BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
CYGWINImport changes from XORG-6.8.2Alexander Gottwald18 years
XACE-SELINUXMerge the new release from HEADEamon Walsh18 years
XORG-6_8-branchUpdate formatted docs.Kevin E Martin18 years
XORG-CURRENTMerged changes from RELEASE-1 branchEgbert Eich18 years
lg3d-dev-0-6-1-1More 682 mergeDeron Johnson18 years
lg3d-dev-0-6-2More 682 mergeDeron Johnson18 years
lg3d-dev-0-7-0More 682 mergeDeron Johnson18 years
lg3d-dev-0-7-1More 682 mergeDeron Johnson18 years
lg3d-masterMore 682 mergeDeron Johnson18 years
mastersuppress four more warnings when 'warningLevel' is zeroBenno Schulenberg3 months
xkbcomp-1.4.5commit f8b240e897...Peter Hutterer19 months
xkbcomp-1.4.4commit 790b998647...Peter Hutterer23 months
xkbcomp-1.4.3commit d373c9b434...Matt Turner3 years
xkbcomp-1.4.2commit 2abe23d23d...Peter Hutterer4 years
xkbcomp-1.4.1commit 34842845b1...Adam Jackson5 years
xkbcomp-1.4.0commit 3fcd5f4490...Daniel Stone5 years
xkbcomp-1.3.1commit f909259b1d...Peter Hutterer7 years
xkbcomp-1.3.0commit 1e8ee9d0aa...Peter Hutterer8 years
xkbcomp-1.2.4commit f2eff33717...Alan Coopersmith11 years
xkbcomp-1.2.3commit cef4ba4b8f...Daniel Stone11 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2022-07-11suppress four more warnings when 'warningLevel' is zeroHEADmasterBenno Schulenberg3-7/+10
2022-07-11suppress the "Could not resolve" warning when 'warningLevel' is zeroBenno Schulenberg1-1/+5
2022-04-02man page: remove out-of-date COPYRIGHT sectionAlan Coopersmith1-4/+0
2021-12-08gitlab CI: update to new templatesAlan Coopersmith1-9/+67
2021-12-06Build xz tarballs instead of bzip2Alan Coopersmith1-1/+1
2021-11-28Fix "upercase" typoAlan Coopersmith1-1/+1
2021-03-17xkbcomp 1.4.5xkbcomp-1.4.5Peter Hutterer1-1/+1
2021-01-21keycodes: compress the high keycode warningPeter Hutterer1-6/+2
2021-01-21keycodes: downgrade the >255 keycode warning to an infoPeter Hutterer1-2/+2
2021-01-21Downgrade the warning for missing symbols to infoPeter Hutterer1-2/+1