BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
10.0docs: Add MD5 sums for the 10.0.5 release.Carl Worth4 months
10.1docs: Add sha256 sums for the 10.1.6 release filesCarl Worth2 months
10.2meta: save and restore swizzle for _GenerateMipmapRobert Bragg6 days
10.3Increment version to 10.3.0-rc2Emil Velikov43 hours
8.0darwin: Remove extra kCGLPFAColorSize attribute when requesting an offscreen ...Jeremy Huddleston Sequoia3 months
9.1docs: Add md5sums for 9.1.7 release files.Carl Worth11 months
9.2mesa: Use IROUND instead of roundf.José Fonseca7 months
direct_state_accessmesa: advertise GL_EXT_direct_state_accessDylan Noblesmith11 months
llvmpipe-rast-64llvmpipe: enable 32 bit sse paths in the triangle setupZack Rusin9 months
mastermeta: Make MESA_META_DRAW_BUFFERS restore properlyKristian Høgsberg77 min.
mesa-10.3-rc2commit 390a9f6cb7...Emil Velikov43 hours
mesa-10.3-rc1commit 04c3c03682...Carl Worth12 days
10.3-branchpointcommit 0fb221065e...Glenn Kennard12 days
mesa-10.2.6commit 346dda24bf...Carl Worth14 days
mesa-10.2.5commit a53047f6d1...Carl Worth4 weeks
mesa-10.2.4commit efe8cb1e53...Carl Worth7 weeks
mesa-10.2.3commit 33cb9f9503...Carl Worth8 weeks
mesa-10.2.2commit 623e68fb1b...Carl Worth2 months
mesa-10.1.6commit 5f41cae633...Carl Worth2 months
mesa-10.2.1commit 1b69ea1c6d...Ian Romanick3 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
77 min.meta: Make MESA_META_DRAW_BUFFERS restore properlyHEADmasterKristian Høgsberg1-34/+4
8 hoursRevert "mesa: fix make tarballs"Emil Velikov2-3/+1
12 hoursmesa/program_cache: calloc the correct size for the cache.Dave Airlie1-1/+1
12 hoursradeonsi: Compile dummy pixel shader on demandMichel Dänzer2-8/+10
12 hoursu_blitter: Create all shaders on demandMichel Dänzer1-43/+104
12 hoursr600g,radeonsi: Inform the kernel if a BO will likely be accessed by the CPUMichel Dänzer3-11/+23
13 hoursglsl: free uniform_map on failure path.Dave Airlie1-1/+3
16 hoursmain/cs: Add gl_context::ComputeProgramPaul Berry1-0/+15
16 hoursmesa: Convert NewDriverState to 64-bitsJordan Justen6-13/+25
16 hoursi965: Modify state upload to allow 2 different sets of state atoms.Paul Berry2-25/+32