BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
danw/no-default-unmanagedcore: drop "default-unmanaged" devicesDan Winship16 hours
danw/reorgtools: move libnm-glib's fake NM service implementations hereDan Winship16 hours
danw/wip/libnmlibnm: port to gdbus [WIP]Dan Winship35 hours
dcbw/dhcp-cleanupsdhcp: add client hardware address and priority accessorsDan Williams2 days
dcbw/dhcp-systemdfixup! dhcp: add systemd-based DHCP clientThomas Haller16 hours
dcbw/wwan-ipv6wwan: use a shorter DHCP timeoutDan Williams13 hours
jk/bgo683111-keyfile-ifcfg-rh-docslibnm-util: add ifcfg-rh specific description for propertiesJiří Klimeš47 hours
masterlibnm-util: fix enum member names in a gtk-doc commentDan Winship11 hours
nm-0-9-10platform: fix uninitialized variable usage after fdf78b3dDan Williams3 days
th/bgo733212_loggingWIP: core: refactoring logging in NMDevice to prefix each line with identifierThomas Haller17 hours
TagDownloadAuthorAge  NetworkManager-0.9.10.tar.gz  Dan Williams3 weeks  NetworkManager-  Dan Williams3 weeks  NetworkManager-0.9.10-rc1.tar.gz  Dan Williams5 weeks  NetworkManager-  Dan Williams5 weeks  NetworkManager-0.9.10-beta1.tar.gz  Dan Williams7 weeks  NetworkManager-  Dan Williams7 weeks  NetworkManager-  Dan Winship3 months  NetworkManager-  Dan Winship4 months  NetworkManager-  Dan Winship5 months  NetworkManager-  Dan Winship9 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
11 hourslibnm-util: fix enum member names in a gtk-doc commentHEADmasterDan Winship1-7/+7
11 hourslibnm-util: fix gtk-doc syntax in nm-version.h to avoid a warningDan Winship1-1/+1
13 hourswwan: allow using the default subscription APN (bgo #729665)Dan Williams1-2/+2
13 hourswwan: allow completing new GSM connections without an APN (bgo #729665)Simon Farnsworth1-2/+2
13 hoursmerge: add WWAN support for IPv6 (bgo #682623)Dan Williams15-135/+1043
13 hourswwan: use a shorter DHCP timeoutdcbw/wwan-ipv6Dan Williams1-0/+13
13 hoursdhcp: DHCPv6 OtherConf failures should not be fatalDan Williams1-4/+11
13 hourswwan: don't disconnect if nothing to disconnectDan Williams1-1/+5
13 hourscore: remove child devices when a parent's ip_iface becomes knownDan Williams1-0/+28
13 hourswwan: move IP method handling into the modem objectDan Williams2-22/+39