BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
MM_05release: bump version to 0.5.4Dan Williams8 years
MM_06mbm: add another C5621 IDJens Seidel7 years
masterhuawei: add GPS port type hints for Huawei ME906eThomas Dendale3 hours
mm-1-0broadband-modem-qmi: fix compile errors with newest QMI commands enabledDan Williams5 years
mm-1-10libmm-glib,common-helpers: allow yes/no as booleans in stringAleksander Morgado11 months
mm-1-12build: post-release version bump to 1.12.13Aleksander Morgado5 months
mm-1-14sms: fix 7-bit ASCII SMS decodingDavid Leonard6 days
mm-1-2simtech: fix error reporting in 3gpp unsolicited events enablingAleksander Morgado3 years
mm-1-4blacklist: Pycom uses Microchip's vid, so blacklist also by pidAleksander Morgado3 years
mm-1-6NEWS: update with the 1.6.14 release infoAleksander Morgado2 years
mm-1-8base-bearer: if method is PPP, require explicit bearer disconnectionAleksander Morgado16 months