AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
15 hoursbuild: support building against libsystemd >= 209 libraryHEADmasterMichael Biebl1-3/+6
17 hoursdevices: fix default ethernet connection codeDan Winship1-5/+1
20 hourslibnm: g_variant_new() for strings does not allow NULLsJiří Klimeš1-0/+5
22 hourscore/dbus: disable verbose logging when registering object to private socketThomas Haller1-0/+2
22 hourscore/dbus: debug log unix file descriptor when accpeting private dbus connectionThomas Haller1-1/+3
22 hourscore: fix assertion when comparing missing hwaddr while searching connection ...Thomas Haller1-1/+2
23 hourscore/dbus: minor refactoring not to clone the string tagThomas Haller1-4/+3
44 hoursauth: merge branch 'th/bgo734146_polkit'Thomas Haller24-489/+1425
44 hoursauth: support disabling POLKIT authentication entirely at compile timeThomas Haller6-5/+58
44 hoursauth: rework polkit autorization to use DBUS interface directlyThomas Haller19-479/+1326
45 hoursbuild: generate man/NetworkManager.conf.xml by autoconfThomas Haller3-0/+2
45 hoursauth: rename file nm-manager-auth.* to nm-auth-utils.*Thomas Haller12-13/+13
45 hoursconfig: refactor parsing of boolean config valuesThomas Haller1-9/+43
2 dayspo: update Swedish (sv) translation (bgo #737086)Josef Andersson1-1528/+6669
2 dayspo: update Assamese (as) translation (bgo #736849)Nilamdyuti Goswami1-130/+184
2 dayspo: update Marathi (mr) translation (bgo #737057)Sandeep Shedmake1-1309/+1230
2 dayspo: update Hindi (hi) translation (bgo #737097)Rajesh Ranjan1-2420/+3777
2 dayspo: update Telugu (te) translation (bgo #737204)Krishna Babu K1-2456/+3823
2 dayspo: update Kannada (kn) translation (bgo #737131)Shankar Prasad1-2478/+3885
2 dayspo: update Tamil (ta) translation (bgo #737419)Shantha kumar1-1099/+876
4 daystui, cli: improve printing of Wi-Fi strength bars (rh #1131491)Dan Winship10-819/+811
4 dayslibnm-core: add nm_utils_wifi_strength_bars(), use it in nmcli and nmtuiDan Winship5-40/+65
4 dayscli: use g_print/g_printerr rather than printf/fprintfDan Winship6-779/+746
5 daysmerge: secret handling enhancements (bgo #728920)Jiří Klimeš2-13/+141
5 dayscore: add ClearSecrets() D-Bus callJiří Klimeš2-6/+78
5 dayssettings: do not clear secrets on Update() without any secrets (bgo #728920)Jiří Klimeš1-7/+63
5 dayscore: do not assert when a device is enslaved externallyJiří Klimeš2-6/+2
5 dayspo: update Tamil (ta) translation (bgo #736652)Shantha kumar1-2661/+3409
5 daysifcfg-rh: fix handling VLAN connections as bond/bridge slaves (bgo #737377)Jiří Klimeš2-17/+5
5 daystrivial: quiet error setting userspace IPv6LL if link no longer existsDan Williams1-1/+2
6 daysmerge: nmcli: displaying devices info (bgo #737250)Jiří Klimeš1-50/+137
6 dayscli: move "CONNECTIONS" group lower in the outputJiří Klimeš1-4/+4
6 dayscli: show capabilities for Bluetooth devicesJiří Klimeš1-5/+60
6 dayscli: also show team and bridge specific details for devicesJiří Klimeš1-51/+83
6 daysplatform: fix parsing vxlan netlink message for older kernelThomas Haller1-19/+41
6 dayslibnm: fix compilation for wrong g_return call on void/non-void functionThomas Haller2-7/+7
6 dayslibnm: make sync/async APIs more GLib-like (bgo #736988)Dan Winship21-882/+1738
6 dayslibnm: add some missing sync/async method variantsDan Winship11-14/+571
6 dayslibnm: make sync/async APIs more GLib-likeDan Winship21-807/+1169
6 dayslibnm: merge saved and unsaved connection methodsDan Winship10-137/+74
7 dayscore: merge branch 'th/bgo731937_delete_nm_generated_connection'Thomas Haller12-135/+301
7 dayscore: recheck_assume_connection() do nothing if the device is not disconnectedThomas Haller1-1/+7
7 dayscore: clean up nm-generated-assumed connections when assumption fails or conn...Thomas Haller1-36/+60
7 daysbluez: simplify cleanup of generated PAN connectionThomas Haller1-9/+5
7 dayscore: use "nm-generated-assumed" flag instead of "nm-generated" for assumed c...Thomas Haller1-9/+14
7 dayscore: add "nm-generated-assumed" flag to NMSettingsConnectionThomas Haller3-5/+31
7 dayssettings: implement 'unsaved' and 'nm-generated' as #NMSettingsConnectionFlagsThomas Haller3-43/+25
7 dayssettings: add NMSettingsConnection:flagsThomas Haller2-2/+93
7 daysplatform: add @peer_address argument to nm_platform_ip4_address_delete()Thomas Haller6-17/+23
7 daysplatform: log ifindex and ifname when deleting addresses or routesThomas Haller1-8/+27