AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2020-05-14Bump version to 6.2-12cp-6.2-12co-6.2-12CODE-4.2.3-2Andras Timar1-1/+1
2020-05-13jsdialog: Common weld::Widget implementationSzymon Kłos2-12/+34
2020-05-13jsdialog: weld::ComboBoxSzymon Kłos4-67/+190
2020-05-13use the LinkManager persist to determine the RefererCaolán McNamara1-1/+8
2020-05-13limit forms to http[s]Caolán McNamara2-0/+9
2020-05-13Resend jsdialog on entry changeSzymon Kłos2-28/+79
2020-05-13Move messagedialog header to shared includeSzymon Kłos5-4/+4
2020-05-13lok: notify data change of the formatted field controlHenry Castro1-0/+5
2020-05-12lok: replace SetValue for ImplNewFieldValueHenry Castro1-1/+1
2020-05-12Create weld::Builder implementation for JSDialogSzymon Kłos9-8/+127
2020-05-12Add mobile version of WordCountDialogSzymon Kłos4-1/+676
2020-05-12Move SalInstanceCheckButton to header fileSzymon Kłos2-39/+51
2020-05-12Move SalInstanceMessageDialog to header fileSzymon Kłos2-31/+43
2020-05-12Move SalInstanceNotebook to header fileSzymon Kłos2-86/+110
2020-05-11lok: MSForms: send also the placeholder text.Tamás Zolnai2-1/+8
2020-05-11Move SalInstanceButton to header fileSzymon Kłos2-49/+63
2020-05-11sfx2: lok: separate sidebar notifications to mobile and desktopAshod Nakashian1-4/+7
2020-05-10Implement sidebar increase/decrease indent buttons on ImpressGülşah Köse7-0/+75
2020-05-10tdf#131280 Fix endless invalidation loop on documents with form controlsSamuel Mehrbrodt1-2/+2
2020-05-10arrow in sidebar not getting reenabled on changing contextCaolán McNamara3-1/+10
2020-05-10resolved: Strange behavior of Paragraph Spacing controlsPranam Lashkari1-0/+1
2020-05-10mobile: fix calc chart wizard properties is not shownMert Tumer2-4/+17
2020-05-10lok: unit test for metric field or formatted field controlHenry Castro1-0/+35
2020-05-10lok: fix the window type of the formatted field controlHenry Castro3-1/+3
2020-05-10added clear Direct Formatting button in calc sidebarPranam Lashkari1-1/+10
2020-05-10Calc, sidebar: Cell Border selector isn't shown in onlinePranam Lashkari3-4/+4
2020-05-10lok: MSForms: test & fix two corner cases of drop-down field.Tamás Zolnai4-2/+81
2020-05-09lok: add FormattedFieldUIObject classHenry Castro4-0/+108
2020-05-09lok: override get_state of the MetricFieldObject classHenry Castro4-0/+17
2020-05-09lok: replace name Neutro to NeutralHenry Castro4-10/+10
2020-05-09lok: replace locale name "en_US" -> "en-US"Henry Castro1-1/+1
2020-05-09lok: MSForms: add a test case about editing drop down form field.Tamás Zolnai2-1/+62
2020-05-09lok: MSForms: send button message also when paint area is not changing.Tamás Zolnai2-1/+8
2020-05-09lok: MSForms: fix field activation for multiple fields.Tamás Zolnai1-1/+2
2020-05-09lok: MSForms: fix editing of drop-down field.Tamás Zolnai1-9/+9
2020-05-09lok: MSForms: disable form field messages on mobile.Tamás Zolnai1-0/+6
2020-05-09lok: MSForms: dont send form field button data with empty text area.Tamás Zolnai2-18/+4
2020-05-09lok: MSForms: Handle event about item selection of a drop-down field.Tamás Zolnai7-1/+99
2020-05-09lok: MSForms: Send also the drop down field params to the client code.Tamás Zolnai2-3/+43
2020-05-09lok: MSForms: Add callback for form field button.Tamás Zolnai7-3/+161
2020-05-08fixed clear Direct Formatting button to sidebar in impressPranam Lashkari3-0/+34
2020-05-08notebookbar: send uno items state updateSzymon Kłos2-1/+53
2020-05-08tdf#98409 doc export: export (non-default) cell marginsJustin Luth2-3/+61
2020-05-08tdf#73056 doc import: table margins - unknown byte is EndCellJustin Luth3-15/+32
2020-05-08formula bar: Change completeFunction() to accept string instead of index.Jan Holesovsky8-18/+22
2020-05-07Bump version to 6.2-11cp-6.2-11CODE-4.2.3-1Andras Timar1-1/+1
2020-05-07added ability to switch sidebar deck on init.cxx for mobilewizardMert Tumer3-2/+25
2020-05-06ICU requires that a collator charset data array is four-byte-alignedTor Lillqvist1-1/+1
2020-05-06Change default PDF version to 1.6 (released in 2004)Miklos Vajna6-9/+80
2020-05-06PDF export: fix handling of page sizes larger than 508 cmMiklos Vajna4-7/+75