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authorSøren Sandmann <>2014-04-09 14:14:12 -0400
committerSøren Sandmann <>2014-04-15 14:21:14 -0400
commit857e40f3d2bc2cfb714913e0cd7e6184cf69aca3 (patch)
parent4b76bbfda670f9ede67d0449f3640605e1fc4df0 (diff)
create_bits(): Cast the result of height * stride to size_t
In create_bits() both height and stride are ints, so the result is also an int, which will overflow if height or stride are big enough and size_t is bigger than int. This patch simply casts height to size_t to prevent these overflows, which prevents the crash in: It's not even close to fixing the full problem of supporting big images in pixman. See also
1 files changed, 1 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/pixman/pixman-bits-image.c b/pixman/pixman-bits-image.c
index f9121a3..dcdcc69 100644
--- a/pixman/pixman-bits-image.c
+++ b/pixman/pixman-bits-image.c
@@ -926,7 +926,7 @@ create_bits (pixman_format_code_t format,
if (_pixman_multiply_overflows_size (height, stride))
return NULL;
- buf_size = height * stride;
+ buf_size = (size_t)height * stride;
if (rowstride_bytes)
*rowstride_bytes = stride;