BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
danw/gdbus-non-libnmexamples: port dbus-glib-based examples to gdbusDan Winship34 hours
danw/libnm-props-1libnm-core: drop previously-deprecated NMSetting propertiesDan Winship9 hours
danw/libnm-props-2core: abstract out the duplicated default-ifname-generating codeDan Winship7 hours
danw/libnm-props-3libnm-core: change DCB DBUS_TYPE_G_UINT_ARRAY properties to G_TYPE_ARRAYDan Winship7 hours
dcbw/ipv6-addrgenmodefixup! core: take over IPv6LL address management if kernel supports itDan Williams2 days
dcbw/rh990480-ibft-vlanfixup! ibft: add settings plugin for reading iBFT configuration (bgo #734009)Thomas Haller2 days
mastercli: simplify do_connections() now that we don't wait for "connection-read"Jiří Klimeš4 hours
nm-0-9-10platform: (trivial) don't shadow link(3) in NMLinuxPlatformJiří Klimeš41 hours
th/bgo731937_delete_nm_generated_connectioncore: recheck_assume_connection() do nothing if the device is not disconnectedThomas Haller4 hours
th/bgo734146_polkitlibnm: do not assert secret flag in get_secret_flags()Thomas Haller34 hours
0.9.10commit 6eb82acd6d...Dan Williams7 weeks 6eb82acd6d...Dan Williams7 weeks
0.9.10-rc1commit 63b0a2f5e6...Dan Williams2 months 63b0a2f5e6...Dan Williams2 months
0.9.10-beta1commit c817409fc0...Dan Williams3 months c817409fc0...Dan Williams3 months b784f9700a...Dan Winship4 months 76a9c6e0fb...Dan Winship5 months 16bbc90c16...Dan Winship6 months 5b3bfe69ab...Dan Winship10 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
4 hourscli: simplify do_connections() now that we don't wait for "connection-read"HEADmasterJiří Klimeš1-129/+79
4 hourscli: fix 'nmcli connection' so that it returns correct exit codeJiří Klimeš1-12/+2
4 hourslibnm-core: fix compile warning about unused-resultDan Winship1-1/+1
12 hoursMerge branch 'th/bgo696936_normalize_settings'Thomas Haller45-605/+1700
12 hourslibnm-util: properly disconnect "notify" signal for settings in NMConnectionThomas Haller1-13/+19
12 hourslibnm-core: fix NMSettingConnection:verify() not to modify interface-nameThomas Haller6-118/+52
12 hourslibnm-core: allow nm_setting_verify() to succeed individually without @all_se...Thomas Haller2-1/+18
12 hourslibnm-core: add normalize of MTU for NMSettingInfinibandThomas Haller4-2/+86
12 hourslibnm-core: make failure cases for nm_connection_normalize() more robust agai...Thomas Haller1-9/+27
12 hourskeyfile/tests: test reading minimal keyfiles that needs normalization of type...Thomas Haller8-0/+115