BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
MM_05release: bump version to 0.5.4Dan Williams2 years
MM_06mbm: add another C5621 IDJens Seidel9 months
aleksander/cdma-at-activationiface-modem-cdma: disallow empty carrier code in automatic activationAleksander Morgado3 months
aleksander/cdma-sms-ascii-numberingsms-part-cdma: handle numbers starting with '+' as international numbers in A...Aleksander Morgado11 months
aleksander/display-rulessim: b2=0 means to require showing SPN nameAleksander Morgado2 years
aleksander/geoclueiface-modem-location: limit method/properties to root or a predefined clientAleksander Morgado3 months
aleksander/huawei-ndisstatqryhuawei: use ^IPV6CAP to request specific IP typesAleksander Morgado15 months
aleksander/infineonfixup! send CID to XGAUTH when setting authenticationDan Williams16 months
aleksander/infineon-rawipfixup! infineon: custom 3GPP dialling logicAleksander Morgado16 months
aleksander/limited-location-userexamples: new location watcher exampleAleksander Morgado2 months
aleksander/mbimdevice: look for vendor/product ID on the grandparent for MBIM devicesAleksander Morgado17 months
aleksander/mnc-lengthpantech,sim: use generic load_operator_identifier() but without EFad readingAleksander Morgado11 months
aleksander/on-hardware-activationwip: systemd on hardware activationAleksander Morgado11 months
aleksander/sierra-pin-after-power-upsierra: cache SIM PIN and re-send it after power-up if neededAleksander Morgado21 months
aleksander/signal-interface-with-power-infommcli: print all information we get from each 'MMSignal'Aleksander Morgado13 months
dcbw/06-endpointscore: use number of endpoints as primary port type hintDan Williams20 months
dcbw/06-huawei-iccidhuawei: try ^ICCID? to read ICCIDDan Williams12 months
dcbw/cdma-meid-esnbroadband-modem-qmi: zero-pad ESN to 8 charactersDan Williams18 months
dcbw/diag-logbroadband-modem: prefer QCDM signal quality checks for CDMA-only modemsDan Williams16 months
dcbw/gsn-parsebroadband-modem-qmi: zero-pad ESN to 8 charactersDan Williams18 months
dcbw/huawei-sim-iccidsim-huawei: add SIM class to handle ICCID requestDan Williams12 months
dcbw/ipv6-fixesfixup! broadband-bearer-qmi: support IPv6 configuration and use static for IPv4Aleksander Morgado3 months
dcbw/localtimemodem-helpers: fix ISO8601 string when offset is negativeAleksander Morgado17 months
dcbw/loggingcore: rework logging code to remove log message truncationDan Williams17 months
dcbw/nokia-fixesbroadband-modem-nokia: load access technology with *CNTI if possibleDan Williams17 months
dcbw/qcdm-current-capabilitiesbroadband-modem: read current capabilities via QCDM if available (bgo #698229)Dan Williams17 months
dcbw/qmi-always-dhcpqmi: always use DHCP for IPv4 configuration instead of STATICDan Williams5 weeks
dcbw/qmi-signal-strengthbroadband-modem-qmi: ignore invalid signal strengthsDan Williams17 months
dcbw/sms-classsms: add support for message classDan Williams17 months
dcbw/sprint-qcdm-serving-systembroadband-modem: run CDMA1x Serving System checks if QCDM port exists (bgo #6...Dan Williams17 months
dcbw/telit-plugintelit: add basic plugin for Telit 3GPP and 3GPP2 devicesDan Williams17 months
dcbw/zte-cdma-access-techbroadband-modem-zte: chain up to parent access tech loading for CDMA-only dev...Dan Williams17 months
masterbuild: remove --with-newest-qmi-commands configure optionAleksander Morgado7 days
mm-1-0mbm: add another H5321gw IDBjørn Mork12 months
mm-1-2mbm: add lenovo branded ericsson ID (Lenovo N5321gw)Arnd Hannemann7 months
mm-1-4zte: blacklist QMI and net interface in the MF60Aleksander Morgado2 weeks
1.4.0commit a2a7131701...Aleksander Morgado4 weeks
1.2.0commit 2c53c664d8...Aleksander Morgado8 months
1.2-rc1commit 5b078edc21...Aleksander Morgado9 months
1.0.0commit 5c68a3686d...Aleksander Morgado14 months
0.7.991commit 81451db1d7...Aleksander Morgado16 months 2745bef016...Dan Williams16 months
0.7.990commit 26c19ff474...Dan Williams21 months
0.6.0commit d14fb6fe93...Dan Williams2 years d14fb6fe93...Dan Williams2 years
0.5.4commit c17779302c...Dan Williams2 years c17779302c...Dan Williams2 years
0.5.995commit 0c759d407d...Dan Williams2 years
0.5.995.0commit 0c759d407d...Dan Williams2 years
0.6-rc1commit 0c759d407d...Dan Williams2 years a5dda25634...Dan Williams2 years
0.5.4-rc2commit a5dda25634...Dan Williams2 years cc3f651116...Dan Williams2 years
0.5.4-rc1commit cc3f651116...Dan Williams2 years
0.5.2commit 3cc13770dd...Dan Williams3 years 3cc13770dd...Dan Williams3 years 7e95f4ff95...Dan Williams3 years 117dbcb187...Dan Williams3 years
0.5.2-rc2commit 117dbcb187...Dan Williams3 years a62a19eeab...Dan Williams3 years
0.5.2-rc1commit a62a19eeab...Dan Williams3 years
0.5commit a19c11d3d9...Dan Williams3 years
0.4.998commit 2381ce7cb8...Dan Williams3 years
0.5-beta4commit 2381ce7cb8...Dan Williams3 years
0.4.997commit 7772c4814d...Dan Williams3 years
0.5-beta3commit 7772c4814d...Dan Williams3 years
0.4.996commit f9f232aebe...Dan Williams3 years
0.5-beta2commit f9f232aebe...Dan Williams3 years
0.4commit ea955f64c5...Dan Williams4 years
0.3.998commit 164e5dfd49...Dan Williams4 years
0.4-beta2commit 164e5dfd49...Dan Williams4 years
0.3.997commit d960a86778...Dan Williams4 years
0.4-beta1commit d960a86778...Dan Williams4 years
0.3commit a919c83582...Dan Williams5 years
0.2.998commit a4fee864c2...Dan Williams5 years
0.3-rc2commit a4fee864c2...Dan Williams5 years
0.2.997commit 07114d4f43...Dan Williams5 years