BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
kdwip-kd 3 year upgradeAlon Levy6 years
libcacardlibcacard: fix missing symbol in libcacard.soAlon Levy7 years
libcacard_ccid.1libcacard/cac: change big switch functions to single return pointAlon Levy7 years
libcacard_ccid.2ccid: Fix crash when backend isn't specifiedCole Robinson7 years
libcacard_ccid.4libcacard: Fix compilation for older versions of glib (bug #1258168)Stefan Weil6 years
masterdisplay/qxl: allow primary creation larger than framebufferAlon Levy6 years
pull-libcacard.glusterfslibcacard: Don't link with all libraries QEMU links toChristophe Fergeau6 years
qxl-fixesdisplay/qxl: allow primary creation larger than framebufferAlon Levy6 years
wip-ccid-winlibcacard: teach vscclient to use GMainLoop for portabilityMarc-André Lureau7 years
wip/shared-memoryhw/display/qxl: support shared memoryAlon Levy7 years
linux.qxl.v6commit 5eb2f33666...Alon Levy7 years
submit.1commit dc31e826fa...Gerd Hoffmann10 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2010-08-15usb-ccid: add smart card reader CCID usb deviceHEADspice.kvm.v14.usb_ccidAlon Levy3-1/+1117
2010-08-05Merge remote branch 'kraxel/spice.v14' into spice.kvm.v14spice.kvm.v14.spicevmcGerd Hoffmann42-19/+4422
2010-08-04spice: live migration (wip).Gerd Hoffmann4-0/+101
2010-08-04[ElectricFence] use memalign instead of posix_memalignGerd Hoffmann1-0/+5
2010-08-04spice: add pci vdi port backend (obsolete).Gerd Hoffmann2-1/+557
2010-08-04spice: add virtio-serial based vdi port backend.Gerd Hoffmann2-0/+224
2010-08-04spice: add audioGerd Hoffmann6-0/+319
2010-08-04spice: add qxl deviceGerd Hoffmann10-3/+1929
2010-08-04spice: make compression configurable.Yonit Halperin2-2/+81
2010-08-04spice: tls supportGerd Hoffmann2-4/+86