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masterman: add examples for coredumpctlRonny Chevalier11 hours
v216commit 5d0ae62c66...Lennart Poettering2 months
v215commit 252ff40a38...Lennart Poettering4 months
v214commit cd14eda321...Lennart Poettering4 months
v213commit c9679c652b...Lennart Poettering5 months
v212commit 2fa495c8a4...Kay Sievers7 months
v211commit 0ce91e4e3b...Lennart Poettering7 months
v210commit 4e72e29a39...Lennart Poettering8 months
v209commit 24442f3b25...Lennart Poettering8 months
v208commit 1434ae6fd4...Lennart Poettering13 months
v207commit f3a165b05d...Lennart Poettering13 months
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11 hoursman: add examples for coredumpctlHEADmasterRonny Chevalier1-0/+28
11 hoursman: fix project reference for archlinuxRonny Chevalier1-2/+2
11 hoursman: add missing commasRonny Chevalier3-5/+5
11 hoursman: move one more nspawn example into a proper <example> sectionLennart Poettering1-4/+4
11 hoursman: use <example> instead of multiple <refsect1> for examplesRonny Chevalier2-47/+47
12 hoursshared: remove unused functionsRonny Chevalier3-10/+0
12 hoursutil: avoid duplication of TIME_T_MAXRonny Chevalier3-4/+4
14 hoursupdate TODOLennart Poettering1-0/+2
14 hourssd-journal: consistently use ternary operator for all direction checksChristian Hesse1-4/+2
14 hoursbus-proxy: let's make use of the translated errors get_creds_by_name() provid...Lennart Poettering1-6/+9