AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
9 daysnm-core-utils: add nm_utils_proc_cmdlineAdrian Freihofer2-0/+47
9 dayspo: update Ukrainian (uk) translationYuri Chornoivan1-1712/+1846
10 daysAdd domain_match mode for wifi certificate domain comparisonNiklas Goerke11-3/+149
10 dayssystemd: merge branch systemd into masterThomas Haller41-585/+1216
10 dayssystemd: update code from upstream (2020-03-23)systemdThomas Haller39-581/+1206
10 dayscore: avoid assertion failure in _settings_connection_flags_changed() without...Thomas Haller1-7/+12
10 daysclients/tests: comment return code by signal in test outputThomas Haller1-1/+43
10 dayscli: merge branch 'bg/cli-remove-setting'Beniamino Galvani9-42/+145
10 dayscli: support setting removalBeniamino Galvani4-36/+138
10 dayslibnm-core: slightly improve sriov setting documentationBeniamino Galvani2-2/+3
10 dayslibnm-core: remove trailing dot from setting descriptionBeniamino Galvani4-4/+4
10 daysall: use nm_clear_pointer() instead of g_clear_pointer()Thomas Haller46-90/+90
10 daysall: use nm_clear_g_free() instead of g_clear_pointer()Thomas Haller44-123/+123
10 dayslibnm: merge branch 'th/libnm-dbus-async-calls'Thomas Haller36-118/+394
10 dayslibnm: enable macros for marking sync libnm methods as deprecatedThomas Haller1-4/+5
10 dayslibnm: drop unused codeThomas Haller1-6/+0
10 dayscli: use async method D-Bus for `nmcli radio wifi on|off`Thomas Haller1-1/+27
10 dayscli: use async method D-Bus for `nmcli networking on|off`Thomas Haller1-2/+34
10 dayscli: replace deprecated and synchronous nm_client_set_logging()Thomas Haller1-8/+30
10 dayslibnm: advise using D-Bus instead of deprecated synchronous methodsThomas Haller2-24/+20
10 dayslibnm: add nm_client_dbus_set_property() APIThomas Haller3-0/+100
10 dayslibnm: add nm_client_dbus_call() APIThomas Haller3-0/+107
10 daysshared: allow nm_dbus_connection_call_finish_variant_cb() with D-Bus methods ...Thomas Haller1-4/+2
10 dayslibnm/doc: fix gtk-doc for deprecated markers in libnmThomas Haller30-70/+70
11 dayswifi: merge branch 'blocktrron/owe-tm'Thomas Haller3-5/+20
11 dayscore/wifi: minor cleanup in _bss_info_properties_changed()Thomas Haller1-5/+2
11 dayscore/wifi: always set owe_transition_mode output in nm_wifi_utils_parse_ies()Thomas Haller2-4/+5
11 daysnm-supplicant-interface: enable OWE security when transition mode is availableDavid Bauer3-3/+20
13 dayssupplicant: fix crash setting supplicant state downThomas Haller2-0/+5
13 dayscli: fix `nmcli device wifi` with no Wi-Fi devices availableThomas Haller1-0/+10
14 daysnm-setting-bond: merge branch 'ac/fix_add_miimon'Antonio Cardace3-18/+14
14 daysnm-setting-bond: don't take default values into account when comparing optionsAntonio Cardace2-18/+9
14 daysifcfg-rh: add 'timestamp' property before comparing a reread connectionAntonio Cardace1-0/+5
14 dayslibnm-core: fix wording for 'nm_sett_info_propert_type_mac_addrees'Antonio Cardace9-10/+10
14 dayscli: fix use after free in wifi_list_finish()Thomas Haller1-2/+2
2020-03-19cli: merge branch 'th/cli-device-wifi-list-rework'Thomas Haller1-109/+127
2020-03-19cli: rework do_device_wifi_list() to scan and print Wi-Fi listThomas Haller1-104/+123
2020-03-19cli: use nm_utils_hwaddr_matches() for matching BSSID in wifi_print_aps()Thomas Haller1-5/+4
2020-03-18gitlab-ci: use ruby:2.7 for triage pipelineAntonio Cardace2-6/+7
2020-03-18gitlab-ci: add scheduled pipeline to triage inactive issues and MRsAntonio Cardace2-0/+76
2020-03-18n-dhcp4: fallback to CLOCK_MONOTONIC for timerfd (resync with upstream)Thomas Haller2-29/+28
2020-03-18supplicant: combine multiple log lines about supported supplicant featuresThomas Haller2-20/+31
2020-03-17core: avoid unbound recursion in IPv6 connection sharingBeniamino Galvani1-28/+27
2020-03-17license: add Soapux to RELICENSE.mdThomas Haller2-0/+2
2020-03-17license: fix Dan's email address in RELICENSE.mdThomas Haller1-1/+1
2020-03-17license: add Christian to RELICENSE.mdThomas Haller1-0/+1
2020-03-17man: improve manual page for nm-onlineThomas Haller1-9/+29
2020-03-17license: add Jan to RELICENSE.mdThomas Haller1-0/+1
2020-03-17license: add Corentin to RELICENSE.mdThomas Haller1-0/+1
2020-03-17license: add Javier to RELICENSE.mdThomas Haller1-0/+1