AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2002-02-19kdrive/vesa: apply vm86 patch from Juliuszdri-20020222-mergebefore-mesa-4_0-importKeith Packard1-6/+5
2002-02-14update kdrive manual and usagedri-20020129-mergeKeith Packard2-19/+29
2002-02-01kdrive/mach64: recognize the mach64liKeith Packard1-1/+3
2002-01-18kdrive: fix button emulation for iPAQxf-4_2_1_1xf-4_2_1xf-4_2_0_1xf-4_2_0-bindist-1xf-4_2_0-bindistxf-4_2_0xf-4_2-bpxf-4_2-branchKeith Packard1-6/+6
2001-12-20kdrive/linux/mouse.c: convert mouse data to signed values for compilersxf-4_1_99_7xf-4_1_99_6xf-4_1_99_5xf-4_1_99_4Domain-sync4Domain-sync3Keith Packard1-9/+9
2001-12-10kdrive/i810: bit swap for i810 cursor (from Pontus Lidman)xf-4_1_99_3xf-4_1_99_2Domain-sync2Keith Packard1-19/+25
2001-12-07kdrive: work around ipaq touch screen compile problemsKeith Packard1-12/+71
2001-12-07kdrive: missing registration for mouse input typeKeith Packard1-0/+3
2001-11-22kdrive: initialize all Linux mouse driver fieldsDomain-sync1Domain-baseKeith Packard1-3/+5
2001-11-08kdrive: fix ALTGR keyboard mappingsKeith Packard1-4/+4
2001-11-08kdrive/linux: update ps/2 mouse detection/configuration code from FreeBSDKeith Packard1-7/+57
2001-11-08kdrive: Open APM device r/w for kernel 2.4.14Keith Packard1-2/+2
2001-10-29DPMS warning fixMarc Aurele La France2-8/+10
2001-10-28407. Fix for threaded libraries (Marc La France).Marc Aurele La France1-0/+1
2001-10-24kdrive/savage: Long lines cant be drawn with acceleratorKeith Packard1-20/+47
2001-10-12kdrive: add new auto-detecting and auto-switching mouse driverKeith Packard23-201/+1324
2001-09-29kdrive: restructure APM/VT switch support to reset keyboard state and flushKeith Packard4-56/+88
2001-09-21hw/kdrive: Xv window private should be allocated on demandKeith Packard1-3/+8
2001-09-14hw/kdrive/vesa: initialize mouse matrix for non-rotated case correctlyKeith Packard1-1/+3
2001-09-14hw/kdrive/trident: solid fill checks busted for planemaskingKeith Packard1-4/+3
2001-09-05kdrive: Add primitive ct65550 server. Update kdrive/vesa code to supportKeith Packard12-16/+1137
2001-08-09187. Add an MS mouse driver for KDrive (#4754, Juliusz Chroboczek).xf-4_1_99_1dhd-20010817David Dawes3-4/+163
2001-08-09kdrive/mach64: support Xv under RandRKeith Packard2-42/+204
2001-08-09kdrive: disable sigio debuggingKeith Packard1-3/+3
2001-07-24kdrive: add apm support, fix MTRR unmapping bugKeith Packard5-9/+138
2001-07-24kdrive: Unmap vesa device when disabledKeith Packard6-33/+132
2001-07-23kdrive/mach64: Force read of GUI_STAT on every op to avoid problems acrossKeith Packard1-1/+2
2001-07-20Too many changes, but all in kdrive:Keith Packard11-242/+363
2001-07-19kdrive/fbdev: only setting first colormap entry on static hardwareKeith Packard1-2/+1
2001-07-16kdrive/fbdev: fix static color caseKeith Packard1-1/+3
2001-07-11kdrive/fbdev: dont set DPMS mode repeatedly to the same valueKeith Packard1-0/+9
2001-07-11Generalize kludge in fbdev that normalizes pixel formats to something thatKeith Packard1-6/+36
2001-07-11Fix TOUCHSCREEN support in kdriveKeith Packard3-10/+10
2001-06-29Rework kdrive input fd handling, enable multiple simultaneous miceKeith Packard6-148/+185
2001-06-29kdrive: typo in MTRR calculationsKeith Packard1-2/+2
2001-06-29kdrive: dont touch hardware when disabledKeith Packard1-7/+18
2001-06-23Clean up mach64 video code to add ReputVideo and make StopVideo not crashKeith Packard4-83/+187
2001-06-21kdrive/mach64: remove useless Xv debug printfsKeith Packard1-5/+1
2001-06-21Add RCS tagKeith Packard1-0/+1
2001-06-21Fix screen physical size in RandR code for kdrive fbdev and pcmcia serversKeith Packard2-2/+18
2001-06-20Add RandR support to the Kdrive pcmcia driver.Alan Hourihane2-10/+326
2001-06-19Finish Xv support for kdrive/mach64Keith Packard4-168/+222
2001-06-16Screen flipping broken pointer remappingKeith Packard1-3/+3
2001-06-16Patch DPMS support in kdrive/mach64, add preliminary (broken) Xv supportKeith Packard5-54/+927
2001-06-13Support initial rotation in kdrive/fbdev, use that as the normalKeith Packard1-43/+56
2001-06-13Add -dpi support to kdriveKeith Packard1-4/+6
2001-06-11Advertise supported rotations in kdrive/vesa serverKeith Packard1-2/+2
2001-06-05Attempt to make kdrive/fbdev run on static gray hardware (iPaq 3150)Keith Packard1-6/+64
2001-06-05fix some warnings due to new shadow codeAlan Hourihane1-7/+7
2001-06-05kdrive/fbdev: RandR initialization sequence changeKeith Packard1-6/+10