BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
0.9linux: Detect docked docking stations correctlyBastien Nocera11 years
1.0Update UPower HID rules - supported devices listArnaud Quette9 years
mastertest: the test for CriticalPowerAction=SuspendKate Hsuan3 weeks
upower-0.99Release 0.99.20Benjamin Berg22 months
wip/hadess/abi-check-paramsci: Pass build parameters to check-abiBastien Nocera3 years
wip/hadess/more-catchsegvci: Run just upowerd under catchsegvBastien Nocera18 months
wip/hadess/upower-sessionlib: Split out connecting to a UPower daemonBastien Nocera5 years
wip/kate/history-filteradd an unknown event filter and don't delete UpHistory when device_is is found.Kate Hsuan3 months
wip/kate/issue253up-device-supply-battery: Explicitly define the battery energy/charge unitKate Hsuan6 months
wip/kate/reassign-kind-prioritylinux: device_supply: The new priority of device kindKate Hsuan2 days
v1.90.4commit c8385cb08a...Kate Hsuan6 weeks
v1.90.3commit a9fb6d5fa0...Kate Hsuan6 weeks
v1.90.2commit 8dcf54440d...Bastien Nocera10 months
v1.90.1commit 96c34a3bb9...Bastien Nocera10 months
v1.90.0commit d4259c009b...Benjamin Berg22 months
v0.99.20commit 3f2eabb4d1...Benjamin Berg22 months
v0.99.19commit e9d73a3115...Benjamin Berg23 months
v0.99.18commit 017ac33d58...Benjamin Berg2 years
v0.99.17commit c889154ec8...Benjamin Berg2 years
v0.99.16commit 2e5ba3ef80...Benjamin Berg2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2024-04-25test: the test for CriticalPowerAction=SuspendHEADmasterKate Hsuan1-0/+95
2024-04-25linux: up-backend: A safeguard for the risky CriticalPowerActionKate Hsuan2-4/+14
2024-04-25up-config: set filename variable with g_autofreeKate Hsuan1-3/+1
2024-04-25up-config: The warning message for the risky CriticalPowerActionKate Hsuan2-3/+31
2024-04-25linux: allow Suspend as CriticalPowerActionAlexander Couzens2-2/+5
2024-04-25ci: replace compiling umockdev with a packageKate Hsuan1-11/+0
2024-04-08Release 1.90.4v1.90.4Kate Hsuan2-1/+13
2024-04-08Update release 1.90.3 information to NEWSKate Hsuan1-0/+11
2024-04-08Release upower 1.90.3v1.90.3Kate Hsuan1-1/+1
2024-03-13Stop using deprecated g_get_current_timeJelle van der Waa3-10/+10