AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2005-06-08Added layout "French (Canada)" as ca_enhancedCYGWIN-HEAD-MERGECYGWIN-HEAD-LAST-MERGEAlexander Gottwald2-0/+6
2005-05-24Added Czech (QWERTY) layoutAlexander Gottwald2-1/+7
2005-04-20Print error code if winStoreColorsShadowDDNL failsAlexander Gottwald2-1/+6
2005-04-20Removed layout "Franšais (Canada)" because it does not appear to match XKBAlexander Gottwald2-1/+7
2005-04-09Added layout "Franšais (Canada)"Alexander Gottwald2-0/+6
2005-02-23Bugzilla #2599 ( Gottwald1-9/+10
2005-02-23merge XORG-6_8_2 to CYGWINCYGWIN-6_8_2-MERGEAlexander Gottwald2-6/+6
2005-02-12win.hAlexander Gottwald11-86/+281
2005-02-12winmsg.hAlexander Gottwald3-0/+16
2005-02-11Import changes from XORG-6.8.2Alexander Gottwald59-1068/+1676
2005-02-08Updated fix for ABNT2 and HK_Toggle keys.Alexander Gottwald3-3/+23
2005-02-08Backout ABNT2 and HK_Toggle fix since it broke keys F1 and F4.Alexander Gottwald3-4/+10
2005-02-07Moved keyboard layout table to external file.Alexander Gottwald3-40/+263
2005-02-02Force ShowWindow if XWin was started via run.exe. Fixes mainwindow notAlexander Gottwald2-3/+26
2005-01-27winmultiwindowwindow.cAlexander Gottwald3-2/+8
2005-01-27Fixes for window ordering problem (updated) (Kensuke Matsuzaki)Alexander Gottwald2-0/+65
2005-01-27Added hungarian keyboard layout.Alexander Gottwald2-0/+6
2005-01-27winmultiwindowwindow.cAlexander Gottwald3-64/+8
2005-01-24winmultiwindowwindow.cAlexander Gottwald3-2/+70
2005-01-11Document the -silent-dup-error switchAlexander Gottwald2-0/+8
2005-01-11Do not grab ALT-TAB when window is in multiwindow modeAlexander Gottwald2-1/+28
2005-01-10winkeybd.hAlexander Gottwald3-4/+11
2005-01-10winkeybd.hAlexander Gottwald4-8/+15
2005-01-06Fix crash with non-nullterminated strings (reported by ěyvind Harboe)Alexander Gottwald3-6/+16
2004-12-27Bug #1945: Stop unnecessary reordering. (Kensuke Matsuzaki)Alexander Gottwald2-1/+7
2004-12-14EnumDisplayMonitors is not available on Window NT4 and 95. Resolve theAlexander Gottwald3-15/+61
2004-12-08Added support for placing the main window with the @<monitor#>. Patch byAlexander Gottwald3-3/+134
2004-12-06Updated ChangelogAlexander Gottwald1-0/+9
2004-12-05Optional position -screen parameter (-screen n WxH+X+Y or -screen n W H XEarle F. Philhower III7-5/+729
2004-11-25Bugzilla #1914: fix size limit for -fp argumentAlexander Gottwald1-4/+12
2004-11-24Finally the multiwindow mode defines a default cursorAlexander Gottwald2-1/+16
2004-11-11added keyboard layout "French (Switzerland)"Alexander Gottwald2-0/+6
2004-10-28add fRetryCreateSurfaceAlexander Gottwald3-3/+34
2004-10-26import bugfix from headAlexander Gottwald1-2/+2
2004-10-23Simplify /etc/X11/font-dirs parsingAlexander Gottwald2-22/+22
2004-10-20Add ShowCursor entry to tray menuAlexander Gottwald4-0/+10
2004-10-20Add ETCX11DIR to DEFINESAlexander Gottwald3-2/+135
2004-10-16Make multiple monitors default for -multiwindow and -mwextwm. Added a flagAlexander Gottwald3-0/+66
2004-10-05Set the dialogstyle to DS_CENTERMOUSE. Dialogs will now popup on theAlexander Gottwald2-3/+9
2004-10-02Make sure buttons 1-3 are mouse buttons and wheel events are 4-5 DocumentAlexander Gottwald2-5/+31
2004-10-01Do not adjust workarea if native windowmanager is usedAlexander Gottwald1-0/+5
2004-10-01Do not adjust workarea if ative windowmanger is usedAlexander Gottwald2-10/+164
2004-09-222004-09-22 Kensuke MatsuzakiAlexander Gottwald4-8/+19
2004-09-17Pull in XORG-6_8_1YGWIN-6_8_1-MERGECYGWIN-6_8_1-MERGEAlexander Gottwald1-40/+42
2004-09-17#bug 1402: fix Xnest crash if SHM is not available but compiled inAlexander Gottwald1-3/+6
2004-09-16Missing files from XORG-6_8_0 to CYGWIN mergeAlexander Gottwald0-0/+0
2004-09-16add support for more than 3 mouse buttons and 1 scroll wheel (Chris B) (wasAlexander Gottwald7-10/+79
2004-09-16Remove code which prevented the use from specifying the window size inAlexander Gottwald2-30/+18
2004-09-15Pull XORG-6_8_0 to CYGWIN branchCYGWIN-6_8_0-MERGEAlexander Gottwald402-7205/+18760
2004-08-03ChangeLog for Kensukes changesCYGWIN-PRE-6_8_0-MERGEAlexander Gottwald1-0/+9