BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
13.1vmware: Bump version number for releaseThomas Hellstrom6 years
13.2Bump minor for release.Thomas Hellstrom4 years
CYGWINPull XORG-6_8_0 to CYGWIN branchAlexander Gottwald16 years
compat-apivmware: port vmware driver to new compat APIDave Airlie8 years
feature/thellstrom/resolutionKMSvmware/vmwgfx: Expose KMS connector properties and react to hotplug eventsThomas Hellstrom6 years
hostedvmwgfx: Block DMA to prime surfaces for nowThomas Hellstrom7 years
mastervmwgfx: Unify style in scanout_update and present functionsThomas Hellstrom19 months
vmware-11.1-branchvmware/legacy: Fix crash on Xserver 1.12.0Jakob Bornecrantz8 years
vmwgfx_branchsaa, vmwgfx: Fix saa_copy_compositeThomas Hellstrom9 years
xwaylandvmwgfx: Primitive support for XWaylandJakob Bornecrantz8 years
xf86-video-vmware-13.3.0commit a5815ba3eb...Thomas Hellstrom2 years
xf86-video-vmware-13.2.1commit 0e94cd85b2...Thomas Hellstrom4 years
xf86-video-vmware-13.1.0commit 891ee48e4c...Thomas Hellstrom6 years
xf86-video-vmware-13.0.2commit cbd56b3759...Jakob Bornecrantz6 years
xf86-video-vmware-13.0.1commit b334588633...Jakob Bornecrantz7 years
xf86-video-vmware-13.0.0commit 686859fba1...Zack Rusin8 years
xf86-video-vmware-12.0.2commit 4d76cfe5e8...Jakob Bornecrantz8 years
xf86-video-vmware-12.0.1commit 57f1204292...Jakob Bornecrantz8 years
xf86-video-vmware-12.0.0commit e6836ff099...Jakob Bornecrantz8 years
xf86-video-vmware-11.99.901commit 193b511819...Thomas Hellstrom9 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2019-01-28vmwgfx: Unify style in scanout_update and present functionsHEADmasterThomas Hellstrom1-16/+25
2019-01-28vmwgfx: Limit the number of cliprects in a drm present_readback command v3Thomas Hellstrom1-29/+42
2019-01-28vmwgfx: Limit the number of cliprects in a drm present command v3Thomas Hellstrom1-18/+27
2019-01-28vmwgfx: Limit the number of cliprects in a drm dirtyfb command v3Thomas Hellstrom2-14/+29
2019-01-28vmwgfx: Don't exceed the device command size limit v3Thomas Hellstrom2-69/+79
2018-11-29vmwgfx: Fix invalid memory accesses in CloseScreenThomas Hellstrom1-1/+4
2018-11-29saa: Make sure damage destruction happens at the correct locationThomas Hellstrom3-10/+75
2018-11-29vmwgfx: Use libdrm to obtain the drm device node name v2Thomas Hellstrom3-12/+51
2018-11-28vmwgfx: Fix a memory leakThomas Hellstrom1-0/+1
2018-11-28vmwgfx: Fix XVideo memory leaksThomas Hellstrom4-22/+44