BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
distro/cib/libreoffice-6-1Fix alternate JREs missing bin/ directory on java.library.pathSamuel Mehrbrodt7 hours
distro/cib/libreoffice-6-4Fix alternate JREs missing bin/ directory on java.library.pathSamuel Mehrbrodt34 hours
distro/collabora/co-2021LOK: freemium: added new parameter in the APIPranam Lashkari12 hours
distro/collabora/cp-6.4improve LOK notifyInvalidationNoel Grandin32 hours
distro/lhm/libreoffice-6-4+backportstdf#99932: sw: fix for invalid anchor location for FLY_AT_CHAR modeVasily Melenchuk4 hours
libreoffice-7-1Resolves: tdf#143664 {de-*} accept "Mär" and "Mrz" for MarchEike Rathke37 hours
libreoffice-7-2tdf#143686 Increase a width of the labelRoman Kuznetsov29 hours
libreoffice-7-2-0fix install with --disable-cmisRene Engelhard29 hours
mastertdf#143148: Use pragma once instead of include guards (Episode 2: Endgame)Zeynep Yavuz2 hours
private/tvajngerl/stagingsw: preserve the value in original units to minimize conv. errorTomaž Vajngerl3 days
libreoffice- 614be4f5c6...Christian Lohmaier8 days
cp-6.4-45commit a21347f517...Andras Timar2 weeks
libreoffice- 85f04e9f80...Christian Lohmaier3 weeks
libreoffice- 32efc3b7f3...Christian Lohmaier4 weeks
cp-6.4-44commit 2b31b2ef59...Andras Timar4 weeks
cp-6.2-32commit 41a9473f54...Andras Timar4 weeks
mimo- 1db07f7da4...Andras Timar4 weeks
cp-6.4-43commit 6fc051b9f3...Andras Timar5 weeks
libreoffice- 2ca94649fd...Christian Lohmaier5 weeks
cp-6.4-42commit 8aa76ce7a7...Andras Timar5 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2020-05-14Bump version to 6.2-12cp-6.2-12co-6.2-12CODE-4.2.3-2Andras Timar1-1/+1
2020-05-13jsdialog: Common weld::Widget implementationSzymon Kłos2-12/+34
2020-05-13jsdialog: weld::ComboBoxSzymon Kłos4-67/+190
2020-05-13use the LinkManager persist to determine the RefererCaolán McNamara1-1/+8
2020-05-13limit forms to http[s]Caolán McNamara2-0/+9
2020-05-13Resend jsdialog on entry changeSzymon Kłos2-28/+79
2020-05-13Move messagedialog header to shared includeSzymon Kłos5-4/+4
2020-05-13lok: notify data change of the formatted field controlHenry Castro1-0/+5
2020-05-12lok: replace SetValue for ImplNewFieldValueHenry Castro1-1/+1
2020-05-12Create weld::Builder implementation for JSDialogSzymon Kłos9-8/+127