AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
6 hoursman: add/update bonding and team examples in nm-settings-ifcfg-rhHEADmasterJiří Klimeš1-1/+24
3 daysmerge: add settings plugin for reading iBFT configuration (bgo #734009) (rh #...Dan Williams34-1230/+1664
3 dayscore: allow connection assumption on pre-configured software devicesDan Williams1-2/+11
3 dayscore: allow plugin/factory originated devices to assume connectionsDan Williams1-1/+1
3 daysifcfg-rh: more conversions to g_assert()Dan Williams1-352/+51
3 daysifcfg-rh: remove iBFT handling (use the ibft plugin instead) (bgo #734009) (r...Dan Williams15-1033/+79
3 daysibft: add settings plugin for reading iBFT configuration (bgo #734009)Dan Williams25-1/+1682
3 daysifcfg-rh: trivial: remove unused parameterDan Williams1-2/+1
3 daysmerge: apply static IPv6 configuration before starting SLAAC (rh #1101809)Dan Williams5-41/+137
3 dayscore: complete IPv6 even if RA times out when there are manual/external addre...Dan Williams1-8/+17
3 dayscore: apply manual IPv6 configuration earlier when RA is also used (rh #1101809)Dan Williams1-0/+4
3 dayscore: sync IPv6 pre-commit hook with IPv4 behaviorDan Williams2-5/+7
3 daysrdisc: add RA wait timeoutDan Williams4-30/+111
3 dayscontrib/rpm: add BuildRequires for perl YAML module in specJiří Klimeš1-0/+1
3 daysMerge code for documenting 'keyfile' and 'ifcfg-rh' plugins (bgo #683111)Jiří Klimeš23-96/+2321
3 dayslibnm-util: add ifcfg-rh specific description for propertiesjk/bgo683111-keyfile-ifcfg-rh-docsJiří Klimeš15-0/+1156
3 dayslibnm-util: add keyfile specific description for propertiesJiří Klimeš7-0/+151
3 daysman: generate nm-settings-ifcfg-rh(5) manual pageJiří Klimeš2-2/+375
3 daysman: generate nm-settings-keyfile(5) manual pageJiří Klimeš2-2/+321
3 dayslibnm-util: script for extracting plugin docsJiří Klimeš3-5/+231
4 daystrivial: only use spaces in nm-setting.xmlJiří Klimeš1-89/+89
4 dayssettings: fix a crash in emit_updated() accessing invalid pointerJiří Klimeš1-0/+7
5 daysnmtui: fix sensitivity of "Add" button in address lists (rh #1131434)Dan Winship1-1/+2
5 daystrivial: remove a stray prototypeDan Winship1-2/+0
5 daysgitignore: ignore /libgsystem/Thomas Haller1-0/+2
5 dayssupplicant/ifnet: fix spelling of "private_key2_passwd" optionGeoffrey Thomas2-3/+3
5 dayslibnm: ensure auto-registration only when not yet registeredThomas Haller2-2/+4
5 dayspo: update Polish (pl) translation (bgo #735470)Piotr Drąg1-498/+526
6 daystrivial: reorganize .gitignoreDan Winship1-104/+108
6 daystrivial: remove nonexistent items from .gitignoreDan Winship1-12/+0
6 daysbuild: add configure option not to install udev rulesThomas Haller2-8/+14
7 daysglib-compat: fix compatibility wrapper for g_type_ensure()Thomas Haller1-11/+12
7 dayscore: refactor nm_utils_complete_generic() not to use a dynamic format stringThomas Haller16-31/+39
7 dayspo: fix an error in a plural form of a Russian translation (bgo #735186)Jiří Klimeš1-1/+1
10 dayscli: simplify do_connections() now that we don't wait for "connection-read"Jiří Klimeš1-129/+79
10 dayscli: fix 'nmcli connection' so that it returns correct exit codeJiří Klimeš1-12/+2
10 dayslibnm-core: fix compile warning about unused-resultDan Winship1-1/+1
10 daysMerge branch 'th/bgo696936_normalize_settings'Thomas Haller45-605/+1700
10 dayslibnm-util: properly disconnect "notify" signal for settings in NMConnectionThomas Haller1-13/+19
10 dayslibnm-core: fix NMSettingConnection:verify() not to modify interface-nameThomas Haller6-118/+52
10 dayslibnm-core: allow nm_setting_verify() to succeed individually without @all_se...Thomas Haller2-1/+18
10 dayslibnm-core: add normalize of MTU for NMSettingInfinibandThomas Haller4-2/+86
10 dayslibnm-core: make failure cases for nm_connection_normalize() more robust agai...Thomas Haller1-9/+27
10 dayskeyfile/tests: test reading minimal keyfiles that needs normalization of type...Thomas Haller8-0/+115
10 daystests: refactor tests to use g_test framework (g_test_add_func)Thomas Haller2-135/+146
10 dayscore: add compatibility wrapper for g_test_add_data_func_full() to nm-glib-co...Thomas Haller1-0/+25
10 dayskeyfile/tests: add keyfile_read_connection_from_file() utility functionThomas Haller1-0/+16
10 dayskeyfile: don't add [connection].type base setting which is done by nm_connect...Thomas Haller1-21/+0
10 dayslibnm-core: normalize NMSettingConnection:type propertyThomas Haller5-13/+437
10 dayslibnm-core: stricter verification of NMSettingConnection:type propertyThomas Haller1-18/+29