BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
06-apioption: reset expected unsolicited message handlersAleksander Morgado2 years
06-ip6core: add GetIP6Config D-Bus methodDan Williams20 months
MM_05release: bump version to 0.5.4Dan Williams23 months
MM_06mbm: add another C5621 IDJens Seidel7 months
aleksander/agpsbroadband-modem-qmi: implement A-GPS enabling/disablingAleksander Morgado6 months
aleksander/api-breaksfixup! broadband-modem: run *CNTI=2 to when loading supported modesAleksander Morgado14 months
aleksander/base-object-renamessim: rename 'MMSim' to 'MMBaseSim'Aleksander Morgado3 weeks
aleksander/cdma-at-activationiface-modem-cdma: disallow empty carrier code in automatic activationAleksander Morgado4 weeks
aleksander/cdma-smssms-part-cdma: handle numbers starting with '+' as international numbers in A...Aleksander Morgado9 months
aleksander/cdma-sms-ascii-numberingsms-part-cdma: handle numbers starting with '+' as international numbers in A...Aleksander Morgado9 months
aleksander/geoclueiface-modem-location: limit method/properties to root or a predefined clientAleksander Morgado3 weeks
aleksander/gps-unmanagedoption,hso: allow 'unmanaged' GPS setupAleksander Morgado5 weeks
aleksander/gtestertests: avoid printing in stdout by defaultAleksander Morgado13 months
aleksander/gtk-doc-fixesbuild: use --enable-gtk-doc instead of our custom --with-docsAleksander Morgado14 months
aleksander/huawei-modesfixup! huawei: consolidate command support checksDan Williams8 months
aleksander/huawei-ndisdup-cdc-wdmhuawei: setup unsolicited message handlers also in the AT cdc-wdm portsAleksander Morgado8 months
aleksander/huawei-ndisdup-cdc-wdm-rebased-1.2build: ignore test filesAleksander Morgado5 weeks
aleksander/huawei-ndisstatqryhuawei: use ^IPV6CAP to request specific IP typesAleksander Morgado13 months
aleksander/infineonfixup! send CID to XGAUTH when setting authenticationDan Williams14 months
aleksander/infineon-rawipfixup! infineon: custom 3GPP dialling logicAleksander Morgado14 months
aleksander/ip-family-flagsfixup! modem-helpers: new CGDCONT=? test response parserAleksander Morgado14 months
aleksander/limited-location-userexamples: new location watcher exampleAleksander Morgado2 weeks
aleksander/manual-cdma-activationbroadband-modem-qmi: check MDN set after manual activationAleksander Morgado12 months
aleksander/mbimdevice: look for vendor/product ID on the grandparent for MBIM devicesAleksander Morgado15 months
aleksander/mbim-smsfixup! broadband-modem-mbim: setup enabling and disabling of unsolicited mess...Aleksander Morgado13 months
aleksander/mnc-lengthpantech,sim: use generic load_operator_identifier() but without EFad readingAleksander Morgado9 months
aleksander/mode-switchingbroadband-modem-qmi: explicitly add LTE as current cap if modem caps report itAleksander Morgado17 months
aleksander/multimode-sim-checkiface-modem: for multimode 3GPP+3GPP2 devices, check if SIM is availableAleksander Morgado15 months
aleksander/omaiface-modem-oma: fix OMA session state reportingAleksander Morgado11 months
aleksander/on-hardware-activationwip: systemd on hardware activationAleksander Morgado10 months
aleksander/polkit-updatesbuild: rename '--with-polkit' to '--enable-polkit' and make it autoAleksander Morgado14 months
aleksander/ports-refactor-and-testspo: don't translate test filesAleksander Morgado6 months
aleksander/qmi-sms-fixesfixup! HACK HACK HACKAleksander Morgado14 months
aleksander/qmi-staticbearer-qmi: prefer static IP configuration if availableAleksander Morgado2 months
aleksander/qmi-unlock-checkbroadband-modem-qmi: make 'internal' errors on pin check retriableAleksander Morgado10 months
aleksander/registration-updatesbearer: defer forced disconnection when modem unregistered while connectedAleksander Morgado15 months
aleksander/signal-interface-with-power-infommcli: print all information we get from each 'MMSignal'Aleksander Morgado11 months
aleksander/supported-capabilitiesiface-modem: default to current capabilities when supported loading not avail...Aleksander Morgado14 months
aleksander/supported-modesiface-modem: don't update current modes if modem not yet enabledAleksander Morgado14 months
aleksander/zte-qmizte: support for QMI-based modemsAleksander Morgado7 months
bandrichbandrich: new plugin for Bandrich GSM/UMTS devices (rh #798231)Dan Williams24 months
dcbw/06-endpointscore: use number of endpoints as primary port type hintDan Williams19 months
dcbw/06-huawei-iccidhuawei: try ^ICCID? to read ICCIDDan Williams11 months
dcbw/cdma-meid-esnbroadband-modem-qmi: zero-pad ESN to 8 charactersDan Williams16 months
dcbw/diag-logbroadband-modem: prefer QCDM signal quality checks for CDMA-only modemsDan Williams15 months
dcbw/gsn-parsebroadband-modem-qmi: zero-pad ESN to 8 charactersDan Williams16 months
dcbw/huawei-sim-iccidsim-huawei: add SIM class to handle ICCID requestDan Williams11 months
dcbw/ipv6-fixesfixup! broadband-bearer-qmi: support IPv6 configuration and use static for IPv4Aleksander Morgado7 weeks
dcbw/localtimemodem-helpers: fix ISO8601 string when offset is negativeAleksander Morgado15 months
dcbw/loggingcore: rework logging code to remove log message truncationDan Williams15 months
dcbw/nokia-fixesbroadband-modem-nokia: load access technology with *CNTI if possibleDan Williams15 months
dcbw/qcdm-current-capabilitiesbroadband-modem: read current capabilities via QCDM if available (bgo #698229)Dan Williams15 months
dcbw/qmi-signal-strengthbroadband-modem-qmi: ignore invalid signal strengthsDan Williams16 months
dcbw/sms-classsms: add support for message classDan Williams15 months
dcbw/sprint-qcdm-serving-systembroadband-modem: run CDMA1x Serving System checks if QCDM port exists (bgo #6...Dan Williams15 months
dcbw/telit-plugintelit: add basic plugin for Telit 3GPP and 3GPP2 devicesDan Williams15 months
dcbw/zte-cdma-access-techbroadband-modem-zte: chain up to parent access tech loading for CDMA-only dev...Dan Williams15 months
display-rulessim: b2=0 means to require showing SPN nameAleksander Morgado2 years
halgsm: increase COPS manual registration timeout; it just takes longer sometimesDan Williams5 years
ip4excore: implement GetIP4ConfigExDan Williams20 months
manual-scan-greylistudev: tag all devices from idVendor 0x0711 as manual-scan-onlyAleksander Morgado17 months
masterlibmbim-glib: handle explicit '+' on positive numbersDavid McCullough26 hours
mm-1-0mbm: add another H5321gw IDBjørn Mork11 months
mm-1-2mbm: add lenovo branded ericsson ID (Lenovo N5321gw)Arnd Hannemann6 months
portsiridium: convert to new port grabbing schemeDan Williams2 years
qmi-supportqmi-bearer: use new enum types for call end reasonsAleksander Morgado23 months
sierra-pin-after-power-upsierra: cache SIM PIN and re-send it after power-up if neededAleksander Morgado19 months
TagDownloadAuthorAge  ModemManager-1.2.0.tar.gz  Aleksander Morgado6 months  ModemManager-1.2-rc1.tar.gz  Aleksander Morgado8 months  ModemManager-1.0.0.tar.gz  Aleksander Morgado12 months  ModemManager-0.7.991.tar.gz  Aleksander Morgado14 months  ModemManager-  Dan Williams14 months  ModemManager-0.7.990.tar.gz  Dan Williams20 months  ModemManager-0.6.0.tar.gz  Dan Williams23 months  ModemManager-  Dan Williams23 months  ModemManager-0.5.4.tar.gz  Dan Williams23 months  ModemManager-  Dan Williams23 months  ModemManager-0.5.995.tar.gz  Dan Williams2 years  ModemManager-0.5.995.0.tar.gz  Dan Williams2 years  ModemManager-0.6-rc1.tar.gz  Dan Williams2 years  ModemManager-  Dan Williams2 years  ModemManager-0.5.4-rc2.tar.gz  Dan Williams2 years  ModemManager-  Dan Williams2 years  ModemManager-0.5.4-rc1.tar.gz  Dan Williams2 years  ModemManager-0.5.2.tar.gz  Dan Williams2 years  ModemManager-  Dan Williams2 years  ModemManager-  Dan Williams2 years  ModemManager-  Dan Williams3 years  ModemManager-0.5.2-rc2.tar.gz  Dan Williams3 years  ModemManager-  Dan Williams3 years  ModemManager-0.5.2-rc1.tar.gz  Dan Williams3 years  ModemManager-0.5.tar.gz  Dan Williams3 years  ModemManager-0.4.998.tar.gz  Dan Williams3 years  ModemManager-0.5-beta4.tar.gz  Dan Williams3 years  ModemManager-0.4.997.tar.gz  Dan Williams3 years  ModemManager-0.5-beta3.tar.gz  Dan Williams3 years  ModemManager-0.4.996.tar.gz  Dan Williams3 years  ModemManager-0.5-beta2.tar.gz  Dan Williams3 years  ModemManager-0.4.tar.gz  Dan Williams4 years  ModemManager-0.3.998.tar.gz  Dan Williams4 years  ModemManager-0.4-beta2.tar.gz  Dan Williams4 years  ModemManager-0.3.997.tar.gz  Dan Williams4 years  ModemManager-0.4-beta1.tar.gz  Dan Williams4 years  ModemManager-0.3.tar.gz  Dan Williams5 years  ModemManager-0.2.998.tar.gz  Dan Williams5 years  ModemManager-0.3-rc2.tar.gz  Dan Williams5 years  ModemManager-0.2.997.tar.gz  Dan Williams5 years