AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
8 hourscore: only set IPv6 hop_limit for values greater than zeroHEADmasterChristian Hesse1-1/+3
11 hourstui: fix a crashDan Winship1-6/+10
4 daysdhcp: log DHCP client exit status betterJiří Klimeš1-13/+22
4 daysdhcp: fix dhclient abnormal exit due to SIGPIPE (bgo #735962)Jiří Klimeš2-3/+10
4 daysbuild: fix build after "settings: create default wired connection..."Dan Williams1-1/+0
4 daysmerge: create internal device types with factories too (bgo #736289)Dan Williams47-863/+934
4 daystun: port to internal device factorydcbw/internal-device-factoriesDan Williams5-38/+36
4 daysgre: port to internal device factoryDan Williams5-29/+28
4 daysvxlan: port to internal device factoryDan Williams5-28/+28
4 daysmacvlan: port to internal device factoryDan Williams5-29/+28
4 daysvlan: port to internal device factoryDan Williams5-123/+122
4 daysbond: port to internal device factoryDan Williams5-62/+63
4 daysbridge: port to internal device factoryDan Williams5-75/+78
4 daysinfiniband: port to internal device factoryDan Williams5-68/+68
4 daysethernet: port to internal device factoryDan Williams5-30/+28
4 daysveth: port to internal device factoryDan Williams5-28/+28
4 dayscore: add support for internal device factoriesDan Williams4-15/+121
4 daysbuild: ensure device source file constructors can be linked and calledDan Williams1-10/+17
4 dayscore: pass parent to device factories when creating devices for connectionsDan Williams4-3/+9
4 dayscore: split out device factory registration functionDan Williams1-35/+45
4 dayscore: move device factory type function into factory objectDan Williams15-139/+127
4 dayssettings: create default wired connection from NMDeviceEthernetDan Williams12-125/+120
4 daystrivial: spacing and code cleanups in nm-manager.hDan Williams2-67/+29
4 daysmerge: consolidate searching for helper programs (bgo #734131)Dan Williams15-241/+149
4 dayscore: search for arping binary too (bgo #734131)dcbw/helper-searchDan Williams1-1/+9
4 dayscore: consolidate helper progam searching (bgo #734131)Dan Williams15-240/+140
5 dayslibnm-core: allow G_TYPE_STRV to be NULLJiří Klimeš1-3/+4
5 daysifcfg-rh: fix reading HWADDR_BLACKLISTJiří Klimeš4-23/+84
5 daysnm-utils: add a wrapper for g_strsplit_set() removing empty strings from arrayJiří Klimeš2-2/+41
5 dayslibnm: use g_return_if_fail() in a function returning voidJiří Klimeš1-4/+4
6 dayslibnm: add test-secret-agent, glib-ify NMSecretAgent APIs (bgo #735916)Dan Winship9-150/+1272
6 dayslibnm: start glib-ifying NMSecretAgent APIsDan Winship6-170/+546
6 dayslibnm: add test-secret-agentDan Winship4-3/+735
6 dayslibnm: NMSecretAgent shouldn't check peer UID on session busDan Winship1-3/+17
6 dayslibnm: drop NMObject:dbus-connection (bgo #735916)Dan Winship8-124/+47
6 dayslibnm: drop NMObject:dbus-connectionDan Winship8-116/+43
6 dayslibnm: assert that dbus_connection_allocate_data_slot() doesn't failDan Winship1-9/+5
6 dayscli: fix ssid parameter processing in 'nmcli con add'Jiří Klimeš1-11/+8
7 dayscli: fix MAC address validation (bgo #736275)Dan Winship1-1/+1
7 dayslibnm-core: fix DCB's _nm_setting_dcb_uint_array_from_dbus()Jiří Klimeš1-21/+22
8 daysRevert "libnm-core: fix NMSettingDcb"Jiří Klimeš1-2/+2
10 dayscontrib/rpm: use HTTPS for connectivity check URL (rh #1135777)Jiří Klimeš1-1/+1
10 daystrivial: alphabetize the nm-*.xml files in introspection/Makefile.amDan Winship1-22/+21
10 dayslibnm-core: fix NMSettingDcbDan Winship1-2/+2
10 dayslibnm: handle all-default settings in nm_setting_to_hash() properlyThomas Haller2-7/+1
11 daysexamples: fix python GI examples to work after libnm changesJiří Klimeš5-76/+56
11 dayslibnm: add missing (transfer) annotations for return valuesJiří Klimeš2-13/+17
11 daysutils: use gssize (signed) 'len' parameter in nm_ethernet_address_is_valid()Jiří Klimeš2-8/+11
11 daysdhcp: fix g_error_free() called with a bad argumentJiří Klimeš1-1/+1
11 daysPort non-libnm*-based code to GDBus (bgo #622927)Dan Winship18-986/+761