AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2016-03-24beamformer: Fix bad indexing into thiran coefficient arraybeamformerArun Raghavan1-3/+3
2015-12-24beamformer: Use a third order approximation in the trivial beamformerArun Raghavan1-24/+45
2015-12-24beamformer: Constrain fractional delay filter to between +/- 0.5 samplesArun Raghavan1-26/+46
2015-12-24beamformer: Don't assert on invalid beamformer implementation requestArun Raghavan1-1/+1
2015-12-24beamformer: Add a simple delay-and-sum beamformerArun Raghavan4-1/+216
2015-12-23beamformer: Add some testing codeArun Raghavan2-64/+172
2015-12-23beamformer: Add a beamforming source filter moduleArun Raghavan4-0/+869
2015-12-21source-output: Add internal API to get the silence memblockArun Raghavan2-0/+18
2015-12-21sink-input: Don't access resampler to get silence memchunkArun Raghavan1-3/+1
2015-12-21daemon: Sanitise message about unsupported high res timersArun Raghavan1-2/+2
2015-12-21build: Move to using Travis trusty imagesArun Raghavan1-4/+6
2015-12-21always-sink: simplify hook management with pa_module_hook_connect()Tanu Kaskinen1-7/+2
2015-12-20i18n: Update Ukrainian translationYuri Chornoivan1-166/+175
2015-12-18gitignore: Add .orig and .rej to gitignoreDavid Henningsson1-0/+2
2015-12-18context: continue without srbchannel if it failsPierre Ossman1-1/+5
2015-12-18loopback: Validate the rate parameterGeorg Chini1-0/+5
2015-12-15echo-cancel: Don't skip canceller when sink is inactiveArun Raghavan1-9/+3
2015-12-14build-sys: Make pulsecore a private libraryFelipe Sateler1-1/+1
2015-12-14client-conf, daemon-conf: enable .d directoriesTanu Kaskinen4-13/+35
2015-12-14conf-parser: add support for .d directoriesTanu Kaskinen6-8/+52
2015-12-14typedefs.h: Move some typedefs to a separate fileDavid Henningsson9-19/+47
2015-12-11alsa-mixer: Have valid proplist for synthesized path as well.Juho Hämäläinen1-0/+1
2015-12-08netbsd: Revamp NetBSD platform checksKamil Rytarowski1-4/+7
2015-12-08core, pulse, modules: Fix undefined behavior with array subscript of invalid ...Kamil Rytarowski5-15/+15
2015-12-08core-rtclock: Add missing declaration of struct timespecKamil Rytarowski1-0/+2
2015-12-07build-sys: fix PULSE_LOCALEDIR definitionTanu Kaskinen2-4/+2
2015-12-07core-util: improve comments in pa_machine_id()Tanu Kaskinen1-8/+13
2015-12-07module: Remove redundant core argument from pa_module_unload()Kiran Krishnappa6-9/+8
2015-12-07netbsd: Fix unportable test(1) constructKamil Rytarowski1-2/+2
2015-12-07netbsd: Improve handling of <locale> and <xlocale.h> headersKamil Rytarowski2-1/+5
2015-12-04alsa-sink: Don't pretend to support passthrough on HDMI surround sinksAlexander E. Patrakov1-1/+7
2015-12-04man: remove a reference to pacmd from Kaskinen1-3/+0
2015-12-04man: document when is used instead of default.paTanu Kaskinen1-5/+11
2015-11-27card: Only update port's preferred profile if profile is savedDavid Henningsson1-9/+18
2015-11-27i18n: Updated zh_CN translationMingye Wang (Arthur2e5)1-1595/+1975
2015-11-27netbsd: NetBSD ships with paccept(2) a superset of Linux-specific accept4()Kamil Rytarowski2-1/+8
2015-11-26alsa-mixer: sb-omni-surround-5.1.conf: remove analog-surround-21, add Linux 4...Nazar Mokrynskyi1-11/+10
2015-11-22module-card-restore: Remove "version" from internal entry structDavid Henningsson1-10/+7
2015-11-22module-switch-on-port-available: Route to preferred profileDavid Henningsson1-67/+105
2015-11-22module-switch-on-port-available: Use input and output namesDavid Henningsson1-0/+7
2015-11-22card-restore: Save and restore "preferred profile" of portDavid Henningsson1-5/+44
2015-11-22card: Update preferred_profile for ports when profile changesDavid Henningsson1-0/+18
2015-11-22device-port: Add preferred_profile field to pa_device_portDavid Henningsson2-0/+13
2015-11-22alsa-mixer: Fill in input and output namesDavid Henningsson3-1/+12
2015-11-22card: Add variables for splitting up a profileDavid Henningsson2-0/+10
2015-11-20tests: Make echo-cancel-test not crashArun Raghavan1-0/+6
2015-11-20alsa: Use helper function for byte conversion across sample specsArun Raghavan2-4/+2
2015-11-20source: Deal with filter having more channels than the masterArun Raghavan1-4/+14
2015-11-17pulsecore/packet: avoid redefinition of pa_packet structureThomas Petazzoni1-2/+2
2015-11-17sink: Make early drain reporting propagate down to filtersArun Raghavan1-7/+31