BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
10.0docs: Add MD5 sums for the 10.0.5 release.Carl Worth6 months
10.1docs: Add sha256 sums for the 10.1.6 release filesCarl Worth4 months
10.2docs: Add sha256 sums for the 10.2.9 releaseEmil Velikov12 days
10.3r600g: Drop references to destroyed blend stateMichel Dänzer2 days
8.0darwin: Remove extra kCGLPFAColorSize attribute when requesting an offscreen ...Jeremy Huddleston Sequoia5 months
9.1docs: Add md5sums for 9.1.7 release files.Carl Worth13 months
9.2mesa: Use IROUND instead of roundf.José Fonseca9 months
direct_state_accessmesa: advertise GL_EXT_direct_state_accessDylan Noblesmith13 months
llvmpipe-rast-64llvmpipe: enable 32 bit sse paths in the triangle setupZack Rusin11 months
mastergallium: Enable ARB_clip_control for gallium drivers.Mathias Fröhlich85 min.
mesa-10.3.1commit 088d350178...Emil Velikov12 days
mesa-10.2.9commit 9f1149876f...Emil Velikov12 days
mesa-10.3commit 1b12af300d...Emil Velikov5 weeks
mesa-10.2.8commit 1e2b4120f7...Emil Velikov5 weeks
mesa-10.2.7commit 64d51e2507...Emil Velikov7 weeks
mesa-10.3-rc3commit 4e1ca4a190...Emil Velikov7 weeks
mesa-10.3-rc2commit 390a9f6cb7...Emil Velikov8 weeks
mesa-10.3-rc1commit 04c3c03682...Carl Worth2 months
10.3-branchpointcommit 0fb221065e...Glenn Kennard2 months
mesa-10.2.6commit 346dda24bf...Carl Worth2 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
85 min.gallium: Enable ARB_clip_control for gallium drivers.HEADmasterMathias Fröhlich4-2/+16
85 min.gallium: introduce PIPE_CAP_CLIP_HALFZ.Mathias Fröhlich15-0/+20
85 min.mesa: Handle clip control in meta operations.Mathias Fröhlich2-0/+9
85 min.mesa: Implement ARB_clip_control.Mathias Fröhlich13-7/+159
85 min.mesa: Refactor viewport transform computation.Mathias Fröhlich7-61/+73
102 min.vc4: Reuse uniform_data/contents indices when making uniforms.Eric Anholt1-0/+7
102 min.vc4: When asked to discard-map a whole resource, discard it.Eric Anholt1-14/+28
102 min.vc4: Refactor flushing before mapping a BO.Eric Anholt3-12/+13
102 min.vc4: Allow dead code elimination of unused varyings.Eric Anholt5-5/+31
102 min.vc4: Add debug output to match shaderdb info to program dumps.Eric Anholt4-7/+29