AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
36 hoursdispatcher: multiple fixesHEADmasterDan Winship8-36/+129
36 hoursman: updates to the dispatcher sectionDan Winship1-0/+9
36 hoursdispatcher: add better debuggingDan Winship5-15/+52
36 hoursdispatcher: Leave PATH set in the dispatcher script environmentDan Winship1-9/+16
36 hoursdispatcher: tell systemd to not kill dispatcher childrenDan Winship1-0/+4
36 hoursdispatcher: only dispatch one request at a time (rh #1061212)Dan Winship1-6/+34
36 hoursdispatcher: bump script timeout up to 20 seconds (rh #1048345)Dan Winship2-8/+16
2 daysifcfg-rh: don't write out IP config on Team connectionsDan Winship1-1/+2
2 dayskeyfile: don't g_return_if_fail() on bad user inputDan Winship1-1/+2
2 dayscore: don't break Wake-on-LANDan Winship9-11/+153
2 dayscore: leave wake-on-LAN devices up over suspend/resumeDan Winship1-10/+39
2 daysplatform: add link_get_wake_on_lan()Dan Winship4-1/+56
2 dayswifi: add wifi_utils_get_wowlan()Stanislaw Gruszka4-0/+58
2 dayswifi: move wifi-utils into platformDan Winship20-128/+594
2 dayswifi: move wifi-utils into platformDan Winship20-77/+534
2 dayswifi: (trivial) style / indent / whitespace fixesDan Winship3-51/+60
4 dayscore: refactor NMManager by adding function for converting NMState to stringThomas Haller1-27/+22
5 dayscli/bash-completion: escape spaces in profile names (rh #1041901) (bgo #709426)Jiří Klimeš1-0/+30
5 daysplatform: be more resilient in init_link against missing name of the rtnl linkThomas Haller1-2/+6
5 dayspolicy: check device state before changing it for secondaries (rh #1055099)Jiří Klimeš1-3/+6
6 daysppp-manager: don't use kernel pppoe (rh #1034860, rh #1061641)Dan Winship2-28/+69
6 daysppp-manager: find pppd at build time, allow overridingDan Winship2-7/+17
6 daysppp-manager: trivial: fix tabs/spacesDan Winship2-27/+27
6 daysppp-manager: minor GObject boilerplate cleanupsDan Winship1-28/+11
9 daysMerge changes for connection matching on connection assumption (rh #1083196)Jiří Klimeš3-102/+313
9 daysdhcp: merge branch 'th/bgo726278_div_refact_dhcp'Thomas Haller10-150/+122
9 daysdhcp: refactor state to string conversionThomas Haller1-46/+37
9 daysdhcp: refactor using named defines for signal names instead of plain stringThomas Haller4-19/+23
9 daysdhcp: refactor not to pass on NMSettingIP4Config objectsThomas Haller8-51/+31
9 daysdhcp: refactor dhcp code to use @dhcp_anycast_addr as #GByteArray typeThomas Haller10-34/+31
9 dayscore: merge branch 'th/bgo726525_sort_ip6_addresses'Thomas Haller6-71/+493
9 dayscore: sort IPv6 addresses (add nm_ip6_config_addresses_sort())Thomas Haller4-7/+209
9 daystest: make use of new libnm-util/nm-test-utils.h headerThomas Haller1-63/+21
9 dayslibnm-util: add private header file nm-test-utils.hThomas Haller2-1/+263
9 daysdevice-ethernet: add finalize() methodJiří Klimeš1-8/+18
9 daystests: improve tests for nm_utils_match_connection() functionJiří Klimeš1-0/+113
9 daysutils: allow matching connections with no MAC (missing HWADDR) (rh #1083196)Jiří Klimeš1-0/+33
9 daysdevice: add s390 values to connection in update_connection() (rh #1083196)Jiří Klimeš1-32/+78
9 daysutils: fix check_possible_match() functionJiří Klimeš1-65/+74
9 dayscore: sort connections in descending timestamp order on take-over (rh #1067712)Jiří Klimeš2-2/+6
9 dayslibnm-glib: add documentation for NMRemoteSettings and connection additionDan Williams1-1/+95
10 daysMerge branch 'th/bgo726287_cleanup_read_sysctl'Thomas Haller9-92/+258
10 daysplatform: relax assert when checking pathnames for accessing sysctlThomas Haller1-2/+2
10 dayscore: refactor nm_utils_ascii_str_to_int64()Thomas Haller2-41/+151
10 dayscore: use nm_platform_sysctl_get() to read wifi rfkill valueThomas Haller1-2/+4
10 dayscore: use nm_platform_sysctl_get() to read infiniband modeThomas Haller1-4/+5
10 dayscore: use nm_platform_sysctl_get() to read sysctl in NMDeviceAdslThomas Haller1-29/+13
10 dayscore: use ASSERT_VALID_PATH_COMPONENTThomas Haller5-7/+20
10 dayscore: add ASSERT_VALID_PATH_COMPONENT functionThomas Haller2-0/+33
10 daysplatform: add nm_platform_sysctl_get_int_checked() functionThomas Haller2-1/+23