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masterUpdate waf to check for xpyb.Steve Chaplin12 years
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2012-05-22Update waf to check for xpyb.HEADmasterSteve Chaplin2-3/+12
2011-06-19Add support for RecordingSurface, using patch (modified) from bug #36854.Steve Chaplin8-13/+214
2011-05-02Increment version to 1.10.1Steve Chaplin5-45/+41
2011-05-01=== Py2cairo 1.10.0 ===Steve Chaplin5-24/+60
2011-05-01Remove setup.pySteve Chaplin3-122/+1
2011-04-17Update 'waf dist' so that generated docs (not just the docs source) areSteve Chaplin3-10/+21
2011-04-03Remove examples/cairo_snippets/data/romedalen.png and examples which use thisSteve Chaplin7-73/+23
2011-04-02Add new constant CAIRO_FORMAT_RGB16_565Steve Chaplin1-0/+1
2011-04-01Update docs to use sphinx 1.0.7Steve Chaplin8-166/+352
2011-03-28Fix bug # 33013 - context.get_source().get_surface() fails with "SystemError:Steve Chaplin1-6/+6