BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterbluetooth: mSBC: Decode packets larger than mSBC frameIgor V. Kovalenko11 hours
routingcard: Move pa_card_add_profile() implementation to a more logical placeTanu Kaskinen8 years
stable-1.xbuild-sys: bump sonameColin Guthrie11 years
stable-11.xupdate NEWSTanu Kaskinen5 years
stable-12.xupdate NEWSTanu Kaskinen4 years
stable-14.xUpdate NEWSTanu Kaskinen16 months
stable-2.xsink: Process rewind requests also when suspended.Tanu Kaskinen9 years
stable-3.xreserve: Fix leaking NameLost signals after release+acquireMikel Astiz9 years
stable-7.xdoc: Update NEWS for 7.1 releaseArun Raghavan7 years
stable-queuebuild-sys: bump sonameColin Guthrie11 years
v15.99.1commit 5af2afba85...Arun Raghavan3 months
v15.0commit 6329a2498e...Arun Raghavan10 months
v14.99.2commit ce962563eb...Arun Raghavan11 months
v14.99.1commit 188f9772c8...Arun Raghavan12 months
v14.2commit 6a487c5244...Tanu Kaskinen16 months
v14.1commit d6c8c9ce37...Arun Raghavan16 months
v14.0commit d1e0594e93...Arun Raghavan18 months
v13.99.3commit daf3a3c4b0...Arun Raghavan19 months
v13.99.2commit 8705980364...Arun Raghavan20 months
v13.99.1commit ef8a302d6b...Arun Raghavan2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
11 hoursbluetooth: mSBC: Decode packets larger than mSBC frameHEADmasterIgor V. Kovalenko1-33/+47
36 hourszeroconf-publish: Fix crash when avahi_client_new() failsGeorg Chini1-1/+1
3 daysmodule-tunnel: Improve latency calculationGeorg Chini1-4/+12
3 daystunnel modules: Fix crash when the module was unloaded while waiting for re-initGeorg Chini5-59/+231
3 daystunnel modules: Fix threading issuesGeorg Chini3-39/+23
5 daysbluetooth: Demote "No such property 'Volume'" error to warningMarijn Suijten1-4/+13
6 daysUpdate NEWS for 16.0Dylan Van Assche1-0/+26
10 daysmodule-tunnel: Initialize `auto` param default value to falseIgor V. Kovalenko1-0/+1
11 daystime-smoother-2: Fix integer type problemGeorg Chini3-4/+4
11 daysi18n: Update .pot and .po filesTanu Kaskinen52-4734/+4876