AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
14 hoursrules: remove firmware loading rulesHEADmasterZbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek1-3/+0
19 hourslogin: simplify controller handlingDavid Herrmann1-27/+28
33 hourslogin: fix mem leakThomas Hindoe Paaboel Andersen1-1/+3
33 hoursconfig-parser: fix mem leakThomas Hindoe Paaboel Andersen1-0/+1
33 hoursjournal-remote: fix check if realloc failedThomas Hindoe Paaboel Andersen1-1/+1
37 hourstest-network: fix off-by-one error in testTom Gundersen1-3/+3
38 hoursmissing: add IFF_MULTI_QUEUETom Gundersen1-0/+4
41 hoursjournalctl: Allow to disable line cap with --lines=allJan Janssen2-25/+30
2 daysQuote unit names in suggested systemctl commandlinesZbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek2-4/+21
2 daysunits: update rescue.service and emergency.serviceZbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek2-2/+2
2 daysunits: m4 is not needed for rescue.serviceZbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek3-3/+1
2 daysunits: make emergency.service conflict with rescue.serviceZbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek1-0/+1
2 daystimesyncd-manager: don't clear current_server_name if ServerAddress is NULLSteven Noonan1-1/+4
2 dayssd-dhcp6-client: properly calculate buffer size when parsing optionsZbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek2-2/+5
2 daystest-dhcp6-client: Fix option lengthPatrik Flykt1-1/+1
2 dayscgroup-util: shorten cg_path_get_sessionZbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek2-9/+6
2 dayssystemd: fix error messageZbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek1-2/+2
2 daystest-compress: also test with incompressible inputsZbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek1-26/+65
2 daysjournal/compress: use LZ4_compress_continue()Evangelos Foutras1-3/+3
2 dayssd-ipv4ll: name the correct sourceTom Gundersen1-1/+1
3 daysFix a few more typosRuben Kerkhof20-24/+24
3 daysUpdate french translationSylvain Plantefève1-1/+27
3 dayslibudev: fix symbol version for udev_queue_flush() and udev_queue_get_fd()Michael Biebl1-2/+6
3 daysudev: bump event timeout to 60 secondsKay Sievers2-2/+2
3 daysudev: remove userspace firmware loading supportKay Sievers8-214/+4
3 dayscompletion: filter templates from restartable unitsDave Reisner1-1/+1
3 daysUpdate Russian translationSergey Ptashnick1-2/+26
4 daystimesyncd: check root distanceMiroslav Lichvar1-0/+16
4 daystimesyncd: get kernel timestamp in nanosecondsMiroslav Lichvar1-9/+5
4 daystimesyncd: fix calculation of transmit timeMiroslav Lichvar1-3/+1
4 daystimesyncd: check if stratum is validMiroslav Lichvar1-1/+2
4 daysFix a few typos in log messagesRuben Kerkhof2-7/+7
4 dayssystemd-journal-upload: fix invalid After=Marius Tessmann1-1/+1
4 dayssystemd-firstboot: fix typo in man pageMarius Tessmann1-1/+1
4 dayssystemd-firstboot.service: fix man page sectionMarius Tessmann1-1/+1
4 dayssd-event: simplify sd_event_source_set_name()David Herrmann1-12/+1
4 dayssd-event: name event sources used in librariesTom Gundersen7-0/+121
4 dayssd-event: use event source name rather than address in debug messagesTom Gundersen1-4/+12
4 dayssd-event: allow naming event sourcesTom Gundersen3-0/+33
4 dayssd-rtnl: log if kernel buffer is overrun as we currently can't handle that caseTom Gundersen1-2/+5
5 dayshibernate-resume: refuse to run outside of an initrdLennart Poettering1-0/+4
5 daysupdate TODOLennart Poettering1-0/+2
5 daysnetworkctl: do not mix dns and ntp serversZbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek1-1/+1
5 daysbus: don't skip interfaces in bus_message_map_properties_changed()David Herrmann2-7/+11
5 dayslocale: fix sending PropertiesChanged for x11 keymap changedDavid Herrmann1-1/+1
5 daysuse the switch_root function in shutdownHarald Hoyer5-96/+39
5 daysmacro: use unique variable names for math-macrosDavid Herrmann2-23/+47
5 daysbus: fix use-after-free in slot-releaseDavid Herrmann1-3/+9
5 daysterminal: free sysview-device names on destructionDavid Herrmann2-1/+2
5 daysterminal: free xkb state on keyboard destructionDavid Herrmann1-0/+1