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7 hourslicense: merge branch 'th/fix-lgpl-license-violations' (part 1)HEADmasterThomas Haller7-7/+7
7 hourslicense: relicense "libnm-core/nm-errors.h" under LGPL-2.1+Thomas Haller1-1/+1
7 hourslicense: relicense "shared/systemd/sd-adapt-shared/nm-sd-adapt-shared.h" unde...Thomas Haller1-1/+1
7 hourslicense: relicense "shared/nm-utils/nm-vpn-editor-plugin-call.h" under LGPL-2.1+Thomas Haller1-1/+1
7 hourslicense: relicense "shared/nm-libnm-core-intern-aux/nm-auth-subject.[hc]" und...Thomas Haller2-2/+2
7 hourslicense: relicense "shared/nm-glib-aux/nm-jansson.h" under LGPL-2.1+Thomas Haller1-1/+1
7 hourslicense: relicense "shared/nm-glib-aux/nm-glib.h" under LGPL-2.1+Thomas Haller1-1/+1
8 hourslicense: "Red Hat, Inc." agreement in RELICENSE.mdThomas Haller1-1/+1
2 dayslibnm/doc: fix example for MULTI_CONNECT ifcfg-rh settingThomas Haller1-1/+1
2 daysmanager: drop devices_inited field in NManagerPrivate for devices_inited_idThomas Haller1-5/+3
2 daysall: drop explicit casts from _GET_PRIVATE() macro callsth/tmpThomas Haller43-98/+98
3 daysdevice/trivial: add FIXME comment about simplifying deactivate_async()Thomas Haller1-0/+25
3 dayssupplicant: merge branch 'th/supplicant-cleanup-2'Thomas Haller6-50/+50
3 daysdevice: move supplicant_timeout_id into supplicant struct in NMDeviceEthernet...Thomas Haller1-7/+7
3 daysdevice: reorder fields in NMDeviceEthernetPrivate structThomas Haller1-9/+9
3 daysdevice: inline "struct Supplicant" to where it is usedThomas Haller2-25/+24
3 dayssupplicant: expose nm_supplicant_driver_to_string() helper functionThomas Haller3-13/+16
3 daysshared: don't require callback argument to nm_dbus_connection_call_set()Thomas Haller1-2/+0
3 daysall: merge branch 'th/define-fcn-macros-cleanup'Thomas Haller28-88/+100
3 daysshared: drop compat implementation for G_DEFINE_QUARK()Thomas Haller1-16/+0
3 daysshared: drop _STATIC variant of macros that define functionsThomas Haller27-72/+100
3 daysshared: explicitly implement binary search in NM_UTILS_STRING_TABLE_LOOKUP_DE...Thomas Haller1-11/+22
3 daysshared/tests: add test for NM_UTILS_STRING_TABLE_LOOKUP_DEFINE*()Thomas Haller1-0/+30
4 dayslibnm: use NM_UTILS_STRING_TABLE_LOOKUP_DEFINE() to implement _nm_setting_bon...Thomas Haller1-22/+13
4 daysshared: add entry_cmd argument to NM_UTILS_STRING_TABLE_LOOKUP_DEFINE*() macroThomas Haller2-16/+25
4 daysnm-logging: fix stack-use-after-scope error detected by asanAntonio Cardace1-18/+21
4 dayscore: for WireGuard devices use a default dns-priority of 50 (like for VPNs)Thomas Haller4-5/+13
4 daysdevice: add nm_device_is_vpn() functionThomas Haller2-0/+18
4 dayslibnm-core: fix documentation of dns-priority propertyBeniamino Galvani2-5/+6
5 daysall: use g_ascii_strcasecmp() instead of the locale dependent strcasecmp()Thomas Haller8-66/+66
6 daysdhcp: merge branch 'bg/nettools-request-free'Beniamino Galvani2-4/+15
6 daysdhcp: nettools: move to failed state if event dispatch failsBeniamino Galvani1-2/+12
6 daysn-dhcp4: avoid double free of NDhcp4OutgoingBeniamino Galvani1-2/+3
6 daysteam: merge branch 'bg/team-race-rh1798947'Beniamino Galvani1-5/+14
6 daysteam: ignore bus name appearance when killing teamdBeniamino Galvani1-0/+6
6 daysteam: ignore bus name appearance if we can't determine process idBeniamino Galvani1-5/+8
6 dayslicense: add Jiří to RELICENSE.mdThomas Haller1-0/+1
6 dayssupplicant: merge branch 'th/supplicant-cleanup-1'Thomas Haller53-1342/+1171
6 dayswifi: cleanup property setters in "wifi/nm-wifi-p2p-peer.c"Thomas Haller1-46/+12
6 dayswifi: move nm_wifi_utils_parse_ies() to "src/nm-core-utils.h"Thomas Haller3-324/+338
6 dayswifi: move nm_wifi_utils_level_to_quality() to "src/nm-core-utils.h"Thomas Haller4-21/+25
6 dayssupplicant: move defines for supplicant D-Bus API to headerThomas Haller2-17/+18
6 dayssupplicant: use nm_utils_error_is_cancelled() instead of g_error_matches()Thomas Haller1-26/+19
6 dayssupplicant: drop unused detection for credreqThomas Haller1-48/+2
6 dayssupplicant: drop unused NM_SUPPLICANT_INTERFACE_CREDENTIALS_REQUEST signalThomas Haller2-26/+0
6 dayssupplicant: remove unused nm_supplicant_interface_credentials_reply()Thomas Haller2-41/+0
6 dayssupplicant: define wpas_state_string_to_enum() via NM_UTILS_STRING_TABLE_LOOK...Thomas Haller2-27/+18
6 dayssupplicant: use nm_utils_gbytes_to_variant_ay() in nm_supplicant_manager_set_...Thomas Haller1-11/+2
6 dayssupplicant: track supplicant interface instances in manager via embedded CListThomas Haller3-65/+74
6 dayssupplicant/trivial: give WPAS defines an NM prefixThomas Haller3-37/+37