BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterbuild,meson: Allow plugins to depend on build optionsIñigo Martínez2 days
mm-1-10libmm-glib,common-helpers: allow yes/no as booleans in stringAleksander Morgado21 months
mm-1-12build: post-release version bump to 1.12.13Aleksander Morgado16 months
mm-1-14cli: avoid attempting to setup timeout on NULL proxyAleksander Morgado6 months
mm-1-16broadband-modem: ensure mm_broadband_modem_create_device_identifier() sets an...Lubomir Rintel2 weeks
mm-1-18ci: switch single plugins build to use mesonAleksander Morgado6 days
mm-1-2simtech: fix error reporting in 3gpp unsolicited events enablingAleksander Morgado4 years
mm-1-4blacklist: Pycom uses Microchip's vid, so blacklist also by pidAleksander Morgado4 years
mm-1-6NEWS: update with the 1.6.14 release infoAleksander Morgado3 years
mm-1-8base-bearer: if method is PPP, require explicit bearer disconnectionAleksander Morgado2 years
1.18.2commit 5a2c922941...Aleksander Morgado5 weeks
1.18.0commit 4ccbfcd016...Aleksander Morgado6 weeks
1.18-rc1commit c04b43a67e...Aleksander Morgado2 months
1.16.10commit 2306e5b233...Aleksander Morgado2 months
1.16.8commit cc616ed45e...Aleksander Morgado3 months
1.16.6commit a7b3746144...Aleksander Morgado4 months
1.16.4commit e0048b690c...Aleksander Morgado6 months
1.14.12commit dccfb032d1...Aleksander Morgado7 months
1.16.2commit 52df1aa4b9...Aleksander Morgado8 months
1.16.0commit 7a5a49b753...Aleksander Morgado8 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2 daysbuild,meson: Allow plugins to depend on build optionsHEADmasterIñigo Martínez1-41/+42
3 daysbroadband-modem-mbim: fix signal quality reporting with MBIMEx v2.0Aleksander Morgado4-18/+73
3 daysmodem-helpers: setup common RSSI to signal quality converterAleksander Morgado4-16/+14
3 daysmodem-helpers: remove unexistent method headerAleksander Morgado1-3/+0
3 daysbearer-properties: Add profile-name to the bearer propertiesAndrew Lassalle4-0/+55
3 daysbroadband-modem-qmi: Add the profile name to profilesAndrew Lassalle1-0/+9
3 days3gpp-profile: Add profile nameAndrew Lassalle4-6/+76
4 daysport-mbim: request MBIMEx v2.0Aleksander Morgado1-1/+1
4 daysbroadband-modem-mbim: support 'Signal State' from MBIMEx v2.0Aleksander Morgado1-36/+81
4 daysbearer-mbim: support 'Packet Service' from MBIMEx v2.0Aleksander Morgado1-10/+28