit as well.</li>
+ <li>gbm: Move gbm_format_canonicalize() to the core.</li>
+ <li>gbm: Introduce a helper function for printing GBM format names.</li>
+ <li>egl: Improve the debugging of gbm format matching in DRI configs.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Fix double-swapping of R/B on V3D 4.1</li>
+ <li>v3d: Don't try to set PF flags on a LDTMU operation</li>
+ <li>vc4: Make sure we make ro scanout resources for create_with_modifiers.</li>
+ <li>vc4: Don't return a vc4 BO handle on a renderonly screen.</li>
+ <li>glx: Remove an old DEFAULT_DRIVER_DIR default.</li>
+ <li>glx: Move DRI extensions pointer loading to driOpenDriver().</li>
+ <li>egl: Move loader_set_logger() up to egl_dri2.c.</li>
+ <li>loader: Stop using a local definition for an in-tree header</li>
+ <li>loader: Factor out the common driver opening logic from each loader.</li>
+ <li>egl: Print the actual message to the console from _eglError().</li>
+ <li>gallium: Fix uninitialized variable warning in compute test.</li>
+ <li>gallium: Remove unused variable in u_tests.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Add renderonly support.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Add support for RGBA_SRGB along with BGRA_SRGB.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Add missing OES_half_float_linear support.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Use combined input/output segments.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Add the V3D TFU submit interface to the simulator.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Use the TFU to do generatemipmap.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Update simulator cache flushing code to match the kernel better.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Create a state uploader for packing our shaders together.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Put default vertex attribute values into the state uploader as well.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Re-use the wrap mode uniform on V3D 3.3.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Make an array for frag/vert texture state in the context.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Don't forget to flush writes to UBOs.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Convert to using nir_src_as_uint() from const_value derefs.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Fix a comment typo</li>
+ <li>v3d: Return the right gl_SampleMaskIn[] value.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Fix handling of texture first_layer offsets for 3D textures.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Avoid confusing auto-indenting in TEXTURE_SHADER_STATE packing</li>
+ <li>v3d: Split most of TEXTURE_SHADER_STATE setup out of sampler views.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Garbage collect unused uniforms code.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Simplify VIR uniform dumping using a temporary.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Add VIR dumping of TMU config p0/p1.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Fix a leak of the transfer helper on screen destroy.</li>
+ <li>vc4: Fix a leak of the transfer helper on screen destroy.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Fix a leak of the disassembled instruction string during debug dumps.</li>
+ <li>tfu</li>
+ <li>shader-packing</li>
+ <li>nir: Add some more consts to the nir_format_convert.h helpers.</li>
+ <li>nir: Pull some of intel's image load/store format conversion to nir_format.h</li>
+ <li>intel: Simplify the half-float packing in image load/store lowering.</li>
+ <li>mesa/st: Expose compute shaders when NIR support is advertised.</li>
+ <li>nir: Print the format of image variables.</li>
+ <li>Revert "intel: Simplify the half-float packing in image load/store lowering."</li>
+ <li>nir: Move intel's half-float image store lowering to to nir_format.h.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Don't forget to wait for our TFU job before rendering from it.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Set up the right stride for raster TFU.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Don't forget to bump the number of writes when doing TFU ops.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Add support for using the TFU to do some blits.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Add support for texturing from linear.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Add safety checks for resource_create().</li>
+ <li>v3d: Make sure that a thrsw doesn't split a multop from its umul24.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Add missing flagging of SYNCB as a TSY op.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Add support for draw indirect for GLES3.1.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Avoid assertion failures when removing end-of-shader instructions.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Move uinfo-&gt;data[] dereference to the top of v3d_write_uniforms().</li>
+ <li>v3d: Move uniform pretty-printing to its own helper function.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Use the uniform pretty-printer in v3d_write_uniforms()'s debug code.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Do uniform pretty-printing in the QPU dump.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Drop in a bunch of notes about performance improvement opportunities.</li>
+ <li>vc4: Use the original bit size when scalarizing uniform loads.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Use the original bit size when scalarizing uniform loads.</li>
+ <li>vc4: Reuse nir_format_convert.h in our blend lowering.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Fix the argument type for vir_BRANCH().</li>
+ <li>nir: Fix clamping of uints for image store lowering.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Put the dst bo first in the list of BOs for TFU calls.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Fix check for TFU job completion in the simulator.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Don't try to create shadow tiled temporaries for 1D textures.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Remove dead prototypes for load/store utile functions.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Implement texture_subdata to reduce teximage upload copies.</li>
+ <li>vc4: Move the utile load/store functions to a header for reuse by v3d.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Add a fallthrough path for utile load/store of 32 byte lines.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Load and store aligned utiles all at once.</li>
+ <li>docs: Add a note that MRs should still include any r-b or a-b tags.</li>
+ <li>docs: Add an encouraging note about providing reviews and acks.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Fix simulator mode on i915 render nodes.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Drop shadow comparison state from shader variant key.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Hook up perf_debug() output to GL_ARB_debug output as well.</li>
+ <li>vc4: Hook up perf_debug() output to GL_ARB_debug_output as well.</li>
+ <li>gallium/ttn: Fix setup of outputs_written.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Fix uniform pretty printing assertion failure with branches.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Add a "precompile" debug flag for shader-db.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Hook up some shader-db output to GL_ARB_debug_output.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Drop unused count_nir_instrs() helper.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Drop incorrect dependency for flpop.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Move "does this instruction have flags" from sched to generic helpers.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Don't generate temps for comparisons.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Dead-code eliminate unused flags updates.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Add a note for a potential performance win on multop/umul24.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Force sampling from base level for tg4.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Add support for non-constant texture offsets.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Add support for requesting the sample offsets.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Add support for textureSize() on MSAA textures.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Add support for gl_HelperInvocation.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Fix segfault when failing to compile a program.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Don't forget to include RT writes in precompiles.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Simplify the emission of comparisons for the bcsel optimization.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Move the "Find the ALU instruction generating our bool" out of bcsel.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Don't try to fold non-SSA-src comparisons into bcsels.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Fold comparisons for IF conditions into the flags for the IF.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Handle dynamically uniform IF statements with uniform control flow.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Refactor compiler entrypoints.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Reinstate the new shader-db output after v3d_compile() refactor.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Fix up VS output setup during precompiles.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Remove dead switch cases and comments from v3d_nir_lower_io.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Do UBO loads a vector at a time.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Stop scalarizing our uniform loads.</li>
+ <li>nir: Allow nir_format_unpack_int/sint to unpack larger values.</li>
+ <li>nir: Add nir_lower_tex options to lower sampler return formats.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Use the core tex lowering.</li>
+ <li>nir: Add nir_lower_tex support for Broadcom's swizzled TG4 results.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Enable GL_ARB_texture_gather on V3D 4.x.</li>
+ <li>nir: Make nir_deref_instr_build/get_const_offset actually use size_align.</li>
+ <li>glsl: Fix buffer overflow with an atomic buffer binding out of range.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Add support for flushing dirty TMU data at job end.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Add support for the early_fragment_tests flag.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Add support for GL_ARB_framebuffer_no_attachments.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Fix txf_ms 2D_ARRAY array index.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Add an isr to the simulator to catch GMP violations.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Add support for matrix inputs to the FS.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Drop the GLSL version level.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Add SSBO/atomic counters support.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Add support for shader_image_load_store.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Add support for CS workgroup/invocation id intrinsics.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Add support for CS shared variable load/store/atomics.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Add support for CS barrier() intrinsics.</li>
+ <li>v3d: SHARED but not necessarily SCANOUT buffers on RO must be linear.</li>
+ <li>v3d: If the modifier is not known on BO import, default to linear for RO.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Restructure RO allocations using resource_from_handle.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Don't leak the GPU fd for renderonly usage.</li>
+ <li>vc4: Don't leak the GPU fd for renderonly usage.</li>
+ <li>gallium: Enable unit tests as actual meson unit tests.</li>
+ <li>gallium: Fix comment about possible colorspaces.</li>
+ <li>gallium: Make sure we return is_unorm/is_snorm for compressed formats.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Rename gallium-local limits defines from VC5 to V3D.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Fix overly-large vattr_sizes structs.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Avoid duplicating limits defines between gallium and v3d core.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Drop maximum number of texture units down to 16.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Fix BO stats accounting for imported buffers.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Flush blit jobs immediately after generating them.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Fix release-build warning about utile_h.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Fix stencil sampling from packed depth/stencil.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Fix stencil sampling from a separate-stencil buffer.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Use the symbolic names for wrap modes from the XML.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Move the sampler state to the long-lived state uploader.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Create separate sampler states for the various blend formats.</li>
+ <li>pl111: Rename the pl111 driver to "kmsro".</li>
+ <li>kmsro: Extend to include hx8357d.</li>
+ <li>vc4: Enable NEON asm on meson cross-builds.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Fix the autotools build.</li>
+ <li>mesa: Skip partial InvalidateFramebuffer of packed depth/stencil.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Fix image_load_store clamping of signed integer stores.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Use the early_fragment_tests flag for the shader's disable-EZ field.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Fix the check for "is the last thrsw inside control flow"</li>
+ <li>st/dri: Set the PIPE_BIND_SHARED flag on create_image_with_modifiers.</li>
+<p>Eric Engestrom (47):</p>
+ <li>wsi/wayland: use proper VkResult type</li>
+ <li>wsi/wayland: only finish() a successfully init()ed display</li>
+ <li>REVIEWERS: add include path for EGL</li>
+ <li>REVIEWERS: add Emil as EGL reviewer</li>
+ <li>REVIEWERS: add Vulkan reviewer group</li>
+ <li>xmlpool: update translation po files</li>
+ <li>meson: only run vulkan's when building vulkan</li>
+ <li>gbm: remove unnecessary meson include</li>
+ <li>meson: fix wayland-less builds</li>
+ <li>gbm: add new entrypoint to symbols check</li>
+ <li>egl: add missing glvnd entrypoint for EGL_ANDROID_blob_cache</li>
+ <li>egl: fix bad rebase</li>
+ <li>gbm: add missing comma between strings</li>
+ <li>glapi: add missing visibility args</li>
+ <li>anv: correctly use vulkan 1.0 by default</li>
+ <li>vulkan/utils: s/VERSION/PACKAGE_VERSION/</li>
+ <li>build: stop defining unused VERSION</li>
+ <li>wsi/display: fix mem leak when freeing swapchains</li>
+ <li>vulkan/wsi: fix s/,/;/ typo</li>
+ <li>meson: skip asm check when asm is disabled</li>
+ <li>anv: add unreachable() for VK_EXT_fragment_density_map</li>
+ <li>mesa: drop unused &amp; deprecated lib</li>
+ <li>loader: deduplicate logger function declaration</li>
+ <li>docs: add meson cross compilation instructions</li>
+ <li>docs: format code blocks a bit nicely</li>
+ <li>docs: fix the meson aarch64 cross-file</li>
+ <li>docs: advertise distro-provided meson cross-files</li>
+ <li>anv: drop unneeded KHR suffix</li>
+ <li>wsi: drop unneeded KHR suffix</li>
+ <li>radv: remove a few more unnecessary KHR suffixes</li>
+ <li>egl: add missing includes</li>
+ <li>egl: remove unused include</li>
+ <li>travis: avoid using unset llvm-config</li>
+ <li>egl: fix python lib deprecation warning</li>
+ <li>docs: explain how to see what meson options exist</li>
+ <li>travis: fix autotools build after --enable-autotools switch addition</li>
+ <li>configure: EGL requirements only apply if EGL is built</li>
+ <li>egl: finalize EGL_MESA_query_driver</li>
+ <li>egl: update headers from Khronos</li>
+ <li>egl: add glvnd entrypoints for EGL_MESA_query_driver</li>
+ <li>travis: bump libdrm to 2.4.97</li>
+ <li>egl/glvnd: sync egl.xml from Khronos</li>
+ <li>anv: drop always-successful VkResult</li>
+ <li>meson/vdpau: add missing soversion</li>
+ <li>xvmc: fix string comparison</li>
+ <li>xvmc: fix string comparison</li>
+ <li>egl: fix libdrm-less builds</li>
+<p>Erik Faye-Lund (70):</p>
+ <li>glsl: add has_implicit_conversions()-helper</li>
+ <li>glsl: add has_implicit_uint_to_int_conversion()-helper</li>
+ <li>glsl: fall back to inexact function-match</li>
+ <li>mesa/glsl: add support for EXT_shader_implicit_conversions</li>
+ <li>glsl: do not allow implicit casts of unsized array initializers</li>
+ <li>mesa: expose NV_conditional_render on GLES</li>
+ <li>mesa/main: fixup make check after NV_conditional_render for gles</li>
+ <li>Revert "mesa/main: fixup make check after NV_conditional_render for gles"</li>
+ <li>Revert "mesa: expose NV_conditional_render on GLES"</li>
+ <li>mesa/main: correct requirement for EXT_occlusion_query_boolean</li>
+ <li>mesa/main: correct year for EXT_occlusion_query_boolean</li>
+ <li>mesa/main: use non-prefixed enums for consistency</li>
+ <li>mesa/main: simplify pipeline-statistics query validation</li>
+ <li>mesa/main: fix validation of GL_SAMPLES_PASSED</li>
+ <li>mesa/main: fix validation of GL_ANY_SAMPLES_PASSED</li>
+ <li>mesa/main: fix validation of GL_ANY_SAMPLES_PASSED_CONSERVATIVE</li>
+ <li>mesa/main: fix validation of GL_TIME_ELAPSED</li>
+ <li>mesa/main: fix validation of transform-feedback queries</li>
+ <li>mesa/main: fix validation of transform-feedback overflow queries</li>
+ <li>mesa/main: fix validation of ARB_query_buffer_object</li>
+ <li>mesa/main: fix validation of GL_TIMESTAMP</li>
+ <li>mesa/main: remove overly strict query-validation</li>
+ <li>mesa/main: remove ARB suffix from glGetnTexImage</li>
+ <li>mesa/main: remove bogus error for zero-sized images</li>
+ <li>mesa/main: factor out tex-image error-checking</li>
+ <li>mesa/main: factor out common error-checking</li>
+ <li>mesa/main: check cube-completeness in common code</li>
+ <li>mesa/main: fix incorrect depth-error</li>
+ <li>mesa/main: fixup requirements for GL_PRIMITIVES_GENERATED</li>
+ <li>mesa/main: make _mesa_has_tessellation return bool</li>
+ <li>mesa/main: rename format-check function</li>
+ <li>mesa/main: clean up S3_s3tc check</li>
+ <li>mesa/main: clean up OES_texture_float_linear check</li>
+ <li>mesa/main: clean up ES2_compatibility check</li>
+ <li>mesa/main: clean up integer texture check</li>
+ <li>mesa/main: use _mesa_has_FOO_bar for compressed format checks</li>
+ <li>mesa/main: do not allow s3tc enums on gles1</li>
+ <li>mesa/main: do not allow etc2 enums on gles1</li>
+ <li>mesa/main: do not allow astc enums on gles1</li>
+ <li>mesa/main: do not allow depth-texture enums on gles1</li>
+ <li>mesa/main: do not allow stencil-texture enums on gles1</li>
+ <li>mesa/main: do not allow ARB_texture_rgb10_a2ui enums before gles3</li>
+ <li>mesa/main: do not allow integer-texture enums before gles3</li>
+ <li>mesa/main: do not allow ARB_depth_buffer_float enums before gles3</li>
+ <li>mesa/main: do not allow EXT_packed_float enums before gles3</li>
+ <li>mesa/main: do not allow rg-textures enums before gles3</li>
+ <li>mesa/main: do not allow EXT_texture_shared_exponent enums before gles3</li>
+ <li>mesa/main: do not allow MESA_ycbcr_texture enums on gles</li>
+ <li>mesa/main: do not allow type_2_10_10_10_REV enums before gles3</li>
+ <li>mesa/main: do not allow floating-point texture enums on gles1</li>
+ <li>mesa/main: do not allow snorm-texture enums before gles3</li>
+ <li>mesa/main: do not allow sRGB texture enums before gles3</li>
+ <li>mesa/main: do not allow EXT_texture_sRGB_R8 enums before gles3</li>
+ <li>mesa/main: split float-texture support checking in two</li>
+ <li>mesa/main: require EXT_texture_type_2_10_10_10_REV for gles3</li>
+ <li>mesa/main: require EXT_texture_sRGB for gles3</li>
+ <li>mesa/st: do not probe for the same texture-formats twice</li>
+ <li>mesa/main: do not require float-texture filtering for es3</li>
+ <li>mesa/main: correct validation for GL_RGB565</li>
+ <li>mesa/main: fix up _mesa_has_rg_textures for gles2</li>
+ <li>virgl: force linear texturing support</li>
+ <li>virgl: simplify virgl_hw_set_vertex_buffers</li>
+ <li>virgl: simplify virgl_hw_set_index_buffer</li>
+ <li>virgl: wrap vertex element state in a struct</li>
+ <li>virgl: work around bad assumptions in virglrenderer</li>
+ <li>anv/meson: make sure tests link with -msse2</li>
+ <li>anv/autotools: make sure tests link with -msse2</li>
+ <li>docs: add note about sending merge-requests from forks</li>
+ <li>mapi: drop unneeded gl_dispatch_stub declarations</li>
+ <li>virgl: remove unused variable</li>
+<p>Ernestas Kulik (2):</p>
+ <li>vc4: Fix leak in HW queries error path</li>
+ <li>v3d: Fix leak in resource setup error path</li>
+<p>Francisco Jerez (14):</p>
+ <li>intel/fs: Prevent emission of IR instructions not aligned to their own execution size.</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: Handle source modifiers in lower_integer_multiplication().</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: Implement quad swizzles on ICL+.</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: Fix bug in lower_simd_width while splitting an instruction which was already split.</li>
+ <li>intel/eu/gen7: Fix brw_MOV() with DF destination and strided source.</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: Respect CHV/BXT regioning restrictions in copy propagation pass.</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: Constify fs_inst::can_do_source_mods().</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: Introduce regioning lowering pass.</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: Remove existing lower_conversions pass.</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: Remove nasty open-coded CHV/BXT 64-bit workarounds.</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: Remove FS_OPCODE_UNPACK_HALF_2x16_SPLIT opcodes.</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: Promote execution type to 32-bit when any half-float conversion is needed.</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: Exclude control sources from execution type and region alignment calculations.</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: Implement extended strides greater than 4 for IR source regions.</li>
+<p>Fritz Koenig (2):</p>
+ <li>freedreno: drm_fourcc.h header include</li>
+ <li>freedreno: add query for dmabuf modifiers</li>
+<p>Gert Wollny (30):</p>
+ <li>mesa/core: Add definitions and translations for EXT_texture_sRGB_R8</li>
+ <li>Gallium: Add format PIPE_FORMAT_R8_SRGB</li>
+ <li>mesa/st: Add support for EXT_texture_sRGB_R8</li>
+ <li>virgl/vtest-winsys: Use virgl version of bind flags</li>
+ <li>r600: Add support for EXT_texture_sRGB_R8</li>
+ <li>mesa: Reference count shaders that are used by transform feedback objects</li>
+ <li>virgl: Add command and flags to initiate debugging on the host (v2)</li>
+ <li>nir: Allow to skip integer ops in nir_lower_to_source_mods</li>
+ <li>i965: Correct L8_UNORM_SRGB table entry</li>
+ <li>i965: be more specific about FBO completeness errors</li>
+ <li>i965: Force zero swizzles for unused components in GL_RED and GL_RG</li>
+ <li>i965: Add support for and expose EXT_texture_sRGB_R8</li>
+ <li>virgl: Use file descriptor instead of un-allocated object</li>
+ <li>r600: Only set context streamout strides info from the shader that has outputs</li>
+ <li>r600: clean up the GS ring buffers when the context is destroyed</li>
+ <li>glsl: free or reuse memory allocated for TF varying</li>
+ <li>virgl,vtest: Initialize return value</li>
+ <li>virgl: Don't try handling server fences when they are not supported</li>
+ <li>i965: Explicitely handle swizzles for MESA_FORMAT_R_SRGB8</li>
+ <li>i965: Set the FBO error state INCOMPLETE_ATTACHMENT only for SRGB_R8</li>
+ <li>autotools: Deprecate the use of autotools</li>
+ <li>Gallium: Add new CAPS to indicate whether a driver can switch SRGB write</li>
+ <li>virgl: Set sRGB write control CAP based on host capabilities</li>
+ <li>mesa:main: Add flag for EXT_sRGB to gl_extensions</li>
+ <li>i965: Set flag for EXT_sRGB</li>
+ <li>mesa/st: rework support for sRGB framebuffer attachements</li>
+ <li>mesa/main: Use flag for EXT_sRGB instead of EXT_framebuffer_sRGB where possible</li>
+ <li>mesa/main/version: Lower the requirements for GLES 3.0</li>
+ <li>mesa/main: Expose EXT_sRGB_write_control</li>
+<p>Guido Günther (2):</p>
+ <li>etnaviv: Make sure rs alignment checks match</li>
+ <li>etnaviv: fix typo in cflush_all description</li>
+<p>Gurchetan Singh (18):</p>
+ <li>egl: add missing #include &lt;stddef.h&gt; in egldevice.h</li>
+ <li>virgl: quadruple command buffer size</li>
+ <li>virgl: avoid large inline transfers</li>
+ <li>virgl: don't mark buffers as unclean after a write</li>
+ <li>virgl: texture_transfer_pool --&gt; transfer_pool</li>
+ <li>virgl: remove unnessecary code</li>
+ <li>virgl: move texture metadata to common code</li>
+ <li>virgl: move virgl_resource_layout to common code</li>
+ <li>virgl: move vrend_get_tex_image_offset to common code</li>
+ <li>virgl: store layer_stride in metadata</li>
+ <li>virgl: consolidate transfer code</li>
+ <li>virgl: make transfer code with PIPE_BUFFER targets</li>
+ <li>virgl: make virgl_buffers use resource helpers</li>
+ <li>virgl: modify how we handle GL_MAP_FLUSH_EXPLICIT_BIT</li>
+ <li>virgl: move resource metadata into base resource</li>
+ <li>virgl: move resource creation / import / destruction to common code</li>
+ <li>virgl: don't flush an empty range</li>
+ <li>virgl: remove empty file</li>
+<p>Hanno Böck (1):</p>
+ <li>glsl/test: Fix use after free in test_optpass.</li>
+<p>Hyunjun Ko (1):</p>
+ <li>freedreno: implements get_sample_position</li>
+<p>Iago Toral Quiroga (22):</p>
+ <li>intel/compiler: fix node interference of simd16 instructions</li>
+ <li>nir/constant_folding: fix incorrect bit-size check</li>
+ <li>nir/from_ssa: fix bit-size of temporary register</li>
+ <li>Revert "nir/builder: Assert that intN_t immediates fit"</li>
+ <li>intel/compiler: fix indentation style in opt_algebraic()</li>
+ <li>intel/compiler: fix register allocation in opt_peephole_sel</li>
+ <li>intel/compiler: do not copy-propagate strided regions to ddx/ddy arguments</li>
+ <li>intel/compiler: move nir_lower_bool_to_int32 before nir_lower_locals_to_regs</li>
+ <li>compiler/nir: add a nir_b2f() helper</li>
+ <li>compiler/nir: add nir_fadd_imm() and nir_fmul_imm() helpers</li>
+ <li>compiler/spirv: handle 16-bit float in radians() and degrees()</li>
+ <li>compiler/spirv: implement 16-bit asin</li>
+ <li>compiler/spirv: implement 16-bit acos</li>
+ <li>compiler/spirv: implement 16-bit atan</li>
+ <li>compiler/spirv: implement 16-bit atan2</li>
+ <li>compiler/spirv: implement 16-bit exp and log</li>
+ <li>compiler/spirv: implement 16-bit hyperbolic trigonometric functions</li>
+ <li>compiler/spirv: implement 16-bit frexp</li>
+ <li>compiler/spirv: use 32-bit polynomial approximation for 16-bit asin()</li>
+ <li>anv/pipeline_cache: fix incorrect guards for NIR cache</li>
+ <li>anv/pipeline_cache: free NIR shader cache</li>
+ <li>anv/device: fix maximum number of images supported</li>
+<p>Ian Romanick (28):</p>
+ <li>glsl: Add warning tests for identifiers with __</li>
+ <li>glsl: Add pragma to disable all warnings</li>
+ <li>glsl: prevent qualifiers modification of predeclared variables</li>
+ <li>glsl: Omit redundant qualifier checks on redeclarations</li>
+ <li>glsl: Refactor type checking for redeclarations</li>
+ <li>nir: Add a saturated unsigned integer add opcode</li>
+ <li>i965/fs: Implement nir_op_uadd_sat</li>
+ <li>nir/phi_builder: Internal users should use nir_phi_builder_value_set_block_def too</li>
+ <li>util/slab: Rename slab_mempool typed parameters to mempool</li>
+ <li>util/hash_table: Add _mesa_hash_table_init function</li>
+ <li>nir/phi_builder: Use per-value hash table to store [block] -&gt; def mapping</li>
+ <li>nir: Fix holes in nir_instr</li>
+ <li>nir: Release per-block metadata in nir_sweep</li>
+ <li>i965/vec4: Silence unused parameter warnings in vec4 compiler tests</li>
+ <li>i965/vec4/dce: Don't narrow the write mask if the flags are used</li>
+ <li>i965/fs: Eliminate unary op on operand of compare-with-zero</li>
+ <li>i965/vec4: Propagate conditional modifiers from more compares to other compares</li>
+ <li>nir/opt_peephole_select: Don't try to remove flow control around indirect loads</li>
+ <li>intel/compiler: More peephole select</li>
+ <li>nir/opt_peephole_select: Don't peephole_select expensive math instructions</li>
+ <li>intel/compiler: More peephole_select for pre-Gen6</li>
+ <li>Revert "nir/lower_indirect: Bail early if modes == 0"</li>
+ <li>nir/algebraic: Don't put quotes around floating point literals</li>
+ <li>glsl: Add utility to convert text files to C strings</li>
+ <li>nir: Silence zillions of unused parameter warnings in release builds</li>
+ <li>spirv: Add missing break</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: nir_op_extract_i8 extracts a byte, not a word</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: Fix extract_u8 of an odd byte from a 64-bit integer</li>
+<p>Ilia Mirkin (37):</p>
+ <li>nv50/ir: delete MINMAX instruction that is no longer in the BB</li>
+ <li>nv50/ir/ra: improve condition for short regs, unify with cond for 16-bit</li>
+ <li>nv50/ir/ra: enforce max register requirement, and change spill order</li>
+ <li>nv50/ir: remove dnz flag when converting MAD to ADD due to optimizations</li>
+ <li>nv50: always keep TSC slot 0 bound</li>
+ <li>nv50,nvc0: add explicit handling of PIPE_CAP_MAX_VERTEX_ELEMENT_SRC_OFFSET</li>
+ <li>nouveau: set texture upload budget</li>
+ <li>nvc0: replace use of explicit default_tsc with entry 0</li>
+ <li>nvc0: always keep TSC slot 0 bound to fix TXF</li>
+ <li>st/mesa: remove sampler associated with buffer texture in pbo logic</li>
+ <li>st/mesa: allow glDrawElements to work with GL_SELECT feedback</li>
+ <li>tgsi: add ATOMFADD operation</li>
+ <li>gallium: add PIPE_CAP_TGSI_ATOMFADD to indicate support</li>
+ <li>st/mesa: select ATOMFADD when source type is float</li>
+ <li>st/mesa: expose GL_NV_shader_atomic_float when ATOMFADD is supported</li>
+ <li>nv50/ir: add support for converting ATOMFADD to proper ir</li>
+ <li>nvc0: enable GL_NV_shader_atomic_float on pre-Maxwell</li>
+ <li>nv50,nvc0: add missing CAPs for unsupported features</li>
+ <li>nv30: avoid setting user_priv without setting cur_ctx</li>
+ <li>nv30: fix rare issue with fp unbinding not finding the bufctx</li>
+ <li>nv30: add support for multi-layer transfers</li>
+ <li>nv30: use correct helper to get blocks in y direction</li>
+ <li>nv30: fix some s3tc layout issues</li>
+ <li>nv30: disable rendering to 3D textures</li>
+ <li>docs: fix gallium screen cap docs</li>
+ <li>nv50,nvc0: mark textures dirty on fb update</li>
+ <li>nvc0: don't put text segment into bufctx</li>
+ <li>nvc0/ir: fix second tex argument after levelZero optimization</li>
+ <li>nv50,nvc0: add explicit settings for recent caps</li>
+ <li>nvc0: add support for handling indirect draws with attrib conversion</li>
+ <li>nvc0/ir: always use CG mode for loads from atomic-only buffers</li>
+ <li>nvc0: fix 3d images on kepler</li>
+ <li>nv50,nvc0: use condition for occlusion queries when already complete</li>
+ <li>nvc0: stick zero values for the compute invocation counts</li>
+ <li>nvc0: we have 16k-sized framebuffers, fix default scissors</li>
+ <li>swr: set PIPE_CAP_MAX_VARYINGS correctly</li>
+ <li>glsl: fix recording of variables for XFB in TCS shaders</li>
+<p>Indrajit Das (1):</p>
+ <li>st/va: Return correct status from vlVaQuerySurfaceStatus</li>
+<p>Jakob Bornecrantz (1):</p>
+ <li>virgl/vtest: Use default socket name from protocol header</li>
+<p>Jan Vesely (2):</p>
+ <li>amd: Make vgpr-spilling depend on llvm version</li>
+ <li>clover: Fix build after clang r348827</li>
+<p>Jason Ekstrand (207):</p>
+ <li>vulkan: Update the XML and headers to 1.1.91</li>
+ <li>intel/fs,vec4: Clean up a repeated pattern with SSBOs</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: Use the new nir_src_is_const and friends</li>
+ <li>nir: Add a read_mask helper for ALU instructions</li>
+ <li>intel/vec4: Use the new nir_src_is_const and friends</li>
+ <li>intel/analyze_ubo_ranges: Use nir_src_is_const and friends</li>
+ <li>anv: Use nir_src_is_const and friends in lowering code</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: Add an assert to optimize_frontfacing_ternary</li>
+ <li>nir/lower_alu_to_scalar: Don't try to lower unpack_32_2x16</li>
+ <li>nir/builder: Assert that intN_t immediates fit</li>
+ <li>nir/builder: Add iadd_imm and imul_imm helpers</li>
+ <li>nir/builder: Add a nir_pack/unpack/bitcast helpers</li>
+ <li>nir/spirv: Force 32-bit for UBO and SSBO Booleans</li>
+ <li>nir/glsl: Force 32-bit for UBO and SSBO Booleans</li>
+ <li>nir/lower_io: Add shared to get_io_offset_src</li>
+ <li>nir: Add alignment parameters to SSBO, UBO, and shared access</li>
+ <li>intel/compiler: Lower SSBO and shared loads/stores in NIR</li>
+ <li>intel,nir: Move gl_LocalInvocationID lowering to nir_lower_system_values</li>
+ <li>intel/fs,vec4: Fix a compiler warning</li>
+ <li>vulkan: Update the XML and headers to 1.1.93</li>
+ <li>anv: Expose VK_EXT_scalar_block_layout</li>
+ <li>anv: Put robust buffer access in the pipeline hash</li>
+ <li>anv/nir: Rework arguments to apply_pipeline_layout</li>
+ <li>nir/derefs: Add a nir_derefs_do_not_alias enum value</li>
+ <li>vulkan: Update the XML and headers to 1.1.95</li>
+ <li>nir/opcodes: Pull in the type helpers from constant_expressions</li>
+ <li>nir/opcodes: Rename tbool to tbool32</li>
+ <li>nir/algebraic: Clean up some __str__ cruft</li>
+ <li>nir/algebraic: Refactor codegen a bit</li>
+ <li>nir/algebraic: Add support for unsized conversion opcodes</li>
+ <li>nir/opt_algebraic: Simplify an optimization using the new search ops</li>
+ <li>nir/opt_algebraic: Drop bit-size suffixes from conversions</li>
+ <li>nir/opt_algebraic: Add 32-bit specifiers to a bunch of booleans</li>
+ <li>nir: Make boolean conversions sized just like the others</li>
+ <li>anv,radv: Disable VK_EXT_pci_bus_info</li>
+ <li>intel/ir: Don't allow allocating zero registers</li>
+ <li>spirv: Add support for MinLod</li>
+ <li>nir/lower_tex: Simplify lower_gradient logic</li>
+ <li>nir/lower_tex: Modify txd instructions instead of replacing them</li>
+ <li>nir/lower_tex: Add lowering for some min_lod cases</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: Support min_lod parameters on texture instructions</li>
+ <li>anv: Advertise support for MinLod on Skylake+</li>
+ <li>anv/pipeline: Set the correct binding count for compute shaders</li>
+ <li>intel/blorp: Assert that we don't re-layout a compressed surface</li>
+ <li>nir: Document the function inlining process</li>
+ <li>nir: Allow [iu]mul_high on non-32-bit types</li>
+ <li>nir/lower_int64: Add support for [iu]mul_high</li>
+ <li>nir: Add a pass for lowering integer division by constants</li>
+ <li>i965/vec4: Implement nir_op_uadd_sat</li>
+ <li>i965: Enable nir_opt_idiv_const for 32 and 64-bit integers</li>
+ <li>nir/lower_idiv: Use ilt instead of bit twiddling</li>
+ <li>nir/tgsi: Use nir_bany in ttn_kill_if</li>
+ <li>nir/constant_folding: Fix source bit size logic</li>
+ <li>nir/algebraic: Optimize x2b(xneg(a)) -&gt; a</li>
+ <li>nir: Drop support for lower_b2f</li>
+ <li>nir/algebraic: Make an optimization more specific</li>
+ <li>nir: Rename Boolean-related opcodes to include 32 in the name</li>
+ <li>nir/constant_expressions: Rework Boolean handling</li>
+ <li>nir: Add support for 1-bit data types</li>
+ <li>nir/large_constants: Properly handle 1-bit bools</li>
+ <li>nir/algebraic: Generalize an optimization</li>
+ <li>nir: Add 1-bit Boolean opcodes</li>
+ <li>nir: Add a bool to int32 lowering pass</li>
+ <li>nir: Switch to using 1-bit Booleans for almost everything</li>
+ <li>nir/algebraic: Optimize 1-bit Booleans</li>
+ <li>nir/algebraic: Add some optimizations for D3D-style Booleans</li>
+ <li>radv: Fix a stupid if in gather_intrinsic_info</li>
+ <li>st/nir: Use nir_src_as_uint for tokens</li>
+ <li>vulkan: Update the XML and headers to 1.1.96</li>
+ <li>anv,radv: Re-enable VK_EXT_pci_bus_info</li>
+ <li>anv: Bump the patch version to 96</li>
+ <li>nir/propagate_invariant: Skip unknown vars</li>
+ <li>nir/linking_helpers: Look at derefs for modes</li>
+ <li>nir/lower_io_arrays_to_elements: Look at derefs for modes</li>
+ <li>nir/lower_io_to_scalar: Look at derefs for modes</li>
+ <li>nir/lower_wpos_center: Look at derefs for modes</li>
+ <li>nir/copy_prop_vars: Get modes directly from derefs</li>
+ <li>nir/dead_write_vars: Get modes directly from derefs</li>
+ <li>radv/query: Add a nir_test_flag helper</li>
+ <li>radv/query: Use 1-bit booleans in query shaders</li>
+ <li>intel/blorp: Be more conservative about copying clear colors</li>
+ <li>vulkan: Update the XML and headers to 1.1.97</li>
+ <li>glsl_type: Support serializing 8 and 16-bit types</li>
+ <li>spirv: Handle any bit size in vector_insert/extract</li>
+ <li>anv/apply_pipeline_layout: Set the cursor in lower_res_reindex_intrinsic</li>
+ <li>spirv: Sign-extend array indices</li>
+ <li>spirv: Emit NIR deref instructions on-the-fly</li>
+ <li>nir/builder: Add nir_i2i and nir_u2u helpers which take a bit size</li>
+ <li>spirv: Handle arbitrary bit sizes for deref array indices</li>
+ <li>nir/validate: Require array indices to match the deref bit size</li>
+ <li>nir: Allow storing to shader_storage</li>
+ <li>nir: Distinguish between normal uniforms and UBOs</li>
+ <li>glsl_type: Drop the glsl_get_array_instance C helper</li>
+ <li>glsl_type: Add a C wrapper to get struct field offsets</li>
+ <li>glsl_type: Simplify glsl_channel_type</li>
+ <li>glsl_type: Add support for explicitly laid out matrices and arrays</li>
+ <li>spirv: Propagate layout decorations to created glsl_types</li>
+ <li>nir: Move propagation of cast derefs to a new nir_opt_deref pass</li>
+ <li>nir: Add a ptr_as_array deref type</li>
+ <li>nir/validate: Don't allow derefs in if conditions</li>
+ <li>nir/opt_deref: Properly optimize ptr_as_array derefs</li>
+ <li>nir/deref: Support casts and ptr_as_array in comparisons</li>
+ <li>nir/deref: Skip over casts in fixup_deref_modes</li>
+ <li>nir/remove_dead_variables: Properly handle deref casts</li>
+ <li>nir/validate: Allow derefs in phi nodes</li>
+ <li>nir/intrinsics: Allow deref sources to consume anything</li>
+ <li>nir/intrinsics: Add access flags to load/store_deref</li>
+ <li>nir/validate: Allow array derefs on vectors in more modes</li>
+ <li>nir/lower_io: Add "explicit" IO lowering</li>
+ <li>nir/vulkan: Add a descriptor type to vulkan resource intrinsics</li>
+ <li>spirv: Add error checking for Block and BufferBlock decorations</li>
+ <li>spirv: Choose atomic deref type with pointer_uses_ssa_offset</li>
+ <li>spirv: Add explicit pointer types</li>
+ <li>spirv: Make better use of vtn_pointer_uses_ssa_offset</li>
+ <li>spirv: Add support for using derefs for UBO/SSBO access</li>
+ <li>anv: Enable the new deref-based UBO/SSBO path</li>
+ <li>spirv: Sort supported capabilities</li>
+ <li>anv: Sort properties and features switch statements</li>
+ <li>nir: Add some more int64 lowering helpers</li>
+ <li>anv/pipeline: Constant fold after apply_pipeline_layout</li>
+ <li>anv/pipeline: Move wpos and input attachment lowering to lower_nir</li>
+ <li>compiler/types: Serialize/deserialize subpass input types correctly</li>
+ <li>anv/pipeline: Hash shader modules and spec constants separately</li>
+ <li>anv/pipeline_cache: Add support for caching NIR</li>
+ <li>anv/pipeline: Cache the pre-lowered NIR</li>
+ <li>intel/peephole_ffma: Fix swizzle propagation</li>
+ <li>spirv: Whack sampler/image pointers to uniform</li>
+ <li>spirv: Contain the GLSLang issue #179 workaround to old GLSLang</li>
+ <li>intel/nir: Call nir_opt_deref in brw_nir_optimize</li>
+ <li>nir/gcm: Support deref instructions</li>
+ <li>spirv: Emit switch conditions on-the-fly</li>
+ <li>intel/blorp: Add two more filter modes</li>
+ <li>anv: Rename has_resolve to has_color_resolve</li>
+ <li>anv/blorp: Refactor MSAA resolves into an exportable helper function</li>
+ <li>anv: Move resolve_subpass to genX_cmd_buffer.c</li>
+ <li>anv: Implement VK_KHR_depth_stencil_resolve</li>
+ <li>nir: Add a bool to float32 lowering pass</li>
+ <li>intel/eu: Stop overriding exec sizes in send_indirect_message</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: Don't touch accumulator destination while applying regioning alignment rule</li>
+ <li>anv: Re-sort the extensions list</li>
+ <li>anv: Only parse pImmutableSamplers if the descriptor has samplers</li>
+ <li>relnotes: Add newly added Vulkan extensions</li>
+ <li>anv/pipeline: Add a pdevice helper variable</li>
+ <li>nir: Mark deref UBO and SSBO access as non-scalar</li>
+ <li>spirv: Update the JSON and headers from Khronos master</li>
+ <li>anv: Always emit at least one vertex element</li>
+ <li>spirv: Initialize struct member offsets to -1</li>
+ <li>spirv: Only split blocks</li>
+ <li>spirv: Only set interface_type on blocks</li>
+ <li>nir: Preserve offsets in lower_io_to_scalar_early</li>
+ <li>nir/xfb: Fix offset accounting for dvec3/4</li>
+ <li>nir/xfb: Properly handle arrays of blocks</li>
+ <li>anv: Add but do not enable VK_EXT_transform_feedback</li>
+ <li>anv: Add pipeline cache support for xfb_info</li>
+ <li>anv: Implement the basic form of VK_EXT_transform_feedback</li>
+ <li>anv: Implement vkCmdDrawIndirectByteCountEXT</li>
+ <li>anv: Implement CmdBegin/EndQueryIndexed</li>
+ <li>anv: Implement transform feedback queries</li>
+ <li>nir: Add load/store/atomic global intrinsics</li>
+ <li>nir/lower_io: Add a 32 and 64-bit global address formats</li>
+ <li>nir/lower_io: Add support for nir_var_mem_global</li>
+ <li>nir/validate: Allow array derefs of vectors for nir_var_mem_global</li>
+ <li>nir: Allow SSBOs and global to alias</li>
+ <li>spirv: Drop a bogus assert</li>
+ <li>spirv: Handle OpTypeForwardPointer</li>
+ <li>spirv: Implement OpConvertPtrToU and OpConvertUToPtr</li>
+ <li>spirv: Add support for SPV_EXT_physical_storage_buffer</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: Get rid of fs_inst::equals</li>
+ <li>intel/defines: Explicitly cast to uint32_t in SET_FIELD and SET_BITS</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: Handle IMAGE_SIZE in size_read() and is_send_from_grf()</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: Take an explicit exec size in brw_surface_payload_size()</li>
+ <li>intel/eu: Add has_simd4x2 bools to surface_write functions</li>
+ <li>intel/eu: Rework surface descriptor helpers</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: Add a generic SEND opcode</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: Use SHADER_OPCODE_SEND for surface messages</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: Use a logical opcode for IMAGE_SIZE</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: Use SHADER_OPCODE_SEND for texturing on gen7+</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: Use SHADER_OPCODE_SEND for varying UBO pulls on gen7+</li>
+ <li>intel/eu: Use GET_BITS in brw_inst_set_send_ex_desc</li>
+ <li>intel/eu/validate: SEND restrictions also apply to SENDC</li>
+ <li>intel/eu: Add more message descriptor helpers</li>
+ <li>intel/disasm: Rework SEND decoding to use descriptors</li>
+ <li>intel/inst: Fix the ia16_addr_imm helpers</li>
+ <li>intel/inst: Indent some code</li>
+ <li>intel/eu: Add support for the SENDS[C] messages</li>
+ <li>intel/disasm: Properly disassemble split sends</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: Support SENDS in SHADER_OPCODE_SEND</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: Add interference between SENDS sources</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: Use split sends for surface writes on gen9+</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: Do the grf127 hack on SIMD8 instructions in SIMD16 mode</li>
+ <li>nir/deref: Rematerialize parents in rematerialize_derefs_in_use_blocks</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: Bail in optimize_extract_to_float if we have modifiers</li>
+ <li>compiler/types: Add a contains_64bit helper</li>
+ <li>nir/xfb: Properly align 64-bit values</li>
+ <li>nir: Rewrite lower_clip_cull_distance_arrays to do a lot less lowering</li>
+ <li>nir/xfb: Work in terms of components rather than slots</li>
+ <li>nir/xfb: Handle compact arrays in gather_xfb_info</li>
+ <li>nir/lower_clip_cull: Fix an incorrect assert</li>
+ <li>anv: Count surfaces for non-YCbCr images in GetDescriptorSetLayoutSupport</li>
+ <li>spirv: OpImageQueryLod requires a sampler</li>
+ <li>intel,nir: Lower TXD with min_lod when the sampler index is not &lt; 16</li>
+ <li>spirv: Pull offset/stride from the pointer for OpArrayLength</li>
+ <li>anv: Refactor descriptor pushing a bit</li>
+ <li>anv: Take references to push descriptor set layouts</li>
+ <li>nir: Add a pass for lowering IO back to vector when possible</li>
+ <li>intel/nir: Vectorize all IO</li>
+<p>Jiang, Sonny (1):</p>
+ <li>radeonsi: add compute_last_block to configure the partial block fields</li>
+<p>Jon Turney (3):</p>
+ <li>glx: Fix compilation with GLX_USE_WINDOWSGL</li>
+ <li>appveyor: put build steps in a script, rather than inline in appveyor.yml</li>
+ <li>appveyor: Add a Cygwin build script</li>
+<p>Jonathan Marek (42):</p>
+ <li>nir: add fceil lowering</li>
+ <li>freedreno: a2xx: fd2_draw update</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a2xx: fix POINT_MINMAX_MAX overflow</li>
+ <li>freedreno: add missing a20x ids</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a2xx: set VIZ_QUERY_ID on a20x</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a2xx: Compute depth base in gmem correctly</li>
+ <li>freedreno: a2xx texture update</li>
+ <li>freedreno: use GENERIC instead of TEXCOORD for blit program</li>
+ <li>freedreno: use MSM_BO_SCANOUT with scanout buffers</li>
+ <li>glsl/nir: int constants as float for native_integers=false</li>
+ <li>glsl/nir: ftrunc for native_integers=false float to int cast</li>
+ <li>glsl/nir: keep bool types when native_integers=false</li>
+ <li>freedreno: a2xx: cleanup init_shader_const</li>
+ <li>freedreno: a2xx: cleanup REG_A2XX_PA_CL_VTE_CNTL</li>
+ <li>freedreno: a2xx: fix gmem2mem viewport</li>
+ <li>freedreno: a2xx: fix VERTEX_REUSE/DEALLOC on a20x</li>
+ <li>freedreno: a2xx: fix non-zero texture base offsets</li>
+ <li>freedreno: a2xx: sysmem rendering</li>
+ <li>freedreno: a2xx: NIR backend</li>
+ <li>freedreno: a2xx: insert scalar MOV to allow 2 source scalar</li>
+ <li>freedreno: a2xx: add ir2 copy propagation</li>
+ <li>freedreno: a2xx: add partial lower_scalar pass for ir2</li>
+ <li>freedreno: add renderonly scanout</li>
+ <li>freedreno: a2xx: ir2 cleanup</li>
+ <li>freedreno: a2xx: enable early-Z testing</li>
+ <li>freedreno: update a2xx registers</li>
+ <li>freedreno: a2xx: a20x hw binning</li>
+ <li>freedreno: a2xx: clear fixes and fast clear path</li>
+ <li>freedreno: a2xx: minor solid_vertexbuf fixups</li>
+ <li>freedreno: a2xx: add perfcntrs</li>
+ <li>kmsro: Add freedreno renderonly support</li>
+ <li>st/dri: invalidate_resource depth/stencil before flush_resource</li>
+ <li>mesa/st: wire up DiscardFramebuffer</li>
+ <li>freedreno: fix invalidate logic</li>
+ <li>freedreno: fix depth usage logic</li>
+ <li>freedreno: fix sysmem rendering being used when clear is used</li>
+ <li>freedreno: a2xx: fix fast clear</li>
+ <li>freedreno: a2xx: don't write 4th vertex in mem2gmem</li>
+ <li>freedreno: a2xx: add use_hw_binning function</li>
+ <li>freedreno: a2xx: fix fast clear for some gmem configurations</li>
+ <li>freedreno: a2xx: fix mipmapping for NPOT textures</li>
+ <li>freedreno: use renderonly path for buffers allocated with modifiers</li>
+<p>Jordan Justen (3):</p>
+ <li>docs: Document GitLab merge request process (email alternative)</li>
+ <li>i965/genX_state: Add register access functions</li>
+ <li>i965/compute: Emit GPGPU_WALKER in genX_state_upload</li>
+<p>Jose Maria Casanova Crespo (1):</p>
+ <li>glsl: TCS outputs can not be transform feedback candidates on GLES</li>
+<p>José Fonseca (2):</p>
+ <li>appveyor: Revert commits adding Cygwin support.</li>
+ <li>scons: Workaround failures with MSVC when using SCons 3.0.[2-4].</li>
+<p>Juan A. Suarez Romero (17):</p>
+ <li>docs: add release notes for 18.2.5</li>
+ <li>docs: add sha256 checksums for 18.2.5</li>
+ <li>docs: update calendar, add news item and link release notes for 18.2.5</li>
+ <li>docs: add release notes for 18.2.6</li>
+ <li>docs: add sha256 checksums for 18.2.6</li>
+ <li>docs: update calendar, add news item and link release notes for 18.2.6</li>
+ <li>docs: extends 18.2 lifecycle</li>
+ <li>docs: add release notes for 18.2.7</li>
+ <li>docs: add sha256 checksums for 18.2.7</li>
+ <li>docs: update calendar, add news item and link release notes for 18.2.7</li>
+ <li>docs: add release notes for 18.2.8</li>
+ <li>docs: add sha256 checksums for 18.2.8</li>
+ <li>docs: update calendar, add news item and link release notes for 18.2.8</li>
+ <li>anv/cmd_buffer: check for NULL framebuffer</li>
+ <li>genxml: add missing field values for 3DSTATE_SF</li>
+ <li>anv: advertise 8 subpixel precision bits</li>
+ <li>anv: destroy descriptor sets when pool gets reset</li>
+<p>Józef Kucia (1):</p>
+ <li>nir: Fix assert in print_intrinsic_instr().</li>
+<p>Karol Herbst (35):</p>
+ <li>nv50/ir: print color masks of tex instructions</li>
+ <li>nv50/ra: add condenseDef overloads for partial condenses</li>
+ <li>nv50/ir: add scalar field to TexInstructions</li>
+ <li>gm107/ir: use scalar tex instructions where possible</li>
+ <li>gm107/ir: fix compile time warning in getTEXSMask</li>
+ <li>nir: add const_index parameters to system value builder function</li>
+ <li>nir: replace nir_load_system_value calls with appropiate builder functions</li>
+ <li>nir/spirv: cast shift operand to u32</li>
+ <li>nv50,nvc0: Fix gallium nine regression regarding sampler bindings</li>
+ <li>nv50/ir: initialize relDegree staticly</li>
+ <li>nouveau: use atomic operations for driver statistics</li>
+ <li>nv50/ir: fix use-after-free in ConstantFolding::visit</li>
+ <li>nir: rename global/local to private/function memory</li>
+ <li>nv50/ir: disable tryCollapseChainedMULs in ConstantFolding for precise instructions</li>
+ <li>gm107/ir: disable TEXS for tex with derivAll set</li>
+ <li>nir: rename nir_var_private to nir_var_shader_temp</li>
+ <li>nir: rename nir_var_function to nir_var_function_temp</li>
+ <li>nir: rename nir_var_ubo to nir_var_mem_ubo</li>
+ <li>nir: rename nir_var_ssbo to nir_var_mem_ssbo</li>
+ <li>nir: rename nir_var_shared to nir_var_mem_shared</li>
+ <li>nir/spirv: handle SpvStorageClassCrossWorkgroup</li>
+ <li>glsl/lower_output_reads: set invariant and precise flags on temporaries</li>
+ <li>nir: replace more nir_load_system_value calls with builder functions</li>
+ <li>nir/validate: allow to check against a bitmask of bit_sizes</li>
+ <li>nir: add legal bit_sizes to intrinsics</li>
+ <li>nir: add bit_size parameter to system values with multiple allowed bit sizes</li>
+ <li>mesa: add MESA_SHADER_KERNEL</li>
+ <li>vtn: handle SpvExecutionModelKernel</li>
+ <li>nir/spirv: handle ContractionOff execution mode</li>
+ <li>gk104/ir: Use the new rcp/rsq in library</li>
+ <li>gm107/ir: add fp64 rcp</li>
+ <li>gm107/ir: add fp64 rsq</li>
+ <li>gallium: add PIPE_CAP_MAX_VARYINGS</li>
+ <li>st/mesa: require RGBA2, RGB4, and RGBA4 to be renderable</li>
+ <li>nir/opt_if: don't mark progress if nothing changes</li>
+<p>Kenneth Graunke (41):</p>
+ <li>intel: Use a URB start offset of 0 for disabled stages.</li>
+ <li>st/mesa: Pull nir_lower_wpos_ytransform work into a helper function.</li>
+ <li>st/nir: Drop unused parameter from st_nir_assign_uniform_locations().</li>
+ <li>st/mesa: Don't record garbage streamout information in the non-SSO case.</li>
+ <li>i915: Delete swizzling detection logic.</li>
+ <li>nir: Use nir_shader_get_entrypoint in nir_lower_clip_vs().</li>
+ <li>nir: Inline lower_clip_vs() into nir_lower_clip_vs().</li>
+ <li>nir: Save nir_variable pointers in nir_lower_clip_vs rather than locs.</li>
+ <li>nir: Make nir_lower_clip_vs optionally work with variables.</li>
+ <li>i965: Allow only one slot of clip distances to be set on Gen4-5.</li>
+ <li>i965: Use a 'nir' temporary rather than poking at brw_program</li>
+ <li>i965: Do NIR shader cloning in the caller.</li>
+ <li>intel/compiler: Use nir's info when checking uses_streams.</li>
+ <li>intel/blorp: Expand blorp_address::offset to be 64 bits.</li>
+ <li>i965: Delete dead brw_meta_resolve_color prototype.</li>
+ <li>i965: Flip arguments to load_register_reg helpers.</li>
+ <li>genxml: Consistently use a numeric "MOCS" field</li>
+ <li>i965: Don't override subslice count to 4 on Gen11.</li>
+ <li>st/mesa: Drop dead 'passthrough_fs' field.</li>
+ <li>st/mesa: Drop !passColor optimization in drawpixels shaders.</li>
+ <li>st/mesa: Don't open code the drawpixels vertex shader.</li>
+ <li>st/mesa: Combine the DrawPixels and Bitmap passthrough VS programs.</li>
+ <li>st/nir: Gather info after applying lowering FS variant features</li>
+ <li>st/nir: Drop unused gl_program parameter in VS input handling helper.</li>
+ <li>nir: Fix gl_nir_lower_samplers_as_deref's structure type handling.</li>
+ <li>nir: Make gl_nir_lower_samplers use gl_nir_lower_samplers_as_deref</li>
+ <li>blorp: Add blorp_get_surface_address to the driver interface.</li>
+ <li>blorp: Pass the batch to lookup/upload_shader instead of context</li>
+ <li>nir: Allow a non-existent sampler deref in nir_lower_samplers_as_deref</li>
+ <li>st/nir: Lower TES gl_PatchVerticesIn to a constant if linked with a TCS.</li>
+ <li>i965: Drop mark_surface_used mechanism.</li>
+ <li>st/mesa: Make an enum for pipeline statistics query result indices.</li>
+ <li>st/mesa: Rearrange PIPE_QUERY_PIPELINE_STATISTICS result fetching.</li>
+ <li>gallium: Add the ability to query a single pipeline statistics counter</li>
+ <li>st/mesa: Optionally override RGB/RGBX dst alpha blend factors</li>
+ <li>gallium: Add forgotten docs for PIPE_CAP_GLSL_TESS_LEVELS_AS_INPUTS.</li>
+ <li>st/mesa: Limit GL_MAX_[NATIVE_]PROGRAM_PARAMETERS_ARB to 2048</li>
+ <li>anv: Put MOCS in the correct location</li>
+ <li>nir: Don't reassociate add/mul chains containing only constants</li>
+ <li>compiler: Mark clip/cull distance arrays as compact before lowering.</li>
+ <li>spirv: Eliminate dead input/output variables after translation.</li>
+<p>Kirill Burtsev (1):</p>
+ <li>loader: free error state, when checking the drawable type</li>
+<p>Kristian H. Kristensen (14):</p>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: Clear z32 and separate stencil with blitter</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: Move restore blits to IB</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: Move resolve blits to an IB</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: Clear gmem buffers at flush time</li>
+ <li>gallium: Android build fixes</li>
+ <li>mesa: Add core support for EXT_multisampled_render_to_texture{,2}</li>
+ <li>gallium: Add new PIPE_CAP_SURFACE_SAMPLE_COUNT</li>
+ <li>st/mesa: Add support for EXT_multisampled_render_to_texture</li>
+ <li>freedreno: Add support for EXT_multisampled_render_to_texture</li>
+ <li>freedreno: Fix the fix</li>
+ <li>glapi: fixup EXT_multisampled_render_to_texture dispatch</li>
+ <li>freedreno: Synchronize batch and flush for staging resource</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: Turn on texture tiling by default</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: Emit blitter dst with OUT_RELOCW</li>
+<p>Leo Liu (2):</p>
+ <li>st/va: fix the incorrect max profiles report</li>
+ <li>st/va/vp9: set max reference as default of VP9 reference number</li>
+<p>Lionel Landwerlin (47):</p>
+ <li>intel/dump_gpu: add missing gdb option</li>
+ <li>intel/sanitize_gpu: add help/gdb options to wrapper</li>
+ <li>intel/sanitize_gpu: deal with non page multiple buffer sizes</li>
+ <li>intel/sanitize_gpu: add debug message on mmap fail</li>
+ <li>intel/decoders: fix instruction base address parsing</li>
+ <li>anv: stub internal android code</li>
+ <li>anv/android: mark gralloc allocated BOs as external</li>
+ <li>intel/dump_gpu: move output option together</li>
+ <li>intel/dump_gpu: add platform option</li>
+ <li>intel/aub_read: remove useless breaks</li>
+ <li>nir/lower_tex: add alpha channel parameter for yuv lowering</li>
+ <li>nir/lower_tex: Add AYUV lowering support</li>
+ <li>dri: add AYUV format</li>
+ <li>i965: add support for sampling from AYUV</li>
+ <li>anv: simplify internal address offset</li>
+ <li>anv/image: remove unused parameter</li>
+ <li>anv/lower_ycbcr: make sure to set 0s on all components</li>
+ <li>anv: associate vulkan formats with aspects</li>
+ <li>anv: use image aspects rather than computed ones</li>
+ <li>anv: move helper function internally</li>
+ <li>egl/dri: fix error value with unknown drm format</li>
+ <li>intel/decoders: read ring buffer length</li>
+ <li>intel/aubinator: fix ring buffer pointer</li>
+ <li>intel/aub_viewer: fix dynamic state printing</li>
+ <li>intel/aub_viewer: Print blend states properly</li>
+ <li>anv: flush pipeline before query result copies</li>
+ <li>anv/query: flush render target before copying results</li>
+ <li>anv: don't do partial resolve on layer &gt; 0</li>
+ <li>intel/aub_viewer: fix shader get_bo</li>
+ <li>intel/aub_viewer: fixup 0x address prefix</li>
+ <li>intel/aub_viewer: print address of missing shader</li>
+ <li>intel/aub_viewer: fix shader view</li>
+ <li>intel/aub_viewer: fold binding/sampler table items</li>
+ <li>intel/aub_viewer: highlight true booleans</li>
+ <li>i965: limit VF caching workaround to gen8/9/10</li>
+ <li>intel/blorp: emit VF caching workaround before 3DSTATE_VERTEX_BUFFERS</li>
+ <li>i965: include draw_params/derived_draw_params for VF cache workaround</li>
+ <li>i965: add CS stall on VF invalidation workaround</li>
+ <li>anv: explictly specify format for blorp ccs/mcs op</li>
+ <li>anv: flush fast clear colors into compressed surfaces</li>
+ <li>anv: fix invalid binding table index computation</li>
+ <li>anv: narrow flushing of the render target to buffer writes</li>
+ <li>anv: document cache flushes &amp; invalidations</li>
+ <li>intel/genxml: add missing MI_PREDICATE compare operations</li>
+ <li>vulkan: make generated enum to strings helpers available from c++</li>
+ <li>intel: fix urb size for CFL GT1</li>
+ <li>intel/compiler: use correct swizzle for replacement</li>
+<p>Lucas Stach (6):</p>
+ <li>etnaviv: use dummy RT buffer when rendering without color buffer</li>
+ <li>etnaviv: use surface format directly</li>
+ <li>st/dri: allow both render and sampler compatible dma-buf formats</li>
+ <li>st/dri: replace format conversion functions with single mapping table</li>
+ <li>etnaviv: enable full overwrite in a few more cases</li>
+ <li>etnaviv: annotate variables only used in debug build</li>
+<p>Marek Olšák (94):</p>
+ <li>st/va: fix incorrect use of resource_destroy</li>
+ <li>ac/surface: remove the overallocation workaround for Vega12</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: use better DCC clear codes</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: don't set the CB clear color registers for 0/1 clear colors on Raven2</li>
+ <li>gallium: add PIPE_CONTEXT_LOSE_CONTEXT_ON_RESET</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: stop command submission with PIPE_CONTEXT_LOSE_CONTEXT_ON_RESET only</li>
+ <li>st/mesa: disable L3 thread pinning</li>
+ <li>mesa: mark GL_SR8_EXT non-renderable on GLES</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: fix video APIs on Raven2</li>
+ <li>gallium/u_tests: add a compute shader test that clears an image</li>
+ <li>gallium/u_tests: fix MSVC build by using old-style zero initializers</li>
+ <li>mesa/glthread: pass the function name to _mesa_glthread_restore_dispatch</li>
+ <li>mesa/glthread: enable immediate mode</li>
+ <li>drirc: enable glthread for Talos Principle</li>
+ <li>st/mesa: regularly re-pin driver threads to the CCX where the app thread is</li>
+ <li>st/mesa: pin driver threads to a fixed CCX when glthread is enabled</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: don't send data after write-confirm with BOTTOM_OF_PIPE_TS</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: go back to using bottom-of-pipe for beginning of TIME_ELAPSED</li>
+ <li>winsys/amdgpu: fix a buffer leak in amdgpu_bo_from_handle</li>
+ <li>winsys/amdgpu: fix a device handle leak in amdgpu_winsys_create</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: clean up primitive binning enablement</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: use structured buffer intrinsics for image views</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: fix is_oneway_access_only for image stores</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: small cleanup for memory opcodes</li>
+ <li>tgsi/scan: add more information about bindless usage</li>
+ <li>radeonsi/nir: parse more information about bindless usage</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: fix is_oneway_access_only for bindless images</li>
+ <li>winsys/amdgpu: always reclaim/release slabs if there is not enough memory</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: generalize the slab allocator code to allow layered slab allocators</li>
+ <li>winsys/amdgpu: optimize slab allocation for 2 MB amdgpu page tables</li>
+ <li>winsys/amdgpu: clean up code around BO VM alignment</li>
+ <li>winsys/amdgpu: use &gt;= instead of &gt; for VM address alignment</li>
+ <li>winsys/amdgpu: increase the VM alignment to the MSB of the size for Gfx9</li>
+ <li>winsys/amdgpu: overallocate buffers for faster address translation on Gfx9</li>
+ <li>winsys/amdgpu,radeon: pass vm_alignment to buffer_from_handle</li>
+ <li>winsys/amdgpu: use optimal VM alignment for imported buffers</li>
+ <li>winsys/amdgpu: use optimal VM alignment for CPU allocations</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: allow si_cp_dma_clear_buffer to clear GDS from any IB</li>
+ <li>winsys/amdgpu: add support for allocating GDS and OA resources</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: add memory management stress tests for GDS</li>
+ <li>Revert "winsys/amdgpu: overallocate buffers for faster address translation on Gfx9"</li>
+ <li>st/mesa: expose GL_OES_texture_view</li>
+ <li>mesa: expose GL_EXT_texture_view as an alias of GL_OES_texture_view</li>
+ <li>mesa: expose EXT_texture_compression_rgtc on GLES</li>
+ <li>mesa: expose EXT_texture_compression_bptc in GLES</li>
+ <li>mesa: expose AMD_texture_texture4</li>
+ <li>st/mesa: expose EXT_render_snorm on GLES</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: don't emit redundant PKT3_NUM_INSTANCES packets</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: call si_fix_resource_usage for the GS copy shader as well</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: make si_cp_wait_mem more configurable</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: use u_decomposed_prims_for_vertices instead of u_prims_for_vertices</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: remove unused variables in si_insert_input_ptr</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: always unmap texture CPU mappings on 32-bit CPU architectures</li>
+ <li>ac: remove unused variable from ac_build_ddxy</li>
+ <li>st/mesa: unify window-system renderbuffer initialization</li>
+ <li>st/mesa: don't reference pipe_surface locally in PBO code</li>
+ <li>st/mesa: don't leak pipe_surface if pipe_context is not current</li>
+ <li>st/dri: fix dri2_format_table for argb1555 and rgb565</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: also apply the GS hang workaround to draws without tessellation</li>
+ <li>winsys/amdgpu: fix whitespace</li>
+ <li>winsys/amdgpu: use the new BO list API</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: fix a u_blitter crash after a shader with FBFETCH</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: fix rendering to tiny viewports where the viewport center is &gt; 8K</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: use buffer_store_format_x &amp; xy</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: remove redundant call to emit_cache_flush in compute clear/copy</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: compile clear and copy buffer compute shaders on demand</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: correct WRITE_DATA.DST_SEL definitions</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: fix the top-of-pipe fence on SI</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: don't use WRITE_DATA.DST_SEL == MEM_GRBM on &gt;= CIK</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: move PKT3_WRITE_DATA generation into a helper function</li>
+ <li>gallium: add SINT formats to have exact counterparts to SNORM formats</li>
+ <li>gallium/util: add util_format_snorm8_to_sint8 (from radeonsi)</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: disable render cond &amp; pipeline stats for internal compute dispatches</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: rename rscreen -&gt; sscreen</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: rename rview -&gt; sview</li>
+ <li>winsys/amdgpu: rename rfence, rsrc, rdst -&gt; afence, asrc, adst</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: remove r600 from comments</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: rename r600_resource -&gt; si_resource</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: rename rquery -&gt; squery</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: rename rsrc -&gt; ssrc, rdst -&gt; sdst</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: rename rbo, rbuffer to buf or buffer</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: rename rfence -&gt; sfence</li>
+ <li>st/mesa: purge framebuffers when unbinding a context</li>
+ <li>st/mesa: fix PRIMITIVES_GENERATED query after the "pipeline stat single" changes</li>
+ <li>ac: use the correct LLVM processor name on Raven2</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: fix crashing performance counters (division by zero)</li>
+ <li>meson: drop the xcb-xrandr version requirement</li>
+ <li>gallium/u_threaded: fix EXPLICIT_FLUSH for flush offsets &gt; 0</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: fix EXPLICIT_FLUSH for flush offsets &gt; 0</li>
+ <li>winsys/amdgpu: don't drop manually added fence dependencies</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: add driconf option radeonsi_enable_nir</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: always enable NIR for Civilization 6 to fix corruption</li>
+ <li>driconf: add Civ6Sub executable for Civilization 6</li>
+ <li>tgsi: don't set tgsi_info::uses_bindless_images for constbufs and hw atomics</li>
+<p>Mario Kleiner (4):</p>
+ <li>radeonsi: Fix use of 1- or 2- component GL_DOUBLE vbo's.</li>
+ <li>egl/wayland: Allow client-&gt;server format conversion for PRIME offload. (v2)</li>
+ <li>egl/wayland-drm: Only announce formats via wl_drm which the driver supports.</li>
+ <li>drirc: Add sddm-greeter to adaptive_sync blacklist.</li>
+<p>Mark Janes (3):</p>
+ <li>Revert "i965/batch: avoid reverting batch buffer if saved state is an empty"</li>
+ <li>Revert "Implementation of egl dri2 drivers for MESA_query_driver"</li>
+ <li>Revert "Implement EGL API for MESA_query_driver"</li>
+<p>Mathias Fröhlich (17):</p>
+ <li>mesa: Remove needless indirection in some draw functions.</li>
+ <li>mesa: Rename gl_vertex_array_object::_Enabled -&gt; Enabled.</li>
+ <li>mesa: Use the gl_vertex_array_object::Enabled bitfield.</li>
+ <li>mesa: Use gl_vertex_array_object::Enabled for glGet.</li>
+ <li>mesa: Remove gl_array_attributes::Enabled.</li>
+ <li>mesa: Work with bitmasks when en/dis-abling VAO arrays.</li>
+ <li>mesa: Unify glEdgeFlagPointer data type.</li>
+ <li>nouveau: Use gl_array_attribute::_ElementSize.</li>
+ <li>tnl: Use gl_array_attribute::_ElementSize.</li>
+ <li>mesa: Factor out struct gl_vertex_format.</li>
+ <li>mesa: Remove unneeded bitfield widths from the VAO.</li>
+ <li>mesa/st: Only care about the uploader if it was used.</li>
+ <li>mesa/st: Only unmap the uploader that was actually used.</li>
+ <li>mesa/st: Factor out array and buffer setup from st_atom_array.c.</li>
+ <li>mesa/st: Avoid extra references in the feedback draw function scope.</li>
+ <li>mesa/st: Use binding information from the VAO in feedback rendering.</li>
+ <li>mesa/st: Make st_pipe_vertex_format static.</li>
+<p>Matt Turner (41):</p>
+ <li>util/ralloc: Switch from DEBUG to NDEBUG</li>
+ <li>util/ralloc: Make sizeof(linear_header) a multiple of 8</li>
+ <li>nir: Call fflush() at the end of nir_print_shader()</li>
+ <li>glsl: Remove unused member variable</li>
+ <li>gallivm: Use nextafterf(0.5, 0.0) as rounding constant</li>
+ <li>mesa: Revert INTEL_fragment_shader_ordering support</li>
+ <li>Revert "st/mesa: silenced unhanded enum warning in st_glsl_to_tgsi.cpp"</li>
+ <li>i965/fs: Handle V/UV immediates in dump_instructions()</li>
+ <li>glsl: Add function support to glsl_to_nir</li>
+ <li>glsl: Create file to contain software fp64 functions</li>
+ <li>glsl: Add "built-in" functions to do ffma(fp64)</li>
+ <li>glsl: Add "built-in" functions to do fmin/fmax(fp64)</li>
+ <li>glsl: Add "built-in" function to do ffloor(fp64)</li>
+ <li>glsl: Add "built-in" functions to do ffract(fp64)</li>
+ <li>glsl: Add "built-in" functions to convert bool to double</li>
+ <li>nir: Rework nir_lower_constant_initializers() to handle functions</li>
+ <li>nir: Tag entrypoint for easy recognition by nir_shader_get_entrypoint()</li>
+ <li>nir: Wire up int64 lowering functions</li>
+ <li>nir: Implement lowering of 64-bit shift operations</li>
+ <li>nir: Add and set info::uses_64bit</li>
+ <li>nir: Create nir_builder in nir_lower_doubles_impl()</li>
+ <li>nir: Add lowering support for 64-bit operations to software</li>
+ <li>nir: Unset metadata debug bit if no progress made</li>
+ <li>intel/compiler: Lower 64-bit MOV/SEL operations</li>
+ <li>intel/compiler: Split 64-bit MOV-indirects if needed</li>
+ <li>intel/compiler: Avoid false positive assertions</li>
+ <li>intel/compiler: Rearrange code to avoid future problems</li>
+ <li>intel/compiler: Prevent warnings in the following patch</li>
+ <li>intel/compiler: Expand size of the 'nr' field</li>
+ <li>intel/compiler: Heap-allocate temporary storage</li>
+ <li>i965: Compile fp64 software routines and lower double-ops</li>
+ <li>i965: Enable 64-bit GLSL extensions</li>
+ <li>i965: Compile fp64 funcs only if we do not have 64-bit hardware support</li>
+ <li>intel/compiler: Reset default flag register in brw_find_live_channel()</li>
+ <li>gallium: Enable ASIMD/NEON on aarch64.</li>
+ <li>gallivm: Return true from arch_rounding_available() if NEON is available</li>
+ <li>intel/compiler: Add a file-level description of brw_eu_validate.c</li>
+ <li>i965: Always compile fp64 funcs when needed</li>
+ <li>nir: Optimize double-precision lower_round_even()</li>
+ <li>intel/compiler: Avoid propagating inequality cmods if types are different</li>
+ <li>intel/compiler/test: Add unit test for mismatched signedness comparison</li>
+<p>Mauro Rossi (6):</p>
+ <li>android: gallium/auxiliary: add include to get u_debug.h header</li>
+ <li>android: radv: add libmesa_git_sha1 static dependency</li>
+ <li>android: amd/addrlib: update Mesa's copy of addrlib</li>
+ <li>android: st/mesa: fix building error due to sched_getcpu()</li>
+ <li>android: anv: fix generated files depedencies (v2)</li>
+ <li>android: anv: fix libexpat shared dependency</li>
+<p>Maya Rashish (2):</p>
+ <li>radeon: fix printf format specifier.</li>
+ <li>configure: fix test portability</li>
+<p>Michal Srb (2):</p>
+ <li>gallium: Constify drisw_loader_funcs struct</li>
+ <li>drisw: Use separate drisw_loader_funcs for shm</li>
+<p>Michel Dänzer (4):</p>
+ <li>winsys/amdgpu: Stop using amdgpu_bo_handle_type_kms_noimport</li>
+ <li>winsys/amdgpu: Pull in LLVM CFLAGS</li>
+ <li>amd/common: Restore v4i32 suffix for llvm.SI.load.const intrinsic</li>
+ <li>loader/dri3: Use strlen instead of sizeof for creating VRR property atom</li>
+<p>Neha Bhende (1):</p>
+ <li>st/mesa: Fix topogun-1.06-orc-84k-resize.trace crash</li>
+<p>Neil Roberts (4):</p>
+ <li>freedreno: Add .dir-locals to the common directory</li>
+ <li>spirv/nir: handle location decorations on block interface members</li>
+ <li>glsl_types: Rename parameter of glsl_count_attribute_slots</li>
+ <li>spirv: Don't use special semantics when counting vertex attribute size</li>
+<p>Nicholas Kazlauskas (5):</p>
+ <li>util: Get program name based on path when possible</li>
+ <li>util: Add adaptive_sync driconf option</li>
+ <li>drirc: Initial blacklist for adaptive sync</li>
+ <li>loader/dri3: Enable adaptive_sync via _VARIABLE_REFRESH property</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: Enable adaptive_sync by default for radeon</li>
+<p>Nicolai Hähnle (37):</p>
+ <li>radv: include LLVM IR in the VK_AMD_shader_info "disassembly"</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: fix an out-of-bounds read reported by ASAN</li>
+ <li>winsys/amdgpu: add amdgpu_winsys_bo::lock</li>
+ <li>winsys/amdgpu: explicitly declare whether buffer_map is permanent or not</li>
+ <li>egl/wayland: rather obvious build fix</li>
+ <li>radv: remove dependency on addrlib gfx9_enum.h</li>
+ <li>ac/surface/gfx9: let addrlib choose the preferred swizzle kind</li>
+ <li>amd/addrlib: update Mesa's copy of addrlib</li>
+ <li>meson: link LLVM 'native' component when LLVM is available</li>
+ <li>ddebug: simplify watchdog loop and fix crash in the no-timeout case</li>
+ <li>ddebug: always flush when requested, even when hang detection is disabled</li>
+ <li>r600: remove redundant semicolon</li>
+ <li>amd/sid_tables: add additional python3 compatibility imports</li>
+ <li>amd/common: whitespace fixes</li>
+ <li>amd/common: add ac_build_ifcc</li>
+ <li>amd/common: scan/reduce across waves of a workgroup</li>
+ <li>amd/common: add i1 special case to ac_build_{inclusive,exclusive}_scan</li>
+ <li>ac/surface: 3D and cube surfaces are never displayable</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: move SI_FORCE_FAMILY functionality to winsys</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: extract declare_vs_blit_inputs</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: add si_init_draw_functions and make some functions static</li>
+ <li>radeonsi/gfx9: use SET_UCONFIG_REG_INDEX packets when available</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: don't set RAW_WAIT for CP DMA clears</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: rename SI_RESOURCE_FLAG_FORCE_TILING to clarify its purpose</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: const-ify si_set_tesseval_regs</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: show the fixed function TCS in debug dumps</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: avoid using hard-coded SI_NUM_RW_BUFFERS</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: add an si_set_rw_shader_buffer convenience function</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: use si_set_rw_shader_buffer for setting streamout buffers</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: track constant buffer bind history in si_pipe_set_constant_buffer</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: move remaining perfcounter code into si_perfcounter.c</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: move query suspend logic into the top-level si_query struct</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: factor si_query_buffer logic out of si_query_hw</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: split perfcounter queries from si_query_hw</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: const-ify the si_query_ops</li>
+ <li>amd/common: use llvm.amdgcn.s.buffer.load for LLVM 8.0</li>
+ <li>amd/common/vi+: enable SMEM loads with GLC=1</li>
+<p>Niklas Haas (3):</p>
+ <li>glsl: fix block member alignment validation for vec3</li>
+ <li>radv: correctly use vulkan 1.0 by default</li>
+ <li>radv: add device-&gt;instance extension dependencies</li>
+<p>Olivier Fourdan (1):</p>
+ <li>wayland/egl: Resize EGL surface on update buffer for swrast</li>
+<p>Oscar Blumberg (1):</p>
+ <li>radeonsi: Fix guardband computation for large render targets</li>
+<p>Pierre Moreau (2):</p>
+ <li>clover/meson: Ignore 'svn' suffix when computing CLANG_RESOURCE_DIR</li>
+ <li>meson: Fix with_gallium_icd to with_opencl_icd</li>
+<p>Plamena Manolova (1):</p>
+ <li>nir: Don't lower the local work group size if it's variable.</li>
+<p>Rafael Antognolli (24):</p>
+ <li>intel/genxml: Add register for object preemption.</li>
+ <li>i965/gen10+: Enable object level preemption.</li>
+ <li>i965/gen9: Add workarounds for object preemption.</li>
+ <li>anv/tests: Fix block_pool_no_free test.</li>
+ <li>anv/allocator: Add anv_state_table.</li>
+ <li>anv/allocator: Add getter for anv_block_pool.</li>
+ <li>anv/allocator: Add helper to push states back to the state table.</li>
+ <li>anv/allocator: Use anv_state_table on anv_state_pool_alloc.</li>
+ <li>anv/allocator: Use anv_state_table on back_alloc too.</li>
+ <li>anv/allocator: Remove anv_free_list.</li>
+ <li>anv/allocator: Rename anv_free_list2 to anv_free_list.</li>
+ <li>anv/allocator: Remove pool-&gt;map.</li>
+ <li>anv: Update usage of block_pool-&gt;bo.</li>
+ <li>anv/allocator: Add support for a list of BOs in block pool.</li>
+ <li>anv: Split code to add BO dependencies to execbuf.</li>
+ <li>anv: Validate the list of BOs from the block pool.</li>
+ <li>anv: Remove some asserts.</li>
+ <li>anv/allocator: Rework chunk return to the state pool.</li>
+ <li>anv/allocator: Add padding information.</li>
+ <li>anv/allocator: Enable snooping on block pool and anv_bo_pool BOs.</li>
+ <li>anv: Remove state flush.</li>
+ <li>anv/allocator: Add support for non-userptr.</li>
+ <li>anv/tests: Adding test for the state_pool padding.</li>
+ <li>anv/allocator: Avoid race condition in anv_block_pool_map.</li>
+<p>Ray Zhang (1):</p>
+ <li>glx: fix shared memory leak in X11</li>
+<p>Rhys Kidd (5):</p>
+ <li>travis: radeonsi and radv require LLVM 7.0</li>
+ <li>meson: libfreedreno depends upon libdrm (for fence support)</li>
+ <li>v3d: Wire up core pipe_debug_callback</li>
+ <li>vc4: Wire up core pipe_debug_callback</li>
+ <li>nv50,nvc0: add missing CAPs for unsupported features</li>
+<p>Rhys Perry (14):</p>
+ <li>nir: fix constness in nir_intrinsic_align()</li>
+ <li>ac: refactor visit_load_buffer</li>
+ <li>ac: split 16-bit ssbo loads that may not be dword aligned</li>
+ <li>radv: don't set surf_index for stencil-only images</li>
+ <li>radv: switch from nir_bcsel to nir_b32csel</li>
+ <li>ac/nir,radv,radeonsi/nir: use correct indices for interpolation intrinsics</li>
+ <li>nir: fix copy-paste error in nir_lower_constant_initializers</li>
+ <li>radv: use dithered alpha-to-coverage</li>
+ <li>radv: pass radv_draw_info to radv_emit_draw_registers()</li>
+ <li>radv: add missed situations for scissor bug workaround</li>
+ <li>radv: avoid context rolls when binding graphics pipelines</li>
+ <li>radv: prevent dirtying of dynamic state when it does not change</li>
+ <li>radv: bitcast 16-bit outputs to integers</li>
+ <li>radv: ensure export arguments are always float</li>
+<p>Rob Clark (79):</p>
+ <li>freedreno: update generated headers</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: fix VSC bug with larger # of tiles</li>
+ <li>freedreno/drm: fix unused 'entry' warnings</li>
+ <li>freedreno/drm: remove dependency on gallium driver</li>
+ <li>freedreno: move drm to common location</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: standalone compiler updates</li>
+ <li>freedreno: shader_t -&gt; gl_shader_stage</li>
+ <li>freedreno: remove shader_stage_name()</li>
+ <li>freedreno: FD_SHADER_DEBUG -&gt; IR3_SHADER_DEBUG</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: move disasm and optmsgs debug flags</li>
+ <li>util: env_var_as_unsigned() helper</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: use env_var_as_unsigned()</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: some header file cleanup</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: remove pipe_stream_output_info dependency</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: split up ir3_shader</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: remove u_inlines usage</li>
+ <li>freedreno: move ir3 to common location</li>
+ <li>mesa/st: swap order of clear() and clear_with_quad()</li>
+ <li>mesa/st: better colormask check for clear fallback</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: disable LRZ for z32</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: set guardband clip</li>
+ <li>freedreno: update generated headers</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a3xx: also set FSSUPERTHREADENABLE</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: MSAA</li>
+ <li>freedreno: remove unused fd_surface fields</li>
+ <li>gallium: fix typo</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a5xx+a6xx: remove unused fs/vs pvt mem</li>
+ <li>freedreno/drm: fix relocs in nested stateobjs</li>
+ <li>freedreno: update generated headers</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: blitter fixes</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: don't fetch unused tex components</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: sync instr/disasm</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: code-motion</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: track max flow control depth for a5xx/a6xx</li>
+ <li>freedreno/drm: fix memory leak</li>
+ <li>nir: fix spelling typo</li>
+ <li>mesa/st/nir: fix missing nir_compact_varyings</li>
+ <li>freedreno/drm: sync uapi and enable softpin</li>
+ <li>freedreno: debug GEM obj names</li>
+ <li>freedreno: also set DUMP flag on shaders</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: fix crash</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: don't remove unused input components</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: fix blitter crash</li>
+ <li>gallium/aux: add is_unorm() helper</li>
+ <li>freedreno: update generated headers</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: more blitter fixes</li>
+ <li>freedreno: move fd_resource_copy_region()</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: fix resource_copy_region()</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: fix corrupted uniforms</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: fix fallout of extra assert</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: don't treat all inputs/outputs as vec4</li>
+ <li>freedreno: combine fd_resource_layer_offset()/fd_resource_offset()</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: simplify special case for 3d layout</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: improve setup_slices() debug msgs</li>
+ <li>freedreno: update generated headers</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: fix 3d texture layout</li>
+ <li>freedreno: skip depth resolve if not written</li>
+ <li>freedreno: rework blit API</li>
+ <li>freedreno: try blitter for fd_resource_copy_region()</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: rework blitter API</li>
+ <li>freedreno: remove blit_via_copy_region()</li>
+ <li>freedreno: fix staging resource size for arrays</li>
+ <li>freedreno: make cmdstream bo's read-only to GPU</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: separate stencil restore/resolve fixes</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: move tile_mode to sampler-view CSO</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: fix 3d+tiled layout</li>
+ <li>nir/vtn: add caps for some cl related capabilities</li>
+ <li>loader: fix the no-modifiers case</li>
+ <li>freedreno: core buffer modifier support</li>
+ <li>freedreno: set modifier when exporting buffer</li>
+ <li>freedreno: limit tiling to PIPE_BIND_SAMPLER_VIEW</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a2xx: fix unused variable warning</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a5xx: fix blitter nr_samples check</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: fix blitter nr_samples check</li>
+ <li>freedreno: stop frob'ing pipe_resource::nr_samples</li>
+ <li>freedreno: minor cleanups</li>
+ <li>mesa: wire up InvalidateFramebuffer</li>
+ <li>freedreno: fix release tarball</li>
+ <li>freedreno: more fixing release tarball</li>
+<p>Rob Herring (3):</p>
+ <li>pipe-loader: Fallback to kmsro driver when no matching driver name found</li>
+ <li>kmsro: Add etnaviv renderonly support</li>
+ <li>Switch imx to kmsro and remove the imx winsys</li>
+<p>Robert Foss (3):</p>
+ <li>virgl: native fence fd support</li>
+ <li>virgl: Clean up fences commit</li>
+ <li>virgl: add assert and missing function parameter</li>
+<p>Rodrigo Vivi (1):</p>
+ <li>intel: Add more PCI Device IDs for Coffee Lake and Ice Lake.</li>
+<p>Roland Scheidegger (7):</p>
+ <li>gallivm: fix improper clamping of vertex index when fetching gs inputs</li>
+ <li>draw: fix infinite loop in line stippling</li>
+ <li>gallivm: remove unused float coord wrapping for aos sampling</li>
+ <li>gallivm: use llvm jit code for decoding s3tc</li>
+ <li>gallivm: don't use pavg.b intrinsic on llvm &gt;= 6.0</li>
+ <li>gallivm: abort when trying to use non-existing intrinsic</li>
+ <li>Revert "llvmpipe: Always return some fence in flush (v2)"</li>
+<p>Sagar Ghuge (14):</p>
+ <li>intel/compiler: Disassemble GEN6_SFID_DATAPORT_SAMPLER_CACHE as dp_sampler</li>
+ <li>intel/compiler: Set swizzle to BRW_SWIZZLE_XXXX for scalar region</li>
+ <li>intel/compiler: Always print flag subregister number</li>
+ <li>nir: Add a new lowering option to lower 3D surfaces from txd to txl.</li>
+ <li>glsl: Add "built-in" functions to do uint64_to_fp64(uint64_t)</li>
+ <li>glsl: Add "built-in" functions to do int64_to_fp64(int64_t)</li>
+ <li>glsl: Add "built-in" functions to do uint64_to_fp32(uint64_t)</li>
+ <li>glsl: Add "built-in" functions to do int64_to_fp32(int64_t)</li>
+ <li>glsl: Add utility function to round and pack uint64_t value</li>
+ <li>glsl: Add "built-in" functions to do fp64_to_uint64(fp64)</li>
+ <li>glsl: Add utility function to round and pack int64_t value</li>
+ <li>glsl: Add "built-in" functions to do fp64_to_int64(fp64)</li>
+ <li>glsl: Add "built-in" functions to do fp32_to_uint64(fp32)</li>
+ <li>glsl: Add "built-in" functions to do fp32_to_int64(fp32)</li>
+<p>Samuel Pitoiset (103):</p>
+ <li>radv: remove useless sync after copying query results with compute</li>
+ <li>radv: add missing TFB queries support to CmdCopyQueryPoolsResults()</li>
+ <li>radv: replace si_emit_wait_fence() with radv_cp_wait_mem()</li>
+ <li>radv: more use of radv_cp_wait_mem()</li>
+ <li>radv: allocate enough space in CS when copying query results with compute</li>
+ <li>radv: disable conditional rendering for vkCmdCopyQueryPoolResults()</li>
+ <li>radv: only expose VK_SUBGROUP_FEATURE_ARITHMETIC_BIT for VI+</li>
+ <li>radv: use LOAD_CONTEXT_REG when loading fast clear values</li>
+ <li>radv: fix GPU hangs when loading depth/stencil clear values on SI/CIK</li>
+ <li>radv: cleanup and document a Hawaii bug with offchip buffers</li>
+ <li>radv: clean up setting partial_es_wave for distributed tess on VI</li>
+ <li>radv: make use of num_good_cu_per_sh in si_emit_graphics() too</li>
+ <li>radv: binding streamout buffers doesn't change context regs</li>
+ <li>radv: set optimal OVERWRITE_COMBINER_WATERMARK on GFX9</li>
+ <li>radv: add a debug option for disabling primitive binning</li>
+ <li>radv: enable primitive binning by default</li>
+ <li>radv: tidy up radv_set_dcc_need_cmask_elim_pred()</li>
+ <li>radv: always clear the FCE predicate after DCC/FMASK/CMASK decompressions</li>
+ <li>radv/winsys: remove the max IBs per submit limit for the fallback path</li>
+ <li>radv/winsys: remove the max IBs per submit limit for the sysmem path</li>
+ <li>radv: remove unnecessary goto in the fast clear paths</li>
+ <li>radv: add radv_get_htile_fast_clear_value() helper</li>
+ <li>radv: add radv_is_fast_clear_{depth,stencil}_allowed() helpers</li>
+ <li>radv: check allowed fast HTILE clears a bit earlier</li>
+ <li>radv: rewrite the condition that checks allowed depth/stencil values</li>
+ <li>radv: implement fast HTILE clears for depth or stencil only on GFX9</li>
+ <li>ac/nir: fix intrinsic name string size in visit_image_atomic()</li>
+ <li>radv: ignore subpass self-dependencies</li>
+ <li>radv: only sync CP DMA for transfer operations or bottom pipe</li>
+ <li>radv: remove useless sync after CmdClear{Color,DepthStencil}Image()</li>
+ <li>radv: remove useless sync before CmdClear{Color,DepthStencil}Image()</li>
+ <li>radv: ignore subpass self-dependencies for CreateRenderPass() too</li>
+ <li>radv: remove useless check in emit_fast_color_clear()</li>
+ <li>radv: add radv_image_can_fast_clear() helper</li>
+ <li>radv: add radv_image_view_can_fast_clear() helper</li>
+ <li>radv: add radv_can_fast_clear_{color,depth}() helpers</li>
+ <li>radv: simplify a check in emit_fast_color_clear()</li>
+ <li>radv: refactor the fast clear path for better re-use</li>
+ <li>radv: optimize CmdClear{Color,DepthStencil}Image() for layered textures</li>
+ <li>radv: remove unused pending_clears param in the transition path</li>
+ <li>radv: drop few useless state changes when doing color/depth decompressions</li>
+ <li>radv: rework the TC-compat HTILE hardware bug with COND_EXEC</li>
+ <li>radv: reset pending_reset_query when flushing caches</li>
+ <li>radv: wait on the high 32 bits of timestamp queries</li>
+ <li>spirv: add SpvCapabilityInt64Atomics</li>
+ <li>radv: expose VK_EXT_scalar_block_layout</li>
+ <li>amd: remove support for LLVM 6.0</li>
+ <li>gallium: add missing PIPE_CAP_SURFACE_SAMPLE_COUNT default value</li>
+ <li>radv: bump reported version to 1.1.90</li>
+ <li>radv: add a predicate for reflecting DCC decompression state</li>
+ <li>radv: allow to skip DCC decompressions with the new predicate</li>
+ <li>radv: switch on EOP when primitive restart is enabled with triangle strips</li>
+ <li>radv: check if addrlib enabled HTILE in radv_image_can_enable_htile()</li>
+ <li>radv: don't check if format is depth in radv_image_can_enable_hile()</li>
+ <li>radv: report Vulkan version 1.1.90 for real</li>
+ <li>ac/nir: remove the bitfield_extract workaround for LLVM 8</li>
+ <li>radv: drop the amdgpu-skip-threshold=1 workaround for LLVM 8</li>
+ <li>radv: fix subpass image transitions with multiviews</li>
+ <li>radv: compute optimal VM alignment for imported buffers</li>
+ <li>spirv: add support for SpvCapabilityStorageImageMultisample</li>
+ <li>ac/nir: restrict fmask lookup to image load intrinsics</li>
+ <li>radv: initialize FMASK for images in fully expanded mode</li>
+ <li>radv: add support for FMASK expand</li>
+ <li>radv: enable shaderStorageImageMultisample feature on GFX8+</li>
+ <li>radv: get rid of bunch of KHR suffixes</li>
+ <li>radv: enable variable pointers</li>
+ <li>radv: skip draws with instance_count == 0</li>
+ <li>ac/nir: add get_cache_policy() helper and use it</li>
+ <li>ac/nir: set cache policy when loading/storing buffer images</li>
+ <li>ac: add missing 16-bit types to glsl_base_to_llvm_type()</li>
+ <li>radv: remove unnecessary returns in GetPhysicalDevice*Properties()</li>
+ <li>radv: add two small helpers for getting VRAM and visible VRAM sizes</li>
+ <li>radv: add support for VK_EXT_memory_budget</li>
+ <li>ac/nir: don't trash L1 caches for store operations with writeonly memory</li>
+ <li>radv: drop unused code related to 16 sample locations</li>
+ <li>radv: reduce size of the per-queue descriptor BO</li>
+ <li>radv: do not write unused descriptors to the per-queue BO</li>
+ <li>radv: initialize the per-queue descriptor BO only once</li>
+ <li>nir: do not remove varyings used for transform feedback</li>
+ <li>nir: fix lowering arrays to elements for XFB outputs</li>
+ <li>radv: improve gathering of load_push_constants with dynamic bindings</li>
+ <li>radv: remove old_fence parameter from si_cs_emit_write_event_eop()</li>
+ <li>radv: only allocate the GFX9 fence and EOP BOs for the gfx queue</li>
+ <li>radv: compute the GFX9 fence VA at allocation time</li>
+ <li>radv: always pass the GFX9 fence data to si_cs_emit_cache_flush()</li>
+ <li>radv: fix computing number of user SGPRs for streamout buffers</li>
+ <li>radv: remove radv_userdata_info::indirect field</li>
+ <li>radv: simplify allocating user SGPRS for descriptor sets</li>
+ <li>radv: set noalias/dereferenceable LLVM attributes based on param types</li>
+ <li>radv: re-enable fast depth clears for 16-bit surfaces on VI</li>
+ <li>radv/winsys: fix hash when adding internal buffers</li>
+ <li>radv: fix compiler issues with GCC 9</li>
+ <li>radv: fix using LOAD_CONTEXT_REG with old GFX ME firmwares on GFX8</li>
+ <li>radv/winsys: fix BO list creation when RADV_DEBUG=allbos is set</li>
+ <li>radv: always export gl_SampleMask when the fragment shader uses it</li>
+ <li>radv: write the alpha channel of MRT0 when alpha coverage is enabled</li>
+ <li>radv: fix writing the alpha channel of MRT0 when alpha coverage is enabled</li>
+ <li>radv: fix out-of-bounds access when copying descriptors BO list</li>
+ <li>radv: don't copy buffer descriptors list for samplers</li>
+ <li>radv: fix clearing attachments in secondary command buffers</li>
+ <li>radv: properly align the fence and EOP bug VA on GFX9</li>
+ <li>radv: fix pointSizeRange limits</li>
+<p>Sergii Romantsov (4):</p>
+ <li>autotools: library-dependency when no sse and 32-bit</li>
+ <li>i965/batch/debug: Allow log be dumped before assert</li>
+ <li>nir: Length of boolean vtn_value now is 1</li>
+ <li>dri: meson: do not prefix user provided dri-drivers-path</li>
+<p>Sonny Jiang (1):</p>
+ <li>radeonsi: use compute for resource_copy_region when possible</li>
+<p>Tapani Pälli (27):</p>
+ <li>anv: allow exporting an imported SYNC_FD semaphore type</li>
+ <li>anv: add create_flags as part of anv_image</li>
+ <li>anv: refactor make_surface to use data from anv_image</li>
+ <li>anv: make anv_get_image_format_features public</li>
+ <li>anv: add from/to helpers with android and vulkan formats</li>
+ <li>anv/android: add GetAndroidHardwareBufferPropertiesANDROID</li>
+ <li>anv: add anv_ahw_usage_from_vk_usage helper function</li>
+ <li>anv: refactor, remove else block in AllocateMemory</li>
+ <li>anv/android: support import/export of AHardwareBuffer objects</li>
+ <li>anv/android: add ahardwarebuffer external memory properties</li>
+ <li>anv/android: support creating images from external format</li>
+ <li>anv: support VkExternalFormatANDROID in vkCreateSamplerYcbcrConversion</li>
+ <li>anv: add VkFormat field as part of anv_format</li>
+ <li>anv: support VkSamplerYcbcrConversionInfo in vkCreateImageView</li>
+ <li>anv: ignore VkSamplerYcbcrConversion on non-yuv formats</li>
+ <li>anv/android: turn on VK_ANDROID_external_memory_android_hardware_buffer</li>
+ <li>dri3: initialize adaptive_sync as false before configQueryb</li>
+ <li>intel/isl: move tiled_memcpy static libs from i965 to isl</li>
+ <li>anv: do not advertise AHW support if extension not enabled</li>
+ <li>nir: cleanup glsl_get_struct_field_offset, glsl_get_explicit_stride</li>
+ <li>android: fix build issues with libmesa_anv_gen* libraries</li>
+ <li>mesa: return NULL if we exceed MaxColorAttachments in get_fb_attachment</li>
+ <li>nir: initialize value in copy_prop_vars_block</li>
+ <li>anv: retain the is_array state in create_plane_tex_instr_implicit</li>
+ <li>anv: release memory allocated by glsl types during spirv_to_nir</li>
+ <li>anv: revert "anv: release memory allocated by glsl types during spirv_to_nir"</li>
+ <li>anv: destroy descriptor sets when pool gets destroyed</li>
+<p>Thomas Hellstrom (9):</p>
+ <li>st/xa: Render update. Better support for solid pictures</li>
+ <li>st/xa: Support higher color precision for solid pictures</li>
+ <li>st/xa: Support a couple of new formats</li>
+ <li>st/xa: Fix transformations when we have both source and mask samplers</li>
+ <li>st/xa: Minor renderer cleanups</li>
+ <li>st/xa: Support Component Alpha with trivial blending</li>
+ <li>st/xa: Bump minor</li>
+ <li>st/xa: Fix a memory leak</li>
+ <li>winsys/svga: Fix a memory leak</li>
+<p>Timothy Arceri (56):</p>
+ <li>nir: allow propagation of if evaluation for bcsel</li>
+ <li>nir: fix condition propagation when src has a swizzle</li>
+ <li>ac/nir_to_llvm: fix b2f for f64</li>
+ <li>nir: add new linking opt nir_link_constant_varyings()</li>
+ <li>st/mesa: make use of nir_link_constant_varyings()</li>
+ <li>nir: add glsl_type_is_integer() helper</li>
+ <li>nir: don't pack varyings ints with floats unless flat</li>
+ <li>anv/i965: make use of nir_link_constant_varyings()</li>
+ <li>nir: add support for removing redundant stores to copy prop var</li>
+ <li>radv: make use of nir_move_out_const_to_consumer()</li>
+ <li>nir: small tidy ups for nir_loop_analyze()</li>
+ <li>nir: clarify some nit_loop_info member names</li>
+ <li>nir: add a new nir_cf_list_clone_and_reinsert() helper</li>
+ <li>nir: make use of new nir_cf_list_clone_and_reinsert() helper</li>
+ <li>nir: factor out some of the complex loop unroll code to a helper</li>
+ <li>nir: rework force_unroll_array_access()</li>
+ <li>nir: in loop analysis track actual control flow type</li>
+ <li>nir: reword code comment</li>
+ <li>nir: detect more induction variables</li>
+ <li>nir: fix opt_if_loop_last_continue()</li>
+ <li>tgsi/scan: fix loop exit point in tgsi_scan_tess_ctrl()</li>
+ <li>tgsi/scan: correctly walk instructions in tgsi_scan_tess_ctrl()</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: remove unrequired param in si_nir_scan_tess_ctrl()</li>
+ <li>ac/nir_to_llvm: add ac_are_tessfactors_def_in_all_invocs()</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: make use of ac_are_tessfactors_def_in_all_invocs()</li>
+ <li>st/glsl_to_nir: call nir_lower_load_const_to_scalar() in the st</li>
+ <li>nir: rename nir_link_constant_varyings() nir_link_opt_varyings()</li>
+ <li>nir: add can_replace_varying() helper</li>
+ <li>nir: rework nir_link_opt_varyings()</li>
+ <li>nir: link time opt duplicate varyings</li>
+ <li>nir: make nir_opt_remove_phis_impl() static</li>
+ <li>nir: make use of does_varying_match() helper</li>
+ <li>nir: simplify does_varying_match()</li>
+ <li>nir: add rewrite_phi_predecessor_blocks() helper</li>
+ <li>nir: merge some basic consecutive ifs</li>
+ <li>st/glsl: refactor st_link_nir()</li>
+ <li>nir: avoid uninitialized variable warning</li>
+ <li>glsl: Copy function out to temp if we don't directly ref a variable</li>
+ <li>ac/nir_to_llvm: fix type handling in image code</li>
+ <li>radeonsi/nir: get correct type for images inside structs</li>
+ <li>ac/nir_to_llvm: fix regression in bindless support</li>
+ <li>ac/nir_to_llvm: add support for structs to get_sampler_desc()</li>
+ <li>glsl: don't skip GLSL IR opts on first-time compiles</li>
+ <li>glsl: be much more aggressive when skipping shader compilation</li>
+ <li>Revert "glsl: be much more aggressive when skipping shader compilation"</li>
+ <li>ac/nir_to_llvm: fix interpolateAt* for arrays</li>
+ <li>glsl: be much more aggressive when skipping shader compilation</li>
+ <li>radeonsi/nir: add missing piece for bindless image support</li>
+ <li>ac/nir_to_llvm: add bindless support for uniform handles</li>
+ <li>ac/nir_to_llvm: fix interpolateAt* for structs</li>
+ <li>ac/nir_to_llvm: fix clamp shadow reference for more hardware</li>
+ <li>tgsi: remove culldist semantic from docs</li>
+ <li>radv/ac: fix some fp16 handling</li>
+ <li>glsl: use remap location when serialising uniform program resource data</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: fix query buffer allocation</li>
+ <li>glsl: fix shader cache for packed param list</li>
+<p>Tobias Klausmann (1):</p>
+ <li>amd/vulkan: meson build - use radv_deps for libvulkan_radeon</li>
+<p>Tomasz Figa (1):</p>
+ <li>llvmpipe: Always return some fence in flush (v2)</li>
+<p>Tomeu Vizoso (1):</p>
+ <li>etnaviv: Consolidate buffer references from framebuffers</li>
+<p>Toni Lönnberg (14):</p>
+ <li>intel/decoder: Engine parameter for instructions</li>
+ <li>intel/decoder: tools: gen_engine to drm_i915_gem_engine_class</li>
+ <li>intel/decoder: tools: Use engine for decoding batch instructions</li>
+ <li>intel/genxml: Add engine definition to render engine instructions (gen4)</li>
+ <li>intel/genxml: Add engine definition to render engine instructions (gen45)</li>
+ <li>intel/genxml: Add engine definition to render engine instructions (gen5)</li>
+ <li>intel/genxml: Add engine definition to render engine instructions (gen6)</li>
+ <li>intel/genxml: Add engine definition to render engine instructions (gen7)</li>
+ <li>intel/genxml: Add engine definition to render engine instructions (gen75)</li>
+ <li>intel/genxml: Add engine definition to render engine instructions (gen8)</li>
+ <li>intel/genxml: Add engine definition to render engine instructions (gen9)</li>
+ <li>intel/genxml: Add engine definition to render engine instructions (gen10)</li>
+ <li>intel/genxml: Add engine definition to render engine instructions (gen11)</li>
+ <li>intel/aubinator_error_decode: Get rid of warning for missing switch case</li>
+<p>Topi Pohjolainen (1):</p>
+ <li>i965/icl: Disable prefetching of sampler state entries</li>
+<p>Veluri Mithun (5):</p>
+ <li>Add extension doc for MESA_query_driver</li>
+ <li>Implement EGL API for MESA_query_driver</li>
+ <li>Implementation of egl dri2 drivers for MESA_query_driver</li>
+ <li>egl: Implement EGL API for MESA_query_driver</li>
+ <li>egl: Implementation of egl dri2 drivers for MESA_query_driver</li>
+<p>Vinson Lee (7):</p>
+ <li>r600/sb: Fix constant logical operand in assert.</li>
+ <li>freedreno: Fix autotools build.</li>
+ <li>st/xvmc: Add X11 include path.</li>
+ <li>nir/algebraic: Make executable.</li>
+ <li>meson: Fix typo.</li>
+ <li>meson: Fix libsensors detection.</li>
+ <li>meson: Fix typo.</li>
+<p>Yevhenii Kolesnikov (1):</p>
+ <li>i965: Fix allow_higher_compat_version workaround limited by OpenGL 3.0</li>
+<p>pal1000 (1):</p>
+ <li>scons: Compatibility with Scons development version string</li>