BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterpo: Remove ChangeLogBastien Nocera3 days
Release-1-15commit 829b26d85e...Bastien Nocera4 months
Release-1-14commit 66ae46cbaf...Bastien Nocera5 months
Release-1-13-1commit caf418fa90...Bastien Nocera5 months
Release-1-13commit 148effac5c...Bastien Nocera5 months
Release-0-17commit 565f5f36b1...Bastien Nocera5 months
Release-1-12commit 41a9a68424...Bastien Nocera13 months
Release-1-11commit 9ced55d9ea...Bastien Nocera13 months
Release-1-10commit 111d3397ce...Bastien Nocera20 months
Release-1-9commit 71a226620c...Bastien Nocera2 years
Release-1-8commit 42ce8b5be9...Bastien Nocera3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
3 dayspo: Remove ChangeLogHEADmasterBastien Nocera1-717/+0
3 daysbuild: Remove autotools support from freedesktop_generate.shBastien Nocera2-16/+3
3 daysREADME: Rename README to README.mdBastien Nocera2-45/+44
3 daysbuild: Remove autotoolsBastien Nocera5-346/+0
3 daysci: Also build with mesonFélix Piédallu1-1/+18
3 daysbuild: Add meson build systemFélix Piédallu6-0/+225
3 daysbuild: Add script to run the local mime detection testsFélix Piédallu2-13/+34
3 daysbuild: Add script to run the mime detection testsFélix Piédallu2-8/+29
3 daysbuild: Add script to check for duplicated mime-typesFélix Piédallu2-7/+18
3 daysbuild: Add script that prints stats on generic iconsFélix Piédallu2-3/+17