path: root/hw/xfree86/drivers/modesetting
AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
41 hoursmodesetting/dri2: Remove always true ifdefYusuf Khan1-2/+0
2024-05-09modesetting: Fix invalid identity CTM on 32-bit.Trevor Davenport1-3/+3
2024-04-15dix: unexport some lookup functionsEnrico Weigelt, metux IT consult2-2/+6
2024-04-01xfree86: modesetting: fix warning on unused variableEnrico Weigelt, metux IT consult1-4/+3
2024-03-21xfree86: modesettig: fix missing include of <errno.h>Enrico Weigelt, metux IT consult4-0/+8
2024-03-19Revert "Fix missing includes of <errno.h>"Peter Hutterer4-8/+0
2024-03-18Fix missing includes of <errno.h>Enrico Weigelt, metux IT consult4-0/+8
2024-02-22modesetting: fix int size mismatchEnrico Weigelt, metux IT consult1-4/+4
2024-01-08build: Switch to meson 0.56Olivier Fourdan1-1/+1
2024-01-04modesetting: Correct coordinate info of dirty clips for front-buffer flushingDongwon Kim1-41/+80
2023-12-22hw/xfree86: re-calculate the clock and refresh rateChia-Lin Kao (AceLan)1-1/+12
2023-12-17modesetting: Enable TearFree by defaultSultan Alsawaf2-2/+2
2023-12-17modesetting: Check the return value of the drmGetVersionxurui1-5/+10
2023-12-16modesetting: Don't feed stack garbage to the kernel in LUT reserved fieldsVille Syrjälä1-0/+1
2023-12-16modesetting: Use a more optimal hw cursor sizeVille Syrjälä4-19/+103
2023-12-16modesetting: unflip before any setcrtc() callsVille Syrjälä6-0/+46
2023-02-28modesetting: Support accurate DRI presentation timing with TearFreeSultan Alsawaf6-4/+182
2023-02-28modesetting: Ensure vblank events always run in sequential orderSultan Alsawaf1-4/+9
2023-02-28modesetting: Introduce ms_tearfree_is_active_on_crtc helperSultan Alsawaf4-4/+13
2023-02-28modesetting: Improve TearFree state check in ms_present_check_flipSultan Alsawaf1-2/+3
2023-02-28modesetting: Fix memory leak on ms_do_pageflip errorSultan Alsawaf1-4/+9
2023-02-28modesetting: Pass CRTC pointer to TearFree flip handlersSultan Alsawaf1-3/+7
2023-02-28modesetting: Pass reference CRTC pointer to ms_do_pageflipSultan Alsawaf4-15/+9
2023-02-28modesetting: Remove redundant GLAMOR_HAS_GBM #ifdef from ms_do_pageflipSultan Alsawaf1-4/+0
2022-12-20modesetting: Log whether atomic modesetting is enabledOlivier Fourdan1-0/+4
2022-12-20modesetting: Document the "Atomic" optionOlivier Fourdan1-0/+4
2022-12-19modesetting: add support for TearFree page flipsSultan Alsawaf7-16/+360
2022-12-19modesetting: coalesce vblank events to avoid DRM event queue exhaustionSultan Alsawaf4-8/+121
2022-12-19modesetting: make do_queue_flip_on_crtc genericSultan Alsawaf3-21/+25
2022-12-19modesetting: make the shadow buffer helpers genericSultan Alsawaf1-34/+64
2022-04-02modesetting: don't pass a big struct by valueKonstantin Kharlamov1-5/+5
2021-11-11dri2: add crocus to the list of va_gl usersDave Airlie1-1/+2
2021-10-27Remove autotools supportPovilas Kanapickas1-66/+0
2021-10-08modesetting: Consider RandR primary output for selectioh of sync crtc.Mario Kleiner1-2/+9
2021-10-08modesetting: Handle mixed VRR and non-VRR display setups better.Mario Kleiner2-1/+8
2021-10-07modesetting: Enable GAMMA_LUT for lut's with up to 4096 slots.Mario Kleiner2-6/+19
2021-09-27Revert "modesetting: Only use GAMMA_LUT if its size is 1024"Mario Kleiner1-15/+1
2021-09-15modesetting: Fix dirty updates for sw rotationPatrik Jakobsson3-22/+63
2021-09-09modesetting: Only use GAMMA_LUT if its size is 1024Aaron Plattner1-1/+15
2021-09-09modesetting: Add option for non-vsynced flips for "secondary" outputs.Mario Kleiner6-5/+49
2021-09-07modesetting: Allow Present flips with mismatched stride on atomic drivers.Mario Kleiner3-2/+14
2021-08-27modesetting: Fix VRR window property handling.Mario Kleiner1-2/+3
2021-07-22modesetting: unflip not possible when glamor is not setŁukasz Spintzyk1-0/+3
2021-06-15modesetting: Add a limit on async page flip error log frequencyPovilas Kanapickas1-3/+71
2021-06-15modesetting: Extract flip failure logging to a single placePovilas Kanapickas1-18/+35
2021-06-08modesetting: Disable reverse prime offload mode for displays running on evdi,udlLukasz Spintzyk1-2/+14
2021-04-16modesetting: Remove few common functions from ms namespaceŁukasz Spintzyk5-21/+21
2021-04-16modesetting: remove unnecessary ms_covering_xf86_crtc dup of ms_covering_rand...Łukasz Spintzyk1-113/+6
2021-04-16modesetting: Find crtc on secondary outputs as fallback instead of returning ...Łukasz Spintzyk1-26/+30
2021-04-16modesetting: Initialize present extension despite glamor is disabledŁukasz Spintzyk1-4/+5