BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
danw/addressdata-bgo682946libnm: create NMDhcpConfig as parent of NMDhcp4Config and NMDhcp6ConfigDan Winship4 hours
danw/libnm-ptrarraylibnm: change GSList to GPtrArray in libnm methodsDan Winship5 hours
danw/rdisc-spamrdisc: properly handle RDNSS/DNSSL forced expirationDan Winship31 hours
dcbw/devices-for-allsettings: shortcut nm_settings_get_connection_by_uuid() if @uuid is invalidThomas Haller7 hours
dcbw/devices-for-all-1fixup! core: allow multiple devices with the same interface nameDan Williams24 hours
jk/leak-fixeslibnm-core: fix a leak in process_properties_changed()Jiří Klimeš7 hours
jk/rpm-configcontrib/rpm: do not override configuration files on updates (rh #1153901)Jiří Klimeš33 hours
masterwwan: fix wwan-exports.verDan Winship7 hours
th/bgo735512_route_metriccore: add manager for default route and support multiple default routesThomas Haller2 hours
th/bgo738941_dbus_stopwifi: avoid assertion about dupplicate nm_device_add_pending_action()Thomas Haller32 hours
0.9.10commit 6eb82acd6d...Dan Williams4 months 6eb82acd6d...Dan Williams4 months
0.9.10-rc1commit 63b0a2f5e6...Dan Williams4 months 63b0a2f5e6...Dan Williams4 months
0.9.10-beta1commit c817409fc0...Dan Williams5 months c817409fc0...Dan Williams5 months b784f9700a...Dan Winship6 months 76a9c6e0fb...Dan Winship7 months 16bbc90c16...Dan Winship8 months 5b3bfe69ab...Dan Winship12 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
7 hourswwan: fix wwan-exports.verHEADmasterDan Winship1-1/+0
8 hourscore: Remove use of NM_SESSION_MONITOR_ERROR domainLubomir Rintel1-24/+21
9 hoursall: consolidate error domains and fix up D-Bus error mapping (bgo #735900)Dan Winship220-4462/+2257
9 hourscore: drop all remaining core-internal error domainsDan Winship17-215/+41
9 hourslibnm: consolidate NMClientError and NMObjectErrorDan Winship11-113/+42
9 hourslibnm: strip GDBus gunk from GErrorsDan Winship11-68/+160
9 hourslibnm: drop _nm_dbus_register_error_domain()Dan Winship2-25/+0
9 hourslibnm-core, libnm: move NMVpnPluginError to nm-errorsDan Winship4-60/+53
9 hourslibnm-core, libnm, settings: move NMSecretAgentError to nm-errorsDan Winship6-59/+49
9 hourslibnm-core, settings: move NMAgentManagerError to nm-errorsDan Winship7-45/+47