BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
gup-bio-v2fs/fuse: differentiate GUPed pages from iov_iter_get_pages*()Jérôme Glisse10 months
gup-bio-v39p/net: differentiate GUPed pages from iov_iter_get_pages*()Jérôme Glisse9 months
gup-fs-blockceph: use put_user_pages() instead of ceph_put_page_vector()Jérôme Glisse11 months
gup-scatterlist-v1net/tls: keep track of pages that are coming from GUPJérôme Glisse10 months
hmm-5.2-v3mm/hmm: convert various hmm_pfn_* to device_entry which is a better nameJérôme Glisse11 months
hmm-5.3hmm: Suppress compilation warnings when CONFIG_HUGETLB_PAGE is not setJason Gunthorpe9 months
hmm-odp-v2COVER LETTER ODP-v2Jérôme Glisse11 months
mmu-notifier-v06CONFIG ALL minus everything that would enable mmu notifierJérôme Glisse11 months
rdma-5.2RDMA/odp: convert to use HMM for ODP v3Jérôme Glisse11 months
rdma-odp-hmm-v4RDMA/odp: convert to use HMM for ODP v4Jérôme Glisse11 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2017-09-05drm/nouveau/compote: create a compute object to force graphic context creationhmm-nouveauJérôme Glisse2-0/+12
2017-09-05drm/nouveau/compote: add page fault handlerJérôme Glisse1-1/+122
2017-09-05drm/nouveau/compote: add helper to map nvkm_vmaJérôme Glisse2-0/+34
2017-09-05drm/nouveau/compote: add GPU page fault handlerJérôme Glisse4-0/+185
2017-09-05drm/nouveau/compote: add HMM mirror supportJérôme Glisse4-0/+126
2017-09-05drm/nouveau/compote: allow to have nvkm_vma not bind to nouveau_boJérôme Glisse1-0/+4
2017-08-29drm/nouveau/compote: add buffer vma on mmap through device fileJérôme Glisse1-0/+29
2017-08-29drm/nouveau/compote: add channel indirect buffer execute ioctlJérôme Glisse4-13/+78
2017-08-29drm/nouveau/compote: add channel supportJérôme Glisse5-0/+189
2017-08-29drm/nouveau/compote: memory object mmap supportJérôme Glisse4-2/+133