BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
bzip_issue_195Add application/x-bzip3Ingo Brückl13 days
mastertext/vnd.familysearch.gedcom: use IANA registered typeVille Skyttä35 hours
wip/hadess/add-stepAdd STEP 3D model mime-typeBastien Nocera6 months
work/dfaure/chemical-pdbAdd mimetype for Protein Data Bank (pdb) filesDavid Faure2 days
work/dfaure/matlab-magicRemove "##" magic for matlab filesDavid Faure13 days
work/dfaure/x-pakRemove too generic magic from application/x-pakDavid Faure2 days
work/dfaure/xdgmime-in-pathAttempt to find xdgmime in PATH first.Bruno Victal3 days
2.2commit 13695c7225...David Faure18 months
2.1commit 18e558fa1c...David Faure3 years
2.0commit ef58b2b2f7...Bastien Nocera3 years
Release-1-15commit 829b26d85e...Bastien Nocera4 years
Release-1-14commit 66ae46cbaf...Bastien Nocera4 years
Release-1-13-1commit caf418fa90...Bastien Nocera4 years
Release-1-13commit 148effac5c...Bastien Nocera4 years
Release-0-17commit 565f5f36b1...Bastien Nocera4 years
Release-1-12commit 41a9a68424...Bastien Nocera5 years
Release-1-11commit 9ced55d9ea...Bastien Nocera5 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
35 hourstext/vnd.familysearch.gedcom: use IANA registered typeHEADmasterVille Skyttä1-1/+2
36 hoursapplication/vnd.dbf: use IANA registered typeVille Skyttä1-3/+4
36 hoursapplication/vnd.dart: use IANA registered typeVille Skyttä2-2/+3
36 hoursapplication/yaml: use IANA registered typeVille Skyttä2-4/+5
38 hoursUpdate application/sieve.Bruno Victal1-1/+1
2 daysFix invalid syntax in test for tmx/tsx filesDavid Faure1-2/+2
2 daysUpdated to latest xdgmimeDavid Faure1-0/+0
2 daysUpdate tx setup and po filesDavid Faure77-62039/+74285
9 daysAdd subclass information for .ppt and .xlsLukáš Tyrychtr1-0/+2
10 daysAdd a bzip2 test caseIngo Brückl3-0/+4