BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
automationcontrib/rpm: update spec file to explicitly --disable-gtk-docThomas Haller2 days
dcbw/wifi-pluginwifi: use nm_device_get_connection() to simplify some codeDan Williams2 days
dcbw/wwan-ipv6fixup! mobile: add IPv6 support for ModemManager1Dan Williams2 days
jk/bgo721420-mtucore: fix MTU handling while merging/subtracting IP configs (bgo #721420)Jiří Klimeš15 hours
jk/nmcli-secondariesnmcli: improve setting connection.secondaries propertyJiří Klimeš32 hours
masterifcfg-rh: don't write out IP config on Team connectionsDan Winship8 hours
pavlix/testsplatform: fix the cleanup testPavel Šimerda10 hours
th/bg728320_coverityfixup! all: fix various warnings detected with coverityThomas Haller5 hours
th/bgo706293_platform_testsplatform/test: always run linux platform tests (will be skipped as non-root)Thomas Haller7 hours
th/bgo727382_platform_fix_addr_lifetimefixup! core: add nm_utils_get_monotonic_timestamp_ns() functionThomas Haller5 hours
TagDownloadAuthorAge  NetworkManager-  Dan Winship2 weeks  NetworkManager-  Dan Winship7 weeks  NetworkManager-  Dan Winship6 months  NetworkManager-  Dan Winship7 months  NetworkManager-  Dan Winship7 months  NetworkManager-  Dan Williams10 months  NetworkManager-  Dan Williams14 months  NetworkManager-0.9.8-beta2.tar.gz  Dan Williams14 months  NetworkManager-  Dan Williams14 months  NetworkManager-0.9.8-beta1.tar.gz  Dan Williams15 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
8 hoursifcfg-rh: don't write out IP config on Team connectionsHEADmasterDan Winship1-1/+2
8 hourskeyfile: don't g_return_if_fail() on bad user inputDan Winship1-1/+2
8 hourscore: don't break Wake-on-LANDan Winship9-11/+153
8 hourscore: leave wake-on-LAN devices up over suspend/resumeDan Winship1-10/+39
8 hoursplatform: add link_get_wake_on_lan()Dan Winship4-1/+56
8 hourswifi: add wifi_utils_get_wowlan()Stanislaw Gruszka4-0/+58
8 hourswifi: move wifi-utils into platformDan Winship20-128/+594
8 hourswifi: move wifi-utils into platformDan Winship20-77/+534
8 hourswifi: (trivial) style / indent / whitespace fixesDan Winship3-51/+60
2 dayscore: refactor NMManager by adding function for converting NMState to stringThomas Haller1-27/+22