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11 daysport-mbim: use the mbim-proxy by defaultHEADmasterAleksander Morgado1-7/+7
11 daysbuild: post release version bump to 1.5.0 (development)Aleksander Morgado1-1/+1
11 daysrelease: bump version to Morgado2-3/+46
11 daysAUTHORS: update from git logAleksander Morgado1-3/+71
$ git shortlog -s -n
2014-08-18qmi: always use DHCP for IPv4 configuration instead of STATICdcbw/qmi-always-dhcpDan Williams1-1/+1
Some newer modems (Huawei E1750, Sierra 73xx) provide what looks like legitimate static IPv4 configuration through the WDSGetCurrentSettings call, but when configured the interface does not pass traffic. Running DHCP on the same interface provides a slightly different IPv4 configuration but does allow traffic to pass. Since QMI was switched to static originally for consistency with IPv6 and for speed of IP configuration (since DHCP takes a bit of time), but not for any known problems with modems, let's switch back to DHCP until we have time to figure out what's actually going on.
2014-08-18bearer-qmi: allow forcing DHCP instead of static IP configAleksander Morgado3-44/+117
2014-08-12broadband-modem,plugins: fix GMatchInfo leaksBen Chan5-2/+8
2014-08-11huawei: minor style fixesAleksander Morgado1-1/+3
2014-08-11huawei: improve support for network time on Huawei modulesDavid McCullough4-65/+404
Third revision of Huawei nwtime support. Takes on feedback from the mailing list including helpers, some basic tests and use of the ^NTCT command to determine network time support (^NWTIME). Expanded test cases, more use of g_assert and more logical helper return values/errors. Signed-off-by: David McCullough <>
2014-08-11iface-mode: downgrade "access technology changed" message to debugDan Williams1-4/+4
We have a report of a modem that switches access technologies frequently, in this case almost every 10 seconds. While that's unusual, it's not unexpected depending on the RF environment. We shouldn't spam syslog with that info; if we need it we can get it with mmcli.
2014-08-05build: INCLUDES -> AM_CPPFLAGS to quiet automake warningDan Williams2-2/+2
2014-08-04build: require libmbim 1.10.0Aleksander Morgado1-1/+1
We were depending on some new MbimNwError values defined at some point in the 1.9 development series. Depend on the new stable 1.10 version now that it's been released.
2014-07-29libmbim-glib: handle explicit '+' on positive numbersDavid McCullough1-1/+1
2014-07-27plugin: improve probing decision logic for QMI and MBIMAleksander Morgado1-17/+2
So, we may have modems with multiple /dev/cdc-wdm ports, like Ericsson modems, where only 1 of them is MBIM. With the previous logic, we would probe all /dev/cdc-wdm ports for MBIM as soon as one of the ports was handled by the cdc_mbim driver. That is totally not optimal, as we are already know that they are not MBIM (not handled by cdc_mbim). Instead, fix the logic to just probe for MBIM or QMI if the actual driver managing the port is MBIM or QMI.
2014-07-17broadband-modem-mbim: increase timeout for powering modem up and downBen Chan1-1/+1
It's been observed that some modems occasionally take a long time to power down (which may be due to some shutdown sequence that involves communicating with network). This patch increases the timeout for powering modem up and down from 10s to 20s.
2014-07-17bearer-mbim: increase disconnect timeoutBen Chan1-1/+1
It's been observed that modems may take a long time to disconnect from the network under certain network conditions. This patch increases the timeout for the MBIM_CID_CONNECT set command in the disconnect sequence from 10s to 30s.
2014-07-11polkit: fix Location.Setup() authorization rulesAleksander Morgado1-1/+1
2014-07-11broadband-modem-mbim: VZ20M returns ERROR_PIN_REQUIRED in PIN query responseAleksander Morgado1-1/+9
VID/PID: 258d:e000 Instead of returning success and the PIN type + PIN status + Remaining attempts, this modem returns a plain ERROR_PIN_REQUIRED error, so try to handle that...
2014-07-09broadband-modem-mbim: reset strings to NULL, not 0Aleksander Morgado1-2/+2
2014-07-09broadband-modem-mbim: update_registration_info immune to null pointers passedkuonirat1-2/+2
2014-07-06sim: rename 'MMSim' to 'MMBaseSim'aleksander/base-object-renamesAleksander Morgado37-615/+614
Just so that we don't have same header names in src/ and /libmm-glib.
2014-07-06sms: rename 'MMSms' to 'MMBaseSms'Aleksander Morgado15-389/+384
Just so that we don't have same header names in src/ and /libmm-glib.
2014-07-06bearer: rename 'MMBearer' to 'MMBaseBearer'Aleksander Morgado42-558/+554
Just so that we don't have same header names in src/ and /libmm-glib.
2014-07-06manager: rename 'MMManager' to 'MMBaseManager'Aleksander Morgado5-132/+132
Just so that we don't have same header names in src/ and /libmm-glib.
2014-07-04huawei: enable GPS_UNMANAGED for Huawei modemsDavid McCullough1-59/+78
Signed-off-by: David McCullough <>
2014-07-04option,hso: add missing GPS unamanged capabilityAleksander Morgado1-1/+3
2014-07-04huawei: close GPS port once GPS has been disabledAleksander Morgado1-0/+6
2014-07-03libqcdm: new 'reset' testerAleksander Morgado3-1/+272
Just like 'modepref', but not doing any mode changes, just OFFLINE+RESET.
2014-07-03huawei: GPS support for MU609/MU909David McCullough3-2/+337
Implement GPS support on the MU609 and MU090 Huawei modules. Its highly likely the commands are the same for other Huawei modems and it just needs to be activated via udev rules that flag the GPS port with ID_MM_HUAWEI_GPS_PORT=1. There are a lot of options that can be tweaked on the Huawei GPS setup, this code just chooses a simple default for unassisted, standalone GPS operation. Signed-off-by: David McCullough <>
2014-07-02cinterion: allow 'unmanaged' GPS setupAleksander Morgado1-23/+44
2014-07-02option,hso: print port type before parsingAleksander Morgado1-0/+1
2014-07-02option,hso: allow 'unmanaged' GPS setupAleksander Morgado1-62/+83
2014-07-02location: new 'unmanaged' GPS setupAleksander Morgado4-11/+64
Standard GPS setup (raw/nmea) will both enable the GPS module and take full control of the GPS port. This prevents other processes from reading the NMEA traces from e.g. a tty. In order to handle this, a new 'unmanaged' GPS location source is introduced, which will just enable/disable the GPS module, without reading anything from the GPS port. Of course, both raw/nmea and unmanaged setups cannot be enabled at the same time.
2014-07-01bearer-mbim: ignore empty DNS server addressesDan Williams1-12/+18
2014-07-01cinterion: enable GPS location reporting for the PHS8 in QMI-modeAleksander Morgado7-335/+666
The PHS8 in QMI-mode doesn't support GPS location retrieval via QMI, so we will fallback to use the AT-based setup and the TTY for reading NMEA traces.
2014-07-01ifaces: always include <libmm-glib.h>Aleksander Morgado5-0/+15
As they all use the 'MMSimpleStatus' type.
2014-07-01huawei: avoid AT^GETPORTMODE in Huawei MU609David McCullough2-1/+6
The MU609 modems from Huawei have a bug (confirmed by Huawei) that causes the modem to reset if AT^GETPORTMODE is issued. I have provided and example udev rule I use to disable this command as a patch, feel free to drop that if its not acceptable. Since I cannot tell the modem type from within the udev rules this is less specific than my previous code based patch, but much simpler ;-) I have two modems that share the same USB ID, however, neither supports the ^GETPORTMODE command (and one of them crashes when it is issued). Perhaps someone with a Huawei that supports ^GETPORTMODE can check their USB ID's and see if they clash. Here is a comment from the Huawei devs: > We confirmed this is a issue. This is Qualcomm baseband command at Data > Card. We didn’t delete and block it. We will fix this issue in next FW. > Thank you very much. Sign-off-by: David McCullough <>
2014-06-27cinterion: enable GPS location reporting for the PHS8 in AT-modeAleksander Morgado4-3/+376
This enables support for GPS location reporting when the PHS8 is NOT used in QMI mode.
2014-06-27modem-helpers: don't return any result if an error happens when parsing CPMS=?Aleksander Morgado2-15/+33
We shouldn't rely on the caller to cleanup intermediate results when returning an error.
2014-06-25modem-helpers: improve +CMTI indication regexAleksander Morgado1-1/+1
Allow whitespaces added in several places, like between the comma and the index, which is what the Cinterion PHS8 does: <CR><LF>+CMTI: "MT", 5<CR><LF>
2014-06-25cinterion: update default setting for new SMS indicationsAleksander Morgado1-9/+215
The setup in Cinterion modems goes as follows: AT+CNMI=<mode>[, <mt>[, <bm>[, <ds>[, <bfr>]]]] For each field, several setups are available, so we could use a default value, as we were doing until now (+CNMI=2,1,2,2,1). BUT, not every Cinterion modem allows the same set of settings. For example, the new PHS8 only allows '0' for the <ds> value: AT+CNMI=? +CNMI: (0,1,2),(0,1),(0,2),(0),(1) So, instead of hardcoding the setup, try to find the best suitable one for each modem. We'll parse the +CNMI=? test response to know which values are supported during the messaging support check, which is run once during initialization.
2014-06-25cinterion: new 'AT+CNMI=?' parser helperAleksander Morgado3-0/+278
2014-06-23base-modem: quicker find matching cdc-wdm QMI or MBIM portsAleksander Morgado1-202/+48
2014-06-23huawei: quicker find matching cdc-wdm AT portAleksander Morgado1-68/+15
Without using a new GUdevClient. Based on a patch from Dan Williams <>
2014-06-23port: store parent sysfs path in each MMPortAleksander Morgado20-18/+75
2014-06-23huawei: flag /dev/cdc-wdm as primary if no primary found alreadyAleksander Morgado1-2/+21
2014-06-23huawei: setup unsolicited message handlers also in the AT cdc-wdm portsAleksander Morgado1-52/+79
2014-06-23huawei: use the cdc-wdm port dialing if availableAleksander Morgado3-27/+177
With the new 'huawei-cdc-ncm' driver in the kernel, we now may get a /dev/cdc-wdm AT-capable port exposed by the Huawei device. If so, we must use this port for NDISDUP dialling in order to get the network interface connected.
2014-06-22build: ignore test filesAleksander Morgado1-0/+2
2014-06-22build: avoid using 'INCLUDES' in Makefile.amAleksander Morgado2-12/+18
Avoids warnings during build; e.g.: warning: 'INCLUDES' is the old name for 'AM_CPPFLAGS' (or '*_CPPFLAGS')