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authorVictor Lowther <>2009-12-25 10:45:24 -0600
committerVictor Lowther <>2009-12-25 10:45:24 -0600
commit509f6badd8ffcc40bd3393d8c222ee8adacfa6b6 (patch)
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chvt again when using nvidia binary driver
Certian newer nvidia binary drivers do not chvt in kernelspace, which leads to reported lockups. Go ahead and have them chvt in userspace again.
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diff --git a/pm/sleep.d/98-video-quirk-db-handler b/pm/sleep.d/98-video-quirk-db-handler
index ec8c892..d3bca3a 100755
--- a/pm/sleep.d/98-video-quirk-db-handler
+++ b/pm/sleep.d/98-video-quirk-db-handler
@@ -358,7 +358,6 @@ case $1 in
elif using_nvidia; then
# Ditto for nVidia binary drivers
remove_parameters $possible_video_quirks
- add_parameters --quirk-no-chvt
elif using_fglrx; then
# fglrx may or may not have to change vts, reports one
# way or the other welcome.