BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
10.0docs: Add MD5 sums for the 10.0.5 release.Carl Worth3 months
10.1docs: Add sha256 sums for the 10.1.6 release filesCarl Worth5 weeks
10.2docs: Add SHA256 checksums for the 10.2.4 releaseCarl Worth12 days
8.0darwin: Remove extra kCGLPFAColorSize attribute when requesting an offscreen ...Jeremy Huddleston Sequoia9 weeks
9.0Apple: glFlush() is not needed with CGLFlushDrawable()Jeremy Huddleston Sequoia12 months
9.1docs: Add md5sums for 9.1.7 release files.Carl Worth10 months
9.2mesa: Use IROUND instead of roundf.José Fonseca6 months
direct_state_accessmesa: advertise GL_EXT_direct_state_accessDylan Noblesmith10 months
llvmpipe-rast-64llvmpipe: enable 32 bit sse paths in the triangle setupZack Rusin8 months
masterdri: Add a new capabilities for drivers that can't share buffersGiovanni Campagna6 hours
TagDownloadAuthorAge  mesa-10.2.4.tar.gz  Carl Worth12 days  mesa-10.2.3.tar.gz  Carl Worth3 weeks  mesa-10.2.2.tar.gz  Carl Worth5 weeks  mesa-10.1.6.tar.gz  Carl Worth5 weeks  mesa-10.2.1.tar.gz  Ian Romanick8 weeks  mesa-10.2.tar.gz  Ian Romanick8 weeks  mesa-10.1.5.tar.gz  Carl Worth8 weeks  mesa-10.2-rc5.tar.gz  Ian Romanick2 months  mesa-10.2-rc4.tar.gz  Ian Romanick2 months  mesa-10.1.4.tar.gz  Carl Worth2 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
6 hoursdri: Add a new capabilities for drivers that can't share buffersHEADmasterGiovanni Campagna7-12/+69
6 hoursgallium: Add a dumb drm/kms winsys backed swrast providerGiovanni Campagna14-4/+564
6 hoursAdd support for swrast to the DRM EGL platformGiovanni Campagna5-48/+369
6 hoursst/gbm: don't segfault if the fail to create the screenEmil Velikov1-1/+1
6 hoursst/gbm: retrieve the driver-name via dd_driver_name()Emil Velikov1-0/+6
7 hoursglsl/glcpp: rename ERROR to ERROR_TOKEN to fix MSVC buildBrian Paul2-4/+4
22 hoursconfigure: Don't override user -g or -O options for debug buildsIan Romanick1-2/+12
23 hoursglsl: Add flex options to eliminate the default ruleCarl Worth1-10/+1
23 hoursglsl/glcpp: Add flex options to eliminate the default rule.Carl Worth1-1/+2
23 hoursglsl/glcpp: Combine the two rules matching any characterCarl Worth1-6/+6