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-<h1>Mesa 19.1.0 Release Notes / TBD</h1>
+<h1>Mesa 19.1.0 Release Notes / June 11, 2019</h1>
Mesa 19.1.0 is a new development release. People who are concerned
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<h2>Bug fixes</h2>
+<li><a href="">Bug 81843</a> - [SNB IVB HSW] ETC2 textures are not returned as compressed images</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 99781</a> - Some Unity games fail assertion on startup in glXCreateContextAttribsARB</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 100239</a> - Incorrect rendering in CS:GO</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 100316</a> - Linking GLSL 1.30 shaders with invariant and deprecated variables triggers an 'mismatching invariant qualifiers' error</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 104272</a> - [OpenGL CTS] [HSW] KHR-GL46.direct_state_access.textures_compressed_subimage assert fails</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 104355</a> - Ivy Bridge ignores component mappings in texture views</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 104602</a> - [apitrace] Graphical artifacts in Civilization VI on RX Vega</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 107052</a> - [Regression][bisected]. Crookz - The Big Heist Demo can't be launched despite the &quot;true&quot; flag in &quot;drirc&quot;</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 107505</a> - [lars] dEQP-GLES31.functional.geometry_shading.layered#render_with_default_layer_3d failure</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 107510</a> - [GEN8+] up to 10% perf drop on several 3D benchmarks</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 107563</a> - [RADV] Broken rendering in Unity demos</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 107987</a> - [Debug mesa only]. Crash happens when calling drawArrays</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 108250</a> - [GLSL] layout-location-struct.shader_test fails to link</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 108457</a> - [OpenGL CTS] KHR-GL46.tessellation_shader.single.xfb_captures_data_from_correct_stage fails</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 108540</a> - vkAcquireNextImageKHR blocks when timeout=0 in Wayland</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 108766</a> - Mesa built with meson has RPATH entries</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 108824</a> - Invalid handling when GL buffer is bound on one context and invalidated on another</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 108841</a> - [RADV] SPIRV's control flow attributes do not propagate to LLVM</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 108879</a> - [CIK] [regression] All opencl apps hangs indefinitely in si_create_context</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 108999</a> - Calculating the scissors fields when the y is flipped (0 on top) can generate negative numbers that will cause assertion failure later on.</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 109057</a> - texelFetch from GL_TEXTURE_2D_MULTISAMPLE with integer format fails</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 109107</a> - gallium/st/va: change va max_profiles when using Radeon VCN Hardware</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 109216</a> - 4-27% performance drop in Vulkan benchmarks</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 109326</a> - mesa: Meson configuration summary should be printed</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 109328</a> - [BSW BXT GLK] dEQP-VK.subgroups.arithmetic.subgroup regressions</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 109391</a> - LTO Build fails</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 109401</a> - [DXVK] Project Cars rendering problems</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 109404</a> - [ANV] The Witcher 3 shadows flickering</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 109443</a> - Build failure with MSVC when using Scons &gt;= 3.0.2</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 109451</a> - [IVB,SNB] LINE_STRIPs following a TRIANGLE_FAN fail to use primitive restart</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 109543</a> - After upgrade mesa to 19.0.0~rc1 all vulkan based application stop working [&quot;vulkan-cube&quot; received SIGSEGV in radv_pipeline_init_blend_state at ../src/amd/vulkan/radv_pipeline.c:699]</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 109561</a> - [regression, bisected] code re-factor causing games to stutter or lock-up system</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 109573</a> -</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 109575</a> - Mesa-19.0.0-rc1 : Computer Crashes trying to run anything Vulkan</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 109581</a> - [BISECTED] Nothing is Rendered on Sascha Willem's &quot;subpasses&quot; demo</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 109594</a> - totem assert failure: totem: src/intel/genxml/gen9_pack.h:72: __gen_uint: La declaración `v &lt;= max' no se cumple.</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 109597</a> - wreckfest issues with transparent objects &amp; skybox</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 109601</a> - [Regression] RuneLite GPU rendering broken on 18.3.x</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 109603</a> - nir_instr_as_deref: Assertion `parent &amp;&amp; parent-&gt;type == nir_instr_type_deref' failed.</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 109645</a> - build error on arm64: tegra_screen.c:33: /usr/include/xf86drm.h:41:10: fatal error: drm.h: No such file or directory</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 109646</a> - New video compositor compute shader render glitches mpv</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 109647</a> - /usr/include/xf86drm.h:40:10: fatal error: drm.h: No such file or directory</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 109648</a> - AMD Raven hang during va-api decoding</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 109659</a> - Missing OpenGL symbols in OSMesa Gallium when building with meson</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 109698</a> - dri.pc contents invalid when built with meson</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 109717</a> - [regression] Cull distance tests asserting</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 109735</a> - [Regression] broken font with mesa_vulkan_overlay</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 109738</a> - Child of Light shows only a black screen</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 109739</a> - Mesa build fails when vulkan-overlay-layer option is enabled</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 109742</a> - vdpau state tracker on nv92 started to hit assert after vl compute work</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 109743</a> - Test fails: piglit.spec.arb_sample_shading.arb_sample_shading-builtin-gl-sample-mask-mrt-alpha</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 109747</a> - Add framerate to vulkan-overlay-layer</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 109759</a> - [BISECTED][REGRESSION][IVB, HSW] Font rendering problem in OpenGL</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 109788</a> - vulkan-overlay-layer: Only installs 64bit version</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 109810</a> - nir_opt_copy_prop_vars.c:454: error: unknown field ‘ssa’ specified in initializer</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 109929</a> - tgsi_to_nir.c:2111: undefined reference to `gl_nir_lower_samplers_as_deref'</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 109944</a> - [bisected] Android build test fails with: utils.c: error: use of undeclared identifier 'PACKAGE_VERSION'</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 109945</a> - pan_assemble.c:51:46: error: passing argument 2 of ‘tgsi_to_nir’ from incompatible pointer type [-Werror=incompatible-pointer-types]</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 109980</a> - [i915 CI][HSW] spec&#64;arb_fragment_shader_interlock&#64;arb_fragment_shader_interlock-image-load-store - fail</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 109984</a> - unhandled VkStructureType VK_STRUCTURE_TYPE_RENDER_PASS_INPUT_ATTACHMENT_ASPECT_CREATE_INFO</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 110134</a> - SIGSEGV while playing large hevc video in mpv</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 110143</a> - Doom 3: BFG Edition - Steam and - white flickering screen</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 110201</a> - [ivb] mesa 19.0.0 breaks rendering in kitty</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 110211</a> - If DESTDIR is set to an empty string, the dri drivers are not installed</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 110216</a> - radv: Segfault when compiling compute shaders from Assassin's Creed Odyssey (regression, bisected)</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 110221</a> - build error with meson</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 110239</a> - Mesa SIGABRT: src/intel/genxml/gen9_pack.h:72: __gen_uint: Assertion `v &lt;= max' failed</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 110257</a> - Major artifacts in mpeg2 vaapi hw decoding</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 110259</a> - radv: Sampling depth-stencil image in GENERAL layout returns nothing but zero (regression, bisected)</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 110291</a> - Vega 64 GPU hang running Space Engineers</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 110302</a> - [bisected][regression] piglit egl-create-pbuffer-surface and egl-gl-colorspace regressions</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 110305</a> - Iris driver fails ext_packed_depth_stencil-getteximage test</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 110311</a> - [IVB HSW SNB][regression][bisected] regressions on vec4 deqp/gl{es}cts tests</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 110349</a> - radv: Dragon Quest XI (DXVK) has a graphical glitch (regression, bisected)</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 110353</a> - weird colors seen in valley</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 110355</a> - radeonsi: GTK elements become invisible in some applications (GIMP, LibreOffice)</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 110356</a> - creates new dangling symlink [bisected]</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 110404</a> - Iris fails piglit.spec.ext_transform_feedback.immediate-reuse test</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 110422</a> - AMD_DEBUG=forcedma will crash OpenGL aps with SIGFAULT on VegaM 8706G</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 110441</a> - [llvmpipe] complex-loop-analysis-bug regression</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 110443</a> - vaapi/vpp: wrong output for non 64-bytes align width (ex: 1200)</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 110454</a> - [llvmpipe] piglit arb_color_buffer_float-render GL_RGBA8_SNORM failure with llvm-9</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 110462</a> - Epic Games Launcher renders nothing with &quot;-opengl&quot; option</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 110474</a> - [bisected][regression] vk cts fp16 arithmetic failures</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 110497</a> - [DXVK][Regression][Bisected][SKL] Project Cars 2 crashes with Bug Splat when loading finishes</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 110526</a> - [CTS] dEQP-VK.ycbcr.{conversion,format}.* fail</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 110530</a> - [CTS] dEQP-VK.ycbcr.format.g8_b8_r8_3plane_420* reports VM faults on Vega10</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 110535</a> - [bisected] [icl] GPU hangs on crucible func.miptree.r8g8b8a8-unorm.aspect-color.view-2d.levels01.array01.extent-512x512.upload-copy-with-draw tests</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 110540</a> - [AMD TAHITI XT] valve artifact broken</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 110573</a> - Mesa vulkan-radeon 19.0.3 system freeze and visual artifacts (RADV)</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 110590</a> - [Regression][Bisected] GTAⅣ under wine fails with GLXBadFBConfig</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 110632</a> - &quot;glx: Fix synthetic error generation in __glXSendError&quot; broke wine games on 32-bit</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 110648</a> - Dota2 will not open using vulkan since 19.0 series</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 110655</a> - VK_LAYER_MESA_OVERLAY_CONFIG=draw,fps renders sporadically</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 110698</a> - tu_device.c:900:4: error: initializer element is not constant</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 110701</a> - GPU faults in in Unigine Valley 1.0</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 110721</a> - graphics corruption on steam client with mesa 19.1.0 rc3 on polaris</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 110761</a> - Huge problems between Mesa and Electron engine apps</li>
+<li><a href="">Bug 110784</a> - [regression][bisected] Reverting 'expose 0 shader binary formats for compat profiles for Qt' causes get_program_binary failures on Iris</li>
+<p>Adam Jackson (1):</p>
+ <li>drisw: Try harder to probe whether MIT-SHM works</li>
+<p>Albert Pal (1):</p>
+ <li>Fix link release notes for 19.0.0.</li>
+<p>Alejandro Piñeiro (12):</p>
+ <li>blorp: introduce helper method blorp_nir_init_shader</li>
+ <li>nir, glsl: move pixel_center_integer/origin_upper_left to shader_info.fs</li>
+ <li>nir/xfb: add component_offset at nir_xfb_info</li>
+ <li>nir_types: add glsl_varying_count helper</li>
+ <li>nir/xfb: adding varyings on nir_xfb_info and gather_info</li>
+ <li>nir/xfb: sort varyings too</li>
+ <li>nir_types: add glsl_type_is_struct helper</li>
+ <li>nir/xfb: handle arrays and AoA of basic types</li>
+ <li>nir/linker: use nir_gather_xfb_info</li>
+ <li>nir/linker: fix ARRAY_SIZE query with xfb varyings</li>
+ <li>nir/xfb: move varyings info out of nir_xfb_info</li>
+ <li>docs: document MESA_GLSL=errors keyword</li>
+<p>Alexander von Gluck IV (1):</p>
+ <li>haiku: Fix hgl dispatch build. Tested under meson/scons.</li>
+<p>Alexandros Frantzis (1):</p>
+ <li>virgl: Fake MSAA when max samples is 1</li>
+<p>Alok Hota (32):</p>
+ <li>swr/rast: update SWR rasterizer shader stats</li>
+ <li>gallium/swr: Param defaults for unhandled PIPE_CAPs</li>
+ <li>gallium/aux: add PIPE_CAP_MAX_VARYINGS to u_screen</li>
+ <li>swr/rast: Convert system memory pointers to gfxptr_t</li>
+ <li>swr/rast: Disable use of __forceinline by default</li>
+ <li>swr/rast: Correctly align 64-byte spills/fills</li>
+ <li>swr/rast: Flip BitScanReverse index calculation</li>
+ <li>swr/rast: Move knob defaults to generated cpp file</li>
+ <li>swr/rast: FP consistency between POSH/RENDER pipes</li>
+ <li>swr/rast: Refactor scratch space variable names</li>
+ <li>swr/rast: convert DWORD-&gt;uint32_t, QWORD-&gt;uint64_t</li>
+ <li>swr/rast: simdlib cleanup, clipper stack space fixes</li>
+ <li>swr/rast: Add translation support to streamout</li>
+ <li>swr/rast: bypass size limit for non-sampled textures</li>
+ <li>swr/rast: Cleanup and generalize gen_archrast</li>
+ <li>swr/rast: Add initial SWTag proto definitions</li>
+ <li>swr/rast: Add string handling to AR event framework</li>
+ <li>swr/rast: Add general SWTag statistics</li>
+ <li>swr/rast: Fix autotools and scons codegen</li>
+ <li>swr/rast: Remove deprecated 4x2 backend code</li>
+ <li>swr/rast: AVX512 support compiled in by default</li>
+ <li>swr/rast: enforce use of tile offsets</li>
+ <li>swr/rast: add more llvm intrinsics</li>
+ <li>swr/rast: update guardband rects at draw setup</li>
+ <li>swr/rast: add SWR_STATIC_ASSERT() macro</li>
+ <li>swr/rast: add flat shading</li>
+ <li>swr/rast: add guards for cpuid on Linux</li>
+ <li>swr/rast: early exit on empty triangle mask</li>
+ <li>swr/rast: Cleanup and generalize gen_archrast</li>
+ <li>swr/rast: Add initial SWTag proto definitions</li>
+ <li>swr/rast: Add string handling to AR event framework</li>
+ <li>swr/rast: Add general SWTag statistics</li>
+<p>Alyssa Rosenzweig (192):</p>
+ <li>panfrost: Initial stub for Panfrost driver</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Implement Midgard shader toolchain</li>
+ <li>meson: Remove panfrost from default driver list</li>
+ <li>kmsro: Move DRM entrypoints to shared block</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Use u_pipe_screen_get_param_defaults</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Check in sources for command stream</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Include glue for out-of-tree legacy code</li>
+ <li>kmsro: Silence warning if missing</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Clean-up one-argument passing quirk</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Don't hardcode number of nir_ssa_defs</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Add kernel-agnostic resource management</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Remove if 0'd dead code</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Remove speculative if 0'd format bit code</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Elucidate texture op scheduling comment</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Specify supported draw modes per-context</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Fix build; depend on libdrm</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Backport driver to Mali T600/T700</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Identify MALI_OCCLUSION_PRECISE bit</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Implement PIPE_QUERY_OCCLUSION_COUNTER</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Don't align framebuffer dims</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Improve logging and patch memory leaks</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Fix various leaks unmapping resources</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Free imported BOs</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Swap order of tiled texture (de)alloc</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Cleanup mali_viewport (clipping) code</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Preserve w sign in perspective division</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Fix clipping region</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Stub out separate stencil functions</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Add pandecode (command stream debugger)</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Implement pantrace (command stream dump)</li>
+ <li>panfrost/midgard: Refactor tag lookahead code</li>
+ <li>panfrost/midgard: Fix nested/chained if-else</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Rectify doubleplusungood extended branch</li>
+ <li>panfrost/midgard: Emit extended branches</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Dynamically set discard branch targets</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Verify and print brx condition in disasm</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Use tiler fast path (performance boost)</li>
+ <li>panfrost/meson: Remove subdir for nondrm</li>
+ <li>panfrost/nondrm: Flag CPU-invisible regions</li>
+ <li>panfrost/nondrm: Make COHERENT_LOCAL explicit</li>
+ <li>panfrost/nondrm: Split out dump_counters</li>
+ <li>panfrost/midgard: Add fround(_even), ftrunc, ffma</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Decode render target swizzle/channels</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Add RGB565, RGB5A1 texture formats</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Identify 4-bit channel texture formats</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Expose perf counters in environment</li>
+ <li>panfrost/midgard: Allow flt to run on most units</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Import job data structures from v3d</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Decouple Gallium clear from FBD clear</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Cleanup cruft related to clears</li>
+ <li>panfrost/midgard: Don't force constant on VLUT</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Flush with offscreen rendering</li>
+ <li>panfrost/midgard: Promote smul to vmul</li>
+ <li>panfrost/midgard: Preview for data hazards</li>
+ <li>panfrost: List primitive restart enable bit</li>
+ <li>panfrost/drm: Cast pointer to u64 to fix warning</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Cleanup needless if in create_bo</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Combine has_afbc/tiled in layout enum</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Delay color buffer setup</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Determine framebuffer format bits late</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Allocate dedicated slab for linear BOs</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Support linear depth textures</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Document "depth-buffer writeback" bit</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Identify fragment_extra flags</li>
+ <li>util: Add a drm_find_modifier helper</li>
+ <li>v3d: Use shared drm_find_modifier util</li>
+ <li>vc4: Use shared drm_find_modifier util</li>
+ <li>freedreno: Use shared drm_find_modifier util</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Break out fragment to SFBD/MFBD files</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Remove staging SFBD for pan_context</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Remove staging MFBD</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Minor comment cleanup (version detection)</li>
+ <li>panfrost/mfbd: Implement linear depth buffers</li>
+ <li>panfrost/mfbd: Respect per-job depth write flag</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Comment spelling fix</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Allocate extra data for depth buffer</li>
+ <li>panfrost; Disable AFBC for depth buffers</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Compute viewport state on the fly</li>
+ <li>panfrost/midgard: Implement fpow</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Workaround buffer overrun with mip level</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Fix primconvert check</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Disable PIPE_CAP_TGSI_TEXCOORD</li>
+ <li>panfrost/decode: Respect primitive size pointers</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Replay more varying buffers</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Rewrite varying assembly</li>
+ <li>panfrost/midgard: Fix b2f32 swizzle for vectors</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Fix viewports</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Implement scissor test</li>
+ <li>panfrost/midgard: Add fcsel_i opcode</li>
+ <li>panfrost/midgard: Schedule ball/bany to vectors</li>
+ <li>panfrost/midgard: Add more ball/bany, iabs ops</li>
+ <li>panfrost/midgard: Map more bany/ball opcodes</li>
+ <li>panfrost/midgard: Lower bool_to_int32</li>
+ <li>panfrost/midgard: Lower f2b32 to fne</li>
+ <li>panfrost/midgard: Lower i2b32</li>
+ <li>panfrost/midgard: Implement b2i; improve b2f/f2b</li>
+ <li>panfrost/midgard: Lower source modifiers for ints</li>
+ <li>panfrost/midgard: Cleanup</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Stub out ES3 caps/callbacks</li>
+ <li>panfrost/midgard: Add ult/ule ops</li>
+ <li>panfrost/midgard: Expand fge lowering to more types</li>
+ <li>panfrost/midgard: Handle i2b constant</li>
+ <li>panfrost/midgard: fpow is a two-part operation</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Preliminary work for mipmaps</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Fix vertex buffer corruption</li>
+ <li>panfrost/midgard: Disassemble `cube` texture op</li>
+ <li>panfrost/midgard: Add L/S op for writing cubemap coordinates</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Preliminary work for cubemaps</li>
+ <li>panfrost/decode: Decode all cubemap faces</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Include all cubemap faces in bitmap list</li>
+ <li>panfrost/midgard: Emit cubemap coordinates</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Implement command stream for linear cubemaps</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Extend tiling for cubemaps</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Implement missing texture formats</li>
+ <li>panfrost/decode: Print negative_start</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Clean index state between indexed draws</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Fix index calculation types and asserts</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Implement FIXED formats</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Remove support for legacy kernels</li>
+ <li>nir: Add "viewport vector" system values</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Implement system values</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Cleanup some indirection in pan_resource</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Respect box-&gt;width in tiled stores</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Size tiled temp buffers correctly</li>
+ <li>panfrost/decode: Add flags for tilebuffer readback</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Add tilebuffer load? branch</li>
+ <li>panfrost/midgard: Add umin/umax opcodes</li>
+ <li>panfrost/midgard: Add ilzcnt op</li>
+ <li>panfrost/midgard: Add ibitcount8 op</li>
+ <li>panfrost/midgard: Enable lower_find_lsb</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Remove "mali_unknown6" nonsense</li>
+ <li>panfrost/midgard: Drop dependence on mesa/st</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Cleanup indexed draw handling</li>
+ <li>nir: Add nir_lower_viewport_transform</li>
+ <li>panfrost/midgard: Use shared nir_lower_viewport_transform</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Track BO lifetime with jobs and reference counts</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Fixup vertex offsets to prevent shadow copy</li>
+ <li>panfrost/mdg: Use shared fsign lowering</li>
+ <li>panfrost/mdg/disasm: Print raw varying_parameters</li>
+ <li>panfrost/midgard: Pipe through varying arrays</li>
+ <li>panfrost/midgard: Implement indirect loads of varyings/UBOs</li>
+ <li>panfrost/midgard: Respect component of bcsel condition</li>
+ <li>panfrost/midgard: Remove useless MIR dump</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Respect backwards branches in RA</li>
+ <li>panfrost/midgard: Don't try to inline constants on branches</li>
+ <li>panfrost/midgard: imul can only run on *mul</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Disable indirect outputs for now</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Use actual imov instruction</li>
+ <li>panfrost/midgard: Dead code eliminate MIR</li>
+ <li>panfrost/midgard: Track loop depth</li>
+ <li>panfrost/midgard: Fix off-by-one in successor analysis</li>
+ <li>panfrost/midgard: Remove unused mir_next_block</li>
+ <li>panfrost/midgard: Update integer op list</li>
+ <li>panfrost/midgard: Document sign-extension/zero-extension bits (vector)</li>
+ <li>panfrost/midgard: Set integer mods</li>
+ <li>panfrost/midgard: Implement copy propagation</li>
+ <li>panfrost/midgard: Optimize MIR in progress loop</li>
+ <li>panfrost/midgard: Refactor opcode tables</li>
+ <li>panfrost/midgard: Add "op commutes?" property</li>
+ <li>panfrost/midgard: Remove assembler</li>
+ <li>panfrost/midgard: Reduce fmax(a, 0.0) to fmov.pos</li>
+ <li>panfrost/midgard: Extend copy propagation pass</li>
+ <li>panfrost/midgard: Optimize csel involving 0</li>
+ <li>panfrost/midgard: Copy prop for texture registers</li>
+ <li>panfrost/midgard: Identify inand</li>
+ <li>panfrost/midgard: Add new bitwise ops</li>
+ <li>Revert "panfrost/midgard: Extend copy propagation pass"</li>
+ <li>panfrost/midgard: Only copyprop without an outmod</li>
+ <li>panfrost/midgard: Fix regressions in -bjellyfish</li>
+ <li>panfrost/midgard: Fix tex propogation</li>
+ <li>panfrost/midgard: imov workaround</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Use fp32 (not fp16) varyings</li>
+ <li>panfrost/midgard: Safety check immediate precision degradations</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Workaround -bshadow regression</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Remove shader dump</li>
+ <li>panfrost/decode: Hit MRT blend shader enable bits</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Fix blend shader upload</li>
+ <li>panfrost/midgard: reg_mode_full -&gt; reg_mode_32, etc</li>
+ <li>panfrost/midgard/disasm: Catch mask errors</li>
+ <li>panfrost/midgard/disasm: Extend print_reg to 8-bit</li>
+ <li>panfrost/midgard/disasm: Fill in .int mod</li>
+ <li>panfrost/midgard: Fix crash on unknown op</li>
+ <li>panfrost/midgard: Rename ilzcnt8 -&gt; iclz</li>
+ <li>panfrost/midgard/disasm: Support 8-bit destination</li>
+ <li>panfrost/midgard/disasm: Print 8-bit sources</li>
+ <li>panfrost/midgard/disasm: Stub out 64-bit</li>
+ <li>panfrost/midgard/disasm: Handle dest_override generalized</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Support RGB565 FBOs</li>
+ <li>panfrost/midgard: Fix integer selection</li>
+ <li>panfrost/midgard: Fix RA when temp_count = 0</li>
+ <li>panfrost/midgard: Lower mixed csel (NIR)</li>
+ <li>panfrost/midgard: iabs cannot run on mul</li>
+<p>Alyssa Ross (1):</p>
+ <li> improve portability</li>
+<p>Amit Pundir (1):</p>
+ <li>mesa: android: freedreno: build libfreedreno_{drm,ir3} static libs</li>
+<p>Andre Heider (5):</p>
+ <li>iris: fix build with gallium nine</li>
+ <li>iris: improve PIPE_CAP_VIDEO_MEMORY bogus value</li>
+ <li>iris: add support for tgsi_to_nir</li>
+ <li>st/nine: enable csmt per default on iris</li>
+ <li>st/nine: skip position checks in SetCursorPosition()</li>
+<p>Andreas Baierl (2):</p>
+ <li>nir: add rcp(w) lowering for gl_FragCoord</li>
+ <li>lima/ppir: Add gl_FragCoord handling</li>
+<p>Andres Gomez (12):</p>
+ <li>mesa: INVALID_VALUE for wrong type or format in Clear*Buffer*Data</li>
+ <li>gitlab-ci: install distro's ninja</li>
+ <li>glsl: correctly validate component layout qualifier for dvec{3,4}</li>
+ <li>glsl/linker: always validate explicit location among inputs</li>
+ <li>glsl/linker: don't fail non static used inputs without matching outputs</li>
+ <li>glsl/linker: simplify xfb_offset vs xfb_stride overflow check</li>
+ <li>Revert "glsl: relax input-&gt;output validation for SSO programs"</li>
+ <li>glsl/linker: location aliasing requires types to have the same width</li>
+ <li>docs: drop Andres Gomez from the release cycles</li>
+ <li>glsl/linker: always validate explicit locations for first and last interfaces</li>
+ <li>docs/relnotes: add support for VK_KHR_shader_float16_int8</li>
+ <li>glsl/linker: check for xfb_offset aliasing</li>
+<p>Andrii Simiklit (5):</p>
+ <li>i965: consider a 'base level' when calculating width0, height0, depth0</li>
+ <li>i965: re-emit index buffer state on a reset option change.</li>
+ <li>util: clean the 24-bit unused field to avoid an issues</li>
+ <li>iris: make the TFB result visible to others</li>
+ <li>egl: return correct error code for a case req ver &lt; 3 with forward-compatible</li>
+<p>Antia Puentes (1):</p>
+ <li>nir/linker: Fix TRANSFORM_FEEDBACK_BUFFER_INDEX</li>
+<p>Anuj Phogat (7):</p>
+ <li>i965/icl: Add WA_2204188704 to disable pixel shader panic dispatch</li>
+ <li>anv/icl: Add WA_2204188704 to disable pixel shader panic dispatch</li>
+ <li>intel: Add Elkhart Lake device info</li>
+ <li>intel: Add Elkhart Lake PCI-IDs</li>
+ <li>iris/icl: Set Enabled Texel Offset Precision Fix bit</li>
+ <li>iris/icl: Add WA_2204188704 to disable pixel shader panic dispatch</li>
+ <li>intel: Add support for Comet Lake</li>
+<p>Axel Davy (49):</p>
+ <li>st/nine: Ignore window size if error</li>
+ <li>st/nine: Ignore multisample quality level if no ms</li>
+ <li>st/nine: Disable depth write when nothing gets updated</li>
+ <li>st/nine: Do not advertise support for D15S1 and D24X4S4</li>
+ <li>st/nine: Do not advertise CANMANAGERESOURCE</li>
+ <li>st/nine: Change a few advertised caps</li>
+ <li>Revert "d3dadapter9: Support software renderer on any DRI device"</li>
+ <li>st/nine: Fix D3DWindowBuffer_release for old wine nine support</li>
+ <li>st/nine: Use FLT_MAX/2 for RCP clamping</li>
+ <li>st/nine: Upload managed textures only at draw using them</li>
+ <li>st/nine: Upload managed buffers only at draw using them</li>
+ <li>st/nine: Fix buffer/texture unbinding in nine_state_clear</li>
+ <li>st/nine: Finish if nooverwrite after normal mapping</li>
+ <li>st/nine: Always return OK on SetSoftwareVertexProcessing</li>
+ <li>st/nine: Enable modifiers on ps 1.X texcoords</li>
+ <li>st/nine: Ignore nooverwrite for systemmem</li>
+ <li>st/nine: Fix SINCOS input</li>
+ <li>st/nine: Optimize surface upload with conversion</li>
+ <li>st/nine: Optimize volume upload with conversion</li>
+ <li>st/nine: rename *_conversion to *_internal</li>
+ <li>st/nine: Refactor surface GetSystemMemPointer</li>
+ <li>st/nine: Refactor volume GetSystemMemPointer</li>
+ <li>st/nine: Support internal compressed format for surfaces</li>
+ <li>st/nine: Support internal compressed format for volumes</li>
+ <li>st/nine: Add drirc option to use data_internal for dynamic textures</li>
+ <li>drirc: Add Gallium nine workaround for Rayman Legends</li>
+ <li>st/nine: Recompile optimized shaders based on b/i consts</li>
+ <li>st/nine: Control shader constant inlining with drirc</li>
+ <li>st/nine: Regroup param-&gt;rel tests</li>
+ <li>st/nine: Refactor param-&gt;rel</li>
+ <li>st/nine: Compact nine_ff_get_projected_key</li>
+ <li>st/nine: Compact pixel shader key</li>
+ <li>st/nine: use helper ureg_DECL_sampler everywhere</li>
+ <li>st/nine: Manually upload vs and ps constants</li>
+ <li>st/nine: Refactor shader constants ureg_src computation</li>
+ <li>st/nine: Make swvp_on imply IS_VS</li>
+ <li>st/nine: Refactor ct_ctor</li>
+ <li>st/nine: Track constant slots used</li>
+ <li>st/nine: Refactor counting of constants</li>
+ <li>st/nine: Prepare constant compaction in nine_shader</li>
+ <li>st/nine: Propagate const_range to context</li>
+ <li>st/nine: Cache constant buffer size</li>
+ <li>st/nine: Handle const_ranges in nine_state</li>
+ <li>st/nine: Enable computing const_ranges</li>
+ <li>st/nine: Use TGSI_SEMANTIC_GENERIC for fog</li>
+ <li>st/nine: Optimize a bit writeonly buffers</li>
+ <li>st/nine: Throttle rendering similarly for thread_submit</li>
+ <li>st/nine: Check discard_delayed_release is set before allocating more</li>
+ <li>d3dadapter9: Revert to old throttling limit value</li>
+<p>Bart Oldeman (1):</p>
+ <li>gallium-xlib: query MIT-SHM before using it.</li>
+<p>Bas Nieuwenhuizen (105):</p>
+ <li>radv: Only look at pImmutableSamples if the descriptor has a sampler.</li>
+ <li>amd/common: Add gep helper for pointer increment.</li>
+ <li>amd/common: Implement ptr-&gt;int casts in ac_to_integer.</li>
+ <li>radv: Fix the shader info pass for not having the variable.</li>
+ <li>amd/common: Use correct writemask for shared memory stores.</li>
+ <li>amd/common: Fix stores to derefs with unknown variable.</li>
+ <li>amd/common: Handle nir_deref_type_ptr_as_array for shared memory.</li>
+ <li>amd/common: handle nir_deref_cast for shared memory from integers.</li>
+ <li>amd/common: Do not use 32-bit loads for shared memory.</li>
+ <li>amd/common: Implement global memory accesses.</li>
+ <li>radv: Do not use the bo list for local buffers.</li>
+ <li>radv: Implement VK_EXT_buffer_device_address.</li>
+ <li>radv: Use correct num formats to detect whether we should be use 1.0 or 1.</li>
+ <li>radv: Sync ETC2 whitelisted devices.</li>
+ <li>radv: Clean up a bunch of compiler warnings.</li>
+ <li>radv: Handle clip+cull distances more generally as compact arrays.</li>
+ <li>radv: Implement VK_EXT_depth_clip_enable.</li>
+ <li>radv: Disable depth clamping even without EXT_depth_range_unrestricted.</li>
+ <li>radv: Fix float16 interpolation set up.</li>
+ <li>radv: Allow interpolation on non-float types.</li>
+ <li>radv: Interpolate less aggressively.</li>
+ <li>turnip: Add driver skeleton (v2)</li>
+ <li>turnip: Fix up detection of device.</li>
+ <li>turnip: Gather some device info.</li>
+ <li>turnip: Remove abort.</li>
+ <li>turnip: Fix newly introduced warning.</li>
+ <li>turnip: Add buffer allocation &amp; mapping support.</li>
+ <li>turnip: Report a memory type and heap.</li>
+ <li>turnip: Cargo cult the Intel heap size functionality.</li>
+ <li>turnip: Initialize memory type in requirements.</li>
+ <li>turnip: Disable more features.</li>
+ <li>turnip: Add 630 to the list.</li>
+ <li>turnip: Fix bo allocation after we stopped using libdrm_freedreno ...</li>
+ <li>turnip: Fix memory mapping.</li>
+ <li>turnip: Add image layout calculations.</li>
+ <li>turnip: Stop hardcoding the msm version check.</li>
+ <li>turnip: move tu_gem.c to tu_drm.c</li>
+ <li>turnip: Implement pipe-less param query.</li>
+ <li>turnip: Implement some format properties for RGBA8.</li>
+ <li>turnip: Remove some radv leftovers.</li>
+ <li>turnip: clean up TODO.</li>
+ <li>turnip: Implement some UUIDs.</li>
+ <li>turnip: Implement a slow bo list</li>
+ <li>turnip: Add a command stream.</li>
+ <li>turnip: Add msm queue support.</li>
+ <li>turnip: Make bo_list functions not static</li>
+ <li>turnip: Implement submission.</li>
+ <li>turnip: Fill command buffer</li>
+ <li>turnip: Shorten primary_cmd_stream name.</li>
+ <li>turnip: Add emit functions in a header.</li>
+ <li>turnip: Move stream functions to tu_cs.c</li>
+ <li>turnip: Add buffer memory binding.</li>
+ <li>turnip: Make tu6_emit_event_write shared.</li>
+ <li>turnip: Add tu6_rb_fmt_to_ifmt.</li>
+ <li>turnip: Implement buffer-&gt;buffer DMA copies.</li>
+ <li>turnip: Add image-&gt;buffer DMA copies.</li>
+ <li>turnip: Add buffer-&gt;image DMA copies.</li>
+ <li>turnip: Add todo for copies.</li>
+ <li>turnip: Fix GCC compiles.</li>
+ <li>turnip: Deconflict vk_format_table regeneration</li>
+ <li>gitlab-ci: Build turnip.</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: Remove implicit const cast.</li>
+ <li>radv: Allow fast clears with concurrent queue mask for some layouts.</li>
+ <li>vulkan/util: Handle enums that are in platform-specific headers.</li>
+ <li>vulkan: Update the XML and headers to 1.1.104</li>
+ <li>radv: Implement VK_EXT_host_query_reset.</li>
+ <li>radv: Use correct image view comparison for fast clears.</li>
+ <li>radv: Implement VK_EXT_pipeline_creation_feedback.</li>
+ <li>ac/nir: Return frag_coord as integer.</li>
+ <li>nir: Add access qualifiers on load_ubo intrinsic.</li>
+ <li>radv: Add non-uniform indexing lowering.</li>
+ <li>radv: Add bolist RADV_PERFTEST flag.</li>
+ <li>ac: Move has_local_buffers disable to radeonsi.</li>
+ <li>radv: Use local buffers for the global bo list.</li>
+ <li>radv: Support VK_EXT_inline_uniform_block.</li>
+ <li>radv: Add support for driconf.</li>
+ <li>vulkan/wsi: Add X11 adaptive sync support based on dri options.</li>
+ <li>radv: Add adaptive_sync driconfig option and enable it by default.</li>
+ <li>radv: Add logic for subsampled format descriptions.</li>
+ <li>radv: Add logic for multisample format descriptions.</li>
+ <li>radv: Add multiple planes to images.</li>
+ <li>radv: Add single plane image views &amp; meta operations.</li>
+ <li>radv: Support different source &amp; dest aspects for planar images in blit2d.</li>
+ <li>radv: Add ycbcr conversion structs.</li>
+ <li>radv: Add support for image views with multiple planes.</li>
+ <li>radv: Allow mixed src/dst aspects in copies.</li>
+ <li>ac/nir: Add support for planes.</li>
+ <li>radv: Add ycbcr samplers in descriptor set layouts.</li>
+ <li>radv: Update descriptor sets for multiple planes.</li>
+ <li>radv: Add ycbcr lowering pass.</li>
+ <li>radv: Run the new ycbcr lowering pass.</li>
+ <li>radv: Add hashing for the ycbcr samplers.</li>
+ <li>radv: Add ycbcr format features.</li>
+ <li>radv: Add ycbcr subsampled &amp; multiplane formats to csv.</li>
+ <li>radv: Enable YCBCR conversion feature.</li>
+ <li>radv: Expose VK_EXT_ycbcr_image_arrays.</li>
+ <li>radv: Expose Vulkan 1.1 for Android.</li>
+ <li>radv: Fix hang width YCBCR array textures.</li>
+ <li>radv: Set is_array in lowered ycbcr tex instructions.</li>
+ <li>radv: Restrict YUVY formats to 1 layer.</li>
+ <li>radv: Disable subsampled formats.</li>
+ <li>radv: Implement cosited_even sampling.</li>
+ <li>radv: Do not use extra descriptor space for the 3rd plane.</li>
+ <li>nir: Actually propagate progress in nir_opt_move_load_ubo.</li>
+ <li>radv: Prevent out of bound shift on 32-bit builds.</li>
+<p>Benjamin Gordon (1):</p>
+ <li> Add options for library suffixes</li>
+<p>Benjamin Tissoires (1):</p>
+ <li>CI: use wayland ci-templates repo to create the base image</li>
+<p>Boyan Ding (3):</p>
+ <li>gk110/ir: Add rcp f64 implementation</li>
+ <li>gk110/ir: Add rsq f64 implementation</li>
+ <li>gk110/ir: Use the new rcp/rsq in library</li>
+<p>Boyuan Zhang (1):</p>
+ <li>st/va: reverse qt matrix back to its original order</li>
+<p>Brian Paul (51):</p>
+ <li>st/mesa: whitespace/formatting fixes in st_cb_texture.c</li>
+ <li>svga: assorted whitespace and formatting fixes</li>
+ <li>svga: fix dma.pending &gt; 0 test</li>
+ <li>mesa: fix display list corner case assertion</li>
+ <li>st/mesa: whitespace fixes in st_sampler_view.c</li>
+ <li>st/mesa: line wrapping, whitespace fixes in st_cb_texture.c</li>
+ <li>st/mesa: whitespace fixes in st_texture.h</li>
+ <li>svga: init fill variable to avoid compiler warning</li>
+ <li>svga: silence array out of bounds warning</li>
+ <li>st/wgl: init a variable to silence MinGW warning</li>
+ <li>gallium/util: whitespace cleanups in u_bitmask.[ch]</li>
+ <li>gallium/util: add some const qualifiers in u_bitmask.c</li>
+ <li>pipebuffer: use new pb_usage_flags enum type</li>
+ <li>pipebuffer: whitespace fixes in pb_buffer.h</li>
+ <li>winsys/svga: use new pb_usage_flags enum type</li>
+ <li>st/mesa: move, clean-up shader variant key decls/inits</li>
+ <li>st/mesa: whitespace, formatting fixes in st_cb_flush.c</li>
+ <li>svga: refactor draw_vgpu10() function</li>
+ <li>svga: remove SVGA_RELOC_READ flag in SVGA3D_BindGBSurface()</li>
+ <li>pipebuffer: s/PB_ALL_USAGE_FLAGS/PB_USAGE_ALL/</li>
+ <li>st/mesa: init hash keys with memset(), not designated initializers</li>
+ <li>intel/decoders: silence uninitialized variable warnings in gen_print_batch()</li>
+ <li>intel/compiler: silence unitialized variable warning in opt_vector_float()</li>
+ <li>st/mesa: move utility functions, macros into new st_util.h file</li>
+ <li>st/mesa: move around some code in st_context.c</li>
+ <li>st/mesa: add/improve sampler view comments</li>
+ <li>st/mesa: rename st_texture_release_sampler_view()</li>
+ <li>st/mesa: minor refactoring of texture/sampler delete code</li>
+ <li>docs: try to improve the Meson documentation (v2)</li>
+ <li>drisw: fix incomplete type compilation failure</li>
+ <li>gallium/winsys/kms: fix incomplete type compilation failure</li>
+ <li>nir: silence a couple new compiler warnings</li>
+ <li>docs: separate information for compiler selection and compiler options</li>
+ <li>docs: link to the meson_options.txt file</li>
+ <li>st/mesa: implement "zombie" sampler views (v2)</li>
+ <li>st/mesa: implement "zombie" shaders list</li>
+ <li>st/mesa: stop using pipe_sampler_view_release()</li>
+ <li>svga: stop using pipe_sampler_view_release()</li>
+ <li>llvmpipe: stop using pipe_sampler_view_release()</li>
+ <li>swr: remove call to pipe_sampler_view_release()</li>
+ <li>i915g: remove calls to pipe_sampler_view_release()</li>
+ <li>gallium/util: remove pipe_sampler_view_release()</li>
+ <li>nir: fix a few signed/unsigned comparison warnings</li>
+ <li>st/mesa: fix texture deletion context mix-up issues (v2)</li>
+ <li>nir: use {0} initializer instead of {} to fix MSVC build</li>
+ <li>util: no-op __builtin_types_compatible_p() for non-GCC compilers</li>
+ <li>docs: s/Aptril/April/</li>
+ <li>llvmpipe: init some vars to NULL to silence MinGW compiler warnings</li>
+ <li>glsl: work around MinGW 7.x compiler bug</li>
+ <li>svga: add SVGA_NO_LOGGING env var (v2)</li>
+ <li>glsl: fix typo in #warning message</li>
+<p>Caio Marcelo de Oliveira Filho (61):</p>
+ <li>nir: keep the phi order when splitting blocks</li>
+ <li>i965: skip bit6 swizzle detection in Gen8+</li>
+ <li>anv: skip bit6 swizzle detection in Gen8+</li>
+ <li>isl: assert that Gen8+ don't have bit6_swizzling</li>
+ <li>intel/compiler: use 0 as sampler in emit_mcs_fetch</li>
+ <li>nir: fix example in opt_peel_loop_initial_if description</li>
+ <li>iris: Fix uses of gl_TessLevel*</li>
+ <li>iris: Add support for TCS passthrough</li>
+ <li>iris: always include an extra constbuf0 if using UBOs</li>
+ <li>nir/copy_prop_vars: don't get confused by array_deref of vectors</li>
+ <li>nir/copy_prop_vars: add debug helpers</li>
+ <li>nir/copy_prop_vars: keep track of components in copy_entry</li>
+ <li>nir/copy_prop_vars: change test helper to get intrinsics</li>
+ <li>nir: nir_build_deref_follower accept array derefs of vectors</li>
+ <li>nir/copy_prop_vars: add tests for load/store elements of vectors</li>
+ <li>nir: fix MSVC build</li>
+ <li>st/nir: count num_uniforms for FS bultin shader</li>
+ <li>nir/copy_prop_vars: rename/refactor store_to_entry helper</li>
+ <li>nir/copy_prop_vars: use NIR_MAX_VEC_COMPONENTS</li>
+ <li>nir/copy_prop_vars: handle load/store of vector elements</li>
+ <li>nir/copy_prop_vars: add tests for indirect array deref</li>
+ <li>nir/copy_prop_vars: prefer using entries from equal derefs</li>
+ <li>nir/copy_prop_vars: handle indirect vector elements</li>
+ <li>anv: Implement VK_EXT_external_memory_host</li>
+ <li>nir: Add a pass to combine store_derefs to same vector</li>
+ <li>intel/nir: Combine store_derefs after vectorizing IO</li>
+ <li>intel/nir: Combine store_derefs to improve code from SPIR-V</li>
+ <li>nir: Handle array-deref-of-vector case in loop analysis</li>
+ <li>spirv: Add an execution environment to the options</li>
+ <li>intel/compiler: handle GLSL_TYPE_INTERFACE as GLSL_TYPE_STRUCT</li>
+ <li>spirv: Use interface type for block and buffer block</li>
+ <li>iris: Clean up compiler warnings about unused</li>
+ <li>nir: Take if_uses into account when repairing SSA</li>
+ <li>mesa: Extension boilerplate for NV_compute_shader_derivatives</li>
+ <li>glsl: Remove redundant conditions when asserting in_qualifier</li>
+ <li>glsl: Enable derivative builtins for NV_compute_shader_derivatives</li>
+ <li>glsl: Enable texture builtins for NV_compute_shader_derivatives</li>
+ <li>glsl: Parse and propagate derivative_group to shader_info</li>
+ <li>nir/algebraic: Lower CS derivatives to zero when no group defined</li>
+ <li>nir: Don't set LOD=0 for compute shader that has derivative group</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: Use TEX_LOGICAL whenever implicit lod is supported</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: Add support for CS to group invocations in quads</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: Don't loop when lowering CS intrinsics</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: Use NIR_PASS_V when lowering CS intrinsics</li>
+ <li>i965: Advertise NV_compute_shader_derivatives</li>
+ <li>iris: Enable NV_compute_shader_derivatives</li>
+ <li>spirv: Add support for DerivativeGroup capabilities</li>
+ <li>anv: Implement VK_NV_compute_shader_derivatives</li>
+ <li>docs: Add NV_compute_shader_derivatives to 19.1.0 relnotes</li>
+ <li>spirv: Add more to_string helpers</li>
+ <li>spirv: Tell which opcode or value is unhandled when failing</li>
+ <li>spirv: Rename vtn_decoration literals to operands</li>
+ <li>spirv: Handle SpvOpDecorateId</li>
+ <li>nir: Add option to lower tex to txl when shader don't support implicit LOD</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: Don't handle texop_tex for shaders without implicit LOD</li>
+ <li>spirv: Properly handle SpvOpAtomicCompareExchangeWeak</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: Assert when brw_fs_nir sees a nir_deref_instr</li>
+ <li>anv: Fix limits when VK_EXT_descriptor_indexing is used</li>
+ <li>nir: Fix nir_opt_idiv_const when negatives are involved</li>
+ <li>nir: Fix clone of nir_variable state slots</li>
+<p>Carlos Garnacho (1):</p>
+ <li>wayland/egl: Ensure EGL surface is resized on DRI update_buffers()</li>
+<p>Chad Versace (17):</p>
+ <li>turnip: Drop and</li>
+ <li>turnip: Fix indentation in function signatures</li>
+ <li>turnip: Fix result of vkEnumerate*LayerProperties</li>
+ <li>turnip: Fix result of vkEnumerate*ExtensionProperties</li>
+ <li>turnip: Use vk_outarray in all relevant public functions</li>
+ <li>turnip: Fix a real -Wmaybe-uninitialized</li>
+ <li>turnip: Fix indentation</li>
+ <li>turnip: Require DRM device version &gt;= 1.3</li>
+ <li>turnip: Add TODO for Android logging</li>
+ <li>turnip: Use vk_errorf() for initialization error messages</li>
+ <li>turnip: Replace fd_bo with tu_bo</li>
+ <li>turnip: Add TODO file</li>
+ <li>turnip: Fix 'unused' warnings</li>
+ <li>turnip: Don't return from tu_stub funcs</li>
+ <li>turnip: Annotate vkGetImageSubresourceLayout with tu_stub</li>
+ <li>turnip: Fix error behavior for VkPhysicalDeviceExternalImageFormatInfo</li>
+ <li>turnip: Use Vulkan 1.1 names instead of KHR</li>
+<p>Charmaine Lee (5):</p>
+ <li>svga: add svga shader type in the shader variant</li>
+ <li>svga: move host logging to winsys</li>
+ <li>st/mesa: purge framebuffers with current context after unbinding winsys buffers</li>
+ <li>mesa: unreference current winsys buffers when unbinding winsys buffers</li>
+ <li>svga: Remove unnecessary check for the pre flush bit for setting vertex buffers</li>
+<p>Chenglei Ren (1):</p>
+ <li>anv/android: fix missing dependencies issue during parallel build</li>
+<p>Chia-I Wu (78):</p>
+ <li>egl: fix KHR_partial_update without EXT_buffer_age</li>
+ <li>turnip: add .clang-format</li>
+ <li>turnip: use msm_drm.h from inc_freedreno</li>
+ <li>turnip: remove unnecessary libfreedreno_drm dep</li>
+ <li>turnip: add wrappers around DRM_MSM_GET_PARAM</li>
+ <li>turnip: add wrappers around DRM_MSM_SUBMITQUEUE_*</li>
+ <li>turnip: constify tu_device in tu_gem_*</li>
+ <li>turnip: preliminary support for tu_QueueWaitIdle</li>
+ <li>turnip: run sed and clang-format on tu_cs</li>
+ <li>turnip: document tu_cs</li>
+ <li>turnip: add tu_cs_add_bo</li>
+ <li>turnip: minor cleanup to tu_cs_end</li>
+ <li>turnip: update cs-&gt;start in tu_cs_end</li>
+ <li>turnip: inline tu_cs_check_space</li>
+ <li>turnip: add more tu_cs helpers</li>
+ <li>turnip: build drm_msm_gem_submit_bo array directly</li>
+ <li>turnip: add tu_bo_list_merge</li>
+ <li>turnip: add cmdbuf-&gt;bo_list to bo_list in queue submit</li>
+ <li>turnip: preliminary support for tu_BindImageMemory2</li>
+ <li>turnip: preliminary support for tu_image_view_init</li>
+ <li>turnip: preliminary support for tu_CmdBeginRenderPass</li>
+ <li>turnip: add tu_cs_reserve_space(_assert)</li>
+ <li>turnip: emit HW init in tu_BeginCommandBuffer</li>
+ <li>turnip: preliminary support for tu_GetRenderAreaGranularity</li>
+ <li>turnip: add tu_tiling_config</li>
+ <li>turnip: add internal helpers for tu_cs</li>
+ <li>turnip: add tu_cs_{reserve,add}_entry</li>
+ <li>turnip: specify initial size in tu_cs_init</li>
+ <li>turnip: never fail tu_cs_begin/tu_cs_end</li>
+ <li>turnip: add tu_cs_sanity_check</li>
+ <li>turnip: provide both emit_ib and emit_call</li>
+ <li>turnip: add tu_cs_mode</li>
+ <li>turnip: add TU_CS_MODE_SUB_STREAM</li>
+ <li>turnip: preliminary support for loadOp and storeOp</li>
+ <li>turnip: add a more complete format table</li>
+ <li>turnip: add functions to import/export prime fd</li>
+ <li>turnip: advertise VK_KHR_external_memory_capabilities</li>
+ <li>turnip: advertise VK_KHR_external_memory</li>
+ <li>turnip: add support for VK_KHR_external_memory_{fd,dma_buf}</li>
+ <li>turnip: fix VkClearValue packing</li>
+ <li>turnip: preliminary support for fences</li>
+ <li>turnip: respect color attachment formats</li>
+ <li>turnip: mark IBs for dumping</li>
+ <li>turnip: use 32-bit offset in tu_cs_entry</li>
+ <li>turnip: more/better asserts for tu_cs</li>
+ <li>turnip: add tu_cs_discard_entries</li>
+ <li>turnip: tu_cs_emit_array</li>
+ <li>turnip: fix tu_cs sub-streams</li>
+ <li>turnip: simplify tu_cs sub-streams usage</li>
+ <li>turnip: create a less dummy pipeline</li>
+ <li>turnip: parse VkPipelineDynamicStateCreateInfo</li>
+ <li>turnip: parse VkPipelineInputAssemblyStateCreateInfo</li>
+ <li>turnip: parse VkPipelineViewportStateCreateInfo</li>
+ <li>turnip: parse VkPipelineRasterizationStateCreateInfo</li>
+ <li>turnip: parse VkPipelineDepthStencilStateCreateInfo</li>
+ <li>turnip: parse VkPipeline{Multisample,ColorBlend}StateCreateInfo</li>
+ <li>turnip: preliminary support for shader modules</li>
+ <li>turnip: compile VkPipelineShaderStageCreateInfo</li>
+ <li>turnip: parse VkPipelineShaderStageCreateInfo</li>
+ <li>turnip: parse VkPipelineVertexInputStateCreateInfo</li>
+ <li>turnip: add draw_cs to tu_cmd_buffer</li>
+ <li>turnip: preliminary support for draw state binding</li>
+ <li>turnip: preliminary support for tu_CmdDraw</li>
+ <li>turnip: guard -Dvulkan-driver=freedreno</li>
+ <li>turnip: preliminary support for tu_GetImageSubresourceLayout</li>
+ <li>turnip: preliminary support for Wayland WSI</li>
+ <li>vulkan/wsi: move modifier array into wsi_wl_swapchain</li>
+ <li>vulkan/wsi: create wl_drm wrapper as needed</li>
+ <li>vulkan/wsi: refactor drm_handle_format</li>
+ <li>vulkan/wsi: add wsi_wl_display_drm</li>
+ <li>vulkan/wsi: add wsi_wl_display_dmabuf</li>
+ <li>vulkan/wsi: make wl_drm optional</li>
+ <li>virgl: handle fence_server_sync in winsys</li>
+ <li>virgl: hide fence internals from the driver</li>
+ <li>virgl: introduce virgl_drm_fence</li>
+ <li>virgl: fix fence fd version check</li>
+ <li>virgl: clear vertex_array_dirty</li>
+ <li>virgl: skip empty cmdbufs</li>
+<p>Chris Forbes (3):</p>
+ <li>glsl: add scaffolding for EXT_gpu_shader4</li>
+ <li>glsl: enable noperspective|flat|centroid for EXT_gpu_shader4</li>
+ <li>glsl: enable types for EXT_gpu_shader4</li>
+<p>Chris Wilson (19):</p>
+ <li>i965: Assert the execobject handles match for this device</li>
+ <li>iris: fix import from dri2/3</li>
+ <li>iris: IndexFormat = size/2</li>
+ <li>iris: Set resource modifier on handle</li>
+ <li>iris: Wrap userptr for creating bo</li>
+ <li>iris: AMD_pinned_memory</li>
+ <li>iris: Record reusability of bo on construction</li>
+ <li>iris: fix memzone_for_address since multibinder changes</li>
+ <li>iris: Tidy exporting the flink handle</li>
+ <li>iris: Fix assigning the output handle for exporting for KMS</li>
+ <li>iris: Merge two walks of the exec_bos list</li>
+ <li>iris: Tag each submitted batch with a syncobj</li>
+ <li>iris: Add fence support using drm_syncobj</li>
+ <li>iris: Wire up EGL_IMG_context_priority</li>
+ <li>iris: Use PIPE_BUFFER_STAGING for the query objects</li>
+ <li>iris: Use coherent allocation for PIPE_RESOURCE_STAGING</li>
+ <li>iris: Use streaming loads to read from tiled surfaces</li>
+ <li>iris: Push heavy memchecker code to DEBUG</li>
+ <li>iris: Adapt to variable ppGTT size</li>
+<p>Christian Gmeiner (12):</p>
+ <li>etnaviv: rs: mark used src resource as read from</li>
+ <li>etnaviv: blt: mark used src resource as read from</li>
+ <li>etnaviv: implement ETC2 block patching for HALTI0</li>
+ <li>etnaviv: keep track of mapped bo address</li>
+ <li>etnaviv: hook-up etc2 patching</li>
+ <li>etnaviv: enable ETC2 texture compression support for HALTI0 GPUs</li>
+ <li>etnaviv: fix resource usage tracking across different pipe_context's</li>
+ <li>etnaviv: fix compile warnings</li>
+ <li>st/dri: allow direct UYVY import</li>
+ <li>etnaviv: shrink struct etna_3d_state</li>
+ <li>nir: add lower_ftrunc</li>
+ <li>etnaviv: use the correct uniform dirty bits</li>
+<p>Chuck Atkins (1):</p>
+ <li>meson: Fix missing glproto dependency for gallium-glx</li>
+<p>Connor Abbott (6):</p>
+ <li>nir/serialize: Prevent writing uninitialized state_slot data</li>
+ <li>nir: Add a stripping pass for improved cacheability</li>
+ <li>radeonsi/nir: Use nir stripping pass</li>
+ <li>nir/search: Add automaton-based pre-searching</li>
+ <li>nir/search: Add debugging code to dump the pattern matched</li>
+ <li>nir/algebraic: Don't emit empty initializers for MSVC</li>
+<p>Daniel Schürmann (2):</p>
+ <li>nir: Define shifts according to SM5 specification.</li>
+ <li>nir: Use SM5 properties to optimize shift(a@32, iand(31, b))</li>
+<p>Daniel Stone (2):</p>
+ <li>panfrost: Properly align stride</li>
+ <li>vulkan/wsi/wayland: Respect non-blocking AcquireNextImage</li>
+<p>Danylo Piliaiev (13):</p>
+ <li>anv: Handle VK_ATTACHMENT_UNUSED in colorAttachment</li>
+ <li>radv: Handle VK_ATTACHMENT_UNUSED in CmdClearAttachment</li>
+ <li>anv: Fix VK_EXT_transform_feedback working with varyings packed in PSIZ</li>
+ <li>anv: Fix destroying descriptor sets when pool gets reset</li>
+ <li>anv: Treat zero size XFB buffer as disabled</li>
+ <li>glsl: Cross validate variable's invariance by explicit invariance only</li>
+ <li>i965,iris,anv: Make alpha to coverage work with sample mask</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: Make alpha test work with MRT and sample mask</li>
+ <li>st/mesa: Fix GL_MAP_COLOR with glDrawPixels GL_COLOR_INDEX</li>
+ <li>iris: Fix assert when using vertex attrib without buffer binding</li>
+ <li>intel/compiler: Do not reswizzle dst if instruction writes to flag register</li>
+ <li>drirc: Add workaround for Epic Games Launcher</li>
+ <li>anv: Do not emulate texture swizzle for INPUT_ATTACHMENT, STORAGE_IMAGE</li>
+<p>Dave Airlie (63):</p>
+ <li>virgl: enable elapsed time queries</li>
+ <li>virgl: ARB_query_buffer_object support</li>
+ <li>docs: update qbo support for virgl</li>
+ <li>glsl: glsl to nir fix uninit class member.</li>
+ <li>radv/llvm: initialise passes member.</li>
+ <li>radv: remove alloc parameter from pipeline init</li>
+ <li>iris: fix some hangs around null framebuffers</li>
+ <li>iris: fix crash in sparse vertex array</li>
+ <li>iris: add initial transform feedback overflow query paths (V3)</li>
+ <li>iris: fix cube texture view</li>
+ <li>iris: execute compute related query on compute batch.</li>
+ <li>iris: iris add load register reg32/64</li>
+ <li>iris: add conditional render support</li>
+ <li>iris: fix gpu calcs for timestamp queries</li>
+ <li>iris/WIP: add broadwell support</li>
+ <li>iris: limit gen8 to 8 samples</li>
+ <li>iris: setup gen8 caps</li>
+ <li>iris: add fs invocations query workaround for broadwell</li>
+ <li>iris: handle qbo fragment shader invocation workaround</li>
+ <li>st/mesa: add support for lowering fp64/int64 for nir drivers</li>
+ <li>softpipe: fix texture view crashes</li>
+ <li>nir/spirv: don't use bare types, remove assert in split vars for testing</li>
+ <li>nir/deref: remove casts of casts which are likely redundant (v3)</li>
+ <li>softpipe: fix 32-bit bitfield extract</li>
+ <li>softpipe: handle 32-bit bitfield inserts</li>
+ <li>softpipe: remove shadow_ref assert.</li>
+ <li>softpipe: fix integer texture swizzling for 1 vs 1.0f</li>
+ <li>nir/split_vars: fixup some more explicit_stride related issues.</li>
+ <li>draw: bail instead of assert on instance count (v2)</li>
+ <li>draw/gs: fix point size outputs from geometry shader.</li>
+ <li>draw/vs: partly fix basevertex/vertex id</li>
+ <li>softpipe: fix clears to only clear specified color buffers.</li>
+ <li>softpipe/draw: fix vertex id in soft paths.</li>
+ <li>softpipe: add indirect store buffer/image unit</li>
+ <li>nir/deref: fix struct wrapper casts. (v3)</li>
+ <li>nir: use proper array sizing define for vectors</li>
+ <li>intel/compiler: use defined size for vector components</li>
+ <li>iris: avoid use after free in shader destruction</li>
+ <li>ddebug: add compute functions to help hang detection</li>
+ <li>draw: add stream member to stats callback</li>
+ <li>tgsi: add support for geometry shader streams.</li>
+ <li>softpipe: add support for indexed queries.</li>
+ <li>draw: add support to tgsi paths for geometry streams. (v2)</li>
+ <li>softpipe: add support for vertex streams (v2)</li>
+ <li>virgl: add support for missing command buffer binding.</li>
+ <li>virgl: add support for ARB_multi_draw_indirect</li>
+ <li>virgl: add support for ARB_indirect_parameters</li>
+ <li>draw: fix undefined shift of (1 &lt;&lt; 31)</li>
+ <li>swrast: fix undefined shift of 1 &lt;&lt; 31</li>
+ <li>llvmpipe: fix undefined shift 1 &lt;&lt; 31.</li>
+ <li>virgl/drm: cleanup buffer from handle creation (v2)</li>
+ <li>virgl/drm: handle flink name better.</li>
+ <li>virgl/drm: insert correct handles into the table. (v3)</li>
+ <li>intel/compiler: fix uninit non-static variable. (v2)</li>
+ <li>nir: fix bit_size in lower indirect derefs.</li>
+ <li>r600: reset tex array override even when no view bound</li>
+ <li>spirv: fix SpvOpBitSize return value.</li>
+ <li>nir: fix lower vars to ssa for larger vector sizes.</li>
+ <li>util/tests: add basic unit tests for bitset</li>
+ <li>util/bitset: fix bitset range mask calculations.</li>
+ <li>kmsro: add to two of the kmsro drivers.</li>
+ <li>glsl: init packed in more constructors.</li>
+ <li>Revert "mesa: unreference current winsys buffers when unbinding winsys buffers"</li>
+<p>David Riley (3):</p>
+ <li>virgl: Store mapped hw resource with transfer object.</li>
+ <li>virgl: Allow transfer queue entries to be found and extended.</li>
+ <li>virgl: Re-use and extend queue transfers for intersecting buffer subdatas.</li>
+<p>David Shao (1):</p>
+ <li>meson: ensure that xmlpool_options.h is generated for gallium targets that need it</li>
+<p>Deepak Rawat (2):</p>
+ <li>winsys/drm: Fix out of scope variable usage</li>
+ <li>winsys/svga/drm: Fix 32-bit RPCI send message</li>
+<p>Dominik Drees (1):</p>
+ <li>Add no_aos_sampling GALLIVM_PERF option</li>
+<p>Drew Davenport (1):</p>
+ <li>util: Don't block SIGSYS for new threads</li>
+<p>Dylan Baker (40):</p>
+ <li>bump version for 19.0 branch</li>
+ <li>docs: Add relnotes stub for 19.1</li>
+ <li>gallium: wrap u_screen in extern "C" for c++</li>
+ <li>automake: Add --enable-autotools to distcheck flags</li>
+ <li>android,autotools,i965: Fix location of float64_glsl.h</li>
+ <li>meson: remove build_by_default : true</li>
+ <li>meson: fix style in intel/tools</li>
+ <li>meson: remove -std=c++11 from intel/tools</li>
+ <li>get-pick-list: Add --pretty=medium to the arguments for Cc patches</li>
+ <li>meson: Add dependency on genxml to anvil</li>
+ <li>meson/iris: Use current coding style</li>
+ <li>docs: Add release notes for 19.0.0</li>
+ <li>docs: Add SHA256 sums for 19.0.0</li>
+ <li>docs: update calendar, add news item, and link release notes for 19.0.0</li>
+ <li>bin/ Correctly handle DESTDIR=''</li>
+ <li>bin/ Fix regression for set DESTDIR</li>
+ <li>docs: Add release notes for 19.0.1</li>
+ <li>docs: Add SHA256 sums for mesa 19.0.1</li>
+ <li>docs: update calendar, add news item and link release notes for 19.0.1</li>
+ <li>meson: Error if LLVM doesn't have rtti when building clover</li>
+ <li>meson: Error if LLVM is turned off but clover it turned on</li>
+ <li>docs: Add release notes for 19.0.2</li>
+ <li>docs: Add sha256 sums for 19.0.2</li>
+ <li>docs: update calendar, and news item and link release notes for 19.0.2</li>
+ <li>Delete autotools</li>
+ <li>docs: drop most autoconf references</li>
+ <li>ci: Delete autotools build jobs</li>
+ <li>docs: add relnotes for 19.0.3</li>
+ <li>docs: Add SHA256 sums for mesa 19.0.3</li>
+ <li>docs: update calendar, and news item and link release notes for 19.0.3</li>
+ <li>meson: always define libglapi</li>
+ <li>glsl: fix general_ir_test with mingw</li>
+ <li>meson: switch gles1 and gles2 to auto options</li>
+ <li>meson: Make shader-cache a trillean instead of boolean</li>
+ <li>meson: make nm binary optional</li>
+ <li>util/tests: Use define instead of VLA</li>
+ <li>glsl/tests: define ssize_t on windows</li>
+ <li>tests/vma: fix build with MSVC</li>
+ <li>meson: Don't build glsl cache_test when shader cache is disabled</li>
+ <li>meson: Force the use of config-tool for llvm</li>
+<p>Eduardo Lima Mitev (5):</p>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: Silence compiler warnings</li>
+ <li>nir: Add ir3-specific version of most SSBO intrinsics</li>
+ <li>ir3/nir: Add a new pass 'ir3_nir_lower_io_offsets'</li>
+ <li>ir3/compiler: Enable lower_io_offsets pass and handle new SSBO intrinsics</li>
+ <li>ir3/lower_io_offsets: Try propagate SSBO's SHR into a previous shift instruction</li>
+<p>El Christianito (1):</p>
+ <li>drirc: add Budgie WM to adaptive-sync blacklist</li>
+<p>Eleni Maria Stea (6):</p>
+ <li>i965: Faking the ETC2 compression on Gen &lt; 8 GPUs using two miptrees.</li>
+ <li>i965: Fixed the CopyImageSubData for ETC2 on Gen &lt; 8</li>
+ <li>i965: Enabled the OES_copy_image extension on Gen 7 GPUs</li>
+ <li>i965: Removed the field etc_format from the struct intel_mipmap_tree</li>
+ <li>i965: fixed clamping in set_scissor_bits when the y is flipped</li>
+ <li>radv: consider MESA_VK_VERSION_OVERRIDE when setting the api version</li>
+<p>Elie Tournier (3):</p>
+ <li>virgl: Add a caps to advertise GLES backend</li>
+ <li>virgl: Set PIPE_CAP_DOUBLES when running on GLES This is a lie but no known app use fp64.</li>
+ <li>virgl: Return an error if we use fp64 on top of GLES</li>
+<p>Emil Velikov (30):</p>
+ <li>vc4: Declare the last cpu pointer as being modified in NEON asm.</li>
+ <li>docs: add release notes for 18.3.3</li>
+ <li>docs: add sha256 checksums for 18.3.3</li>
+ <li>docs: update calendar, add news item and link release notes for 18.3.3</li>
+ <li>anv: wire up the state_pool_padding test</li>
+ <li>docs: add release notes for 18.3.4</li>
+ <li>docs: add sha256 checksums for 18.3.4</li>
+ <li>docs: update calendar, add news item and link release notes for 18.3.4</li>
+ <li>egl/dri: de-duplicate dri2_load_driver*</li>
+ <li>meson: egl: correctly manage loader/xmlconfig</li>
+ <li>loader: use loader_open_device() to handle O_CLOEXEC</li>
+ <li>egl/android: bump the number of drmDevices to 64</li>
+ <li>docs: mention "Allow commits from members who can merge..."</li>
+ <li>egl/sl: split out swrast probe into separate function</li>
+ <li>egl/sl: use drmDevice API to enumerate available devices</li>
+ <li>egl/sl: use kms_swrast with vgem instead of a random GPU</li>
+ <li>docs: add release notes for 18.3.5</li>
+ <li>docs: add sha256 checksums for 18.3.5</li>
+ <li>docs: update calendar, add news item and link release notes for 18.3.5</li>
+ <li>docs: add release notes for 18.3.6</li>
+ <li>docs: add sha256 checksums for 18.3.6</li>
+ <li>docs: update calendar, add news item and link release notes for 18.3.6</li>
+ <li>turnip: drop dead close(master_fd)</li>
+ <li>vulkan/wsi: check if the display_fd given is master</li>
+ <li>vulkan/wsi: don't use DUMB_CLOSE for normal GEM handles</li>
+ <li>llvmpipe: add lp_fence_timedwait() helper</li>
+ <li>llvmpipe: correctly handle waiting in llvmpipe_fence_finish</li>
+ <li>egl/dri: flesh out and use dri2_create_drawable()</li>
+ <li>mapi: add static_date offset to MaxShaderCompilerThreadsKHR</li>
+ <li>mapi: correctly handle the full offset table</li>
+<p>Emmanuel Gil Peyrot (1):</p>
+ <li>docs: make bugs.html easier to find</li>
+<p>Eric Anholt (121):</p>
+ <li>v3d: Always enable the NEON utile load/store code.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Fix a release build set-but-unused compiler warning.</li>
+ <li>mesa: Skip partial InvalidateFramebuffer of packed depth/stencil.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Fix image_load_store clamping of signed integer stores.</li>
+ <li>nir: Move V3D's "the shader was TGSI, ignore FS output types" flag to NIR.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Fix precompile of FRAG_RESULT_DATA1 and higher outputs.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Store the actual mask of color buffers present in the key.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Fix dumping of shaders with alpha test.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Fix pack/unpack of VFPACK operand unpacks.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Fix input packing of .l for rounding/fdx/fdy.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Fix copy-propagation of input unpacks.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Whitespace consistency fix.</li>
+ <li>nir: Move panfrost's isign lowering to nir_opt_algebraic.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Use the NIR lowering for isign instead of rolling our own.</li>
+ <li>intel: Use the NIR lowering for isign.</li>
+ <li>freedreno: Use the NIR lowering for isign.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Clear the GMP on initialization of the simulator.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Sync indirect draws on the last rendering.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Use the early_fragment_tests flag for the shader's disable-EZ field.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Fix incorrect flagging of ldtmu as writing r4 on v3d 4.x.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Drop a perf note about merging unpack_half_*, which has been implemented.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Drop our hand-lowered nir_op_ffract.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Add a helper function for getting a nop register.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Refactor bcsel and if condition handling.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Do bool-to-cond for discard_if as well.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Kill off vir_PF(), which is hard to use right.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Fix f2b32 behavior.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Fix the check for "is the last thrsw inside control flow"</li>
+ <li>v3d: Add a function to describe what the c-&gt;execute.file check means.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Stop tracking num_inputs for VPM loads.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Delay emitting ldvpm on V3D 4.x until it's actually used.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Emit a simpler negate for the iabs implementation.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Move i2b and f2b support into emit_comparison.</li>
+ <li>kmsro: Add the rest of the current set of tinydrm drivers.</li>
+ <li>nir: Just return when asked to rewrite uses of an SSA def to itself.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Fix vir_is_raw_mov() for input unpacks.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Dump the VIR after register spilling if we were forced to.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Rematerialize MOVs of uniforms instead of spilling them.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Fix build of NEON code with Mesa's cflags not targeting NEON.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Restrict live intervals to the blocks reachable from any def.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Stop treating exec masking specially.</li>
+ <li>nir: Improve printing of load_input/store_output variable names.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Translate f2i(fround_even) as FTOIN.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Move the stores for fixed function VS output reads into NIR.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Fix temporary leaks of temp_registers and when spilling.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Do uniform rematerialization spilling before dropping threadcount</li>
+ <li>v3d: Switch implicit uniforms over to being any qinst-&gt;uniform != ~0.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Add support for vir-to-qpu of ldunif instructions to a temp.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Drop the old class bits splitting up the accumulators.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Add support for register-allocating a ldunif to a QFILE_TEMP.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Use ldunif instructions for uniforms.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Eliminate the TLB and TLBU files.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Drop the V3D 3.x vpm read dead code elimination.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Include a count of register pressure in the RA failure dumps.</li>
+ <li>st/dri: Set the PIPE_BIND_SHARED flag on create_image_with_modifiers.</li>
+ <li>util: Add a DAG datastructure.</li>
+ <li>vc4: Switch over to using the DAG datastructure for QIR scheduling.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Reuse list_for_each_entry_rev().</li>
+ <li>vc4: Reuse list_for_each_entry_rev().</li>
+ <li>v3d: Use the DAG datastructure for QPU instruction scheduling.</li>
+ <li>vc4: Switch the post-RA scheduler over to the DAG datastructure.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Fix leak of the mem_ctx after the DAG refactor.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Fix leak of the renderonly struct on screen destruction.</li>
+ <li>mesa/st: Make sure that prog_to_nir NIR gets freed.</li>
+ <li>mesa/st: Fix leaks of TGSI tokens in VP variants.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Always lay out shared tiled buffers with UIF_TOP set.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Allow the UIF modifier with renderonly.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Expose the dma-buf modifiers query.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Rename v3d_tmu_config_data to v3d_unit_data.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Move constant offsets to UBO addresses into the main uniform stream.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Upload all of UBO[0] if any indirect load occurs.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Remove some dead members of struct v3d_compile.</li>
+ <li>egl: Add a 565 pbuffer-only EGL config under X11.</li>
+ <li>dri3: Return the current swap interval from glXGetSwapIntervalMESA().</li>
+ <li>v3d: Add support for handling OOM signals from the simulator.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Bump the maximum texture size to 4k for V3D 4.x.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Don't try to use the TFU blit path if a scissor is enabled.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Add some more new packets for V3D 4.x.</li>
+ <li>st: Lower uniforms in st in the !PIPE_CAP_PACKED_UNIFORMS case as well.</li>
+ <li>vc4: Don't forget to set the range when scalarizing our uniforms.</li>
+ <li>vc4: Split UBO0 and UBO1 address uniform handling.</li>
+ <li>vc4: Upload CS/VS UBO uniforms together.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Add an optimization pass for redundant flags updates.</li>
+ <li>nir: Drop comments about the constant_index slots for load/stores.</li>
+ <li>nir: Drop remaining references to const_index in favor of the call to use.</li>
+ <li>nir: Add a comment about how intrinsic definitions work.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Add and use a define for the number of channels in a QPU invocation.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Drop a note for the future about PIPE_CAP_PACKED_UNIFORMS.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Include the number of max temps used in the shader-db output.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Replace the old shader-db env var output with the ARB_debug_output.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Add Compute Shader compilation support.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Add missing base offset to CS shared memory accesses.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Add missing dumping for the spill offset/size uniforms.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Detect the correct number of QPUs and use it to fix the spill size.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Use the new lower_to_scratch implementation for indirects on temps.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Only look up the 3rd texture gather offset for non-arrays.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Always set up the qregs for CSD payload.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Fix an invalid reuse of flags generation from before a thrsw.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Fix atomic cmpxchg in shaders on hardware.</li>
+ <li>nir: Fix deref offset calculation for structs.</li>
+ <li>nir: Use the nir_builder _imm helpers in setting up deref offsets.</li>
+ <li>gallium: Remove the pool pipebuffer manager.</li>
+ <li>gallium: Remove the ondemand pipebuffer manager.</li>
+ <li>gallium: Remove the "alt" pipebuffer manager interface.</li>
+ <li>gallium: Remove the malloc pipebuffer manager.</li>
+ <li>st/mesa: Don't set atomic counter size != 0 if MAX_SHADER_BUFFERS == 0.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Disable SSBOs and atomic counters on vertex shaders.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Fill in the ignored segment size fields to appease new simulator.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Apply the GFXH-930 workaround to the case where the VS loads attrs.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Assert that we do request the normal texturing return data.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Use _mesa_hash_table_remove_key() where appropriate.</li>
+ <li>vc4: Use _mesa_hash_table_remove_key() where appropriate.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Add a note about i/o indirection for future performance work.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Don't try to update the shadow texture for separate stencil.</li>
+ <li>Revert "v3d: Disable PIPE_CAP_BLIT_BASED_TEXTURE_TRANSFER."</li>
+ <li>v3d: Re-add support for memory_barrier_shared.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Fix detection of the last ldtmu before a new TMU op.</li>
+ <li>v3d: Fix detection of TMU write sequences in register spilling.</li>
+ <li>kmsro: Add support for V3D.</li>
+ <li>vc4: Fall back to renderonly if the vc4 driver doesn't have v3d.</li>
+<p>Eric Engestrom (142):</p>
+ <li>wsi/display: add comment</li>
+ <li>egl: use coherent variable names</li>
+ <li>gitlab-ci: add ubuntu container</li>
+ <li>gitlab-ci: add a meson vulkan build</li>
+ <li>gitlab-ci: add a make vulkan build</li>
+ <li>gitlab-ci: add a scons no-llvm build</li>
+ <li>gitlab-ci: add scons llvm 3.5 build</li>
+ <li>gitlab-ci: add scons SWR build</li>
+ <li>gitlab-ci: add meson loader/classic DRI build</li>
+ <li>gitlab-ci: add meson gallium SWR build</li>
+ <li>gitlab-ci: add meson gallium RadeonSI build</li>
+ <li>gitlab-ci: add meson gallium "other drivers" build</li>
+ <li>gitlab-ci: add meson gallium ST Clover (LLVM 5.0) build</li>
+ <li>gitlab-ci: add meson gallium ST Clover (LLVM 6.0) build</li>
+ <li>gitlab-ci: add meson gallium ST Clover (LLVM 7.0) build</li>
+ <li>gitlab-ci: add meson gallium ST "Other" build</li>
+ <li>gitlab-ci: add make loaders/classic DRI build</li>
+ <li>gitlab-ci: add make Gallium Drivers SWR build</li>
+ <li>gitlab-ci: add make Gallium Drivers RadeonSI build</li>
+ <li>gitlab-ci: add make Gallium Drivers "Other" build</li>
+ <li>gitlab-ci: add make Gallium ST Clover LLVM-3.9 build</li>
+ <li>gitlab-ci: add make Gallium ST Clover LLVM-4.0 build</li>
+ <li>gitlab-ci: add make Gallium ST Clover LLVM-5.0 build</li>
+ <li>gitlab-ci: add make Gallium ST Clover LLVM-6.0 build</li>
+ <li>gitlab-ci: add make Gallium ST Clover LLVM-7 build</li>
+ <li>gitlab-ci: add make Gallium ST Other build</li>
+ <li>travis: remove unused linux code path</li>
+ <li>travis: remove unused scons code path</li>
+ <li>gitlab-ci: add meson glvnd build</li>
+ <li>xvmc: fix string comparison</li>
+ <li>xvmc: fix string comparison</li>
+ <li>meson: add script to print the options before configuring a builddir</li>
+ <li>driconf: drop unused macro</li>
+ <li>travis: fix osx make build</li>
+ <li>gitlab-ci: workaround docker bug for users with uppercase characters</li>
+ <li>wsi: query the ICD's max dimensions instead of hard-coding them</li>
+ <li>gitlab-ci: limit ninja to 4 threads max</li>
+ <li>drm-uapi/README: remove explicit list of driver names</li>
+ <li>drm-uapi: use local files, not system libdrm</li>
+ <li>gbm: drop duplicate #defines</li>
+ <li>st/dri: drop duplicate #define</li>
+ <li>etnaviv: drop duplicate #define</li>
+ <li>anv/tests: compile to something sensible in release builds</li>
+ <li>util/tests: compile to something sensible in release builds</li>
+ <li>gitlab-ci: use ccache to speed up builds</li>
+ <li>tegra/meson: add missing dep_libdrm</li>
+ <li>tegra/autotools: add missing libdrm cflags</li>
+ <li>gitlab-ci: limit the automatic CI to master and MRs</li>
+ <li>gitlab-ci: automatically run the CI on pushes to `ci/*` branches</li>
+ <li>anv: sort extensions alphabetically</li>
+ <li>anv: sort vendors extensions after KHR and EXT</li>
+ <li>anv: make sure the extensions stay sorted</li>
+ <li>anv: drop unused imports</li>
+ <li>anv: use anv_shader_bin_write_to_blob()'s return value</li>
+ <li>gitlab-ci: always run the containers build</li>
+ <li>dri_interface: add missing #include</li>
+ <li>driinfo: add DTD to allow the xml to be validated</li>
+ <li>meson/swr: replace hard-coded path with current_build_dir()</li>
+ <li>egl/android: replace magic 0=CbCr,1=CrCb with simple enum</li>
+ <li>vulkan: use VkBase{In,Out}Structure instead of a custom struct</li>
+ <li>driconf: add DTD to allow the drirc xml (00-mesa-defaults.conf) to be validated</li>
+ <li>gitlab-ci: install xmllint to validate 00-mesa-defaults.conf</li>
+ <li>anv: simplify chained comparison</li>
+ <li>anv: drop unused parameter</li>
+ <li>anv: remove spaces around kwargs assignment</li>
+ <li>anv: fix typo</li>
+ <li>Revert "swr/rast: Archrast codegen updates"</li>
+ <li>meson: avoid going back up the tree with include_directories()</li>
+ <li>anv: use the platform defines in vk.xml instead of hard-coding them</li>
+ <li>radv: use the platform defines in vk.xml instead of hard-coding them</li>
+ <li>util: #define PATH_MAX when undefined (eg. Hurd)</li>
+ <li>vulkan: import missing file from Khronos</li>
+ <li>egl: fix libdrm-less builds</li>
+ <li>vulkan: import vk_layer.h from Khronos</li>
+ <li>gitlab-ci: drop job prefixes</li>
+ <li>meson: fix with_dri2 definition for GNU Hurd</li>
+ <li>meson: remove unused include_directories(vulkan)</li>
+ <li>vulkan/util: use the platform defines in vk.xml instead of hard-coding them</li>
+ <li>vulkan/overlay: fix missing var rename in previous commit</li>
+ <li>meson: don't build libGLES*.so with GLVND</li>
+ <li>autotools: don't build libGLES*.so with GLVND</li>
+ <li>travis: fix meson build by letting `auto` do its job</li>
+ <li>travis: drop unused vars</li>
+ <li>travis: clean up</li>
+ <li>gitlab-ci: only build the default (=latest) and oldest llvm versions</li>
+ <li>gitlab-ci: autotools needs to be told which llvm version to use</li>
+ <li>r600: cast pointer to expected type</li>
+ <li>build: make passing an incorrect pointer type a hard error</li>
+ <li>gitlab-ci: fix llvm version (7 doesn't have a ".0")</li>
+ <li>hgl/meson: drop unused include directory</li>
+ <li>glx/meson: use full include path for dri_interface.h</li>
+ <li>android: fix missing backspace for line continuation</li>
+ <li>panfrost: fix tgsi_to_nir() call</li>
+ <li>panfrost: move #include to fix compilation</li>
+ <li>gitlab-ci: add panfrost to the gallium drivers build</li>
+ <li>wsi: deduplicate get_current_time() functions between display and x11</li>
+ <li>wsi/display: s/#if/#ifdef/ to fix -Wundef</li>
+ <li>wsi/wayland: fix pointer casting warning on 32bit</li>
+ <li>wsi/x11: use WSI_FROM_HANDLE() instead of pointer casts</li>
+ <li>turnip: use the platform defines in vk.xml instead of hard-coding them</li>
+ <li>travis: fix osx meson build</li>
+ <li>nir: const `nir_call_instr::callee`</li>
+ <li>gitlab-ci: add clang build</li>
+ <li>gitlab-ci: drop most autotools builds</li>
+ <li>util/disk_cache: close fd in the fallback path</li>
+ <li>egl: hide entrypoints that shouldn't be exported when using glvnd</li>
+ <li>meson: strip rpath from megadrivers</li>
+ <li>gallium/hud: fix memory leaks</li>
+ <li>gallium/hud: prevent buffer overflow</li>
+ <li>gallium/hud: fix rounding error in nic bps computation</li>
+ <li>simplify LLVM version string printing</li>
+ <li>util/process: document memory leak</li>
+ <li>vk/util: remove unneeded array index</li>
+ <li>bin: drop unused import from</li>
+ <li>meson: remove meson-created megadrivers symlinks</li>
+ <li>gitlab-ci: build gallium extra hud</li>
+ <li>gitlab-ci: add lima to the build</li>
+ <li>delete autotools .gitignore files</li>
+ <li>delete autotools input files</li>
+ <li>docs: remove unsupported GL function name mangling</li>
+ <li>docs: drop autotools python information</li>
+ <li>docs: replace autotools intructions with meson equivalent</li>
+ <li>docs: use past tense when talking about autotools</li>
+ <li>docs: haiku can be built using meson</li>
+ <li>egl: fixup autotools-specific wording</li>
+ <li>util: add os_read_file() helper</li>
+ <li>anv: add support for VK_EXT_memory_budget</li>
+ <li>radv: update to use the new features struct names</li>
+ <li>turnip: update to use the new features struct names</li>
+ <li>gitlab-ci: build vulkan drivers in clang build</li>
+ <li>util: move #include out of #if linux</li>
+ <li>wsi/wayland: document lack of vkAcquireNextImageKHR timeout support</li>
+ <li>egl: hard-code destroy function instead of passing it around as a pointer</li>
+ <li>gitlab-ci: add scons windows build using mingw</li>
+ <li>gitlab-ci: merge several meson jobs</li>
+ <li>gitlab-ci: meson-gallium-radeonsi was a subset of meson-gallium-clover-llvm</li>
+ <li>gitlab-ci: simplify meson job names</li>
+ <li>gitlab-ci: merge meson-glvnd into meson-swr</li>
+ <li>travis: fix syntax, and drop unused stuff</li>
+ <li>util/os_file: always use the 'grow' mechanism</li>
+ <li>meson: expose glapi through osmesa</li>
+ <li>util/os_file: actually return the error read() gave us</li>
+<p>Erico Nunes (5):</p>
+ <li>lima/ppir: support ppir_op_ceil</li>
+ <li>nir/algebraic: add lowering for fsign</li>
+ <li>lima: enable nir fsign lowering in ppir</li>
+ <li>lima/gpir: add limit of max 512 instructions</li>
+ <li>lima/ppir: support nir_op_ftrunc</li>
+<p>Erik Faye-Lund (79):</p>
+ <li>mesa: expose NV_conditional_render on GLES</li>
+ <li>st/mesa: remove unused header-file</li>
+ <li>swr/codegen: fix autotools build</li>
+ <li>virgl: remove unused variables</li>
+ <li>virgl: remove unused variable</li>
+ <li>virgl: remove unused variable</li>
+ <li>virgl: remove unused variable</li>
+ <li>virgl: do not allow compressed formats for buffers</li>
+ <li>virgl: stricter usage of compressed 3d textures</li>
+ <li>virgl: also destroy all read-transfers</li>
+ <li>virgl: use debug_printf instead of fprintf</li>
+ <li>virgl: unsigned int -&gt; unsigned</li>
+ <li>virgl: only warn about unchecked flags</li>
+ <li>virgl: do not warn about display-target binding</li>
+ <li>virgl: use debug_printf instead of fprintf</li>
+ <li>virgl: remove pointless transfer-counter</li>
+ <li>virgl: tmp_resource -&gt; templ</li>
+ <li>virgl: track full virgl_resource instead of just virgl_hw_res</li>
+ <li>virgl: simplify virgl_texture_transfer_unmap logic</li>
+ <li>virgl: make unmap queuing a bit more straight-forward</li>
+ <li>virgl: check for readback on correct resource</li>
+ <li>virgl: wait for the right resource</li>
+ <li>virgl: return error if allocating resolve_tmp fails</li>
+ <li>virgl: rewrite core of virgl_texture_transfer_map</li>
+ <li>virgl: use pipe_box for blit dst-rect</li>
+ <li>virgl: support write-back with staged transfers</li>
+ <li>virgl: make sure bind is set for non-buffers</li>
+ <li>gallium/util: support translating between uint and sint formats</li>
+ <li>virgl: get readback-formats from host</li>
+ <li>virgl: only blit if resource is read</li>
+ <li>virgl: do color-conversion during when mapping transfer</li>
+ <li>virgl: document potentially failing blit</li>
+ <li>mesa/st: remove impossible error-check</li>
+ <li>gallium/u_vbuf: support NULL-resources</li>
+ <li>i915: support NULL-resources</li>
+ <li>nouveau: support NULL-resources</li>
+ <li>swr: support NULL-resources</li>
+ <li>mesa/st: accept NULL and empty buffer objects</li>
+ <li>mesa/st: remove always-false state</li>
+ <li>softpipe: setup pixel_offset for all primitive types</li>
+ <li>docs: normaize css-indent style</li>
+ <li>docs: remove non-existent css attribute</li>
+ <li>docs: remove long commented out css</li>
+ <li>docs: add missing semicolon</li>
+ <li>docs: avoid repeating the font</li>
+ <li>docs: avoid repeating the color</li>
+ <li>docs: remove spurious newline</li>
+ <li>docs: use multiple background-images for header</li>
+ <li>docs: simplify css-centering</li>
+ <li>docs: do not hard-code header-height</li>
+ <li>docs: properly escape '&gt;'</li>
+ <li>docs: properly escape ampersand</li>
+ <li>docs: remove stray paragraph-close</li>
+ <li>docs: use h2 instead of b-tag for headings</li>
+ <li>docs: use dl/dd instead of blockquote for freedesktop link</li>
+ <li>docs: open list-item before closing it</li>
+ <li>docs: close paragraphs before lists</li>
+ <li>docs: close lists</li>
+ <li>docs: remove stray paragraph-close</li>
+ <li>docs: close paragraphs before preformatted text</li>
+ <li>docs: start paragraph before closing it</li>
+ <li>docs: drop paragraph around preformatted text</li>
+ <li>docs: fix incorrectly closed paragraph</li>
+ <li>docs: don't pointlessly close and re-start definition lists</li>
+ <li>docs: remove stray list-start</li>
+ <li>docs: fixup bad paragraphing</li>
+ <li>docs: add missing lists</li>
+ <li>docs: fix closing of paragraphs</li>
+ <li>docs: fixup list-item tags</li>
+ <li>docs: fix closing of list-items</li>
+ <li>docs: replace empty list with a none-paragraph</li>
+ <li>docs: turn faq-index into an ordered list</li>
+ <li>docs: drop centered heading for faq</li>
+ <li>docs: reorder heading and notice</li>
+ <li>meson: lift driver-collection out into parent build-file</li>
+ <li>meson: give dri- and gallium-drivers separate vars</li>
+ <li>meson: add build-summary</li>
+ <li>docs: fixup mistake in contents</li>
+ <li>draw: flush when setting stream-out targets</li>
+<p>Ernestas Kulik (2):</p>
+ <li>vc4: Fix leak in HW queries error path</li>
+ <li>v3d: Fix leak in resource setup error path</li>
+<p>Francisco Jerez (6):</p>
+ <li>intel/dump_gpu: Disambiguate between BOs from different GEM handle spaces.</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: Exclude control sources from execution type and region alignment calculations.</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: Lower integer multiply correctly when destination stride equals 4.</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: Cap dst-aligned region stride to maximum representable hstride value.</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: Implement extended strides greater than 4 for IR source regions.</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: Rely on undocumented unrestricted regioning for 32x16-bit integer multiply.</li>
+<p>Fritz Koenig (4):</p>
+ <li>freedreno: pass count to query_dmabuf_modifiers</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: UBWC support</li>
+ <li>freedreno: UBWC allocator</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: Enable UBWC modifier</li>
+<p>Gert Wollny (35):</p>
+ <li>mesa/core: Enable EXT_texture_sRGB_R8 also for desktop GL</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: release tokens after creating the shader program</li>
+ <li>mesa: release references to image textures when a context is destroyed</li>
+ <li>virgl: Enable mixed color FBO attachemnets only when the host supports it</li>
+ <li>mesa/core: Enable EXT_depth_clamp for GLES &gt;= 2.0</li>
+ <li>nir: Add posibility to not lower to source mod 'abs' for ops with three sources</li>
+ <li>mesa: Expose EXT_texture_query_lod and add support for its use shaders</li>
+ <li>softpipe: Enable PIPE_CAP_MIXED_COLORBUFFER_FORMATS    It seems softpipe actually supports this. This change enables the following piglits as passing without regressions in the gpu test set:</li>
+ <li>virgl: Add a caps feature check version</li>
+ <li>softpipe: Implement ATOMFADD and enable cap TGSI_ATOMFADD</li>
+ <li>virgl: define MAX_VERTEX_STREAMS based on availability of TF3</li>
+ <li>softpipe: Use mag texture filter also for clamped lod == 0</li>
+ <li>softpipe: Don't use mag filter for gather op</li>
+ <li>softpipe: raise number of bits used for X coordinate texture lookup</li>
+ <li>softpipe: Add an extra code path for the buffer texel lookup</li>
+ <li>Gallium: Add new CAP that indicated whether IO array definitions can be shriked</li>
+ <li>virgl: Enable passing arrays as input to fragment shaders</li>
+ <li>doc/features: Add a few extensions to the feature matrix</li>
+ <li>softpipe: Factor gradient evaluation out of the lambda evaluation</li>
+ <li>softpipe: Prepare handling explicit gradients</li>
+ <li>softpipe: Pipe gather_comp through from st_tgsi_get_samples</li>
+ <li>softpipe: Move selection of shadow values up and clean parameter list</li>
+ <li>softpipe: tie in new code path for lod evaluation</li>
+ <li>softpipe: keep input lod for explicite derivatives</li>
+ <li>softpipe: evaluate cube the faces on a per sample bases</li>
+ <li>softpipe: Factor out evaluation of the source indices</li>
+ <li>softpipe: Add an per-input array for interpolator correctors to machine</li>
+ <li>softpipe: Add (fake) support for TGSI_OPCODE_INTERP_SAMPLE</li>
+ <li>softpipe: Add support for TGSI_OPCODE_INTERP_OFFSET</li>
+ <li>softpipe: Add support for TGSI_OPCODE_INTERP_CENTROID</li>
+ <li>softpipe: Increase the GLSL feature level</li>
+ <li>doc: Update feature matrix</li>
+ <li>softpipe/buffer: load only as many components as the the buffer resource type provides</li>
+ <li>Revert "softpipe/buffer: load only as many components as the the buffer resource type provides"</li>
+<p>Greg V (3):</p>
+ <li>util: emulate futex on FreeBSD using umtx</li>
+ <li>gallium/hud: add CPU usage support for FreeBSD</li>
+ <li>gallium: enable dmabuf on BSD as well</li>
+<p>Grigori Goronzy (1):</p>
+ <li>glx: add support for GLX_ARB_create_context_no_error (v3)</li>
+<p>Guido Günther (4):</p>
+ <li>docs: Fix 19.0.x version numbers</li>
+ <li>gallium: ddebug: Add missing fence related wrappers</li>
+ <li>gallium/u_dump: util_dump_sampler_view: Dump u.tex.first_level</li>
+ <li>gallium: trace: Add missing fence related wrappers</li>
+<p>Gurchetan Singh (44):</p>
+ <li>mesa/main: Expose EXT_texture_compression_s3tc_srgb</li>
+ <li>i965: Set flag for EXT_texture_compression_s3tc_srgb</li>
+ <li>st/mesa: expose EXT_texture_compression_s3tc_srgb</li>
+ <li>docs: add GL_EXT_texture_compression_s3tc_srgb to release notes</li>
+ <li>virgl: add ability to do finer grain dirty tracking</li>
+ <li>virgl: use virgl_resource_dirty helper</li>
+ <li>virgl: don't mark unclean after a flush</li>
+ <li>virgl: track level cleanliness rather than resource cleanliness</li>
+ <li>virgl: make alignment smaller when uploading index user buffers</li>
+ <li>virgl: unmap uploader at flush time</li>
+ <li>virgl: when creating / freeing transfers, pass slab pool directly</li>
+ <li>virgl: add protocol for resource transfers</li>
+ <li>virgl: use virgl_transfer in inline write</li>
+ <li>virgl: limit command length to 16 bits</li>
+ <li>virgl: keep track of number of computations</li>
+ <li>virgl: pass virgl transfer to virgl_res_needs_flush_wait</li>
+ <li>virgl: add extra checks in virgl_res_needs_flush_wait</li>
+ <li>virgl: make winsys modifications for encoded transfers</li>
+ <li>virgl: add encoder functions for new protocol</li>
+ <li>virgl: introduce transfer queue</li>
+ <li>virgl: use transfer queue</li>
+ <li>virgl: use virgl_transfer_inline_write even less</li>
+ <li>virgl/vtest: deprecate protocol version 1</li>
+ <li>egl/sl: also allow virtgpu to fallback to kms_swrast</li>
+ <li>virgl: use uint16_t mask instead of separate booleans</li>
+ <li> / meson: depend on libnativewindow when appropriate</li>
+ <li>anv: move anv_GetMemoryAndroidHardwareBufferANDROID up a bit</li>
+ <li>anv: fix build on Nougat</li>
+ <li>egl/android: move droid_image_loader_extension down a bit</li>
+ <li>egl/android: move droid_open_device_drm_gralloc down a bit</li>
+ <li>egl/android: droid_open_device_drm_gralloc --&gt; droid_open_device</li>
+ <li>egl/android: refactor droid_load_driver a bit</li>
+ <li>egl/android: plumb swrast option</li>
+ <li>egl/android: use swrast option in droid_load_driver</li>
+ <li>egl/android: use software rendering when appropriate</li>
+ <li>egl/android: chose node type based on swrast and preprocessor flags</li>
+ <li>virgl: wait after a flush</li>
+ <li>virgl/vtest: execute a transfer_get when flushing the front buffer</li>
+ <li>virgl/vtest: add utilities for receiving fds</li>
+ <li>virgl/vtest: plumb support for shared memory</li>
+ <li>virgl/vtest: receive and handle shared memory fd</li>
+ <li>virgl/vtest: modify sending and receiving data for shared memory</li>
+ <li>virgl/vtest: wait after issuing a transfer get</li>
+ <li>virgl/vtest: bump up protocol version + support encoded transfers</li>
+<p>Guttula, Suresh (1):</p>
+ <li>st/va:Add support for indirect manner by returning VA_STATUS_ERROR_OPERATION_FAILED</li>
+<p>Hal Gentz (1):</p>
+ <li>glx: Fix synthetic error generation in __glXSendError</li>
+<p>Heinrich (1):</p>
+ <li>gbm: Improve documentation of BO import</li>
+<p>Iago Toral Quiroga (39):</p>
+ <li>compiler/nir: add an is_conversion field to nir_op_info</li>
+ <li>compiler/nir: add lowering option for 16-bit fmod</li>
+ <li>compiler/nir: add lowering for 16-bit flrp</li>
+ <li>compiler/nir: add lowering for 16-bit ldexp</li>
+ <li>intel/compiler: add a NIR pass to lower conversions</li>
+ <li>intel/compiler: split float to 64-bit opcodes from int to 64-bit</li>
+ <li>intel/compiler: handle b2i/b2f with other integer conversion opcodes</li>
+ <li>intel/compiler: assert restrictions on conversions to half-float</li>
+ <li>intel/compiler: lower some 16-bit float operations to 32-bit</li>
+ <li>intel/compiler: handle extended math restrictions for half-float</li>
+ <li>intel/compiler: implement 16-bit fsign</li>
+ <li>intel/compiler: drop unnecessary temporary from 32-bit fsign implementation</li>
+ <li>intel/compiler: add instruction setters for Src1Type and Src2Type.</li>
+ <li>intel/compiler: add new half-float register type for 3-src instructions</li>
+ <li>intel/compiler: don't compact 3-src instructions with Src1Type or Src2Type bits</li>
+ <li>intel/compiler: allow half-float on 3-source instructions since gen8</li>
+ <li>intel/compiler: set correct precision fields for 3-source float instructions</li>
+ <li>intel/compiler: fix ddx and ddy for 16-bit float</li>
+ <li>intel/compiler: fix ddy for half-float in Broadwell</li>
+ <li>intel/compiler: workaround for SIMD8 half-float MAD in gen8</li>
+ <li>intel/compiler: split is_partial_write() into two variants</li>
+ <li>intel/compiler: activate 16-bit bit-size lowerings also for 8-bit</li>
+ <li>intel/compiler: rework conversion opcodes</li>
+ <li>intel/compiler: ask for an integer type if requesting an 8-bit type</li>
+ <li>intel/eu: force stride of 2 on NULL register for Byte instructions</li>
+ <li>intel/compiler: generalize the combine constants pass</li>
+ <li>intel/compiler: implement is_zero, is_one, is_negative_one for 8-bit/16-bit</li>
+ <li>intel/compiler: add a brw_reg_type_is_integer helper</li>
+ <li>intel/compiler: fix cmod propagation for non 32-bit types</li>
+ <li>intel/compiler: remove inexact algebraic optimizations from the backend</li>
+ <li>intel/compiler: skip MAD algebraic optimization for half-float or mixed mode</li>
+ <li>intel/compiler: implement SIMD16 restrictions for mixed-float instructions</li>
+ <li>intel/compiler: also set F execution type for mixed float mode in BDW</li>
+ <li>intel/compiler: validate region restrictions for half-float conversions</li>
+ <li>intel/compiler: validate conversions between 64-bit and 8-bit types</li>
+ <li>intel/compiler: validate region restrictions for mixed float mode</li>
+ <li>compiler/spirv: move the check for Int8 capability</li>
+ <li>anv/pipeline: support Float16 and Int8 SPIR-V capabilities in gen8+</li>
+ <li>anv/device: expose VK_KHR_shader_float16_int8 in gen8+</li>
+<p>Ian Romanick (55):</p>
+ <li>nir: Silence zillions of unused parameter warnings in release builds</li>
+ <li>intel/compiler: Silence warning about value that may be used uninitialized</li>
+ <li>nir: Document some fields of nir_loop_terminator</li>
+ <li>nir: Refactor code that checks phi nodes in opt_peel_loop_initial_if</li>
+ <li>nir: Select phi nodes using prev_block instead of continue_block</li>
+ <li>nir: Split ALU instructions in loops that read phis</li>
+ <li>nir: Convert a bcsel with only phi node sources to a phi node</li>
+ <li>spirv: Add missing break</li>
+ <li>nir/algebraic: Convert some f2u to f2i</li>
+ <li>nir/algebraic: Simplify comparison with sequential integers starting with 0</li>
+ <li>intel/vec4: Emit constants for some ALU sources as immediate values</li>
+ <li>nir/algebraic: Replace i2b used by bcsel or if-statement with comparison</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: Relax type matching rules in cmod propagation from MOV instructions</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: Handle OR source modifiers in algebraic optimization</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: Refactor ALU source and destination handling to a separate function</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: Emit logical-not of operands on Gen8+</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: Use De Morgan's laws to avoid logical-not of a logic result on Gen8+</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: Emit better code for b2f(inot(a)) and b2i(inot(a))</li>
+ <li>nir/algebraic: Replace a bcsel of a b2f sources with a b2f(!(a || b))</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: Generate if instructions with inverted conditions</li>
+ <li>nir/algebraic: Replace a-fract(a) with floor(a)</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: Don't assert on b2f with a saturate modifier</li>
+ <li>nir/algebraic: Optimize away an fsat of a b2f</li>
+ <li>intel/compiler: Silence many unused parameter warnings in brw_eu.h</li>
+ <li>intel/compiler: Silence unused parameter warning in brw_interpolation_map.c</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: nir_op_extract_i8 extracts a byte, not a word</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: Fix extract_u8 of an odd byte from a 64-bit integer</li>
+ <li>nir/algebraic: Fix up extract_[iu]8 after loop unrolling</li>
+ <li>nir/algebraic: Remove redundant extract_[iu]8 patterns</li>
+ <li>nir/algebraic: Add missing 64-bit extract_[iu]8 patterns</li>
+ <li>nir/algebraic: Add missing 16-bit extract_[iu]8 patterns</li>
+ <li>nir/algebraic: Fix up extract_[iu]8 after loop unrolling</li>
+ <li>nir/algebraic: Remove redundant extract_[iu]8 patterns</li>
+ <li>nir/algebraic: Add missing 64-bit extract_[iu]8 patterns</li>
+ <li>nir/algebraic: Add missing 16-bit extract_[iu]8 patterns</li>
+ <li>nir: Add nir_const_value_negative_equal</li>
+ <li>nir: Add nir_alu_srcs_negative_equal</li>
+ <li>nir: Add partial redundancy elimination for compares</li>
+ <li>intel/compiler: Use partial redundancy elimination for compares</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: Eliminate dead code first</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: Refactor code generation for nir_op_fsign to its own function</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: Add a scale factor to emit_fsign</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: Generate better code for fsign multiplied by a value</li>
+ <li>nir/algebraic: Recognize open-coded copysign(1.0, a)</li>
+ <li>nir/algebraic: Replace a pattern where iand with a Boolean is used as a bcsel</li>
+ <li>nir/algebraic: Fix some 1-bit Boolean weirdness</li>
+ <li>nir/algebraic: Strength reduce some compares of x and -x</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: Add support for float16 to the fsign optimizations</li>
+ <li>glsl: Silence may unused parameter warnings in glsl/ir.h</li>
+ <li>intel/compiler: Don't have sepearate, per-Gen nir_options</li>
+ <li>intel/compiler: Lower ffma on Gen4 and Gen5</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: Fix D to W conversion in opt_combine_constants</li>
+ <li>mesa: Add missing display list support for GL_FOG_COORDINATE_SOURCE</li>
+ <li>nir: Saturating integer arithmetic is not associative</li>
+ <li>Revert "nir: add late opt to turn inot/b2f combos back to bcsel"</li>
+<p>Icenowy Zheng (5):</p>
+ <li>lima: add dummy set_sample_mask function</li>
+ <li>lima: make lima_context_framebuffer subtype of pipe_framebuffer_state</li>
+ <li>lima: implement blit with util_blitter</li>
+ <li>lima: lower bool to float when building shaders</li>
+ <li>lima: add Android build</li>
+<p>Ilia Mirkin (14):</p>
+ <li>nv50,nvc0: add explicit settings for recent caps</li>
+ <li>nvc0: add support for handling indirect draws with attrib conversion</li>
+ <li>nvc0/ir: always use CG mode for loads from atomic-only buffers</li>
+ <li>nvc0/ir: fix second tex argument after levelZero optimization</li>
+ <li>nvc0: fix 3d images on kepler</li>
+ <li>nv50,nvc0: use condition for occlusion queries when already complete</li>
+ <li>nvc0: stick zero values for the compute invocation counts</li>
+ <li>nvc0: we have 16k-sized framebuffers, fix default scissors</li>
+ <li>swr: set PIPE_CAP_MAX_VARYINGS correctly</li>
+ <li>mesa: add explicit enable for EXT_float_blend, and error condition</li>
+ <li>st/mesa: enable GL_EXT_float_blend when possible</li>
+ <li>i965: always enable EXT_float_blend</li>
+ <li>nv50: disable compute</li>
+ <li>glsl: fix recording of variables for XFB in TCS shaders</li>
+<p>Illia Iorin (1):</p>
+ <li>mesa/main: Fix multisample texture initialize</li>
+<p>James Zhu (12):</p>
+ <li>gallium/auxiliary/vl: Move dirty define to header file</li>
+ <li>gallium/auxiliary/vl: Split vl_compositor graphic shaders from vl_compositor API</li>
+ <li>gallium/auxiliary/vl: Rename csc_matrix and increase its size.</li>
+ <li>gallium/auxiliary/vl: Add compute shader to support video compositor render</li>
+ <li>gallium/auxiliary/vl: Add video compositor compute shader render</li>
+ <li>gallium/auxiliary/vl: Fix transparent issue on compute shader with rgba</li>
+ <li>gallium/auxiliary/vl: Increase shader_params size</li>
+ <li>gallium/auxiliary/vl: Change grid setting</li>
+ <li>gallium/auxiliary/vl: Change weave compute shader implementation</li>
+ <li>gallium/auxiliary/vl: Fixed blur issue with weave compute shader</li>
+ <li>gallium/auxiliary/vl: Fixed blank issue with compute shader</li>
+ <li>gallium/auxiliary/vl: Add barrier/unbind after compute shader launch.</li>
+<p>Jan Vesely (2):</p>
+ <li>Partially revert "gallium: fix autotools build of"</li>
+ <li>gallium/aux: Report error if loading of a pipe driver fails.</li>
+<p>Jan Zielinski (1):</p>
+ <li>swr/rast: fix 32-bit compilation on Linux</li>
+<p>Jason Ekstrand (212):</p>
+ <li>spirv: Replace vtn_constant_value with vtn_constant_uint</li>
+ <li>spirv: Rework handling of spec constant workgroup size built-ins</li>
+ <li>spirv: Handle constants and types before execution modes</li>
+ <li>spirv: Handle OpExecutionModeId</li>
+ <li>spirv: Support LocalSizeId and LocalSizeHintId execution modes</li>
+ <li>intel/nir: Add global support to lower_mem_access_bit_sizes</li>
+ <li>intel/fs/cse: Split create_copy_instr into three cases</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: Properly handle 64-bit types in LOAD_PAYLOAD</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: Do the grf127 hack on SIMD8 instructions in SIMD16 mode</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: Implement load/store_global with A64 untyped messages</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: Use SENDS for A64 writes on gen9+</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: Implement nir_intrinsic_global_atomic_*</li>
+ <li>anv: Implement VK_EXT_buffer_device_address</li>
+ <li>relnotes: Add VK_EXT_buffer_device_address</li>
+ <li>nir/deref: Drop zero ptr_as_array derefs</li>
+ <li>README: Drop the badges from the readme</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: Use enumerated array assignments in fb read TXF setup</li>
+ <li>nir/deref: Rematerialize parents in rematerialize_derefs_in_use_blocks</li>
+ <li>nir: Silence a couple of warnings in release builds</li>
+ <li>anv/blorp: Delete a pointless assert</li>
+ <li>anv: Silence some compiler warnings in release builds</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: Silence a compiler warning</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: Bail in optimize_extract_to_float if we have modifiers</li>
+ <li>nir/dead_cf: Inline cf_node_has_side_effects</li>
+ <li>nir/dead_cf: Stop relying on liveness analysis</li>
+ <li>compiler/types: Add a contains_64bit helper</li>
+ <li>nir/xfb: Properly align 64-bit values</li>
+ <li>nir: Rewrite lower_clip_cull_distance_arrays to do a lot less lowering</li>
+ <li>nir/xfb: Work in terms of components rather than slots</li>
+ <li>nir/xfb: Handle compact arrays in gather_xfb_info</li>
+ <li>nir: Fix a compile warning</li>
+ <li>nir/lower_clip_cull: Fix an incorrect assert</li>
+ <li>iris: Don't lower image formats for write-only images</li>
+ <li>iris/compute: Don't increment the grid size offset</li>
+ <li>iris/compute: Zero out the last grid size on indirect dispatches</li>
+ <li>iris: Configure the L3$ on the compute context</li>
+ <li>iris: Don't set constant read lengths at upload time</li>
+ <li>iris: Allocate buffer resources separately</li>
+ <li>iris: Copy anv's MI_MATH helpers for multiplication and division</li>
+ <li>nir/split_vars: Don't compact vectors unnecessarily</li>
+ <li>nir/builder: Don't emit no-op swizzles</li>
+ <li>intel/eu: Add an EOT parameter to send_indirect_[split]_message</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: Add an enum type for logical sampler inst sources</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: Re-order logical surface arguments</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: Drop the fs_surface_builder</li>
+ <li>intel/vec4: Drop dead code for handling typed surface messages</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: Get rid of the IMAGE_SIZE opcode</li>
+ <li>intel/compiler: Drop unused surface opcodes</li>
+ <li>intel/schedule_instructions: Move some comments</li>
+ <li>intel/compiler: Re-prefix non-logical surface opcodes with VEC4</li>
+ <li>anv: Count surfaces for non-YCbCr images in GetDescriptorSetLayoutSupport</li>
+ <li>spirv: OpImageQueryLod requires a sampler</li>
+ <li>intel,nir: Lower TXD with min_lod when the sampler index is not &lt; 16</li>
+ <li>anv: Use an actual binding for gl_NumWorkgroups</li>
+ <li>anv/pipeline: Drop anv_fill_binding_table</li>
+ <li>anv/descriptor_set: Refactor alloc/free of descriptor sets</li>
+ <li>anv: Rework arguments to anv_descriptor_set_write_*</li>
+ <li>anv: Stop allocating buffer views for dynamic buffers</li>
+ <li>anv: Count image param entries rather than images</li>
+ <li>anv: Clean up descriptor set layouts</li>
+ <li>anv: drop add_var_binding from anv_nir_apply_pipeline_layout.c</li>
+ <li>anv: Refactor descriptor pushing a bit</li>
+ <li>anv: Take references to push descriptor set layouts</li>
+ <li>anv: Add a concept of a descriptor buffer</li>
+ <li>spirv: Pull offset/stride from the pointer for OpArrayLength</li>
+ <li>spirv: Use the generic dereference function for OpArrayLength</li>
+ <li>spirv: Use the same types for resource indices as pointers</li>
+ <li>anv: Implement VK_EXT_inline_uniform_block</li>
+ <li>nir: Expose double and int64 op_to_options_mask helpers</li>
+ <li>nir: Teach loop unrolling about 64-bit instruction lowering</li>
+ <li>i965: Compile the fp64 program based on nir options</li>
+ <li>intel/debug: Add a debug flag to force software fp64</li>
+ <li>intel/nir: Drop an unneeded lower_constant_initializers call</li>
+ <li>glsl/nir: Add a shared helper for building float64 shaders</li>
+ <li>glsl/nir: Inline functions in float64_funcs_to_nir</li>
+ <li>nir/inline_functions: Break inlining into a builder helper</li>
+ <li>nir/deref: Expose nir_opt_deref_impl</li>
+ <li>nir/lower_doubles: Inline functions directly in lower_doubles</li>
+ <li>intel/nir: Move 64-bit lowering later</li>
+ <li>st/nir: Move 64-bit lowering later</li>
+ <li>nir/builder: Emit better code for iadd/imul_imm</li>
+ <li>nir/builder: Cast array indices in build_deref_follower</li>
+ <li>nir/builder: Add a build_deref_array_imm helper</li>
+ <li>intel/nir: Move lower_mem_access_bit_sizes to postprocess_nir</li>
+ <li>anv/pipeline: Move lower_explicit_io much later</li>
+ <li>nir: Add a pass for lowering IO back to vector when possible</li>
+ <li>intel/nir: Vectorize all IO</li>
+ <li>anv: Ignore VkRenderPassInputAttachementAspectCreateInfo</li>
+ <li>nir/loop_unroll: Fix out-of-bounds access handling</li>
+ <li>glsl/list: Add a list variant of insert_after</li>
+ <li>glsl/lower_vector_derefs: Don't use a temporary for TCS outputs</li>
+ <li>anv: Stop using VK_TRUE/FALSE</li>
+ <li>anv/pass: Flag the need for a RT flush for resolve attachments</li>
+ <li>anv: Only set 3DSTATE_PS::VectorMaskEnable on gen8+</li>
+ <li>nir/algebraic: Add a couple optimizations for iabs and ishr</li>
+ <li>nir/validate: Only require bare types to match for copy_deref</li>
+ <li>nir/validate: Allow 32-bit boolean load/store intrinsics</li>
+ <li>compiler/types: Add a new is_interface C wrapper</li>
+ <li>compiler/types: Add a C wrapper to get full struct field data</li>
+ <li>compiler/types: Add helpers to get explicit types for standard layouts</li>
+ <li>nir/deref: Consider COHERENT decorated var derefs as aliasing</li>
+ <li>nir: Rename nir_address_format_vk_index_offset to not be vk</li>
+ <li>nir/lower_io: Add a new buffer_array_length intrinsic and lowering</li>
+ <li>glsl: Don't lower vector derefs for SSBOs, UBOs, and shared</li>
+ <li>glsl/nir: Set explicit types on UBO/SSBO variables</li>
+ <li>glsl/nir: Handle unlowered SSBO atomic and array_length intrinsics</li>
+ <li>glsl/nir: Add a pass to lower UBO and SSBO access</li>
+ <li>i965: Stop setting LowerBuferInterfaceBlocks</li>
+ <li>st/mesa: Let NIR lower UBO and SSBO access when we have it</li>
+ <li>nir/builder: Add a vector extract helper</li>
+ <li>nir: Add a new pass to lower array dereferences on vectors</li>
+ <li>intel/nir: Lower array-deref-of-vector UBO and SSBO loads</li>
+ <li>anv: Implement VK_EXT_host_query_reset</li>
+ <li>anv,radv: Implement VK_KHR_surface_capability_protected</li>
+ <li>Revert "nir: const `nir_call_instr::callee`"</li>
+ <li>anv: Bump maxComputeWorkgroupInvocations</li>
+ <li>nir: Constant values are per-column not per-component</li>
+ <li>anv,radv,turnip: Lower TG4 offsets with nir_lower_tex</li>
+ <li>spirv: Drop inline tg4 lowering</li>
+ <li>nir/lower_io: Add a bounds-checked 64-bit global address format</li>
+ <li>nir: Add a lowering pass for non-uniform resource access</li>
+ <li>nir: Add texture sources and intrinsics for bindless</li>
+ <li>nir: Add access flags to deref and SSBO atomics</li>
+ <li>spirv: Handle the NonUniformEXT decoration</li>
+ <li>Revert "anv/radv: release memory allocated by glsl types during spirv_to_nir"</li>
+ <li>nir: Lock around validation fail shader dumping</li>
+ <li>nir/algebraic: Drop some @bool specifiers</li>
+ <li>nir/algebraic: Add some logical OR and AND patterns</li>
+ <li>vc4: Prefer nir_src_comp_as_uint over nir_src_as_const_value</li>
+ <li>nir/search: Search for all combinations of commutative ops</li>
+ <li>nir: Get rid of nir_register::is_packed</li>
+ <li>nir: Get rid of global registers</li>
+ <li>intel/common: Add a MI command builder</li>
+ <li>intel/common: Add unit tests for gen_mi_builder</li>
+ <li>anv: Use gen_mi_builder for CmdDrawIndirectByteCount</li>
+ <li>anv: Use gen_mi_builder for computing resolve predicates</li>
+ <li>anv: Use gen_mi_builder for indirect draw parameters</li>
+ <li>anv: Use gen_mi_builder for indirect dispatch</li>
+ <li>anv: Use gen_mi_builder for conditional rendering</li>
+ <li>anv: Use gen_mi_builder for queries</li>
+ <li>anv: Move mi_memcpy and mi_memset to gen_mi_builder</li>
+ <li>anv/cmd_buffer: Use gen_mi_sub instead of gen_mi_add with a negative</li>
+ <li>intel/common: Support bigger right-shifts with mi_builder</li>
+ <li>anv/pipeline: Fix MEDIA_VFE_STATE::PerThreadScratchSpace on gen7</li>
+ <li>nir: Add a pass for selectively lowering variables to scratch space</li>
+ <li>intel/nir: Take a nir_tex_instr and src index in brw_texture_offset</li>
+ <li>nir/builder: Add a nir_imm_zero helper</li>
+ <li>nir/print: Use nir_src_as_int for array indices</li>
+ <li>nir/constant_folding: Get rid of a bit size switch statement</li>
+ <li>spirv: Drop some unneeded bit size switch statements</li>
+ <li>nir/load_const_to_scalar: Get rid of a bit size switch statement</li>
+ <li>nir/validate: Require unused bits of nir_const_value to be zero</li>
+ <li>vulkan: Update the XML and headers to 1.1.106</li>
+ <li>anv: Update to use the new features struct names</li>
+ <li>nir/algebraic: Move the template closer to the render function</li>
+ <li>nir/algebraic: Use a cache to avoid re-emitting structs</li>
+ <li>intel/mi_builder: Re-order an initializer</li>
+ <li>intel/mi_builder: Disable mem_mem tests on IVB</li>
+ <li>nir: Drop "struct" from some nir_* declarations</li>
+ <li>nir: Rework nir_src_as_alu_instr to not take a pointer</li>
+ <li>nir: Add a nir_src_as_intrinsic() helper</li>
+ <li>anv: Re-sort the GetPhysicalDeviceFeatures2 switch statement</li>
+ <li>anv: Drop some unneeded ANV_FROM_HANDLE for physical devices</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: Account for live range lengths in spill costs</li>
+ <li>anv: Make all VkDeviceMemory BOs resident permanently</li>
+ <li>anv: Put image params in the descriptor set buffer on gen8 and earlier</li>
+ <li>anv: Add a #define for the max binding table size</li>
+ <li>anv/pipeline: Sort bindings by most used first</li>
+ <li>anv/pipeline: Add skeleton support for spilling to bindless</li>
+ <li>nir/lower_io: Expose some explicit I/O lowering helpers</li>
+ <li>intel/nir: Re-run int64 lowering in postprocess_nir</li>
+ <li>anv: Add a has_a64_buffer_access to anv_physical_device</li>
+ <li>anv: Lower some SSBO operations in apply_pipeline_layout</li>
+ <li>anv: Implement SSBOs bindings with GPU addresses in the descriptor BO</li>
+ <li>anv: Implement VK_KHR_shader_atomic_int64</li>
+ <li>intel,nir: Lower TXD with a bindless sampler</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: Add support for bindless texture ops</li>
+ <li>anv: Count the number of planes in each descriptor binding</li>
+ <li>anv: Use write_image_view to initialize immutable samplers</li>
+ <li>anv: Pass the plane into lower_tex_deref</li>
+ <li>anv: Use bindless textures and samplers</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: Add support for bindless image load/store/atomic</li>
+ <li>anv: Use bindless handles for images</li>
+ <li>anv: Put binding flags in descriptor set layouts</li>
+ <li>anv: Implement VK_EXT_descriptor_indexing</li>
+ <li>nir: Add helpers for getting the type of an address format</li>
+ <li>anv/nir: Add a central helper for figuring out SSBO address formats</li>
+ <li>anv: Ignore descriptor binding flags if bindingCount == 0</li>
+ <li>anv: Rework the descriptor set layout create loop</li>
+ <li>anv,radv: Update release notes for newly implemented extensiosn</li>
+ <li>nir: Use the NIR_SRC_AS_ macro to define nir_src_as_deref</li>
+ <li>anv/descriptor_set: Unlink sets from the pool in set_destroy</li>
+ <li>anv/descriptor_set: Destroy sets before pool finalization</li>
+ <li>anv/descriptor_set: Only vma_heap_finish if we have a descriptor buffer</li>
+ <li>anv/descriptor_set: Properly align descriptor buffer to a page</li>
+ <li>anv: Better handle 32-byte alignment of descriptor set buffers</li>
+ <li>anv/descriptor_set: Don't fully destroy sets in pool destroy/reset</li>
+ <li>nir/algebraic: Optimize integer cast-of-cast</li>
+ <li>util/bitset: Return an actual bool from test macros</li>
+ <li>anv: Stop including POS in FS input limits</li>
+ <li>anv,i965: Stop warning about incomplete gen11 support</li>
+ <li>nir: Add a SSA type gathering pass</li>
+ <li>intel/fs/ra: Only add dest interference to sources that exist</li>
+ <li>intel/fs/ra: Stop adding RA interference to too many SENDS nodes</li>
+ <li>anv: Emulate texture swizzle in the shader when needed</li>
+ <li>anv: Stop forcing bindless for images</li>
+ <li>anv: Only consider minSampleShading when sampleShadingEnable is set</li>
+ <li>iris: Don't assume UBO indices are constant</li>
+ <li>intel/fs,vec4: Use g0 as the header for MFENCE</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: Do a stalling MFENCE in endInvocationInterlock()</li>
+ <li>nir/dead_cf: Call instructions aren't dead</li>
+ <li>nir/propagate_invariant: Don't add NULL vars to the hash table</li>
+<p>Jian-Hong Pan (1):</p>
+ <li>intel: Fix the description of Coffeelake pci-id 0x3E98</li>
+<p>Jiang, Sonny (1):</p>
+ <li>va: use a compute shader for the blit</li>
+<p>John Stultz (3):</p>
+ <li>mesa: android: freedreno: Fix build failure due to path change</li>
+ <li>mesa: Makefile.sources: Add ir3_nir_lower_load_barycentric_at_sample/offset to Makefile.sources</li>
+ <li>mesa: Makefile.sources: Add nir_lower_fb_read.c to Makefile.sources list</li>
+<p>Jon Turney (1):</p>
+ <li>meson: Force '.so' extension for DRI drivers</li>
+<p>Jonathan Marek (22):</p>
+ <li>nir: add missing vec opcodes in lower_bool_to_float</li>
+ <li>freedreno: a2xx: fix fast clear</li>
+ <li>freedreno: a2xx: don't write 4th vertex in mem2gmem</li>
+ <li>freedreno: a2xx: add use_hw_binning function</li>
+ <li>freedreno: a2xx: fix fast clear for some gmem configurations</li>
+ <li>freedreno: a2xx: fix mipmapping for NPOT textures</li>
+ <li>freedreno: use renderonly path for buffers allocated with modifiers</li>
+ <li>freedreno: catch failing fd_blit and fallback to software blit</li>
+ <li>mesa: add GL_AMD_compressed_ATC_texture support</li>
+ <li>gallium: add ATC format support</li>
+ <li>llvmpipe, softpipe: no support for ATC textures</li>
+ <li>st/mesa: add ATC support</li>
+ <li>freedreno: a3xx: add GL_AMD_compressed_ATC_texture support</li>
+ <li>freedreno: a2xx: add GL_AMD_compressed_ATC_texture support</li>
+ <li>svga: add new ATC formats to the format conversion table</li>
+ <li>freedreno: a2xx: fix builtin blit program compilation</li>
+ <li>freedreno: a2xx: disable PIPE_CAP_PACKED_UNIFORMS</li>
+ <li>freedreno: a2xx: use nir_lower_io for TGSI shaders</li>
+ <li>freedreno: a2xx: enable batch reordering</li>
+ <li>freedreno: a2xx: same gmem2mem sequence for all tiles</li>
+ <li>nir: improve convert_yuv_to_rgb</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: fix input ncomp for vertex shaders</li>
+<p>Jordan Justen (22):</p>
+ <li>iris: Set num_uniforms in bytes</li>
+ <li>iris/compute: Set mask bits on PIPELINE_SELECT</li>
+ <li>iris: Add IRIS_DIRTY_CONSTANTS_CS</li>
+ <li>iris: Add iris_restore_compute_saved_bos</li>
+ <li>iris/compute: Add MEDIA_STATE_FLUSH following WALKER</li>
+ <li>iris/compute: Flush compute batches</li>
+ <li>iris/compute: Get group counts from grid-&gt;grid</li>
+ <li>iris/program: Don't try to push ubo ranges for compute</li>
+ <li>iris/compute: Wait on compute batch when mapping</li>
+ <li>iris/compute: Provide binding table entry for gl_NumWorkGroups</li>
+ <li>iris/compute: Flush compute batch on memory-barriers</li>
+ <li>iris/compute: Push subgroup-id</li>
+ <li>iris/compute: Support indirect compute dispatch</li>
+ <li>iris: Emit default L3 config for the render pipeline</li>
+ <li>genxml/ Use regex to strip no alphanum chars</li>
+ <li>genxml: Remove extra space in gen4/45/5 field name</li>
+ <li>iris: Add gitlab-ci build testing</li>
+ <li>iris: Always use in-tree i915_drm.h</li>
+ <li>nir: Add int64/doubles options into nir_shader_compiler_options</li>
+ <li>intel/compiler: Move int64/doubles lowering options</li>
+ <li>scons: Generate float64_glsl.h for glsl_to_nir fp64 lowering</li>
+ <li>intel/genxml: Support base-16 in value &amp; start fields in</li>
+<p>Jose Maria Casanova Crespo (4):</p>
+ <li>iris: Enable ARB_shader_draw_parameters support</li>
+ <li>glsl: fix typos in comments "transfor" -&gt; "transform"</li>
+ <li>glsl: TCS outputs can not be transform feedback candidates on GLES</li>
+ <li>iris: setup EdgeFlag Vertex Element when needed.</li>
+<p>José Fonseca (1):</p>
+ <li>scons: Workaround failures with MSVC when using SCons 3.0.[2-4].</li>
+<p>Juan A. Suarez Romero (22):</p>
+ <li>anv/cmd_buffer: check for NULL framebuffer</li>
+ <li>nir: move ALU instruction before the jump instruction</li>
+ <li>nir: remove jump from two merging jump-ending blocks</li>
+ <li>genxml: add missing field values for 3DSTATE_SF</li>
+ <li>anv: advertise 8 subpixel precision bits</li>
+ <li>nir/spirv: return after emitting a branch in block</li>
+ <li>anv: destroy descriptor sets when pool gets reset</li>
+ <li>nir: deref only for OpTypePointer</li>
+ <li>anv: advertise 8 subtexel/mipmap precision bits</li>
+ <li>nir/xfb: do not use bare interface type</li>
+ <li>meson: Add dependency on genxml to anvil genfiles</li>
+ <li>Revert "intel/compiler: split is_partial_write() into two variants"</li>
+ <li>spirv: add missing SPV_EXT_descriptor_indexing capabilities</li>
+ <li>radv: enable descriptor indexing capabilities</li>
+ <li>anv: enable descriptor indexing capabilities</li>
+ <li>Update version to 19.1.0-rc1</li>
+ <li>Update version to 19.1.0-rc2</li>
+ <li>cherry-ignore: radeonsi: update buffer descriptors in all contexts after buffer invalidation</li>
+ <li>Update version to 19.1.0-rc3</li>
+ <li>Update version to 19.1.0-rc4</li>
+ <li>Update version to 19.1.0-rc5</li>
+ <li>Update version to 19.1.0</li>
+<p>Julien Isorce (5):</p>
+ <li>gallium: add resource_get_info to pipe_screen</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: implement resource_get_info</li>
+ <li>st/va: properly set stride and offset in vlVaDeriveImage</li>
+ <li>r600: implement resource_get_info</li>
+ <li>st/va: check resource_get_info nullity in vlVaDeriveImage</li>
+<p>Józef Kucia (3):</p>
+ <li>mesa: Fix GL_NUM_DEVICE_UUIDS_EXT</li>
+ <li>radv: Fix driverUUID</li>
+ <li>radv: clear vertex bindings while resetting command buffer</li>
+<p>Karol Herbst (82):</p>
+ <li>nvc0/ir: replace cvt instructions with add to improve shader performance</li>
+ <li>gk104/ir: Use the new rcp/rsq in library</li>
+ <li>gm107/ir: add fp64 rcp</li>
+ <li>gm107/ir: add fp64 rsq</li>
+ <li>gallium: add PIPE_CAP_MAX_VARYINGS</li>
+ <li>st/mesa: require RGBA2, RGB4, and RGBA4 to be renderable</li>
+ <li>glsl_type: initialize offset and location to -1 for glsl_struct_field</li>
+ <li>nir/opt_if: don't mark progress if nothing changes</li>
+ <li>clover: update ICD table to support everything up to 2.2</li>
+ <li>nir: replace magic numbers with M_PI</li>
+ <li>nir/spirv: improve parsing of the memory model</li>
+ <li>nir: add support for address bit sized system values</li>
+ <li>nir/vtn: add support for SpvBuiltInGlobalLinearId</li>
+ <li>nir/spirv: initial handling of OpenCL.std extension opcodes</li>
+ <li>prog_to_nir: fix write from vps to FOG</li>
+ <li>nvc0: print the shader type when dumping headers</li>
+ <li>nv50/ir: move common converter code in base class</li>
+ <li>nv50/ir: add lowering helper</li>
+ <li>nouveau: add support for nir</li>
+ <li>nouveau: fix nir and TGSI shader cache collision</li>
+ <li>nv50/ir/nir: run some passes to make the conversion easier</li>
+ <li>nv50/ir/nir: track defs and provide easy access functions</li>
+ <li>nv50/ir/nir: add nir type helper functions</li>
+ <li>nv50/ir/nir: run assignSlots</li>
+ <li>nv50/ir/nir: add loadFrom and storeTo helpler</li>
+ <li>nv50/ir/nir: parse NIR shader info</li>
+ <li>nv50/ir/nir: implement nir_load_const_instr</li>
+ <li>nv50/ir/nir: add skeleton for nir_intrinsic_instr</li>
+ <li>nv50/ir/nir: implement nir_alu_instr handling</li>
+ <li>nv50/ir/nir: implement nir_intrinsic_load_uniform</li>
+ <li>nv50/ir/nir: implement nir_intrinsic_store_(per_vertex_)output</li>
+ <li>nv50/ir/nir: implement load_(interpolated_)input/output</li>
+ <li>nv50/ir/nir: implement intrinsic_discard(_if)</li>
+ <li>nv50/ir/nir: implement loading system values</li>
+ <li>nv50/ir/nir: implement nir_ssa_undef_instr</li>
+ <li>nv50/ir/nir: implement nir_instr_type_tex</li>
+ <li>nv50/ir/nir: add skeleton getOperation for intrinsics</li>
+ <li>nv50/ir/nir: implement vote and ballot</li>
+ <li>nv50/ir/nir: implement variable indexing</li>
+ <li>nv50/ir/nir: implement geometry shader nir_intrinsics</li>
+ <li>nv50/ir/nir: implement nir_intrinsic_load_ubo</li>
+ <li>nv50/ir/nir: implement ssbo intrinsics</li>
+ <li>nv50/ir/nir: implement images</li>
+ <li>nv50/ir/nir: add memory barriers</li>
+ <li>nv50/ir/nir: implement load_per_vertex_output</li>
+ <li>nv50/ir/nir: implement intrinsic shader_clock</li>
+ <li>nv50/ir/nir: handle user clip planes for each emitted vertex</li>
+ <li>nv50ir/nir: move immediates before use</li>
+ <li>glsl: add packed for struct types</li>
+ <li>glsl: add cl_size and cl_alignment</li>
+ <li>nir/lower_locals_to_regs: cast array index to 32 bit</li>
+ <li>nir/spirv: handle kernel function parameters</li>
+ <li>nir/spirv: support physical pointers</li>
+ <li>nir: add support for gather offsets</li>
+ <li>nv50/ir/nir: support gather offsets</li>
+ <li>nir/lower_tex: Add support for tg4 offsets lowering</li>
+ <li>nir/print: fix printing the image_array intrinsic index</li>
+ <li>nir/validate: validate that tex deref sources are actually derefs</li>
+ <li>v3d: prefer using nir_src_comp_as_int over nir_src_as_const_value</li>
+ <li>panfrost/midgard: use nir_src_is_const and nir_src_as_uint</li>
+ <li>glsl/standalone: add GLES3.1 and GLES3.2 compatibility</li>
+ <li>nir: move brw_nir_rewrite_image_intrinsic into common code</li>
+ <li>glsl_to_nir: handle bindless textures</li>
+ <li>glsl/nir: fetch the type for images from the deref instruction</li>
+ <li>glsl/nir: add support for lowering bindless images_derefs</li>
+ <li>nv50/ir/nir: handle bindless texture</li>
+ <li>nv50/ir/nir: add support for bindless images</li>
+ <li>nvc0/nir: enable bindless texture</li>
+ <li>lima: add bool parameter to type_size function</li>
+ <li>amd/nir: some cleanups</li>
+ <li>radv: use nir constant helpers</li>
+ <li>intel/nir: use nir_src_is_const and nir_src_as_uint</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: use nir_src_as_uint in a few places</li>
+ <li>lima: use nir_src_as_float</li>
+ <li>nir/builder: Move nir_imm_vec2 from blorp into the builder</li>
+ <li>nir/loop_analyze: use nir_const_value.b for boolean results, not u32</li>
+ <li>spirv: reduce array size in vtn_handle_constant</li>
+ <li>nir: make nir_const_value scalar</li>
+ <li>vtn: handle bitcast with pointer src/dest</li>
+ <li>nir: Add a nir_builder_alu variant which takes an array of components</li>
+ <li>nir: Add nir_op_vec helper</li>
+ <li>spirv/cl: support vload/vstore</li>
+<p>Kasireddy, Vivek (3):</p>
+ <li>nir/lower_tex: Add support for XYUV lowering</li>
+ <li>dri: Add XYUV8888 format</li>
+ <li>i965: Add support for sampling from XYUV images</li>
+<p>Kenneth Graunke (872):</p>
+ <li>st/mesa: Set pipe_image_view::shader_access in PBO readpixels.</li>
+ <li>st/nir: Move varying setup code to a helper function.</li>
+ <li>st/nir: Make new helpers for constructing built-in NIR shaders.</li>
+ <li>st/mesa: Add a NIR version of the drawpixels/bitmap VS copy shader.</li>
+ <li>st/mesa: Add NIR versions of the drawpixels Z/stencil fragment shaders.</li>
+ <li>st/mesa: Add NIR versions of the clear shaders.</li>
+ <li>st/mesa: Add a NIR version of the OES_draw_texture built-in shaders.</li>
+ <li>st/mesa: Add NIR versions of the PBO upload/download shaders.</li>
+ <li>program: Use u_bit_scan64 in prog_to_nir.</li>
+ <li>program: Extend prog_to_nir handle system values.</li>
+ <li>nir: Record info-&gt;fs.pixel_center_integer in lower_system_values</li>
+ <li>compiler: Mark clip/cull distance arrays as compact before lowering.</li>
+ <li>nir: Bail on clip/cull distance lowering if GLSL IR already did it.</li>
+ <li>nir: Avoid clip/cull distance lowering multiple times.</li>
+ <li>nir: Avoid splitting compact arrays into per-element variables.</li>
+ <li>st/nir: Call nir_lower_clip_cull_distance_arrays().</li>
+ <li>gallium: Add a PIPE_CAP_NIR_COMPACT_ARRAYS capability bit.</li>
+ <li>nouveau: Silence unhandled cap warnings</li>
+ <li>st/mesa: Limit GL_MAX_[NATIVE_]PROGRAM_PARAMETERS_ARB to 2048</li>
+ <li>glsl: Allow gl_nir_lower_samplers*() without a gl_shader_program</li>
+ <li>glsl: Don't look at sampler uniform storage for internal vars</li>
+ <li>i965: Call nir_lower_samplers for ARB programs.</li>
+ <li>st/nir: Pull sampler lowering into a helper function.</li>
+ <li>st/nir: Lower sampler derefs for builtin shaders.</li>
+ <li>st/nir: Use sampler derefs in built-in shaders.</li>
+ <li>program: Make prog_to_nir create texture/sampler derefs.</li>
+ <li>nir: Use sampler derefs in drawpixels and bitmap lowering.</li>
+ <li>nir: Gather texture bitmasks in gl_nir_lower_samplers_as_deref.</li>
+ <li>i965: Drop unnecessary 'and' with prog-&gt;SamplerUnits</li>
+ <li>i965: Use info-&gt;textures_used instead of prog-&gt;SamplersUsed.</li>
+ <li>mesa: Advertise EXT_float_blend in ES 3.0+ contexts.</li>
+ <li>anv: Put MOCS in the correct location</li>
+ <li>spirv: Eliminate dead input/output variables after translation.</li>
+ <li>nir: Don't reassociate add/mul chains containing only constants</li>
+ <li>compiler: Make is_64bit(GL_*) helper more broadly available</li>
+ <li>mesa: Align doubles to a 64-bit starting boundary, even if packing.</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: Go back to using llvm.pow intrinsic for nir_op_fpow</li>
+ <li>st/mesa: Copy VP TGSI tokens if they exist, even for NIR shaders.</li>
+ <li>nir: Don't forget if-uses in new nir_opt_dead_cf liveness check</li>
+ <li>iris: Initial commit of a new 'iris' driver for Intel Gen8+ GPUs.</li>
+ <li>iris: viewport state, sort of</li>
+ <li>iris: port over batchbuffer updates</li>
+ <li>iris: initial render state upload</li>
+ <li>iris: packing with valgrind.</li>
+ <li>iris: merge pack</li>
+ <li>iris: initial gpu state, merges</li>
+ <li>iris: RASTER + SF + some CLIP, fix DIRTY vs. NEW</li>
+ <li>iris: scissors</li>
+ <li>iris: SF_CLIP_VIEWPORT</li>
+ <li>iris: Surfaces!</li>
+ <li>iris: sampler views</li>
+ <li>iris: stipples and vertex elements</li>
+ <li>iris: framebuffers</li>
+ <li>iris: don't segfault on !old_cso</li>
+ <li>iris: fix SF_CL length</li>
+ <li>iris: a bit of depth</li>
+ <li>iris: some draw info, vbs, sample mask</li>
+ <li>iris: fix crash - CSO binding can be NULL (when destroying context)</li>
+ <li>iris: COLOR_CALC_STATE</li>
+ <li>iris: sampler states</li>
+ <li>iris: emit 3DSTATE_SAMPLER_STATE_POINTERS</li>
+ <li>iris: basic push constant alloc</li>
+ <li>iris: some program code</li>
+ <li>iris: linear resources</li>
+ <li>iris: maps</li>
+ <li>iris: shader debug log</li>
+ <li>iris: drop unused field</li>
+ <li>iris: make an ice-&gt;render_batch field</li>
+ <li>iris: disable execbuf for now</li>
+ <li>iris: delete iris_pipe.c, shuffle code around</li>
+ <li>iris: init the batch!</li>
+ <li>iris: fix/rework line stipple</li>
+ <li>iris: actually save VBs</li>
+ <li>iris: msaa sample count packing problems</li>
+ <li>iris: fix prim type</li>
+ <li>iris: fix bogus index buffer reference</li>
+ <li>iris: draw-&gt;restart_index is uninitialized if PR is not enabled</li>
+ <li>iris: parse INTEL_DEBUG</li>
+ <li>iris: reworks, FS compile pieces</li>
+ <li>iris: import program cache code</li>
+ <li>iris: do the FS...asserts because we don't lower uniforms yet</li>
+ <li>iris: lower io</li>
+ <li>iris: make iris_batch target a particular ring</li>
+ <li>iris: kill iris_new_batch</li>
+ <li>iris: move MAX defines to iris_batch.h</li>
+ <li>iris: bit of SBA code</li>
+ <li>iris: flag SBA updates when instruction BO changes</li>
+ <li>iris: try and have an iris address</li>
+ <li>iris: so, sba then.</li>
+ <li>iris: reference VB BOs</li>
+ <li>iris: VB addresses</li>
+ <li>iris: DEBUG=bat</li>
+ <li>iris: VB fixes</li>
+ <li>iris: actually APPEND commands, not stomp over the top and never incr</li>
+ <li>iris: actually flush the commands</li>
+ <li>iris: actually advance forward when emitting commands</li>
+ <li>iris: initialize dirty bits to ~0ull</li>
+ <li>iris: hack to stop crashing on samplers for now</li>
+ <li>iris: fix indentation</li>
+ <li>iris: fix assert</li>
+ <li>iris: fix VBs</li>
+ <li>iris: vertex packet fixes</li>
+ <li>iris: fix VF instancing length so we don't get garbage in batch</li>
+ <li>iris: 3DPRIMITIVE fields</li>
+ <li>iris: bind_state -&gt; compute state</li>
+ <li>iris: scissor slots</li>
+ <li>iris: some shader bits</li>
+ <li>iris: promote iris_program_cache_item to iris_compiled_shader</li>
+ <li>iris: actually save derived state</li>
+ <li>iris: emit shader packets</li>
+ <li>iris: convert IRIS_DIRTY_* to #defines</li>
+ <li>iris: don't forget about TE</li>
+ <li>iris: reorganize commands to match brw</li>
+ <li>iris: initial gpu state</li>
+ <li>iris: WM.</li>
+ <li>iris: index buffer BO</li>
+ <li>iris: more comes from bits filled in</li>
+ <li>iris: drop const from prog data parameters</li>
+ <li>iris: softpin some things</li>
+ <li>iris: use vtbl to avoid multiple symbols, fix state base address</li>
+ <li>iris: fix SBA</li>
+ <li>iris: move key pop to state module</li>
+ <li>iris: bits of WM key</li>
+ <li>iris: shuffle comments</li>
+ <li>iris: no NEW_SBA</li>
+ <li>iris: rewrite program cache to use u_upload_mgr</li>
+ <li>iris: actually destroy the cache</li>
+ <li>iris: actually softpin at an address</li>
+ <li>iris: actually set KSP offsets</li>
+ <li>iris: URB configs.</li>
+ <li>iris: dummy constants</li>
+ <li>iris: blend state</li>
+ <li>iris: alpha testing in PSB</li>
+ <li>iris: basic SBE code</li>
+ <li>iris: warning fixes</li>
+ <li>iris: fix silly unused batch with addr macro</li>
+ <li>iris: render targets!</li>
+ <li>iris: don't do samplers for disabled stages</li>
+ <li>iris: smaller blend state</li>
+ <li>iris: actually pin the instruction cache buffers</li>
+ <li>iris: compctrl</li>
+ <li>iris: more sketchy SBE</li>
+ <li>iris: fix dmabuf retval comparisons</li>
+ <li>iris: more SF CL VPs</li>
+ <li>iris: catastrophic state pointer mistake</li>
+ <li>iris: fix extents</li>
+ <li>iris: write DISABLES are not write ENABLES...whoops</li>
+ <li>iris: sample mask...not 0.</li>
+ <li>iris: uniform bits...badly</li>
+ <li>iris: warn if execbuf fails</li>
+ <li>iris: NOOP pad batches correctly</li>
+ <li>iris: decode batches if they fail to submit</li>
+ <li>iris: enable a few more formats</li>
+ <li>iris: set strides on transfers</li>
+ <li>iris: stop adding 9 to our varyings</li>
+ <li>iris: bufmgr updates.</li>
+ <li>iris: some thinking about binding tables</li>
+ <li>iris: Soft-pin the universe</li>
+ <li>iris: fix icache memzone</li>
+ <li>iris: dump gtt offset in dump_validation_list</li>
+ <li>iris: Also set SUPPORTS_48B? Not sure if necessary.</li>
+ <li>iris: more uploaders</li>
+ <li>iris: rewrite to use memzones and not relocs</li>
+ <li>iris: set EXEC_OBJECT_WRITE</li>
+ <li>iris: include p_defines.h in iris_bufmgr.h</li>
+ <li>iris: binders</li>
+ <li>iris: hook up batch decoder</li>
+ <li>iris: binder fixes</li>
+ <li>iris: decoder fixes</li>
+ <li>iris: update vb BO handling now that we have softpin</li>
+ <li>iris: validation dumping improvements</li>
+ <li>iris: canonicalize addresses.</li>
+ <li>iris: delete more trash</li>
+ <li>iris: allocate SURFACE_STATEs up front and stop streaming them</li>
+ <li>iris: same treatment for sampler views</li>
+ <li>iris: assemble SAMPLER_STATE table at bind time</li>
+ <li>iris: fix a scissor bug</li>
+ <li>iris: SBA once at context creation, not per batch</li>
+ <li>iris: TES stash</li>
+ <li>iris: isv freeing fixes</li>
+ <li>iris: set sampler views</li>
+ <li>iris: decoder fixes</li>
+ <li>iris: better BT asserts</li>
+ <li>iris: increase allocator alignment</li>
+ <li>iris: fix index</li>
+ <li>iris: port bug fix from i965</li>
+ <li>iris: fixes from i965</li>
+ <li>iris: fixes</li>
+ <li>iris: crazy pipe control code</li>
+ <li>iris: bo reuse</li>
+ <li>iris: vma fixes - don't free binder address</li>
+ <li>iris: vma - fix assert</li>
+ <li>iris: better SBE</li>
+ <li>iris: fix texturing!</li>
+ <li>iris: Move get_command_space to iris_batch.c</li>
+ <li>iris: Defines for base addresses rather than numbers everywhere</li>
+ <li>iris: pull in newer comments</li>
+ <li>iris: copy over i965's cache tracking</li>
+ <li>iris: move bo_offset_from_sba</li>
+ <li>iris: bits of blorp code</li>
+ <li>iris: more blitting code to make readpixels work</li>
+ <li>iris: drop bogus binder free</li>
+ <li>iris: fix sampler view crashes</li>
+ <li>iris: more blorp</li>
+ <li>iris: fix blorp prog data crashes</li>
+ <li>iris: add INTEL_DEBUG=reemit</li>
+ <li>iris: drop the 48b printout, we never use anything else</li>
+ <li>iris: hacky flushing for now</li>
+ <li>iris: linear staging buffers - fast CPU access...</li>
+ <li>iris: make blorp pin the binder</li>
+ <li>iris: blorp URB</li>
+ <li>iris: no more drawing rectangle in blorp</li>
+ <li>iris: assert surf init</li>
+ <li>iris: some depth stuff :(</li>
+ <li>iris: bump GL version to 4.2</li>
+ <li>iris: uniforms for VS</li>
+ <li>iris: proper length for VE packet?</li>
+ <li>iris: proper # of uniforms</li>
+ <li>iris: properly reject formats, fixes RGB32 rendering with texture float</li>
+ <li>iris: blorp bug fixes</li>
+ <li>iris: delete growing code and just die for now</li>
+ <li>iris: just turn batch reset_and_clear_caches into reset</li>
+ <li>iris: chaining not growing</li>
+ <li>iris: caps</li>
+ <li>iris: fix batch chaining...</li>
+ <li>iris: fix decoding and undo testing code</li>
+ <li>iris: Lower the max number of decoded VBO lines</li>
+ <li>iris: fix whitespace</li>
+ <li>iris: fix 3DSTATE_VERTEX_ELEMENTS length</li>
+ <li>iris: more depth stuffs...</li>
+ <li>iris: fix VF INSTANCING length</li>
+ <li>iris: util_copy_framebuffer_state (ported from Rob's v3d patches)</li>
+ <li>iris: transfers</li>
+ <li>iris: flush always</li>
+ <li>iris: maybe slightly less boats uniforms</li>
+ <li>iris: fix constant packet length to match i965</li>
+ <li>iris: better ubo handling</li>
+ <li>iris: completely rewrite binder</li>
+ <li>iris: have more than one const_offset</li>
+ <li>iris: make surface states for cbufs</li>
+ <li>iris: fill out pull constant buffers</li>
+ <li>iris: fix pull bufs that aren't the first user upload</li>
+ <li>iris: use u_transfer helpers for now</li>
+ <li>iris: better VFI</li>
+ <li>iris: fix release builds</li>
+ <li>iris: drop assert for now</li>
+ <li>iris: disable __gen_validate_value in release mode</li>
+ <li>iris: allow mapped buffers during execution (faster)</li>
+ <li>iris: comment about reemitting and flushing</li>
+ <li>iris: state cleaning</li>
+ <li>iris: untested index buffer upload</li>
+ <li>iris: delete some pointless STATIC_ASSERTS</li>
+ <li>iris: untested SAMPLER_STATE pin BO fix</li>
+ <li>iris: put back the always flush - fixes some things :(</li>
+ <li>iris: save pointers to streamed state resources</li>
+ <li>iris: fix the validation list on new batches</li>
+ <li>iris: flag DIRTY_WM properly</li>
+ <li>iris: bindings dirty tracking</li>
+ <li>iris: some dirty fixes</li>
+ <li>iris: clear dirty</li>
+ <li>iris: plug leaks</li>
+ <li>iris: more leak fixes</li>
+ <li>iris: pc fixes</li>
+ <li>iris: remove 4 bytes of padding in iris_compiled_shader</li>
+ <li>iris: rzalloc iris_compiled_shader so memcmp works even if padding creeps in</li>
+ <li>iris: don't leak sampler state table resources</li>
+ <li>iris: don't leak keyboxes when searching for an existing program</li>
+ <li>iris: indentation</li>
+ <li>iris: use pipe resources not direct BOs</li>
+ <li>iris: clean up some warnings so I can see through the noise</li>
+ <li>iris: print binder utilization in INTEL_DEBUG=submit</li>
+ <li>iris: redo VB CSO a bit</li>
+ <li>iris: print refcounts in INTEL_DEBUG=submit</li>
+ <li>iris: support signed vertex buffer offsets</li>
+ <li>iris: fix major refcounting bug with resources</li>
+ <li>iris: fix caps so tests run again</li>
+ <li>iris: avoid crashing on unbound constant resources</li>
+ <li>iris: emit 3DSTATE_SBE_SWIZ</li>
+ <li>iris: max VP index</li>
+ <li>iris: fix viewport counts and settings</li>
+ <li>iris: fix num viewports to be based on programs</li>
+ <li>iris: fix VP iteration</li>
+ <li>iris: scissor count fixes</li>
+ <li>iris: actually init num_viewports</li>
+ <li>iris: print second batch size separately</li>
+ <li>iris: don't always flush</li>
+ <li>iris: Handle batch submission failure "better"</li>
+ <li>iris: bad inherited comments</li>
+ <li>iris: colorize batchbuffer failures to make them stand out</li>
+ <li>iris: iris - fix QWord aligned endings after batch chaining rework</li>
+ <li>iris: tidy comments about mirroring modes</li>
+ <li>iris: Disable unsupported mirror clamp modes</li>
+ <li>iris: fix fragcoord ytransform</li>
+ <li>iris: better boxing on maps</li>
+ <li>iris: clears</li>
+ <li>iris: rework DEBUG_REEMIT</li>
+ <li>iris: shader dirty bits</li>
+ <li>iris: clear fix</li>
+ <li>iris: fall back to u_generate_mipmap</li>
+ <li>iris: implement copy image</li>
+ <li>iris: lightmodel flat</li>
+ <li>iris: maybe-flush before blorp operations</li>
+ <li>iris: fix provoking vertex ordering</li>
+ <li>iris: larger polygon offset</li>
+ <li>iris: TES uniform fixes</li>
+ <li>iris: geometry shader support</li>
+ <li>iris: don't emit garbage 3DSTATE_VERTEX_BUFFERS when there aren't any</li>
+ <li>iris: fix 3DSTATE_VERTEX_ELEMENTS / VF_INSTANCING for 0 elements</li>
+ <li>iris: fix GS dispatch mode</li>
+ <li>iris: depth clears</li>
+ <li>iris: null surface for unbound textures</li>
+ <li>iris: state ref tuple</li>
+ <li>iris: don't include binder in surface VMA range</li>
+ <li>iris: border color memory zone :(</li>
+ <li>iris: implement border color, fix other sampler nonsense</li>
+ <li>iris: dead pointer</li>
+ <li>iris: just malloc one iris_genx_state instead of a bunch of oddball pieces</li>
+ <li>iris: SBE change stash</li>
+ <li>iris: fix zoffset asserts with 2DArray/Cube</li>
+ <li>iris: rename map-&gt;stride</li>
+ <li>iris: actually set cube bit properly</li>
+ <li>iris: keep DISCARD_RANGE</li>
+ <li>iris: actually handle array layers in blits</li>
+ <li>iris: comment out l/a/i/la</li>
+ <li>iris: fix clip flagging on fb changes</li>
+ <li>iris: fix depth bounds clamp enables</li>
+ <li>iris: don't crash on shader perf logs</li>
+ <li>iris: slab allocate transfers</li>
+ <li>iris: rearrange iris_resource.h</li>
+ <li>iris: Implement 3DSTATE_SO_DECL_LIST</li>
+ <li>iris: SO buffers</li>
+ <li>iris: streamout</li>
+ <li>iris: set even if no outputs</li>
+ <li>iris: bother setting program_string_id...</li>
+ <li>iris: fix SO_DECL_LIST</li>
+ <li>iris: actually pin the buffers</li>
+ <li>iris: fix sample mask for MSAA-off</li>
+ <li>iris: disable 6x MSAA support</li>
+ <li>iris: multislice transfer maps</li>
+ <li>iris: fix CC_VIEWPORT</li>
+ <li>iris: draw indirect support?</li>
+ <li>iris: save query type</li>
+ <li>iris: bits of multisample program key</li>
+ <li>iris: s/hwcso/state/g</li>
+ <li>iris: bind state helper function</li>
+ <li>iris: NOS mechanics</li>
+ <li>iris: record FS NOS</li>
+ <li>iris: fix crash</li>
+ <li>iris: fix sampler views of TBOs</li>
+ <li>iris: fix texture buffer stride</li>
+ <li>iris: TES program key inputs</li>
+ <li>iris: compile a TCS...don't bother with passthrough yet</li>
+ <li>iris: don't emit SO_BUFFERS and SO_DECL_LIST unless streamout is enabled</li>
+ <li>iris: vertex ID, instance ID</li>
+ <li>iris: fix SGVS when there are no valid vertex elements</li>
+ <li>iris: fill out MAX_PATCH_VERTICES</li>
+ <li>iris: assert about passthrough shaders to make this easier to detect</li>
+ <li>iris: fix EmitNoIndirect</li>
+ <li>iris: fix Z24</li>
+ <li>iris: reemit blend state for alpha test function changes</li>
+ <li>iris: point sprite enables</li>
+ <li>iris: hack around samples confusion</li>
+ <li>iris: fix blorp filters</li>
+ <li>iris: expose more things that we already support</li>
+ <li>iris: fix msaa flipping filters</li>
+ <li>iris: export get_shader_info</li>
+ <li>iris: implement set_shader_buffers</li>
+ <li>iris: emit binding table for atomic counters and SSBOs</li>
+ <li>iris: shorten loop</li>
+ <li>iris: unbind compiled shaders if none are present</li>
+ <li>iris: fix TBO alignment to match 965</li>
+ <li>iris: enable SSBOs</li>
+ <li>iris: fix SSBO indexing</li>
+ <li>iris: fix for disabling ssbos</li>
+ <li>iris: update bindings when changing programs</li>
+ <li>iris: drop unused bo parameter</li>
+ <li>iris: implement texture/memory barriers</li>
+ <li>iris: Don't reserve new binding table section unless things are dirty</li>
+ <li>iris: update a todo comment</li>
+ <li>iris: BIG OL' HACK for UBO updates</li>
+ <li>iris: enable texture gather</li>
+ <li>iris: Avoid croaking when trying to create FBO surfaces with bad formats</li>
+ <li>iris: fix GS output component limit</li>
+ <li>iris: drop pipe_shader_state</li>
+ <li>iris: fix sample mask</li>
+ <li>iris: cube arrays are cubes too</li>
+ <li>iris: we don't support textureGatherOffsets, need it lowered</li>
+ <li>iris: add minor comments</li>
+ <li>iris: comment everything</li>
+ <li>iris: sync bugfixes from brw_bufmgr</li>
+ <li>iris: remember to set bo-&gt;userptr</li>
+ <li>iris: rename ring to engine</li>
+ <li>iris: simplify batch len qword alignment</li>
+ <li>iris: get angry about execbuf failures</li>
+ <li>iris: fill out more caps</li>
+ <li>iris: depth or stencil fixes</li>
+ <li>iris: clear stencil</li>
+ <li>iris: actually emit stencil packets</li>
+ <li>iris: allow S8 as a stencil format</li>
+ <li>iris: WTF transfers</li>
+ <li>iris: use u_transfer_helper for depth stencil packing/unpacking</li>
+ <li>iris: drop stencil handling now that u_transfer_helper does it</li>
+ <li>iris: refcounting, who needs it?</li>
+ <li>iris: actually do stencil blits</li>
+ <li>iris: say no to more formats</li>
+ <li>iris: deal with Marek's new MSAA caps</li>
+ <li>iris: we can do multisample Z resolves</li>
+ <li>iris: Convert RGBX to RGBA for rendering.</li>
+ <li>iris: disallow RGB32 formats too</li>
+ <li>iris: Fix tiled memcpy for cubes...and for array slices</li>
+ <li>iris: blorp blit multiple slices</li>
+ <li>iris: assert depth is 1 in resource_copy_region</li>
+ <li>iris: call maybe_flush for each blorp operation</li>
+ <li>iris: implement ARB_clear_texture</li>
+ <li>iris: last VUE map NOS, handle &gt; 16 FS inputs</li>
+ <li>iris: drop dead assignments</li>
+ <li>iris: drop pwrite</li>
+ <li>iris: port non-bucket alignment bugfix</li>
+ <li>iris: don't emit SBE all the time</li>
+ <li>iris: rename pipe to base</li>
+ <li>iris: Drop bogus sampler state saving</li>
+ <li>iris: move iris_shader_state from ice-&gt;shaders.state to ice-&gt;state.shaders</li>
+ <li>iris: Move things to iris_shader_state</li>
+ <li>iris: Move iris_sampler_view declaration to iris_resource.h</li>
+ <li>iris: track depth/stencil writes enabled</li>
+ <li>iris: use consistent copyright formatting</li>
+ <li>iris: Move cache tracking to iris_resolve.c</li>
+ <li>iris: proper cache tracking</li>
+ <li>iris: precompute hashes for cache tracking</li>
+ <li>iris: Reduce binder alignment from 64 to 32</li>
+ <li>iris: reenable R32G32B32 texture buffers</li>
+ <li>iris: z_res -&gt; s_res</li>
+ <li>iris: implement get_sample_position</li>
+ <li>iris: fix line-aa-width</li>
+ <li>iris: try to hack around binder issue</li>
+ <li>iris: fix sampler state setting</li>
+ <li>iris: big old hack for tex-miplevel-selection</li>
+ <li>iris: use linear for 1D textures</li>
+ <li>iris: handle level/layer in direct maps</li>
+ <li>iris: fix crash when binding optional shader for the first time</li>
+ <li>iris: Skip primitive ID overrides if the shader wrote a custom value</li>
+ <li>iris: fix blend state memcpy</li>
+ <li>iris: new caps</li>
+ <li>iris: use Eric's new caps helper</li>
+ <li>iris: Allow inlining of require/get_command_space</li>
+ <li>iris: skip over whole function if dirty == 0</li>
+ <li>iris: don't unconditionally emit 3DSTATE_VF / 3DSTATE_VF_TOPOLOGY</li>
+ <li>iris: fix constant buffer 0 to be absolute</li>
+ <li>iris: set EXEC_OBJECT_CAPTURE on all driver internal buffers</li>
+ <li>iris: fix null FB and unbound tex surface state addresses</li>
+ <li>iris: Support multiple binder BOs, update Surface State Base Address</li>
+ <li>iris: fix SO offset writes for multiple streams</li>
+ <li>iris: update comments for multibinder</li>
+ <li>iris: move binder pinning outside the dirty == 0 check</li>
+ <li>iris: re-pin binding table contents if we didn't re-emit them</li>
+ <li>iris: enable ARB_enhanced_layouts</li>
+ <li>iris: refactor LRIs in context setup</li>
+ <li>iris: initialize "don't suck" bits, as Ben likes to call them</li>
+ <li>iris: totally untested icelake support</li>
+ <li>iris: refactor program CSO stuff</li>
+ <li>iris: silence const warning</li>
+ <li>iris: fix context restore of 3DSTATE_CONSTANT ranges</li>
+ <li>iris: properly re-pin stencil buffers</li>
+ <li>iris: delete bogus comment</li>
+ <li>iris: inherit the index buffer properly</li>
+ <li>iris: use 0 for TCS passthrough program string ID</li>
+ <li>iris: rw_bo for pipe controls</li>
+ <li>iris: LRM/SRM/SDI hooks</li>
+ <li>iris: initial query code</li>
+ <li>iris: gen10+ workarounds and break fix</li>
+ <li>iris: results write</li>
+ <li>iris: flush batch when asking for result via QBO</li>
+ <li>iris: fix random failures via CS stall...but why?</li>
+ <li>iris: gpr0 to bool</li>
+ <li>iris: play chicken with timer queries for now</li>
+ <li>iris: pipeline stats</li>
+ <li>iris: primitives generated query support</li>
+ <li>iris: drop explicit pinning</li>
+ <li>iris: timestamps</li>
+ <li>iris: ...and SO prims emitted queries</li>
+ <li>iris: glGet timestamps, more correct timestamps</li>
+ <li>iris: Need to | 1 when asking for timestamps</li>
+ <li>iris: 36-bit overflow fixes</li>
+ <li>iris: early return properly</li>
+ <li>iris: better query file comment</li>
+ <li>iris: magic number 36 -&gt; #define</li>
+ <li>iris: Enable ARB_shader_vote</li>
+ <li>iris: just mark snapshots_landed from the CPU</li>
+ <li>iris: drop a bunch of pipe_sampler_state stuff we don't need</li>
+ <li>iris: vma_free bo-&gt;size, not bo_size</li>
+ <li>iris: don't mark contains_draw = false when chaining batches</li>
+ <li>iris: fix Z32_S8 depth sampling</li>
+ <li>iris: stencil texturing</li>
+ <li>iris: force persample interp cap</li>
+ <li>iris: pipe to scs -&gt; iris_pipe.h</li>
+ <li>iris: inline stage_from_pipe to avoid unused warnings</li>
+ <li>iris: add gen11 to genX_call</li>
+ <li>iris: Allow PIPE_CONTROL with Stall at Scoreboard and RT flush</li>
+ <li>iris: rework format translation apis</li>
+ <li>iris: Use R/RG instead of I/L/A when sampling</li>
+ <li>iris: enable I/L formats</li>
+ <li>iris: X32_S8X24 :/</li>
+ <li>iris: set the binding table size</li>
+ <li>iris: lower storage image derefs</li>
+ <li>iris: implement set_shader_images hook</li>
+ <li>iris: bother with BTIs</li>
+ <li>iris: set image access correctly</li>
+ <li>iris: actually set image access</li>
+ <li>iris: null for non-existent cbufs</li>
+ <li>iris: move images next to textures in binding table</li>
+ <li>iris: advertise GL_ARB_shader_texture_image_samples</li>
+ <li>iris: Enable fb fetch</li>
+ <li>iris: initial compute caps</li>
+ <li>iris: yes</li>
+ <li>iris: drop dead format //'s</li>
+ <li>iris: drop XXX's about swizzling</li>
+ <li>iris: little bits of compute basics</li>
+ <li>iris: drop XXX that Jordan handled</li>
+ <li>iris: drop unnecessary #ifdefs</li>
+ <li>iris: leave XXX about unnecessary binding table uploads</li>
+ <li>iris: bail if SLM is needed</li>
+ <li>iris: fix whitespace</li>
+ <li>iris: XXX for compute state tracking :/</li>
+ <li>iris: rewrite grid surface handling</li>
+ <li>iris: better dirty checking</li>
+ <li>iris: don't let render/compute contexts stomp each other's dirty bits</li>
+ <li>iris: hack to avoid memorybarriers out the wazoo</li>
+ <li>iris: do PIPELINE_SELECT for render engine, add flushes, GLK hacks</li>
+ <li>iris: fix SBA flushing by refactoring code</li>
+ <li>iris: try and avoid pointless compute submissions</li>
+ <li>iris: fix UBOs with bindings that have an offset</li>
+ <li>iris: flag CC_VIEWPORT when changing num viewports</li>
+ <li>iris: fix SF_CLIP_VIEWPORT array indexing with multiple VPs</li>
+ <li>iris: Fix texture buffer / image buffer sizes.</li>
+ <li>iris: Clamp UBO and SSBO access to the actual BO size, for safety</li>
+ <li>iris: Move snapshots_landed to the front.</li>
+ <li>iris: Fix off by one in scissoring, empty scissors, default scissors</li>
+ <li>iris: Fall back to 1x1x1 null surface if no framebuffer supplied</li>
+ <li>iris: SO_DECL_LIST fix</li>
+ <li>iris: Fix refcounting of grid surface</li>
+ <li>iris: delete dead code</li>
+ <li>iris: fix overhead regression from "don't stomp each other's dirty bits"</li>
+ <li>iris: allow binding a null vertex buffer</li>
+ <li>iris: Flag constants dirty on program changes</li>
+ <li>iris: Disable a PIPE_CONTROL workaround on Icelake</li>
+ <li>iris: Enable ARB_shader_stencil_export</li>
+ <li>iris: Enable A8/A16_UNORM in an inefficient manner</li>
+ <li>iris: Drop B5G5R5X1 support</li>
+ <li>iris: Use at least 1x1 size for null FB surface state.</li>
+ <li>iris: Cross-link iris_batches so they can potentially flush each other</li>
+ <li>iris: cross batch flushing</li>
+ <li>iris: Don't leak the compute batch</li>
+ <li>iris: Actually create/destroy HW contexts</li>
+ <li>iris: Enable msaa_map transfer helpers</li>
+ <li>iris: tidy more warnings</li>
+ <li>iris: implement scratch space!</li>
+ <li>iris: Fix MSAA smooth points</li>
+ <li>iris: Fix TextureBarrier</li>
+ <li>iris: Fix multiple RTs with non-independent blending</li>
+ <li>iris: partial set_query_active_state</li>
+ <li>iris: Print the batch name when decoding</li>
+ <li>iris: Clone the NIR</li>
+ <li>iris: Defer cbuf0 upload to draw time</li>
+ <li>iris: drop unnecessary param[] setup from iris_setup_uniforms</li>
+ <li>iris: add param domain defines</li>
+ <li>iris: fill out params array with built-ins, like clip planes</li>
+ <li>iris: only bother with params if there are any...</li>
+ <li>iris: lower user clip planes</li>
+ <li>iris: hook up key stuff for clip plane lowering</li>
+ <li>iris: fix system value remapping</li>
+ <li>iris: dodge backend UCP lowering</li>
+ <li>iris: bypass params and do it ourselves</li>
+ <li>iris: actually upload clip planes.</li>
+ <li>iris: fix num clip plane consts</li>
+ <li>iris: fix more uniform setup</li>
+ <li>iris: drop iris_setup_push_uniform_range</li>
+ <li>iris: enable push constants if we have sysvals but no uniforms</li>
+ <li>iris: regather info so we get CLIP_DIST slots, not CLIP_VERTEX</li>
+ <li>iris: don't support pull constants.</li>
+ <li>iris: don't trip on param asserts</li>
+ <li>iris: drop param stuffs</li>
+ <li>iris: don't forget to upload CS consts</li>
+ <li>iris: fix sysval only binding tables</li>
+ <li>iris: only clip lower if there's something to clip against</li>
+ <li>iris: leave another TODO</li>
+ <li>iris: Fix SourceAlphaBlendFactor</li>
+ <li>iris: "Fix" transfer maps of buffers</li>
+ <li>iris: Fix independent alpha blending.</li>
+ <li>iris: more TODO</li>
+ <li>iris: scissored and mirrored blits</li>
+ <li>iris: more todo notes</li>
+ <li>iris: Fix TCS/TES slot unification</li>
+ <li>iris: properly pin stencil buffers</li>
+ <li>iris: Fix SLM</li>
+ <li>iris: Use iris_use_pinned_bo rather than add_exec_bo directly</li>
+ <li>iris: Combine iris_use_pinned_bo and add_exec_bo</li>
+ <li>iris: Avoid cross-batch synchronization on read/reads</li>
+ <li>iris: Avoid synchronizing due to the workaround BO</li>
+ <li>iris: replace vestiges of fence fds with newer exec_fence API</li>
+ <li>iris: Drop vestiges of throttling code</li>
+ <li>iris: Hang on to the last batch's sync-point, so we can wait on it</li>
+ <li>iris: Add wait fences to properly sync between render/compute</li>
+ <li>iris: leave a TODO</li>
+ <li>iris: flush the compute batch too if border pool is redone</li>
+ <li>iris: put render batch first in fence code</li>
+ <li>iris: Put batches in an array</li>
+ <li>iris: PIPE_CONTROL workarounds for GPGPU mode</li>
+ <li>iris: RT flush for memorybarrier with texture bit</li>
+ <li>iris: update comment</li>
+ <li>iris: Enable ctx-&gt;Const.UseSTD430AsDefaultPacking</li>
+ <li>iris: Lie about indirects</li>
+ <li>iris: Fix buffer -&gt; buffer copy_region</li>
+ <li>iris: Fix VIEWPORT/LAYER in stream output info</li>
+ <li>iris: Do the 48-bit vertex buffer address invalidation workaround</li>
+ <li>iris: drop long dead XXX comment</li>
+ <li>iris: Track a binding history for buffer resources</li>
+ <li>iris: add iris_flush_and_dirty_for_history</li>
+ <li>iris: Flush for history at various moments</li>
+ <li>iris: Re-pin even if nothing is dirty</li>
+ <li>iris: fix prototype warning</li>
+ <li>iris: export iris_upload_shader</li>
+ <li>iris: fix comment location</li>
+ <li>iris: Use wrappers for create_xs_state rather than a switch statement</li>
+ <li>iris: rework program cache interface</li>
+ <li>iris: Enable precompiles</li>
+ <li>iris: Use program's num textures not the state tracker's bound</li>
+ <li>iris: drop pull constant binding table entry</li>
+ <li>iris: add assertions about binding table starts</li>
+ <li>iris: add an extra BT assert from Chris Wilson</li>
+ <li>iris: actually flush for storage images</li>
+ <li>iris: fix some SO overflow query bugs and tidy the code a bit</li>
+ <li>iris: drop key_size_for_cache</li>
+ <li>iris: for BLORP, only use the predicate enable bit when USE_BIT</li>
+ <li>iris: check query first</li>
+ <li>iris: fix conditional compute, don't stomp predicate for pipelined queries</li>
+ <li>iris: Rework tiling/modifiers handling</li>
+ <li>iris: Fix failed to compile TCS message</li>
+ <li>iris: Destroy transfer helper on screen teardown</li>
+ <li>iris: Destroy the border color pool</li>
+ <li>iris: Unref unbound_tex resource</li>
+ <li>iris: Fix IRIS_MEMZONE_COUNT to exclude the border color pool</li>
+ <li>iris: Destroy the bufmgr</li>
+ <li>iris: Stop leaking iris_uncompiled_shaders like mad</li>
+ <li>iris: move some non-buffer case code in a bit</li>
+ <li>iris: Don't bother considering if the underlying surface is a cube</li>
+ <li>iris: fix alpha channel for RGB BC1 formats</li>
+ <li>iris: fix dma buf import strides</li>
+ <li>iris: CS stall for stream out -&gt; VB</li>
+ <li>iris: make clipper statistics dynamic</li>
+ <li>iris: reject all clipping when we can't use streamout render disabled</li>
+ <li>iris: omask can kill</li>
+ <li>iris: reemit SBE when sprite coord origin changes</li>
+ <li>iris: re-pin inherited streamout buffers</li>
+ <li>iris: Fix NOS mechanism</li>
+ <li>iris: fix overhead regression from flushing for storage images</li>
+ <li>iris: fix set_sampler_views to not unbind, be better about bounds</li>
+ <li>iris: Fix set_sampler_views with start &gt; 0</li>
+ <li>iris: Replace num_textures etc with a bitmask we can scan</li>
+ <li>iris: Drop continues in resolve</li>
+ <li>iris: Fix clear dimensions</li>
+ <li>iris: Clamp viewport extents to the framebuffer dimensions</li>
+ <li>iris: Enable guardband clipping</li>
+ <li>iris: Fix primitive generated query active flag</li>
+ <li>iris: Always do rasterizer discard in clipper</li>
+ <li>iris: override alpha to one src1 blend factors</li>
+ <li>iris: handle PatchVerticesIn as a system value.</li>
+ <li>iris: rewrite set_vertex_buffer and VB handling</li>
+ <li>iris: Reorder LRR parameters to have dst first.</li>
+ <li>iris: Add _MI_ALU helpers that don't paste</li>
+ <li>iris: Don't bother packing 3DSTATE_SO_BUFFER at create time</li>
+ <li>iris: Move iris_stream_output_target def to iris_context.h</li>
+ <li>iris: only get space for one offset in stream output targets</li>
+ <li>iris: Implement DrawTransformFeedback()</li>
+ <li>iris: drop unnecessary genx-&gt;streamout field</li>
+ <li>iris: Fix the prototype for iris_bo_alloc_tiled</li>
+ <li>iris: don't print the pointer in INTEL_DEBUG=submit</li>
+ <li>iris: Use a surface state fill helper</li>
+ <li>iris: Make a alloc_surface_state helper</li>
+ <li>iris: whitespace fixes</li>
+ <li>iris: Track blend enables, save outbound for resolve code</li>
+ <li>iris: always pin the the compute context, too.</li>
+ <li>iris: delete finished comments</li>
+ <li>iris: pin and re-pin the scratch BO</li>
+ <li>iris: more dead comments</li>
+ <li>iris: only mark depth/stencil as writable if writes are actually enabled</li>
+ <li>iris: better MOCS</li>
+ <li>iris: Fix scratch space allocation on Icelake.</li>
+ <li>iris: Only resolve inputs for actual shader stages</li>
+ <li>iris: Add a more long term TODO about timebase scaling</li>
+ <li>iris: Fix compute scratch pinning</li>
+ <li>iris: Delete bogus comment about cube array counting.</li>
+ <li>iris: Fix framebuffer layer count</li>
+ <li>iris: Don't enable push constants just because there are system values</li>
+ <li>iris: Don't make duplicate system values</li>
+ <li>iris: Fill out brw_image_params for storage images on Broadwell</li>
+ <li>iris: Fix surface states for Gen8 lowered-to-untype images</li>
+ <li>iris: Leave a comment about why Broadwell images are broken</li>
+ <li>iris: Implement multi-slice copy_region</li>
+ <li>iris: Flush the render cache in flush_and_dirty_for_history</li>
+ <li>iris: Handle PIPE_TRANSFER_DISCARD_WHOLE_RESOURCE somewhat</li>
+ <li>iris: Don't check other batches for our batch BO</li>
+ <li>iris: Drop a dead comment</li>
+ <li>iris: Delete genx-&gt;bound_vertex_buffers</li>
+ <li>iris: Fix Broadwell WaDividePSInvocationCountBy4</li>
+ <li>iris: Use new PIPE_STAT_QUERY enums rather than hardcoded numbers.</li>
+ <li>iris: Switch to the new PIPELINE_STATISTICS_QUERY_SINGLE capability</li>
+ <li>iris: fail to create screen for older unsupported HW</li>
+ <li>iris: Allow sample mask of 0</li>
+ <li>iris: Don't enable smooth points when point sprites are enabled</li>
+ <li>iris: Assert about blits with color masking</li>
+ <li>iris: Pay attention to blit masks</li>
+ <li>iris: CS stall on VF cache invalidate workarounds</li>
+ <li>iris: Fix SO issue with INTEL_DEBUG=reemit, set fewer bits</li>
+ <li>iris: Don't whack SO dirty bits when finishing a BLORP op</li>
+ <li>iris: Fix memzone_for_address for the surface and binder zones</li>
+ <li>iris: Do binder address allocations per-context, not globally.</li>
+ <li>iris: Zero the compute predicate when changing the render condition</li>
+ <li>iris: Remap stream output indexes back to VARYING_SLOT_*.</li>
+ <li>iris: Enable PIPE_CAP_COMPACT_ARRAYS</li>
+ <li>iris: Drop comment about ISP_DIS</li>
+ <li>iris: Drop dead state_size hash table</li>
+ <li>iris: Unreference some more things on state module teardown</li>
+ <li>iris: minor tidying</li>
+ <li>iris: Fix bug in bound vertex buffer tracking</li>
+ <li>iris: Implement ALT mode for ARB_{vertex,fragment}_shader</li>
+ <li>iris: Add a timeout_nsec parameter, rename check_syncpt to wait_syncpt</li>
+ <li>iris: Fix accidental busy-looping in query waits</li>
+ <li>iris: Use READ_ONCE and WRITE_ONCE for snapshots_landed</li>
+ <li>iris: Make a iris_batch_reference_signal_syncpt helper function.</li>
+ <li>iris: Add PIPE_CAP_MAX_VARYINGS</li>
+ <li>iris: rework num textures to util_lastbit</li>
+ <li>iris: Stop chopping off the first nine characters of the renderer string</li>
+ <li>iris: Drop XXX about alpha testing</li>
+ <li>iris: Set 3DSTATE_WM::ForceThreadDispatchEnable</li>
+ <li>iris: Set HasWriteableRT correctly</li>
+ <li>iris: Drop XXX about checking for swizzling</li>
+ <li>iris: Move create and bind driver hooks to the end of iris_program.c</li>
+ <li>iris: Make an IRIS_MAX_MIPLEVELS define</li>
+ <li>iris: Simplify iris_get_depth_stencil_resources</li>
+ <li>iris: Add missing depth cache flushes</li>
+ <li>iris: Always emit at least one BLEND_STATE</li>
+ <li>iris: Add iris_resource fields for aux surfaces</li>
+ <li>iris: Fill out res-&gt;aux.possible_usages</li>
+ <li>iris: Fill out SURFACE_STATE entries for each possible aux usage</li>
+ <li>iris: create aux surface if needed</li>
+ <li>iris: Initial import of resolve code</li>
+ <li>iris: blorp using resolve hooks</li>
+ <li>iris: add some draw resolve hooks</li>
+ <li>iris: actually use the multiple surf states for aux modes</li>
+ <li>iris: try to fix copyimage vs copybuffers</li>
+ <li>iris: be sure to skip buffers in resolve code</li>
+ <li>iris: resolve before transfer maps</li>
+ <li>iris: pin the buffers</li>
+ <li>iris: store modifier info in res</li>
+ <li>iris: Make blit code use actual aux usages</li>
+ <li>iris: consider framebuffer parameter for aux usages</li>
+ <li>iris: Resolves for compute</li>
+ <li>iris: disable aux for external things</li>
+ <li>iris: some initial HiZ bits</li>
+ <li>iris: don't use hiz for MSAA buffers</li>
+ <li>iris: Set program key fields for MCS</li>
+ <li>iris: make surface states for CCS_D too</li>
+ <li>iris: do flush for buffers still</li>
+ <li>iris: Allow disabling aux via INTEL_DEBUG options</li>
+ <li>iris: Fix aux usage in render resolve code</li>
+ <li>iris: Only resolve compute resources for compute shaders</li>
+ <li>iris: Enable auxiliary buffer support</li>
+ <li>iris: Enable -msse2 and -mstackrealign</li>
+ <li>Revert "iris: Enable auxiliary buffer support"</li>
+ <li>vulkan: Fix 32-bit build for the new overlay layer</li>
+ <li>mesa: Fix RGBBuffers for renderbuffers with sized internal formats</li>
+ <li>iris: Drop RGBX -&gt; RGBA for storage image usages</li>
+ <li>iris: Properly allow rendering to RGBX formats.</li>
+ <li>i965: Implement threaded GL support.</li>
+ <li>tgsi_to_nir: use sampler variables and derefs</li>
+ <li>iris: Fix MOCS for blits and clears</li>
+ <li>isl: Add a swizzle parameter to isl_buffer_fill_state()</li>
+ <li>iris: Plumb through ISL_SWIZZLE_IDENTITY in buffer surface emitters</li>
+ <li>iris: Defer uploading sampler state tables until draw time</li>
+ <li>iris: Properly support alpha and luminance-alpha formats</li>
+ <li>iris: Spruce up "are we using this engine?" checks for flushing</li>
+ <li>iris: Export a copy_region helper that doesn't flush</li>
+ <li>iris: Use copy_region and staging resources to avoid transfer stalls</li>
+ <li>Revert MR 369 (Fix extract_i8 and extract_u8 for 64-bit integers)</li>
+ <li>iris: Fix backface stencil write condition</li>
+ <li>iris: Rework default tessellation level uploads</li>
+ <li>iris: Fix TES gl_PatchVerticesIn handling.</li>
+ <li>iris: Move depth/stencil flushes so they actually do something</li>
+ <li>iris: Refactor depth/stencil buffer pinning into a helper.</li>
+ <li>iris: Fix write enable in pinning of depth/stencil resources</li>
+ <li>i965: Move some genX infrastructure to genX_boilerplate.h.</li>
+ <li>i965: Use genxml for emitting PIPE_CONTROL.</li>
+ <li>i965: Reimplement all the PIPE_CONTROL rules.</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: Fix opt_peephole_csel to not throw away saturates.</li>
+ <li>iris: Don't mutate box in transfer map code</li>
+ <li>iris: Don't flush the batch for unsynchronized mappings</li>
+ <li>iris: Slightly better bounds on buffer sizes</li>
+ <li>gallium: Add PIPE_BARRIER_UPDATE_BUFFER and UPDATE_TEXTURE bits.</li>
+ <li>nvc0: Skip new update barrier bits</li>
+ <li>nir: Record non-vector/scalar varyings as unmovable when compacting</li>
+ <li>iris: Fix util_vma_heap_init size for IRIS_MEMZONE_SHADER</li>
+ <li>iris: Skip input resolve handling if bindings haven't changed</li>
+ <li>iris: Skip framebuffer resolve tracking if framebuffer isn't dirty</li>
+ <li>iris: Skip resolves and flushes altogether if unnecessary</li>
+ <li>iris: Fix batch chaining map_next increment.</li>
+ <li>iris: Actually advertise some modifiers</li>
+ <li>st/nir: Free the GLSL IR after linking.</li>
+ <li>st/mesa: Fix blitting from GL_DEPTH_STENCIL to GL_STENCIL_INDEX</li>
+ <li>iris: Fix blits with S8_UINT destination</li>
+ <li>iris: Print the memzone name when allocating BOs with INTEL_DEBUG=buf</li>
+ <li>iris: Save/restore MI_PREDICATE_RESULT, not MI_PREDICATE_DATA.</li>
+ <li>iris: Silence unused variable warnings in release mode</li>
+ <li>gallium/util: Add const to u_range_intersect</li>
+ <li>iris: Actually pin the scratch BO.</li>
+ <li>glsl: Set location on structure-split sampler uniform variables</li>
+ <li>intel: Emit 3DSTATE_VF_STATISTICS dynamically</li>
+ <li>iris: Actually mark blorp_copy_buffer destinations as written.</li>
+ <li>iris: Preserve all PIPE_TRANSFER flags in xfer-&gt;usage</li>
+ <li>iris: Fix FLUSH_EXPLICIT handling with staging buffers.</li>
+ <li>iris: Make shader_perf_log print to stderr if INTEL_DEBUG=perf is set</li>
+ <li>i965: Move program key debugging to the compiler.</li>
+ <li>iris: Print the reason for shader recompiles.</li>
+ <li>iris: Move iris_debug_recompile calls before uploading.</li>
+ <li>iris: Change vendor and renderer strings</li>
+ <li>iris: Add texture cache flushing hacks for blit and resource_copy_region</li>
+ <li>iris: Be less aggressive at postdraw work skipping</li>
+ <li>iris: Add mechanism for iris-specific driconf options</li>
+ <li>iris: Enable the dual_color_blend_by_location driconf option.</li>
+ <li>iris: Track bound and writable SSBOs</li>
+ <li>Revert "glsl: Set location on structure-split sampler uniform variables"</li>
+ <li>i965: Ignore uniform storage for samplers or images, use binding info</li>
+ <li>i965: Tidy bogus indentation left by previous commit</li>
+ <li>iris: Mark constants dirty on transfer unmap even if no flushes occur</li>
+ <li>iris: Track bound constant buffers</li>
+ <li>iris: Rework UBOs and SSBOs to use pipe_shader_buffer</li>
+ <li>iris: Rework image views to store pipe_image_view.</li>
+ <li>iris: Make a gl_shader_stage -&gt; pipe_shader_stage helper function</li>
+ <li>iris: Make memzone_for_address non-static</li>
+ <li>iris: Replace buffer backing storage and rebind to update addresses.</li>
+ <li>iris: Make a resource_is_busy() helper</li>
+ <li>iris: Track valid data range and infer unsynchronized mappings.</li>
+ <li>iris: Make some offset math helpers take a const isl_surf pointer</li>
+ <li>iris: Fix DrawTransformFeedback math when there's a buffer offset</li>
+ <li>iris: Prefer staging blits when destination supports CCS_E.</li>
+ <li>iris: Actually put Mesa in GL_RENDERER string</li>
+ <li>iris: Split iris_flush_and_dirty_for_history into two helpers.</li>
+ <li>iris: Enable GL_AMD_depth_clamp_separate</li>
+ <li>iris: Advertise EXT_texture_sRGB_R8 support</li>
+ <li>iris: Some tidying for preemption support</li>
+ <li>iris: Silence unused function warning</li>
+ <li>iris: Fix zeroing of transform feedback offsets in strange cases.</li>
+ <li>glsl/list: Add an exec_list_is_singular() helper.</li>
+ <li>nir: Add a new nir_cf_list_is_empty_block() helper.</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: Don't emit empty ELSE blocks.</li>
+ <li>iris: Set XY Clipping correctly.</li>
+ <li>iris: Only enable GL_AMD_depth_clamp_separate on Gen9+</li>
+ <li>iris: Fix imageBuffer and PBO download.</li>
+ <li>iris: Disable dual source blending when shader doesn't handle it</li>
+ <li>iris: Resolve textures used by the program, not merely bound textures</li>
+ <li>iris: Fix 4GB memory zone heap sizes.</li>
+ <li>iris: leave the top 4Gb of the high heap VMA unused</li>
+ <li>iris: Force VMA alignment to be a multiple of the page size.</li>
+ <li>iris: Delete bucketing allocators</li>
+ <li>i965: Fix BRW_MEMZONE_LOW_4G heap size.</li>
+ <li>i965: Force VMA alignment to be a multiple of the page size.</li>
+ <li>i965: leave the top 4Gb of the high heap VMA unused</li>
+ <li>i965: Fix memory leaks in brw_upload_cs_work_groups_surface().</li>
+ <li>iris: Use full ways for L3 cache setup on Icelake.</li>
+ <li>egl/x11: calloc dri2_surf so it's properly zeroed</li>
+<p>Kevin Strasser (1):</p>
+ <li>egl/dri: Avoid out of bounds array access</li>
+<p>Khaled Emara (1):</p>
+ <li>freedreno: PIPE_CAP_SHADER_BUFFER_OFFSET_ALIGNMENT unreachable statement</li>
+<p>Khem Raj (1):</p>
+ <li>winsys/svga/drm: Include sys/types.h</li>
+<p>Kishore Kadiyala (1):</p>
+ <li>android: static link with libexpat with Android O+</li>
+<p>Konstantin Kharlamov (1):</p>
+ <li>mapi: work around GCC LTO dropping assembly-defined functions</li>
+<p>Kristian Høgsberg (49):</p>
+ <li>st/nir: Use src/ relative include path for autotools</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: Emit blitter dst with OUT_RELOCW</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: Use tiling for all resources</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: regen headers</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: Drop render condition check in blitter</li>
+ <li>freedreno: Log number of draw for sysmem passes</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: Use the right resource for separate stencil stride</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: Combine emit_blit and fd6_blit</li>
+ <li>freedreno: Consolidate u_blitter functions in freedreno_blitter.c</li>
+ <li>freedreno: Don't tell the blitter what it can't do</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: Move blit check so as to restore comment</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: Support some depth/stencil blits on blitter</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: Support y-inverted blits</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: Add format argument to fd6_tex_swiz()</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: Fall back to masked RGBA blits for depth/stencil</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: Clean up mixed use of swap and swizzle for texture state</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: Update headers</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: Front facing needs UNK3 bit</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: Fix point coord</li>
+ <li>.mailmap: Add a few more alises for myself</li>
+ <li>freedreno: Update headers</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: Copy stencil as R8_UINT</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: Support MSAA resolve blits on blitter</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: Only output MRT control for used framebuffers</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: Don't zero SO buffer addresses</li>
+ <li>freedreno: Fix a couple of warnings</li>
+ <li>turnip: Only get bo offset when we need to mmap</li>
+ <li>freedreno: Use c_vis_args and no_override_init_args</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: Remove extra parens</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: Track whether shader needs derivatives</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: Fix operand order for DSX/DSY</li>
+ <li>st/glsl_to_nir: Calculate num_uniforms from NumParameterValues</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: Enable PIPE_CAP_PACKED_UNIFORMS</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: Push UBOs to constant file</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: Don't access beyond available regs</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: Add workaround for VS samgq</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: Mark ir3_context_error() as NORETURN</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a2xx: Fix redundant if statement</li>
+ <li>freedreno: Use enum values from matching enum</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: Add helper for incrementing regid</li>
+ <li>freedreno: Fix format string warning</li>
+ <li>.gitignore: Remove autotool artifacts</li>
+ <li>tgsi: Mark tgsi_strings_check() unused</li>
+ <li>glsl_to_nir: Initialize debug variable</li>
+ <li> Saturate to expression that doesn't overflow</li>
+ <li>ralloc: Fully qualify non-virtual destructor call</li>
+ <li>egl/dri2: Mark potentially unused 'display' variable with MAYBE_UNUSED</li>
+ <li>gallium/auxiliary/vl: Fix a couple of warnings</li>
+ <li>freedreno/drm: Quiet pointer to u64 conversion warning</li>
+<p>Leo Liu (6):</p>
+ <li>st/va: fix the incorrect max profiles report</li>
+ <li>st/va/vp9: set max reference as default of VP9 reference number</li>
+ <li>vl/dri3: remove the wait before getting back buffer</li>
+ <li>radeon/vcn: add H.264 constrained baseline support</li>
+ <li>radeon/vcn/vp9: search the render target from the whole list</li>
+ <li>winsys/amdgpu: add VCN JPEG to no user fence group</li>
+<p>Lepton Wu (2):</p>
+ <li>virgl: close drm fd when destroying virgl screen.</li>
+ <li>virgl: Set bind when creating temp resource.</li>
+<p>Lionel Landwerlin (127):</p>
+ <li>anv: assert that color attachment are valid</li>
+ <li>radv: assert that colorAttachment is valid for CmdClearAttachment</li>
+ <li>i965: scale factor changes should trigger recompile</li>
+ <li>vulkan: Update the XML and headers to 1.1.101</li>
+ <li>anv: implement VK_EXT_depth_clip_enable</li>
+ <li>build: move imgui out of src/intel/tools to be reused</li>
+ <li>imgui: bump copy</li>
+ <li>imgui: make sure our copy of imgui doesn't clash with others in the same process</li>
+ <li>vulkan: add an overlay layer</li>
+ <li>intel: fix urb size for CFL GT1</li>
+ <li>anv: add support for INTEL_DEBUG=bat</li>
+ <li>Revert "anv: add support for INTEL_DEBUG=bat"</li>
+ <li>intel/aub_viewer: printout 48bits addresses</li>
+ <li>intel/aub_viewer: silence compiler warning</li>
+ <li>intel/aub_viewer: silence more compiler warnings</li>
+ <li>vulkan/overlay: fix missing installation of layer</li>
+ <li>vulkan/overlay: fix includes</li>
+ <li>imgui: update commit</li>
+ <li>imgui: update memory editor</li>
+ <li>vulkan/overlay: install layer binary in libdir</li>
+ <li>intel/compiler: use correct swizzle for replacement</li>
+ <li>vulkan/overlay: fix min/max computations</li>
+ <li>vulkan/overlay: rework option parsing</li>
+ <li>vulkan/overlay: add support for fps output in file</li>
+ <li>anv: add support for INTEL_DEBUG=bat</li>
+ <li>vulkan: update headers/registry to 1.1.102</li>
+ <li>anv: update supported patch version</li>
+ <li>radv: set num_components on vulkan_resource_index intrinsic</li>
+ <li>vulkan/util: make header available from c++</li>
+ <li>vulkan/util: generate instance/device dispatch tables</li>
+ <li>vulkan/overlay: drop dependency on validation layer headers</li>
+ <li>intel/decoders: add address space indicator to get BOs</li>
+ <li>intel/decoders: handle decoding MI_BBS from ring</li>
+ <li>intel/decoders: limit number of decoded batchbuffers</li>
+ <li>intel/aub_read: reuse defines from gen_context</li>
+ <li>intel/aub_write: split comment section from HW setup</li>
+ <li>intel/aub_write: write header in init</li>
+ <li>intel/aub_write: break execlist write in 2</li>
+ <li>intel/aub_write: switch to use i915_drm engine classes</li>
+ <li>intel/aub_write: log mmio writes</li>
+ <li>intel/aub_write: store the physical page allocator in struct</li>
+ <li>intel/aub_write: turn context images arrays into functions</li>
+ <li>intel/aub_write: factorize context image/pphwsp/ring creation</li>
+ <li>iris: fix decoder call</li>
+ <li>iris: fix decode_get_bo callback</li>
+ <li>intel/error2aub: build a list of BOs before writing them</li>
+ <li>intel/error2aub: identify buffers by engine</li>
+ <li>intel/error2aub: strenghten batchbuffer identifier marker</li>
+ <li>intel/error2aub: parse other buffer types</li>
+ <li>intel/error2aub: annotate buffer with their address space</li>
+ <li>intel/error2aub: store engine last ring buffer head/tail pointers</li>
+ <li>intel/error2aub: write GGTT buffers into the aub file</li>
+ <li>intel/error2aub: add a verbose option</li>
+ <li>intel/error2aub: deal with GuC log buffer</li>
+ <li>intel/error2aub: support older style engine names</li>
+ <li>vulkan: factor out wsi dependencies</li>
+ <li>anv: implement VK_EXT_pipeline_creation_feedback</li>
+ <li>vulkan/overlay: properly register layer object with loader</li>
+ <li>vulkan/overlay: silence validation layer warnings</li>
+ <li>vulkan/overlay: check return value of swapchain get images</li>
+ <li>vulkan/overlay: improve error reporting</li>
+ <li>i965: perf: sklgt2: update a priority for register programming</li>
+ <li>i965: perf: sklgt2: update compute metrics config</li>
+ <li>i965: perf: sklgt2: update memory write config</li>
+ <li>i965: perf: add PMA stall metrics</li>
+ <li>i965: perf: chv: fixup counters names</li>
+ <li>i965: perf: hsw: drop register programming not needed on HSW</li>
+ <li>i965: perf: sklgt2: drop programming of an unused NOA register</li>
+ <li>i965: perf: add Icelake metrics</li>
+ <li>i965: perf: enable Icelake metrics</li>
+ <li>i965: perf: add ring busyness metric for cfl gt2</li>
+ <li>i965: perf: update render basic configs for big core gen9/gen10</li>
+ <li>anv: implement VK_KHR_swapchain revision 70</li>
+ <li>intel: add dependency on genxml generated files</li>
+ <li>genxml: add a sorting script</li>
+ <li>genxml: sort xml files using new script</li>
+ <li>anv: don't use default pipeline cache for hits for VK_EXT_pipeline_creation_feedback</li>
+ <li>anv: store heap address bounds when initializing physical device</li>
+ <li>anv: leave the top 4Gb of the high heap VMA unused</li>
+ <li>i965: store device revision in gen_device_info</li>
+ <li>i965: extract performance query metrics</li>
+ <li>i965: move mdapi data structure to intel/perf</li>
+ <li>i965: move OA accumulation code to intel/perf</li>
+ <li>i965: move brw_timebase_scale to device info</li>
+ <li>i965: move mdapi result data format to intel/perf</li>
+ <li>i965: move mdapi guid into intel/perf</li>
+ <li>intel/perf: stub gen10/11 missing definitions</li>
+ <li>i965: perf: add mdapi pipeline statistics queries on gen10/11</li>
+ <li>intel/perf: drop counter size field</li>
+ <li>intel/perf: constify accumlator parameter</li>
+ <li>iris: implement WaEnableStateCacheRedirectToCS</li>
+ <li>i965: implement WaEnableStateCacheRedirectToCS</li>
+ <li>anv: implement WaEnableStateCacheRedirectToCS</li>
+ <li>anv: fix uninitialized pthread cond clock domain</li>
+ <li>intel/devinfo: fix missing num_thread_per_eu on ICL</li>
+ <li>intel/devinfo: add basic sanity tests on device database</li>
+ <li>anv: limit URB reconfigurations when using blorp</li>
+ <li>intel: workaround VS fixed function issue on Gen9 GT1 parts</li>
+ <li>anv: fix argument name for vkCmdEndQuery</li>
+ <li>i965: fix icelake performance query enabling</li>
+ <li>Revert "anv: limit URB reconfigurations when using blorp"</li>
+ <li>vulkan/util: generate a helper function to return pNext struct sizes</li>
+ <li>vulkan/overlay: update help printout</li>
+ <li>vulkan/overlay: record stats in command buffers and accumulate on exec/submit</li>
+ <li>vulkan/overlay: add pipeline statistic &amp; timestamps support</li>
+ <li>vulkan/overlay: add no display option</li>
+ <li>vulkan/overlay: add a margin to the size of the window</li>
+ <li>vulkan/overlay: record all select metrics into output file</li>
+ <li>vulkan/overlay: add a frame counter option</li>
+ <li>vulkan/overlay: make overlay size configurable</li>
+ <li>vulkan/overlay: make overriden functions static</li>
+ <li>vulkan/overlay: add TODO list</li>
+ <li>anv: fix crash when application does not provide push constants</li>
+ <li>anv: rework queries writes to ensure ordering memory writes</li>
+ <li>anv: fix use after free</li>
+ <li>anv: Use corresponding type from the vector allocation</li>
+ <li>vulkan/overlay: keep allocating draw data until it can be reused</li>
+ <li>nir: fix lower_non_uniform_access pass</li>
+ <li>vulkan/overlay-layer: fix cast errors</li>
+ <li>vulkan/overlay: fix truncating error on 32bit platforms</li>
+ <li>nir: lower_non_uniform_access: iterate over instructions safely</li>
+ <li>vulkan/overlay: fix timestamp query emission with no pipeline stats</li>
+ <li>vulkan: fix build dependency issue with generated files</li>
+ <li>anv: fix apply_pipeline_layout pass for arrays of YCbCr descriptors</li>
+ <li>nir/lower_non_uniform: safely iterate over blocks</li>
+ <li>intel/perf: fix EuThreadsCount value in performance equations</li>
+ <li>intel/perf: improve dynamic loading config detection</li>
+<p>Lubomir Rintel (3):</p>
+ <li>kmsro: Extend to include armada-drm</li>
+ <li>gallivm: guess CPU features also on ARM</li>
+ <li>gallivm: disable NEON instructions if they are not supported</li>
+<p>Lucas Stach (3):</p>
+ <li>etnaviv: don't flush own context when updating resource use</li>
+ <li>etnaviv: flush all pending contexts when accessing a resource with the CPU</li>
+ <li>etnaviv: only try to construct scanout resource when on KMS winsys</li>
+<p>Marek Olšák (121):</p>
+ <li>radeonsi: enable dithered alpha-to-coverage for better quality</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: merge &amp; rename texture BO metadata functions</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: unify error paths in si_texture_create_object</li>
+ <li>winsys/amdgpu: remove amdgpu_drm.h definitions</li>
+ <li>r600: add -Wstrict-overflow=0 to meson to silence the warning</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: fix a comment typo in si_fine_fence_set</li>
+ <li>gallium: allow more PIPE_RESOURCE_ driver flags</li>
+ <li>meson: drop the xcb-xrandr version requirement</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: handle render_condition_enable in si_compute_clear_render_target</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: fix crashing performance counters (division by zero)</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: initialize textures using DCC to black when possible</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: clear allocator_zeroed_memory with SDMA</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: make allocator_zeroed_memory unmappable and use bigger buffers</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: don't leak an index buffer if draw_vbo fails</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: use local ws variable in si_need_dma_space</li>
+ <li>gallium/u_threaded: fix EXPLICIT_FLUSH for flush offsets &gt; 0</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: fix EXPLICIT_FLUSH for flush offsets &gt; 0</li>
+ <li>winsys/amdgpu: don't drop manually added fence dependencies</li>
+ <li>winsys/amdgpu: unify fence list code</li>
+ <li>winsys/amdgpu: use a separate fence list for syncobjs</li>
+ <li>winsys/amdgpu: remove occurence of INDIRECT_BUFFER_CONST</li>
+ <li>winsys/amdgpu: clean up IB buffer size computation</li>
+ <li>winsys/amdgpu: cs_check_space sets the minimum IB size for future IBs</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: add AMD_DEBUG env var as an alternative to R600_DEBUG</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: use MEM instead of MEM_GRBM in COPY_DATA.DST_SEL</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: add driconf option radeonsi_enable_nir</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: always enable NIR for Civilization 6 to fix corruption</li>
+ <li>driconf: add Civ6Sub executable for Civilization 6</li>
+ <li>st/mesa: always unmap the uploader in st_atom_array.c</li>
+ <li>gallium/u_threaded: always unmap const_uploader</li>
+ <li>gallium/u_upload_mgr: allow use of FLUSH_EXPLICIT with persistent mappings</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: use SDMA for uploading data through const_uploader</li>
+ <li>tgsi: don't set tgsi_info::uses_bindless_images for constbufs and hw atomics</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: always use compute rings for clover on CI and newer (v2)</li>
+ <li>gallium/u_tests: use a compute-only context to test GCN compute ring</li>
+ <li>gallium: add pipe_grid_info::last_block</li>
+ <li>omx: clean up enc_LoadImage_common</li>
+ <li>omx: add a compute path in enc_LoadImage_common</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: fix assertion failure by using the correct type</li>
+ <li>mesa: implement ARB/KHR_parallel_shader_compile</li>
+ <li>gallium: implement ARB/KHR_parallel_shader_compile</li>
+ <li>util/queue: move thread creation into a separate function</li>
+ <li>util/queue: add ability to kill a subset of threads</li>
+ <li>util/queue: hold a lock when reading num_threads in util_queue_finish</li>
+ <li>util/queue: add util_queue_adjust_num_threads</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: implement ARB/KHR_parallel_shader_compile callbacks</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: don't use PFP_SYNC_ME with compute-only contexts</li>
+ <li>docs/relnotes: document parallel_shader_compile changes in 19.1.0, not 19.0.0</li>
+ <li>amd/addrlib: fix uninitialized values for Addr2ComputeDccAddrFromCoord</li>
+ <li>radeonsi/gfx9: add support for PIPE_ALIGNED=0</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: add ability to bind images as image buffers</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: add support for displayable DCC for 1 RB chips</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: add support for displayable DCC for multi-RB chips</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: enable displayable DCC on Ravens</li>
+ <li>gallium: add writable_bitmask parameter into set_shader_buffers</li>
+ <li>glsl: remember which SSBOs are not read-only and pass it to gallium</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: set exact shader buffer read/write usage in CS</li>
+ <li>tegra: fix the build after the set_shader_buffers change</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: fix a crash when unbinding sampler states</li>
+ <li>glsl: fix shader_storage_blocks_write_access for SSBO block arrays</li>
+ <li>Revert "glsl: fix shader_storage_blocks_write_access for SSBO block arrays"</li>
+ <li>glsl: allow the #extension directive within code blocks for the dri option</li>
+ <li>mesa: don't overwrite existing shader files with MESA_SHADER_CAPTURE_PATH</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: set AC_FUNC_ATTR_READNONE for image opcodes where it was missing</li>
+ <li>ac: use the common helper ac_apply_fmask_to_sample</li>
+ <li>ac: fix incorrect bindless atomic code in visit_image_atomic</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: enable GL_EXT_shader_image_load_formatted</li>
+ <li>nir: optimize gl_SampleMaskIn to gl_HelperInvocation for radeonsi when possible</li>
+ <li>winsys/amdgpu: don't set GTT with GDS &amp; OA placements on APUs</li>
+ <li>radeonsi/gfx9: use the correct condition for the DPBB + QUANT_MODE workaround</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: use CP DMA for the null const buffer clear on CIK</li>
+ <li>tgsi/scan: add uses_drawid</li>
+ <li>ac: add radeon_info::marketing_name, replacing the winsys callback</li>
+ <li>ac: add radeon_info::is_pro_graphics</li>
+ <li>ac: add ac_get_i1_sgpr_mask</li>
+ <li>ac: add REWIND and GDS registers to register headers</li>
+ <li>winsys/amdgpu: make IBs writable and expose their address</li>
+ <li>winsys/amdgpu: reorder chunks, make BO_HANDLES first, IB and FENCE last</li>
+ <li>winsys/amdgpu: enable chaining for compute IBs</li>
+ <li>winsys/amdgpu: clean up and remove nonsensical assertion</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: add si_cp_copy_data</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: add helper si_get_minimum_num_gfx_cs_dwords</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: delay adding BOs at the beginning of IBs until the first draw</li>
+ <li>gallium: document conservative rasterization flags</li>
+ <li>st/dri: simplify throttling code</li>
+ <li>gallium: replace DRM_CONF_THROTTLE with PIPE_CAP_MAX_FRAMES_IN_FLIGHT</li>
+ <li>gallium: replace DRM_CONF_SHARE_FD with PIPE_CAP_DMABUF</li>
+ <li>gallium: replace drm_driver_descriptor::configuration with driconf_xml</li>
+ <li>gallium: set PIPE_CAP_MAX_FRAMES_IN_FLIGHT to 2 for all drivers</li>
+ <li>util: fix a compile failure in u_compute.c on windows</li>
+ <li>mesa: enable glGet for EXT_gpu_shader4</li>
+ <li>glsl: add `unsigned int` type for EXT_GPU_shader4</li>
+ <li>glsl: apply some 1.30 and other rules to EXT_gpu_shader4 as well</li>
+ <li>glsl: add builtin variables for EXT_gpu_shader4</li>
+ <li>glsl: add arithmetic builtin functions for EXT_gpu_shader4</li>
+ <li>glsl: add texture builtin functions for EXT_gpu_shader4</li>
+ <li>glsl: allow "varying out" for fragment shader outputs with EXT_gpu_shader4</li>
+ <li>mesa: expose EXT_texture_buffer_object</li>
+ <li>mesa: only allow EXT_gpu_shader4 in the compatibility profile</li>
+ <li>st/mesa: expose EXT_gpu_shader4 if GLSL 1.40 is supported</li>
+ <li>glsl: handle interactions between EXT_gpu_shader4 and texture extensions</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: add BOs after need_cs_space</li>
+ <li>radeonsi/gfx9: set that window_rectangles always roll the context</li>
+ <li>radeonsi/gfx9: rework the gfx9 scissor bug workaround (v2)</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: remove dirty slot masks from scissor and viewport states</li>
+ <li>glsl: fix shader_storage_blocks_write_access for SSBO block arrays (v2)</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: don't ignore PIPE_FLUSH_ASYNC</li>
+ <li>mesa: rework error handling in glDrawBuffers</li>
+ <li>mesa: fix pbuffers because internally they are front buffers</li>
+ <li>st/mesa: don't flush the front buffer if it's a pbuffer</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: use new atomic LLVM helpers</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: set sampler state and view functions for compute-only contexts</li>
+ <li>st/dri: decrease input lag by syncing sooner in SwapBuffers</li>
+ <li>glsl: fix and clean up NV_compute_shader_derivatives support</li>
+ <li>st/mesa: fix 2 crashes in st_tgsi_lower_yuv</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: remove old_va parameter from si_rebind_buffer by remembering offsets</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: update buffer descriptors in all contexts after buffer invalidation</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: fix a regression in si_rebind_buffer</li>
+ <li>u_blitter: don't fail mipmap generation for depth formats containing stencil</li>
+ <li>ac: fix a typo in ac_build_wg_scan_bottom</li>
+<p>Mario Kleiner (1):</p>
+ <li>drirc: Add sddm-greeter to adaptive_sync blacklist.</li>
+<p>Mark Janes (5):</p>
+ <li>mesa: properly report the length of truncated log messages</li>
+ <li>mesa: rename logging functions to reflect that they format strings</li>
+ <li>mesa: add logging function for formatted string</li>
+ <li>intel/common: move gen_debug to intel/dev</li>
+ <li>intel/tools: Remove redundant definitions of INTEL_DEBUG</li>
+<p>Mateusz Krzak (2):</p>
+ <li>panfrost: cast bo_handles pointer to uintptr_t first</li>
+ <li>panfrost: use os_mmap and os_munmap</li>
+<p>Mathias Fröhlich (22):</p>
+ <li>st/mesa: Reduce array updates due to current changes.</li>
+ <li>mesa: Track buffer object use also for VAO usage.</li>
+ <li>st/mesa: Invalidate the gallium array atom only if needed.</li>
+ <li>mesa: Implement helper functions to map and unmap a VAO.</li>
+ <li>mesa: Factor out _mesa_array_element.</li>
+ <li>mesa: Use _mesa_array_element in dlist save.</li>
+ <li>mesa: Replace _ae_{,un}map_vbos with _mesa_vao_{,un}map_arrays</li>
+ <li>mesa: Remove _ae_{,un}map_vbos and dependencies.</li>
+ <li>mesa: Use mapping tools in debug prints.</li>
+ <li>vbo: Fix basevertex handling in display list compiles.</li>
+ <li>vbo: Fix GL_PRIMITIVE_RESTART_FIXED_INDEX in display list compiles.</li>
+ <li>mesa: Add assert to _mesa_primitive_restart_index.</li>
+ <li>mesa: Factor out index function that will have multiple use.</li>
+ <li>mesa: Use glVertexAttrib*NV functions for fixed function attribs.</li>
+ <li>mesa: Implement _mesa_array_element by walking enabled arrays.</li>
+ <li>mesa: Rip out now unused gl_context::aelt_context.</li>
+ <li>mesa: Remove the now unused _NEW_ARRAY state change flag.</li>
+ <li>mesa: Constify static const array in api_arrayelt.c</li>
+ <li>mesa: Remove the _glapi_table argument from _mesa_array_element.</li>
+ <li>mesa: Set CurrentSavePrimitive in vbo_save_NotifyBegin.</li>
+ <li>mesa: Correct the is_vertex_position decision for dlists.</li>
+ <li>mesa: Leave aliasing of vertex and generic0 attribute to the dlist code.</li>
+<p>Matt Turner (7):</p>
+ <li>intel/compiler/test: Set devinfo-&gt;gen = 7</li>
+ <li>intel/compiler: Avoid propagating inequality cmods if types are different</li>
+ <li>intel/compiler/test: Add unit test for mismatched signedness comparison</li>
+ <li>intel/compiler: Add commas on final values of compaction table arrays</li>
+ <li>intel/compiler: Use SIMD16 instructions in fs saturate prop unit test</li>
+ <li>intel/compiler: Add unit tests for sat prop for different exec sizes</li>
+ <li>intel/compiler: Improve fix_3src_operand()</li>
+<p>Matthias Lorenz (1):</p>
+ <li>vulkan/overlay: Add fps counter</li>
+<p>Mauro Rossi (6):</p>
+ <li>android: intel/isl: remove redundant building rules</li>
+ <li>android: anv: fix generated files depedencies (v2)</li>
+ <li>android: anv: fix libexpat shared dependency</li>
+ <li>android: nouveau: add support for nir</li>
+ <li>android: fix LLVM version string related building errors</li>
+ <li>draw: fix building error in draw_gs_init()</li>
+<p>Maya Rashish (1):</p>
+ <li>configure: fix test portability</li>
+<p>Michel Dänzer (19):</p>
+ <li>loader/dri3: Use strlen instead of sizeof for creating VRR property atom</li>
+ <li>gitlab-ci: Re-use docker image from the main repo in forked repos</li>
+ <li>gitlab-ci: List some longer-running jobs before others of the same stage</li>
+ <li>gitlab-ci: Use 8 CPU cores in autotools job</li>
+ <li>gitlab-ci: Make sure clang job actually uses ccache</li>
+ <li>gitlab-ci: Only pull/push cache contents in build+test stage jobs</li>
+ <li>gitlab-ci: Automatically retry jobs after runner system failure</li>
+ <li>gitlab-ci: Run CI pipeline for all branches in the main repository</li>
+ <li>gitlab-ci: Use Debian stretch instead of Ubuntu bionic</li>
+ <li>gitlab-ci: Use HTTPS for APT repositories</li>
+ <li>gitlab-ci: Use Debian packages instead of pip ones for meson and scons</li>
+ <li>gitlab-ci: Install most packages from Debian buster</li>
+ <li>gitlab-ci: Remove unneded (stuff from) APT command lines</li>
+ <li>gitlab-ci: Remove unused Debian packages from Docker image</li>
+ <li>gitlab-ci: Use clang 8 instead of 7</li>
+ <li>gitlab-ci: Drop unused clang 5/6 packages</li>
+ <li>gitlab-ci: Do not use subshells for compiling dependencies</li>
+ <li>gitlab-ci: Use LLVM 3.4 from Debian jessie for scons-llvm job</li>
+ <li>gitlab-ci: Use meson buildtype debug instead of default debugoptimized</li>
+<p>Mike Blumenkrantz (6):</p>
+ <li>iris: support INTEL_NO_HW environment variable</li>
+ <li>gallium: add pipe cap for inner_coverage conservative raster mode</li>
+ <li>st/mesa: indicate intel extension support for inner_coverage based on cap</li>
+ <li>iris: add support for INTEL_conservative_rasterization</li>
+ <li>iris: add preemption support on gen9</li>
+ <li>iris: enable preemption support for gen10</li>
+<p>Nanley Chery (3):</p>
+ <li>i965: Rename intel_mipmap_tree::r8stencil_* -&gt; ::shadow_*</li>
+ <li>anv: Fix some depth buffer sampling cases on ICL+</li>
+ <li>anv/cmd_buffer: Initalize the clear color struct for CNL+</li>
+<p>Nataraj Deshpande (1):</p>
+ <li>anv: Fix check for isl_fmt in assert</li>
+<p>Neha Bhende (2):</p>
+ <li>st/mesa: Fix topogun-1.06-orc-84k-resize.trace crash</li>
+ <li>draw: fix memory leak introduced 7720ce32a</li>
+<p>Nicolai Hähnle (9):</p>
+ <li>amd/surface: provide firstMipIdInTail for metadata surface calculations</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: add si_debug_options for convenient adding/removing of options</li>
+ <li>util/u_log: flush auto loggers before starting a new page</li>
+ <li>ddebug: set thread name</li>
+ <li>ddebug: log calls to pipe-&gt;flush</li>
+ <li>ddebug: dump driver state into a separate file</li>
+ <li>ddebug: expose some helper functions as non-inline</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: add radeonsi_aux_debug option for aux context debug dumps</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: add radeonsi_sync_compile option</li>
+<p>Oscar Blumberg (3):</p>
+ <li>intel/fs: Fix memory corruption when compiling a CS</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: Fix guardband computation for large render targets</li>
+ <li>glsl: Fix function return typechecking</li>
+<p>Patrick Lerda (1):</p>
+ <li>lima/ppir: fix pointer referenced after a free</li>
+<p>Patrick Rudolph (1):</p>
+ <li>d3dadapter9: Support software renderer on any DRI device</li>
+<p>Philipp Zabel (1):</p>
+ <li>etnaviv: fill missing offset in etna_resource_get_handle</li>
+<p>Pierre Moreau (12):</p>
+ <li>include/CL: Update to the latest OpenCL 2.2 headers</li>
+ <li>clover: Avoid warnings from new OpenCL headers</li>
+ <li>clover: Remove the TGSI backend as unused</li>
+ <li>clover: Add an helper for checking if an IR is supported</li>
+ <li>clover/api: Rework the validation of devices for building</li>
+ <li>clover/api: Fail if trying to build a non-executable binary</li>
+ <li>clover: Disallow creating libraries from other libraries</li>
+ <li>clover: Validate program and library linking options</li>
+ <li>clover: Move device extensions definitions to core/device.cpp</li>
+ <li>clover: Move platform extensions definitions to clover/platform.cpp</li>
+ <li>clover: Only use devices supporting IR_NATIVE</li>
+ <li>clover: Fix indentation issues</li>
+<p>Pierre-Eric Pelloux-Prayer (1):</p>
+ <li>radeonsi: init sctx-&gt;dma_copy before using it</li>
+<p>Plamena Manolova (3):</p>
+ <li>i965: Disable ARB_fragment_shader_interlock for platforms prior to GEN9</li>
+ <li>isl: Set ClearColorConversionEnable.</li>
+ <li>i965: Re-enable fast color clears for GEN11.</li>
+<p>Qiang Yu (9):</p>
+ <li>u_math: add ushort_to_float/float_to_ushort</li>
+ <li>u_dynarray: add util_dynarray_grow_cap</li>
+ <li>gallium/u_vbuf: export u_vbuf_get_minmax_index</li>
+ <li>drm-uapi: add lima_drm.h</li>
+ <li>gallium: add lima driver</li>
+ <li>lima/gpir: fix compile fail when two slot node</li>
+ <li>lima/gpir: fix alu check miss last store slot</li>
+ <li>lima: fix lima_blit with non-zero level source resource</li>
+ <li>lima: fix render to non-zero level texture</li>
+<p>Rafael Antognolli (45):</p>
+ <li>iris: Store internal_format when getting resource from handle.</li>
+ <li>iris: Skip msaa16 on gen &lt; 9.</li>
+ <li>iris: Flush before hiz_exec.</li>
+ <li>iris: Pin HiZ buffers when rendering.</li>
+ <li>iris: Avoid leaking if we fail to allocate the aux buffer.</li>
+ <li>iris/clear: Pass on render_condition_enabled.</li>
+ <li>iris: Skip resolve if there's no context.</li>
+ <li>iris: Flag ALL_DIRTY_BINDINGS on aux state change.</li>
+ <li>iris: Add resolve on iris_flush_resource.</li>
+ <li>iris: Convert RGBX to RGBA always.</li>
+ <li>iris: Enable auxiliary buffer support again</li>
+ <li>iris: Enable HiZ for multisampled depth surfaces.</li>
+ <li>iris: Make intel_hiz_exec public.</li>
+ <li>iris: Allocate buffer space for the fast clear color.</li>
+ <li>iris: Use the clear depth when emitting 3DSTATE_CLEAR_PARAMS.</li>
+ <li>iris: Fast clear depth buffers.</li>
+ <li>iris: Add helper to convert fast clear color.</li>
+ <li>iris: Add function to update clear color in surface state.</li>
+ <li>iris: Bring back check for srgb and fast clear color.</li>
+ <li>intel/isl: Add isl_format_has_color_component() function.</li>
+ <li>intel/blorp: Make swizzle_color_value public.</li>
+ <li>iris: Implement fast clear color.</li>
+ <li>iris: Add iris_resolve_conditional_render().</li>
+ <li>iris: Stall on the CPU and resolve predication during fast clears.</li>
+ <li>iris: Track fast clear color.</li>
+ <li>iris: Let blorp update the clear color for us.</li>
+ <li>i965/blorp: Remove unused parameter from blorp_surf_for_miptree.</li>
+ <li>iris: Only update clear color for gens 8 and 9.</li>
+ <li>iris/gen8: Re-emit the SURFACE_STATE if the clear color changed.</li>
+ <li>iris: Manually apply fast clear color channel overrides.</li>
+ <li>iris: Do not allocate clear_color_bo for gen8.</li>
+ <li>iris: Add aux.sampler_usages.</li>
+ <li>iris: Enable fast clears on gen8.</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: Only propagate saturation if exec_size is the same.</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: Move the scalar-region conversion to the generator.</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: Add a lowering pass for linear interpolation.</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: Remove fs_generator::generate_linterp from gen11+.</li>
+ <li>intel/isl: Resize clear color buffer to full cacheline</li>
+ <li>intel/genxml: Update MI_ATOMIC genxml definition.</li>
+ <li>intel/blorp: Make blorp update the clear color in gen11.</li>
+ <li>iris: Do not advertise multisampled image load/store.</li>
+ <li>iris: Support sRGB fast clears even if the colorspaces differ.</li>
+ <li>iris: Use the linear version of the surface format during fast clears.</li>
+ <li>iris: Update the surface state clear color address when available.</li>
+ <li>iris: Enable fast clear colors on gen11.</li>
+<p>Ray Zhang (1):</p>
+ <li>glx: fix shared memory leak in X11</li>
+<p>Rhys Kidd (1):</p>
+ <li>iris: Fix assertion in iris_resource_from_handle() tiling usage</li>
+<p>Rhys Perry (28):</p>
+ <li>nvc0: add compute invocation counter</li>
+ <li>radv: bitcast 16-bit outputs to integers</li>
+ <li>radv: ensure export arguments are always float</li>
+ <li>ac/nir: implement 8-bit nir_load_const_instr</li>
+ <li>ac/nir: fix 64-bit nir_op_f2f16_rtz</li>
+ <li>ac/nir: make ac_build_clamp work on all bit sizes</li>
+ <li>ac/nir: make ac_build_isign work on all bit sizes</li>
+ <li>ac/nir: make ac_build_fdiv support 16-bit floats</li>
+ <li>ac/nir: implement half-float nir_op_frcp</li>
+ <li>ac/nir: implement half-float nir_op_frsq</li>
+ <li>ac/nir: implement half-float nir_op_ldexp</li>
+ <li>ac/nir: fix 16-bit ssbo stores</li>
+ <li>ac/nir: implement 8-bit push constant, ssbo and ubo loads</li>
+ <li>ac/nir: implement 8-bit ssbo stores</li>
+ <li>ac/nir: add 8-bit types to glsl_base_to_llvm_type</li>
+ <li>ac/nir: implement 8-bit conversions</li>
+ <li>radv: enable VK_KHR_8bit_storage</li>
+ <li>ac/nir: implement 16-bit pack/unpack opcodes</li>
+ <li>radv: lower 16-bit flrp</li>
+ <li>ac: add 16-bit support to ac_build_ddxy()</li>
+ <li>nir,ac/nir: fix cube_face_coord</li>
+ <li>gallium: add support for formatted image loads</li>
+ <li>mesa, glsl: add support for EXT_shader_image_load_formatted</li>
+ <li>st/mesa: add support for EXT_shader_image_load_formatted</li>
+ <li>vc4: fix build</li>
+ <li>ac,ac/nir: use a better sync scope for shared atomics</li>
+ <li>radv: fix set_output_usage_mask() with composite and 64-bit types</li>
+ <li>ac/nir: mark some texture intrinsics as convergent</li>
+<p>Rob Clark (135):</p>
+ <li>freedreno: fix release tarball</li>
+ <li>freedreno: more fixing release tarball</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: small compiler warning fix</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: fix varying packing vs. tex sharp edge</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: move stream-out emit to helper</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: clean up some open-coded bits</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: split out image helpers</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: split out a4xx+ instructions</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: fix ncomp for _store_image() src</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: add image/ssbo &lt;-&gt; ibo/tex mapping</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: add a6xx instruction encoding</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: add a6xx+ SSBO/image support</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: HIGH reg w/a for a6xx</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: border-color offset helper</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: image/ssbo state emit</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: compute support</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: cache flush harder</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: fix helper_invocation (sampler mask/id)</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: handle quirky atomic dst for a6xx</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: fix legalize for vecN inputs</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: fix crash in compile fail case</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: 3d and cube image fixes</li>
+ <li>freedreno: fix crash w/ masked non-SSA dst</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: rename put_dst()</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3/a6xx: fix load_ssbo barrier type.</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: sync instr/disasm and add ldib encoding</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3/a6xx: use ldib for ssbo reads</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: samplerBuffer fixes</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: enable tiled images</li>
+ <li>freedreno: fix race condition</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: don't hardcode wrmask</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: fix border-color offset</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: cube image fix</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: fix hangs with large shaders</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: use nopN encoding when possible</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: fix ssbo alignment</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3/a6xx: fix non-ssa atomic dst</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: fix DRAW_IDX_INDIRECT max_indicies</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: vertex_id is not _zero_based</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3/a6xx: fix atomic shader outputs</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: gsampler2DMSArray fixes</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: include nopN in expanded instruction count</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: add Sethi–Ullman numbering pass</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: track register pressure in sched</li>
+ <li>freedreno: fix ir3_cmdline build</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: remove astc_srgb workaround</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: refactor fd6_tex_swiz()</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: fix border-color swizzles</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: perfcntrs</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: fix ir3_cmdline harder</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: turn on [iu]mul_high</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: more bcolor fixes</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3/cp: fix ldib bug</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3/a6xx: fix ssbo comp_swap</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3 better cat6 encoding detection</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3/ra: fix half-class conflicts</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: fix sam.s2en decoding</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: fix sam.s2en encoding</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: fix regmask for merged regs</li>
+ <li>nir: move gls_type_get_{sampler,image}_count()</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: find # of samplers from uniform vars</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: enable indirect tex/samp (sam.s2en)</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: optimize sam.s2en to sam</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: additional lowering</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: fix bit_count</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: dynamic UBO indexing vs 64b pointers</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: rename has_kill to no_earlyz</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: disable early-z for SSBO/image writes</li>
+ <li>gallium: add PIPE_CAP_ESSL_FEATURE_LEVEL</li>
+ <li>mesa/st: use ESSL cap top enable gpu_shader5</li>
+ <li>freedreno: add ESSL cap</li>
+ <li>docs: update freedreno status</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: small cleanup</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: sched fix</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: reads/writes to unrelated arrays are not dependent</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: align const size to vec4</li>
+ <li>nir: print var name for load_interpolated_input too</li>
+ <li>nir: add lower_all_io_to_elements</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: re-indent comment</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: rework varying packing</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: add pass to move varying loads</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: convert to "new style" frag inputs</li>
+ <li>gallium/docs: clarify set_sampler_views (v2)</li>
+ <li>iris: fix set_sampler_view</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: fix const assert</li>
+ <li>freedreno/drm: update for robustness</li>
+ <li>freedreno: add robustness support</li>
+ <li>compiler: rename SYSTEM_VALUE_VARYING_COORD</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: fix rgetpos decoding</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: more emit-cat5 fixes</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: cleanup instruction builder macros</li>
+ <li>freedreno: update generated headers</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: lower load_barycentric_at_sample</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: lower load_barycentric_at_offset</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: remove bogus assert</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: rename frag_vcoord -&gt; ij_pixel</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: add VALIDREG/CONDREG helper macros</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: fix load_interpolated_input slot</li>
+ <li>freedreno: wire up core sample-shading support</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: sample-shading support</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: sample-shading support</li>
+ <li>docs/features: update GL too</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: switch fragcoord to sysval</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: small texture emit cleanup</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: pre-bake UBWC flags in texture-view</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: fixes for half reg in/out</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: fix shader variants vs UBO analysis</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: fix lowered ubo region alignment</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: add IR3_SHADER_DEBUG flag to disable ubo lowering</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: add some ubo range related asserts</li>
+ <li>nir: rework tex instruction printing</li>
+ <li>nir: fix lower_wpos_ytransform in load_frag_coord case</li>
+ <li>nir: add pass to lower fb reads</li>
+ <li>freedreno/drm: expose GMEM_BASE address</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: fb read support</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: KHR_blend_equation_advanced support</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: smaller hammer for fb barrier</li>
+ <li>docs: mark KHR_blend_equation_advanced done on a6xx</li>
+ <li>nir: fix nir tex print harder</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: remove assert</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: OUT_RELOC vs OUT_RELOCW fixes</li>
+ <li>freedreno: update generated headers</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: UBWC fixes</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: UBWC support for images</li>
+ <li>freedreno: mark imported resources as valid</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: buffer resources cannot be compressed</li>
+ <li>freedreno: move UBWC color offset to fd_resource_offset()</li>
+ <li>freedreno: add ubwc_enabled helper</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: deduplicate a few lines</li>
+ <li>freedreno: remove unused forward struct declaration</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: fix rasterflat/glxgears</li>
+ <li>freedreno/ir3: set more barrier bits</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: fix GPU crash on small render targets</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: fix issues with gallium HUD</li>
+ <li>freedreno/a6xx: fix hangs with newer sqe fw</li>
+<p>Rob Herring (2):</p>
+ <li>kmsro: Add lima renderonly support</li>
+ <li>kmsro: Add platform support for exynos and sun4i</li>
+<p>Rodrigo Vivi (1):</p>
+ <li>intel: Add more PCI Device IDs for Coffee Lake and Ice Lake.</li>
+<p>Roland Scheidegger (2):</p>
+ <li>gallivm: fix bogus assert in get_indirect_index</li>
+ <li>gallivm: fix saturated signed add / sub with llvm 9</li>
+<p>Romain Failliot (1):</p>
+ <li>docs: changed "Done" to "DONE" in features.txt</li>
+<p>Ross Burton (1):</p>
+ <li>Revert "meson: drop GLESv1 .so version back to 1.0.0"</li>
+<p>Ryan Houdek (1):</p>
+ <li>panfrost: Adds Bifrost shader disassembler utility</li>
+<p>Sagar Ghuge (10):</p>
+ <li>iris: Don't allocate a BO per query object</li>
+ <li>nir/glsl: Add another way of doing lower_imul64 for gen8+</li>
+ <li>glsl: [u/i]mulExtended optimization for GLSL</li>
+ <li>nir/algebraic: Optimize low 32 bit extraction</li>
+ <li>spirv: Allow [i/u]mulExtended to use new nir opcode</li>
+ <li>iris: Refactor code to share 3DSTATE_URB_* packet</li>
+ <li>iris: Track last VS URB entry size</li>
+ <li>iris: Flag fewer dirty bits in BLORP</li>
+ <li>intel/fs: Remove unused condition from opt_algebraic case</li>
+ <li>intel/compiler: Fix assertions in brw_alu3</li>
+<p>Samuel Iglesias Gonsálvez (4):</p>
+ <li>isl: remove the cache line size alignment requirement</li>
+ <li>isl: the display engine requires 64B alignment for linear surfaces</li>
+ <li>radv: don't overwrite results in VkGetQueryPoolResults() when queries are not available</li>
+ <li>radv: write availability status vkGetQueryPoolResults() when the data is not available</li>
+<p>Samuel Pitoiset (147):</p>
+ <li>radv/winsys: fix hash when adding internal buffers</li>
+ <li>radv: fix build</li>
+ <li>radv: bail out when no image transitions will be performed</li>
+ <li>radv: remove unused radv_render_pass_attachment::view_mask</li>
+ <li>radv: remove useless MAYBE_UNUSED in CmdBeginRenderPass()</li>
+ <li>radv: add radv_cmd_buffer_begin_subpass() helper</li>
+ <li>radv: move subpass image transitions to radv_cmd_buffer_begin_subpass()</li>
+ <li>radv: store the list of attachments for every subpass</li>
+ <li>radv: use the new attachments array when starting subpasses</li>
+ <li>radv: determine the last subpass id for every attachments</li>
+ <li>radv: handle final layouts at end of every subpass and render pass</li>
+ <li>radv: move some render pass things to radv_render_pass_compile()</li>
+ <li>radv: add radv_render_pass_add_subpass_dep() helper</li>
+ <li>radv: track if subpasses have color attachments</li>
+ <li>radv: handle subpass dependencies correctly</li>
+ <li>radv: accumulate all ingoing external dependencies to the first subpass</li>
+ <li>radv: execute external subpass barriers after ending subpasses</li>
+ <li>radv: drop useless checks when resolving subpass color attachments</li>
+ <li>radv: do not set preserveAttachments for internal render passes</li>
+ <li>radv: don't flush src stages when dstStageMask == BOTTOM_OF_PIPE</li>
+ <li>radv: fix compiler issues with GCC 9</li>
+ <li>radv: gather more info about push constants</li>
+ <li>radv: gather if shaders load dynamic offsets separately</li>
+ <li>radv: keep track of the number of remaining user SGPRs</li>
+ <li>radv: add support for push constants inlining when possible</li>
+ <li>radv: fix using LOAD_CONTEXT_REG with old GFX ME firmwares on GFX8</li>
+ <li>radv/winsys: fix BO list creation when RADV_DEBUG=allbos is set</li>
+ <li>radv: always export gl_SampleMask when the fragment shader uses it</li>
+ <li>ac: make use of ac_build_expand_to_vec4() in visit_image_store()</li>
+ <li>radv: use MAX_{VBS,VERTEX_ATTRIBS} when defining max vertex input limits</li>
+ <li>radv: store vertex attribute formats as pipeline keys</li>
+ <li>radv: reduce the number of loaded channels for vertex input fetches</li>
+ <li>radv: fix radv_fixup_vertex_input_fetches()</li>
+ <li>radv: fix invalid element type when filling vertex input default values</li>
+ <li>ac: add ac_build_llvm8_tbuffer_load() helper</li>
+ <li>ac: use new LLVM 8 intrinsic when loading 16-bit values</li>
+ <li>radv: write the alpha channel of MRT0 when alpha coverage is enabled</li>
+ <li>radv: remove unused variable in gather_push_constant_info()</li>
+ <li>radv: fix writing the alpha channel of MRT0 when alpha coverage is enabled</li>
+ <li>radv: fix clearing attachments in secondary command buffers</li>
+ <li>radv: fix out-of-bounds access when copying descriptors BO list</li>
+ <li>radv: don't copy buffer descriptors list for samplers</li>
+ <li>rav: use 32_AR instead of 32_ABGR when alpha coverage is required</li>
+ <li>radv: allocate enough space in cmdbuf when starting a subpass</li>
+ <li>radv: properly align the fence and EOP bug VA on GFX9</li>
+ <li>radv: enable lower_mul_2x32_64</li>
+ <li>Revert "radv: execute external subpass barriers after ending subpasses"</li>
+ <li>radv: fix pointSizeRange limits</li>
+ <li>radv: set the maximum number of IBs per submit to 192</li>
+ <li>ac: rework typed buffers loads for LLVM 7</li>
+ <li>radv: store more vertex attribute infos as pipeline keys</li>
+ <li>radv: use typed buffer loads for vertex input fetches</li>
+ <li>ac: add ac_build_{struct,raw}_tbuffer_load() helpers</li>
+ <li>ac: use the raw tbuffer version for 16-bit SSBO loads</li>
+ <li>radv: always initialize HTILE when the src layout is UNDEFINED</li>
+ <li>radv: always load 3 channels for formats that need to be shuffled</li>
+ <li>ac: use llvm.amdgcn.fract intrinsic for nir_op_ffract</li>
+ <li>radv: fix binding transform feedback buffers</li>
+ <li>ac: make use of ac_get_store_intr_attribs() where possible</li>
+ <li>ac/nir: set attrib flags for SSBO and image store operations</li>
+ <li>ac: add ac_build_buffer_store_format() helper</li>
+ <li>ac/nir: remove one useless check in visit_store_ssbo()</li>
+ <li>ac/nir: use new LLVM 8 intrinsics for SSBO atomic operations</li>
+ <li>ac/nir: use ac_build_buffer_load() for SSBO load operations</li>
+ <li>ac/nir: use ac_build_buffer_store_dword() for SSBO store operations</li>
+ <li>ac: use new LLVM 8 intrinsics in ac_build_buffer_load()</li>
+ <li>ac: add ac_build_{struct,raw}_tbuffer_store() helpers</li>
+ <li>ac: use new LLVM 8 intrinsic when storing 16-bit values</li>
+ <li>ac: use new LLVM 8 intrinsics in ac_build_buffer_store_dword()</li>
+ <li>ac: add various int8 definitions</li>
+ <li>ac: add ac_build_tbuffer_load_byte() helper</li>
+ <li>ac: add ac_build_tbuffer_store_byte() helper</li>
+ <li>radv: add missing initializations since VK_EXT_pipeline_creation_feedback</li>
+ <li>ac: add f16_0 and f16_1 constants</li>
+ <li>ac: add 16-bit support fo fsign</li>
+ <li>ac: add 16-bit support to fract</li>
+ <li>ac: fix 16-bit shifts</li>
+ <li>ac: fix incorrect argument type for tbuffer.{load,store} with LLVM 7</li>
+ <li>nir: use generic float types for frexp_exp and frexp_sig</li>
+ <li>spirv,nir: lower frexp_exp/frexp_sig inside a new NIR pass</li>
+ <li>nir: add nir_{load,store}_deref_with_access() helpers</li>
+ <li>spirv: propagate the access flag for store and load derefs</li>
+ <li>ac: use llvm.amdgcn.fmed3 intrinsic for nir_op_fmed3</li>
+ <li>ac: add ac_build_frexp_mant() helper and 16-bit/32-bit support</li>
+ <li>ac: add ac_build_frex_exp() helper ans 16-bit/32-bit support</li>
+ <li>radv: do not lower frexp_exp and frexp_sig</li>
+ <li>radv: enable VK_AMD_gpu_shader_int16</li>
+ <li>radv: skip updating depth/color metadata for conditional rendering</li>
+ <li>radv: do not always initialize HTILE in compressed state</li>
+ <li>ac: fix return type for llvm.amdgcn.frexp.exp.i32.64</li>
+ <li>ac/nir: fix nir_op_b2i16</li>
+ <li>ac: fix ac_build_bit_count() for 16-bit integer type</li>
+ <li>ac: fix ac_build_bitfield_reverse() for 16-bit integer type</li>
+ <li>ac: fix ac_find_lsb() for 16-bit integer type</li>
+ <li>ac: fix ac_build_umsb() for 16-bit integer type</li>
+ <li>ac/nir: add support for nir_op_b2i8</li>
+ <li>ac: add 8-bit support to ac_build_bit_count()</li>
+ <li>ac: add 8-bit support to ac_find_lsb()</li>
+ <li>ac: add 8-bit support to ac_build_umsb()</li>
+ <li>ac: add 8-bit and 64-bit support to ac_build_bitfield_reverse()</li>
+ <li>radv: partially enable VK_KHR_shader_float16_int8</li>
+ <li>nir: do not pack varying with different types</li>
+ <li>ac/nir: fix intrinsic names for atomic operations with LLVM 9+</li>
+ <li>radv: fix getting the vertex strides if the bindings aren't contiguous</li>
+ <li>ac/nir: fix nir_op_b2f16</li>
+ <li>radv: enable VK_AMD_gpu_shader_half_float</li>
+ <li>wsi: allow to override the present mode with MESA_VK_WSI_PRESENT_MODE</li>
+ <li>ac/nir: make use of ac_build_imax() where possible</li>
+ <li>ac/nir: make use of ac_build_imin() where possible</li>
+ <li>ac/nir: make use of ac_build_umin() where possible</li>
+ <li>ac: add ac_build_umax() and use it where possible</li>
+ <li>ac: add ac_build_ddxy_interp() helper</li>
+ <li>ac: add ac_build_load_helper_invocation() helper</li>
+ <li>ac/nir: remove useles LLVMGetUndef for nir_op_pack_64_2x32_split</li>
+ <li>ac/nir: remove useless integer cast in adjust_sample_index_using_fmask()</li>
+ <li>ac/nir: remove useless integer cast in visit_image_load()</li>
+ <li>ac/nir: remove some useless integer casts for ALU operations</li>
+ <li>spirv: add SpvCapabilityFloat16 support</li>
+ <li>radv: enable VK_KHR_shader_float16_int8</li>
+ <li>radv: set ACCESS_NON_READABLE on stores for copy/fill/clear meta shaders</li>
+ <li>radv: enable shaderInt8 on SI and CIK</li>
+ <li>radv: sort the shader capabilities alphabetically</li>
+ <li>ac/nir: use new LLVM 8 intrinsics for SSBO atomics except cmpswap</li>
+ <li>ac/nir: add 64-bit SSBO atomic operations support</li>
+ <li>radv: add VK_KHR_shader_atomic_int64 but disable it for now</li>
+ <li>ac: add support for more types with struct/raw LLVM intrinsics</li>
+ <li>ac: use struct/raw load intrinsics for 8-bit/16-bit int with LLVM 9+</li>
+ <li>ac: use struct/raw store intrinsics for 8-bit/16-bit int with LLVM 9+</li>
+ <li>ac/nir: only use the new raw/struct image atomic intrinsics with LLVM 9+</li>
+ <li>ac/nir: only use the new raw/struct SSBO atomic intrinsics with LLVM 9+</li>
+ <li>ac/nir: use the new raw/struct SSBO atomic intrisics for comp_swap</li>
+ <li>radv: add VK_NV_compute_shader_derivates support</li>
+ <li>radv: add missing VEGA20 chip in radv_get_device_name()</li>
+ <li>radv: do not need to force emit the TCS regs on Vega20</li>
+ <li>radv: fix color conversions for normalized uint/sint formats</li>
+ <li>radv: implement a workaround for VK_EXT_conditional_rendering</li>
+ <li>ac: tidy up ac_build_llvm8_tbuffer_{load,store}</li>
+ <li>radv: set WD_SWITCH_ON_EOP=1 when drawing primitives from a stream output buffer</li>
+ <li>radv: only need to force emit the TCS regs on Vega10 and Raven1</li>
+ <li>radv: fix radv_get_aspect_format() for D+S formats</li>
+ <li>radv: apply the indexing workaround for atomic buffer operations on GFX9</li>
+ <li>radv: fix setting the number of rectangles when it's dyanmic</li>
+ <li>radv: add a workaround for Monster Hunter World and LLVM 7&amp;8</li>
+ <li>radv: allocate more space in the CS when emitting events</li>
+ <li>radv: do not use gfx fast depth clears for layered depth/stencil images</li>
+ <li>radv: fix alpha-to-coverage when there is unused color attachments</li>
+ <li>radv: fix setting CB_SHADER_MASK for dual source blending</li>
+<p>Sergii Romantsov (4):</p>
+ <li>dri: meson: do not prefix user provided dri-drivers-path</li>
+ <li>d3d: meson: do not prefix user provided d3d-drivers-path</li>
+ <li>i965,iris/blorp: do not blit 0-sizes</li>
+ <li>glsl: Fix input/output structure matching across shader stages</li>
+<p>Sonny Jiang (1):</p>
+ <li>radeonsi: use compute for clear_render_target when possible</li>
+<p>Tapani Pälli (42):</p>
+ <li>nir: add option to use scaling factor when sampling planes YUV lowering</li>
+ <li>dri: add P010, P012, P016 for 10bit/12bit/16bit YUV420 formats</li>
+ <li>intel/compiler: add scale_factors to sampler_prog_key_data</li>
+ <li>i965: add P0x formats and propagate required scaling factors</li>
+ <li>drirc/i965: add option to disable 565 configs and visuals</li>
+ <li>mesa: return NULL if we exceed MaxColorAttachments in get_fb_attachment</li>
+ <li>anv: anv: refactor error handling in anv_shader_bin_write_to_blob()</li>
+ <li>iris: add Android build</li>
+ <li>nir: initialize value in copy_prop_vars_block</li>
+ <li>nir: use nir_variable_create instead of open-coding the logic</li>
+ <li>android: add liblog to libmesa_intel_common build</li>
+ <li>android: make libbacktrace optional on USE_LIBBACKTRACE</li>
+ <li>iris: add libmesa_iris_gen8 library to the build</li>
+ <li>util: fix a warning when building against clang7 headers</li>
+ <li>anv: retain the is_array state in create_plane_tex_instr_implicit</li>
+ <li>anv: toggle on support for VK_EXT_ycbcr_image_arrays</li>
+ <li>anv: use anv_gem_munmap in block pool cleanup</li>
+ <li>anv: call blob_finish when done with it</li>
+ <li>nir: free dead_ctx in case of no progress</li>
+ <li>anv: destroy descriptor sets when pool gets destroyed</li>
+ <li>anv: release memory allocated by bo_heap when descriptor pool is destroyed</li>
+ <li>anv: release memory allocated by glsl types during spirv_to_nir</li>
+ <li>anv: revert "anv: release memory allocated by glsl types during spirv_to_nir"</li>
+ <li>i965: remove scaling factors from P010, P012</li>
+ <li>isl: fix automake build when sse41 is not supported</li>
+ <li>android: Build fixes for OMR1</li>
+ <li>iris: initialize num_cbufs</li>
+ <li>iris: mark switch case fallthrough</li>
+ <li>anv/radv: release memory allocated by glsl types during spirv_to_nir</li>
+ <li>st/mesa: fix compilation warning on storage_flags_to_buffer_flags</li>
+ <li>st/mesa: fix warnings about implicit conversion on enumeration type</li>
+ <li>spirv: fix a compiler warning</li>
+ <li>st/nir: run st_nir_opts after 64bit ops lowering</li>
+ <li>iris: move variable to the scope where it is being used</li>
+ <li>iris: move iris_flush_resource so we can call it from get_handle</li>
+ <li>iris: handle aux properly in iris_resource_get_handle</li>
+ <li>egl: setup fds array correctly when exporting dmabuf</li>
+ <li>compiler/glsl: handle case where we have multiple users for types</li>
+ <li>android/iris: fix driinfo header filename</li>
+ <li>nir: use braces around subobject in initializer</li>
+ <li>glsl: use empty brace initializer</li>
+ <li>anv: expose VK_EXT_queue_family_foreign on Android</li>
+<p>Thomas Hellstrom (5):</p>
+ <li>winsys/svga: Add an environment variable to force host-backed operation</li>
+ <li>winsys/svga: Enable the transfer_from_buffer GPU command for vgpu10</li>
+ <li>svga: Avoid bouncing buffer data in malloced buffers</li>
+ <li>winsys/svga: Update the drm interface file</li>
+ <li>winsys/svga: Don't abort on EBUSY errors from execbuffer</li>
+<p>Timo Aaltonen (1):</p>
+ <li>util/os_misc: Add check for PIPE_OS_HURD</li>
+<p>Timothy Arceri (72):</p>
+ <li>st/glsl_to_nir: remove dead local variables</li>
+ <li>ac/radv/radeonsi: add ac_get_num_physical_sgprs() helper</li>
+ <li>radv: take LDS into account for compute shader occupancy stats</li>
+ <li>util: move BITFIELD macros to util/macros.h</li>
+ <li>st/glsl_to_nir: call nir_remove_dead_variables() after lowing local indirects</li>
+ <li>nir: add support for marking used patches when packing varyings</li>
+ <li>nir: add glsl_type_is_32bit() helper</li>
+ <li>nir: add is_packing_supported_for_type() helper</li>
+ <li>nir: rewrite varying component packing</li>
+ <li>nir: prehash instruction in nir_instr_set_add_or_rewrite()</li>
+ <li>nir: turn ssa check into an assert</li>
+ <li>nir: turn an ssa check in nir_search into an assert</li>
+ <li>nir: remove simple dead if detection from nir_opt_dead_cf()</li>
+ <li>radeonsi/nir: set input_usage_mask properly</li>
+ <li>radeonsi/nir: set colors_read properly</li>
+ <li>radeonsi/nir: set shader_buffers_declared properly</li>
+ <li>st/nir: use NIR for asm programs</li>
+ <li>nir: remove non-ssa support from nir_copy_prop()</li>
+ <li>nir: clone instruction set rather than removing individual entries</li>
+ <li>nir: allow nir_lower_phis_to_scalar() on more src types</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: fix query buffer allocation</li>
+ <li>glsl: fix shader cache for packed param list</li>
+ <li>radeonsi/nir: move si_lower_nir() call into compiler thread</li>
+ <li>glsl: rename is_record() -&gt; is_struct()</li>
+ <li>glsl: rename get_record_instance() -&gt; get_struct_instance()</li>
+ <li>glsl: rename record_location_offset() -&gt; struct_location_offset()</li>
+ <li>glsl: rename record_types -&gt; struct_types</li>
+ <li>nir: rename glsl_type_is_struct() -&gt; glsl_type_is_struct_or_ifc()</li>
+ <li>glsl/freedreno/panfrost: pass gl_context to the standalone compiler</li>
+ <li>glsl: use NIR function inlining for drivers that use glsl_to_nir()</li>
+ <li>i965: stop calling nir_lower_returns()</li>
+ <li>radeonsi/nir: stop calling nir_lower_returns()</li>
+ <li>st/glsl: start spilling out common st glsl conversion code</li>
+ <li>anv: add support for dumping shader info via VK_EXT_debug_report</li>
+ <li>nir: add guess trip count support to loop analysis</li>
+ <li>nir: add new partially_unrolled bool to nir_loop</li>
+ <li>nir: add partial loop unrolling support</li>
+ <li>nir: calculate trip count for more loops</li>
+ <li>nir: unroll some loops with a variable limit</li>
+ <li>nir: simplify the loop analysis trip count code a little</li>
+ <li>nir: add helper to return inversion op of a comparison</li>
+ <li>nir: add get_induction_and_limit_vars() helper to loop analysis</li>
+ <li>nir: pass nir_op to calculate_iterations()</li>
+ <li>nir: find induction/limit vars in iand instructions</li>
+ <li>st/glsl_to_nir: fix incorrect arrary access</li>
+ <li>radeonsi/nir: call some more var optimisation passes</li>
+ <li>ac/nir_to_llvm: add assert to emit_bcsel()</li>
+ <li>nir: only override previous alu during loop analysis if supported</li>
+ <li>nir: fix opt_if_loop_last_continue()</li>
+ <li>nir: add support for user defined loop control</li>
+ <li>spirv: make use of the loop control support in nir</li>
+ <li>nir: add support for user defined select control</li>
+ <li>spirv: make use of the select control support in nir</li>
+ <li>Revert "ac/nir: use new LLVM 8 intrinsics for SSBO atomic operations"</li>
+ <li>nir: propagate known constant values into the if-then branch</li>
+ <li>Revert "nir: propagate known constant values into the if-then branch"</li>
+ <li>nir/radv: remove restrictions on opt_if_loop_last_continue()</li>
+ <li>nir: initialise some variables in opt_if_loop_last_continue()</li>
+ <li>nir/i965/freedreno/vc4: add a bindless bool to type size functions</li>
+ <li>ac/nir_to_llvm: make get_sampler_desc() more generic and pass it the image intrinsic</li>
+ <li>ac/nir_to_llvm: add image bindless support</li>
+ <li>nir: fix packing components with arrays</li>
+ <li>radeonsi/nir: fix scanning of bindless images</li>
+ <li>st/mesa/radeonsi: fix race between destruction of types and shader compilation</li>
+ <li>nir: fix nir_remove_unused_varyings()</li>
+ <li>radeonsi/nir: create si_nir_opts() helper</li>
+ <li>radeonsi/nir: call radeonsi nir opts before the scan pass</li>
+ <li>util/drirc: add workarounds for bugs in Doom 3: BFG</li>
+ <li>radeonsi: add config entry for Counter-Strike Global Offensive</li>
+ <li>Revert "glx: Fix synthetic error generation in __glXSendError"</li>
+ <li>Revert "st/mesa: expose 0 shader binary formats for compat profiles for Qt"</li>
+ <li>st/glsl: make sure to propagate initialisers to driver storage</li>
+<p>Timur Kristóf (19):</p>
+ <li>radeonsi/nir: Use uniform location when calculating const_file_max.</li>
+ <li>iris: implement clearing render target and depth stencil</li>
+ <li>nir: Add ability for shaders to use window space coordinates.</li>
+ <li>tgsi_to_nir: Fix the TGSI ARR translation by converting the result to int.</li>
+ <li>tgsi_to_nir: Fix TGSI LIT translation by using flt.</li>
+ <li>tgsi_to_nir: Make the TGSI IF translation code more readable.</li>
+ <li>tgsi_to_nir: Split to smaller functions.</li>
+ <li>nir: Move nir_lower_uniforms_to_ubo to compiler/nir.</li>
+ <li>nir: Add multiplier argument to nir_lower_uniforms_to_ubo.</li>
+ <li>freedreno: Plumb pipe_screen through to irX_tgsi_to_nir.</li>
+ <li>tgsi_to_nir: Produce optimized NIR for a given pipe_screen.</li>
+ <li>tgsi_to_nir: Restructure system value loads.</li>
+ <li>tgsi_to_nir: Extract ttn_emulate_tgsi_front_face into its own function.</li>
+ <li>tgsi_to_nir: Support FACE and POSITION properly.</li>
+ <li>tgsi_to_nir: Improve interpolation modes.</li>
+ <li>tgsi_to_nir: Set correct location for uniforms.</li>
+ <li>radeonsi/nir: Only set window_space_position for vertex shaders.</li>
+ <li>iris: Face should be a system value.</li>
+ <li>gallium: fix autotools build of</li>
+<p>Tobias Klausmann (1):</p>
+ <li>vulkan/util: meson build - add wayland client include</li>
+<p>Tomasz Figa (1):</p>
+ <li>llvmpipe: Always return some fence in flush (v2)</li>
+<p>Tomeu Vizoso (19):</p>
+ <li>panfrost: Add gem_handle to panfrost_memory and panfrost_bo</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Add backend targeting the DRM driver</li>
+ <li>panfrost/midgard: Add support for MIDGARD_MESA_DEBUG</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Add support for PAN_MESA_DEBUG</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Set bo-&gt;size[0] in the DRM backend</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Set bo-&gt;gem_handle when creating a linear BO</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Adapt to uapi changes</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Fix sscanf format options</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Set the GEM handle for AFBC buffers</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Also tell the kernel about the checksum_slab</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Pass the context BOs to the kernel so they aren't unmapped while in use</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Wait for last job to finish in force_flush_fragment</li>
+ <li>panfrost: split asserts in pandecode</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Guard against reading past end of buffer</li>
+ <li>panfrost/ci: Initial commit</li>
+ <li>panfrost/midgard: Skip register allocation if there's no work to do</li>
+ <li>panfrost/midgard: Skip liveness analysis for instructions without dest</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Fix two uninitialized accesses in compiler</li>
+ <li>panfrost: Only take the fast paths on buffers aligned to block size</li>
+<p>Toni Lönnberg (8):</p>
+ <li>intel/genxml: Only handle instructions meant for render engine when generating headers</li>
+ <li>intel/genxml: Media instructions and structures for gen6</li>
+ <li>intel/genxml: Media instructions and structures for gen7</li>
+ <li>intel/genxml: Media instructions and structures for gen7.5</li>
+ <li>intel/genxml: Media instructions and structures for gen8</li>
+ <li>intel/genxml: Media instructions and structures for gen9</li>
+ <li>intel/genxml: Media instructions and structures for gen10</li>
+ <li>intel/genxml: Media instructions and structures for gen11</li>
+<p>Topi Pohjolainen (2):</p>
+ <li>intel/compiler/icl: Use tcs barrier id bits 24:30 instead of 24:27</li>
+ <li>intel/compiler/fs/icl: Use dummy masked urb write for tess eval</li>
+<p>Vasily Khoruzhick (2):</p>
+ <li>lima: use individual tile heap for each GP job.</li>
+ <li>lima: add support for depth/stencil fbo attachments and textures</li>
+<p>Vinson Lee (5):</p>
+ <li>gallium/auxiliary/vl: Fix duplicate symbol build errors.</li>
+ <li>nir: Fix anonymous union initialization with older GCC.</li>
+ <li>swr: Fix build with llvm-9.0.</li>
+ <li>gallium: Fix autotools build with</li>
+ <li>freedreno: Fix GCC build error.</li>
+<p>Vivek Kasireddy (1):</p>
+ <li>drm-uapi: Update headers from drm-next</li>
+<p>Xavier Bouchoux (1):</p>
+ <li>nir/spirv: Fix assert when unsampled OpTypeImage has unknown 'Depth'</li>
+<p>Yevhenii Kolesnikov (1):</p>
+ <li>i965: Fix allow_higher_compat_version workaround limited by OpenGL 3.0</li>
+<p>coypu (1):</p>
+ <li>gbm: don't return void</li>
+<p>davidbepo (1):</p>
+ <li>drirc: add Waterfox to adaptive-sync blacklist</li>
+<p>grmat (1):</p>
+ <li>drirc: add Spectacle, Falkon to a-sync blacklist</li>
+<p>pal1000 (1):</p>
+ <li>scons: Compatibility with Scons development version string</li>
+<p>suresh guttula (3):</p>
+ <li>vl: Add cropping flags for H264</li>
+ <li>radeon/vce:Add support for frame_cropping_flag of VAEncSequenceParameterBufferH264</li>
+ <li>st/va/enc: Add support for frame_cropping_flag of VAEncSequenceParameterBufferH264</li>